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73 Important Treasure


With the sound of an explosion, the dwarf witch clan chief’s heavy body fiercely smashed into the ground. After young shadow’s final kick, this king of dwarf witches finally lost all vitality and died.

"So I finally kicked him to death?"

Li Yunmu’s weakened body fell limply to the ground.

From the time they started using the Wind God Tornado Kick on clan chief till the present, three hours had passed. For three hours, Li Yunmu and young shadow had been tirelessly kicking it again and again, one after other for a long time. Even Li Yunmu himself didn’t know how many times they had unleashed Wind God Tornado Kick during this period.

Finally, the unexpected had happened, he had rewritten the outcome! What’s called a miracle!? This was a miracle!

Using the ten forms of Wind God Tornado Kick several times one after another to shake up the boundless rainbow energy of the dwarf witch clan chief, finally, after persisting for a long time, its rainbow energy was finally used up. Thus revealing its strong body with terrifying defense.

Following the fall of dwarf witch king, the effect of the Great Spell of Dimensional Field gradually disappeared. At this moment, Li Yunmu, who was controlling the second shadow’s body, had fixed his gaze on the dwarf witch clan chief whose rainbow energy had been scattered everywhere.

At this instant, its body suddenly exploded like a bubble and quickly dried up, returning back to its previous skinny and aged appearance. The king used up the last of its energy to look at Li Yunmu.

At this moment, its gaze seemed to have passed through the second shadow’s body and directly looked into Li Yunmu’s consciousness. This one glance was full of unwillingness and resent.

Suddenly, its head fell down to earth and it finally died. However, Li Yunmu seemed to have been looking at some bitter spirit which fiercely blended with young shadow’s body.

What had happened?

[Ding, you have killed the most powerful Boss, the dwarf witch king, of the current hack location. You have received a one time bonus of 10,000 experience and ability points. You have also absorbed 1,000 space elements from the opponent. The shadow has picked up a pair of large golden black hatchet which fell from the enemy.]

[Ding, you have obtained a twelve coloured rainbow king flux crystal.]

[Ding, you will be haunted by the resentful soul of the dwarf witch king.]

[Ding, because you have killed a king class boss monster, you have obtained a special dimensionality box as a reward. To receive these special dimensionality boxes, you have to kill ten king class boss monsters.]

[Ding, the system has detected a destruction type energy on the dwarf witch king’s body. Would you like to collect and transform into your own?]

[Ding, the system has detected an unknown rune language fragment on the dwarf witch king’s body. The shadow has automatically collected it.]

[Ding, the system has detected a piece of precious origin dimensional stone. The shadow has already collected it.]

Soon after the dwarf witch king was killed, a series of system notifications about his earnings left Li Yunmu gobsmacked.

10,000 experience and ability point? Furthermore, 1,000 space elements? As well as a king grade rainbow energy flux crystal? Even the bitter soul of the dwarf witch king?

Although he had prepared himself long ago that his profits would certainly not be ordinary when he finally killed the dwarf witch king after preserving for a long time, when the sound of the system’s notifications echoed in his mind, it still made Li Yunmu go giddy with joy. But…...but all those above-mentioned profits weren’t important.

The most important harvests were still the ones that Li Yunmu had obtained from the body of the dwarf witch king.

Black golden hatchet, blood coloured thunder energy, rune fragment, as well as an origin dimensional stone.... wait a minute, origin dimensional stone?!? Li Yunmu seemed to have suddenly woken up from his daze. For some reason, when he heard these three words, his heart began to thump loudly due to the fear of disappointment.

"System, in your last notification, you said you have detected a piece of origin dimensional stone?"

Li Yunmu asked while trembling with terror.

[Yes, the system’s detection is not a mistake. This is certainly a piece of origin dimensional stone. Congratulations, host. Just this one origin dimensional stone surpasses the other earnings by a hundred or a thousand fold.]

After receiving the system’s confirmation, Li Yunmu’s mind didn’t stay in shadow two anymore. His consciousness instantly returned back to his body and he immediately checked his storage badge.

Sure enough, true to what the system had informed him, he could clearly see the pile of extraordinary things lying calmly in his storage badge.

Among them, the most eye-catching item was the pair of black heavy hatchets with golden specks. This pair of hatchets occupied the majority of the space in the storage badge. The golden black hatchets fully extended to 1.2 m and could barely be placed inside the storage badge after being in a slanted position.

However, they couldn’t catch Li Yunmu’s attention. Soon, he discovered a damaged ancient book. The damaged book had a total of five pages and every page was written in the dimensional language used in higher dimensions. With just one look at these glittering dimensional marks, he could clearly tell that this wasn’t an ordinary book.

The damaged rune page which he had obtained long ago after destroying the mid-sized dwarf witch tribe seemed to have many similarities with this fragment. The only difference between the two was that the latter was a whole fragment while the former was only one page.

Li Yunmu joined them together. Now, he had a total of six pages and he also discovered that he still lacked four more pages to complete this book.

However, it wasn’t the main priority here. Afterwards, he completely ignored the king grade rainbow flux crystal, the special dimensionality box, as well as the source of destruction type dark flux energy which he coveted and his eyes finally fell on one corner of the storage badge where he found an unremarkable thumb-sized stone.

This stone was completely black and seemed to be no different from a rock crushed during the extraction of ores in mines. However, when Li Yunmu saw this stone, his heartbeat instantly became rapid and his whole body began to tremble.

Not because of fear but because of excitement. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

"Origin dimensional stone!"

That’s right, it was absolutely a genuine origin dimensional stone!

It wasn’t an ordinary dimensional stone, neither was it a root dimensional stone, it was the origin dimensional stone. The rarest origin stone of the legendary huge dimensional stone which had descended on earth more than two hundred years ago.

Although it was only the size of a glass bead, when its price was compared to the all the above-mentioned profits, they were just fleeting clouds in front of it.

"Ahh, the legendary origin dimensional stone."

Li Yunmu's thoughts returned back to the time when he was within the Great Windy City Courtyard’s library cramming as much knowledge as he could.

He remembered a series of legends regarding the origin dimensional stone from an ancient book. Among them the comment he remembered clearly was:

"The one who obtains an origin dimensional stone can split the heavens and earth apart."

This vague comment had left a profound impression on his heart.

He hadn’t remembered wrongly. This small stone in front of him was precisely a piece of that origin dimensional stone which could split the heavens and earth apart. According to rumors, whenever this stone had appeared, the whole of Central Continent, no, all six continents had fought to obtain it.

Because that dimensional stone had fallen on earth long ago, presently, the regions where the origin dimensional stone could be found had become increasingly rarer. Strictly speaking, its existence wasn’t something that a person like Li Yunmu with his background could access.

In exchange for this single piece, he could even train under a supreme sage. In exchange for this piece, he could even enter a huge ancient clan which had existed for countless generations. He could even create another world and have his own grand kingdom.