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80 Underworld Raven

Li Yunmu was clear that these seven relaying cultivation globes were actually seven temporary doors to different independent dimensional spaces. The person who has the globe at the moment could allow his consciousness to descend into the dimensional space where he could practice the flux cultivation battle skill by following the imaginary fluxer projected by the unique space.

But if you couldn’t learn it even after practicing a hundred times, then you could only blame your talent and wait until you die.

Although the innate talent of a fluxer was very important, their perception and comprehension were also very important. When different people practice the same skill a hundred times, they would each gain a different understanding of it. Thus, there would be a large disparity between the effect of skill revealed by these different people.

Li Daxiong and the other two were absolutely aware that the first choice belonged to Li Yunmu. They clearly understood that without Li Yunmu, they wouldn’t have the qualifications to enter this A Grade rewards’ area.

Li Yunmu, who wanted to look around first before choosing, was unable to repeatedly postpone making his decision. And so, he decided to choose one of the skills. After examining each and every one of them carefully, Li Yunmu decided to choose a consummate blade skill known as ‘Aurora Killing Justice’.

This Aurora Killing Justice was a ruthless, formidable, and deadly blade skill that relies on its explosive piercing power. Presently, Li Yunmu didn’t have any skills that could kill quickly. This was a deadly blade skill which would instantly boost his power greatly. Regardless of how strong Violent Blade was, it required him to strike repeatedly. Only when he made the final strike of the eighteen strikes would it reveal its astonishing power.

However, that required time and opportunity. This Aurora Killing Justice was different, it was an extremely powerful blade skill. It only has one positive quality, that it was extremely strong. Just by relying on that, it had entered A Grade. It was easy to see how formidable it was!

However, just as Li Yunmu had made his decision, the sudden sound of the system’s notification echoed in his consciousness sea:

[Ding, the system has scanned the surroundings of the host. There is a particular item which is rather valuable. The system suggests that the host does not miss this opportunity.]

Li Yunmu heard this information in a daze and stopped his hand which he had just extended to collect the globe.

"En? Junior apprentice brother Yunmu, why did you stop? I see that this Aurora Justice Killing suits you perfectly. After it is joined together with your Violent Blade Skill, it will certainly take your battle prowess up by another notch."

At some point in time, senior Tang An had also come over. Seeing Li Yunmu stop, he couldn’t help but recommend it.

When Li Yunmu’s Violent Blade Skill was combined with the Aurora Killing Justice skill, then this youngster present before his eyes would progress explosively. To the extent that he might even surpass many of the older generation in one or two years. Tang An, who wholeheartedly cared about Lucky Wind City, was extremely hopeful that Li Yunmu would pick this blade skill. 

As for the other A Grade materials or metals or other sorts of treasures present there, for a newcomer rookie fluxer like Li Yunmu, they couldn’t surpass the usefulness of this deadly skill.

"Oh….many thanks senior apprentice brother. But I was thinking that since I have not perfected Violent Blade Skill, so for the time being, I wouldn’t focus my attention on another battle skill."

Li Yunmu was fully aware of the system’s nature. The system only recognizes something godly like the origin dimensional stone only as a precious treasure.

Now that it had said that there was a somewhat valuable item here, then it would certainly not be an ordinary object. Maybe that item would even surpass the other A Grade rewards.

Thus, he decided to renounce the Aurora Killing Justice as his choice. Then according to the system’s notification, he began to explore the region where A Grade equipment was kept. The first thing which caught his eye was the snow white runed long blade.

"It is a runed battle blade made of materials like snow steel and plum gold…."

Yang Chen subconsciously stopped to take a look. It could even be said that he had a deep impression of such a runed war blade made of snow steel and plum gold.

If he remembered correctly, then the blade that Ling Shuang had thrown to him when the half-step golden crystal fluxer had tried to assassinate him was also a runed war blade whose grade was at least equal to this one lying here. These blades were much stronger than the war blade from the battle soldier equipment that he used.

Regardless of whether it was sharpness, tenaciousness, or ability to hold flux energy, it was several grades higher. The only difference this blade had with Ling Shuang’s was that this didn’t have any soldier soul attached to it. 

However, Li Yunmu already possessed a very powerful soldier soul, the resentful soul of the dwarf witch king that the system had already collected. The resentful soul of a twelve coloured rainbow king was far more powerful than the one that Ling Shuang’s war blade had.

But soon, he resisted the urge in his heart and looked toward another object reclining at the end of the frame where equipment was exhibited. It was a variegated old battle bow. Sure enough, it was the object that the system had detected.

At first glance, it seemed at least 200 years old. What did this imply? It meant that this old fellow belonged to the Dark ages.

The battle bow was quite large and its string was a full 1.5 m long. There were numerous encryptions carved onto the body of the bow together with a totem of a black raven hissing towards the heaven. Li Yunmu couldn’t stop his desire to take it and began to carefully observe it. But after examining it, he didn’t discover anything unique about it and didn’t sense a single energy fluctuation from it.

"Senior, what is this bow?"

Since he didn’t know, Li Yunmu asked. As it was in the A Grade rewards area of Lucky Wind City’s Treasure Palace, it certainly had a profound background.

"This bow?"

Tang An creased his brows and said after a long while:

"I also don’t know much about the history of this battle bow. Previously, our city lord had taken it to various appraising masters but none of them could identify it. We only know that it is known as Underworld Raven. Many seniors of our Lucky Wind Courtyard have used it in the past but its strength was quite mediocre. With the strength it had shown, it was only comparable to lower quality B Grade objects."

"Why are you asking? Don’t tell me you abandoned the Aurora Killing Justice for this?"

"Yes, I don’t know why, but from the moment I saw it, I sensed that there was some destiny between us...…."

Li Yunmu nodded his head, then asked with astonishment:

"Strength comparable to only lower quality B Grade objects?"

"Yes, this was decided after many of our seniors have used it. Although it is assessed as comparable to low-quality B Grade objects, it barely crosses the threshold of B Grade. If it didn’t belong to the Dark ages and its origin was known, then it wouldn’t have been kept here in A Grade region. I advise you to not choose this. Furthermore, you use Violent Blade and fist skills, so why do you need a long ranged weapon?"

Tang An couldn’t help himself. Lucky Wind City rarely has such a promising seedling, so he earnestly advised him.

"No, I want it."

Li Yunmu secretly rolled his eyes. Although this senior was acting out of kindness, this was a rare battle bow which has received the approval of the system.

Anyway, this item being exhibited here was also because Lucky Wind City hasn’t developed much.


Tang An asked feeling puzzled.

"I like it!"

"This hunch is more than sufficient!"

Li Yunmu replied in a decisive tone.


Feeling quite regretful, Tang An replied with a bitter smile. He truly couldn’t understand this youngster. He was quite headstrong.

Within a short while, all the newcomer fluxers were quite pleased with the rewards they had chosen. Naturally, they grew envious after seeing the big Xiong and the others obtain A Grade flux cultivation battle skills. But after choosing carefully, Li Yunmu came out holding an ancient battle bow which seemed neither extremely strong nor had any special characteristics. Everyone was so astonished that their mouth fell open.

"You have chosen this?"

Liu Noujie came over and asked, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.