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"You chose this?"

Liu Noujie came over and asked, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

"Yes, is it not good looking?"

"It is ok."

"Fellow student Noujie, I wanted to ask you about something."


Liu Noujie had a lingering fear after this guy had pestered her repeatedly about the matter of dark flux energy.

"Don’t worry. This time, it is a simple question."

"So you say."

"What is an underworld raven?"

"So your question is related to this bow. I have a book which has information about different kind of beings. I will lend it to you for a few days to read."

Liu Noujie glanced towards the battle bow in Li Yunmu’s hand and took out an extremely thick book from her storage badge.


Li Yunmu happily collected it. When he opened it, there was not only an index of beings from the Fifth and True Fifth Dimension, it also contained information about beings from the Sixth and Seventh Dimension.

This younger sister Liu Noujie was certainly not that simple. The objects she possessed were things no ordinary fluxer could obtain. After going through the books in the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard library, he knew that there were no books describing the type of beings in the Sixth and Seventh Dimension. Not to mention these higher dimensions, there wasn’t even information about the True Fifth Dimension. This book was undoubtedly a precious treasure.

"Take care of it properly and don’t forget to return it back."

"Sure, he he, I will not forget to return it so that you can let me borrow it again in future."

Li Yunmu made a one-sided promise to her. This made Liu Noujie feel both helpless and happy.

"Oh right. Fellow student Noujie, I still have one more thing I wanted to ask."

"Start speaking, you problem child."

"Why are you so nice to me."

"Am I?"

Liu Noujie blinked her eyes and asked rhetorically.



"Definitely yes."

"No, I am not."

While the two of them kept lightly bantering with each other on some insignificant things, at some point in time, they had returned back to Maple Forest Little Courtyard. Just when they were about to go their separate ways, Liu Noujie said in a low voice:

"I am sorry for involving you in my matters."

"Involving me in what?"

Li Yunmu felt a little confused.

"Hou Wu’s matter."

"How was that related to you?"

Li Yunmu was still puzzled and didn’t understand the situation clearly.

"Just forget about it. Since you don’t know then it doesn’t matter. However, you must be careful in future, Hou Wu’s family certainly won’t forget about this."

"Hmm ok, by the way, do you want to come in? He he...."

Not bothering with the matter, Li Yunmu had already returned back to his independent small room.

Liu Noujie looked at him with a complicated expression before turning around and walking away abruptly. Looking at Noujie’s fading figure, Li Yunmu felt very happy. Talking with Noujie always made him feel comfortable. Especially her sweet voice that made even his bones go soft. However, he still murmured puzzledly:

"How is Hou Wu’s matter related to younger sister Noujie?"

"You idiot, Hou Wu liked Liu Noujie. Everyone in the Maple Forest Courtyard knew this, except you..."

Suddenly, he heard a wretched voice coming from behind him.

Li Yunmu was surprised. Turning around his head, he saw that at some point in time, crooked teeth Qiang had popped up from nowhere.

"Hmm…..but isn’t Luo Jin also chasing after sister Noujie."

"Is there some problem?"

"Hou Wu is Luo Jin’s younger brother."

"Therefore, he didn’t dare to go against Luo Jin but dared to make plans against you."

"But I am not chasing after younger sister Noujie, why am I getting attacked unjustly?"

Li Yunmu, who didn’t take Noujie’s kind reminder to heart, grumbled over Hou Wu making sinister plans against him.

As for Hou Wu’s family coming to find trouble with him? Let them come.

"Talking to you is like playing lute in front of a cow. In any case, just be careful. Here, brother thin had sent this to you."

Crooked teeth Qiang suddenly took out a square jade box.

"Aurora Killing Justice’s cultivation globe."

"Fine, I got it, now leave."

Li Yunmu was surprised. When he opened the jade box to take a look, he felt warmth in his heart. Apparently, he had finally been accepted by the idiot trio as a part of their group. There was no need to talk much about it, it was certainly obtained by brother thin using Ling Shuang’s portion of the reward for him.

"You peasant, you are still lower compared to me. Also, in any case, you should give me some tips for providing express delivery..."

Feeling Aggrieved, crooked teeth Qiang showed his middle finger to Li Yunmu.

"Take a hike."

Li Yunmu cursed with a smiling face, there was no need for him to bother with this cheap person. Closing the door, he returned back to his room. Following usual habits, he first made the system scan the surroundings and after confirming that there was no one nearby, only then did he open the jade box given by crooked teeth Qiang. Sure enough, inside was a flickering globe of light containing the A Grade battle skill ‘Aurora Killing Justice’.

Originally, after abandoning it, he had never expected that it would return back to him. This could also be regarded as some kind of karma. He had never truly cultivated any battle skill of this world before. So for the first few moments, Li Yunmu didn’t feel much confidence in cultivating this A Grade consummate skill.

"Well, let’s see how good my perception and comprehension is."

Next instant, Li Yunmu steeled his heart and had his consciousness descend into the special dimensional space.

Inside, he could see a fluxer’s back, which seemed to have been there for a very long time. After his consciousness descended, this fluxer’s figure began to move. Its whole figure became completely transparent and even the twelve flux points in its body could be seen clearly. This included the movement of flux energy in each of the flux points, like how it was congealed and then erupted. It continued to make its movements from the start till the end, where a brilliant sword light could be seen beheading the opponent.

After careful observation, Li Yunmu became aware that this sword light was actually made of extremely compressed blade energy. This blade energy was like a thread, conquering everything and slicing anything in its path.

This was the true essence of Aurora Justice Killing. Momentarily, Li Yunmu sank into a daze while watching the aurora killing intent moving along the thread again and again, trying to learn the trick to compress the blade energy into a thread, and studying the final eruption of power from the blade.

One time after another…..after he repeated the projection of the fluxer for the 36th time to learn the skill, at that moment…...

[Ding, the system has detected that the host is trying to comprehend a blade skill. This killing technique can be classified as a damaged A Grade skill. Does the host want to use ability points to repair it? Yes or no?]

With the system’s beep, Li Yunmu, who had sunk into a daze, was woken up and his consciousness returned. After opening his eyes, he found that he was back in his small cabin. Seemingly, his perception was quite good, he only required 36 tries to gain an initial understanding of Aurora Killing Justice.

Thinking of this, Li Yunmu finally relaxed. Although his innate talent was lower mid-grade, fortunately, his perception wasn’t that bad. Otherwise, it would really be sad.

However, what did the system’s notification mean?

The deadly skill he had chosen from the real world to learn, it wasn’t different from the battle skills which the system had? Li Yunmu was quite surprised by this sudden development.

This was certainly good news. How could the speed of comprehending on his own compared to requiring some ability points to upgrade the skill to the next layer.

"System, you said this Aurora Killing Justice is damaged?"

[Yes, this skill created from incomplete information and the cultivation method is badly damaged. Although it appears to be A Grade quality wise, if it isn’t repaired, then according to system’s classification of cultivation skills, it can only be cultivated to the 48th level at most. Furthermore, the complete Aurora Killing Justice will increase the host’s strength by at least 30% more than the present damaged technique.]

The system sincerely replied.