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67 Terrifying Calamity Descends

Days continued to pass, and for the next five days, under the pretense of being injured, Li Yunmu didn’t participate in any battles and remained in the fortress. As for Ling Shuang, after resting for two more days, she went out to battle with the rest of the big bear battle squad. However, after losing Li Yunmu who was both the main frontline and main damage dealer at the same time, the achievements of the big bear battle squad continued to fall.

Especially with Ling Shuang remaining at the back and not using her full strength, this caused the achievements of the big bear battle squad to take a nosedive!

This situation was not only happening to the big bear battle squad but also to the Lucky Wind Battle Squad led by Luo Jin. After losing Luo Jin, their most powerful member, although they still had Liu Noujie who could use light flux energy, the achievements of Lucky Wind Battle Squad fell greatly.

Within a few short days, Lucky Wind City’s rank fell from 50th position to 80th position very quickly!

During these several days, the Heavenly Cloud Fluxer Guild focused its attention on this large-scale sinister attack. They conducted a large-scale inquiry and after investigating a few shreds of evidence, not only were those powers which had a foot in the assassination business punished severely and hunted down, many cities who had anonymously hired and helped them were also removed from the city ranking tournament and the resources allocated to them were also stopped.

Naturally, the fluxer guild wasn’t omnipotent, so it was impossible for them to catch everyone behind this despicable attack. For example, the background power behind the attack on Lucky Wind City’s Li Yunmu and Luo Jin still weren’t discovered.

Hearing this information, Li Yunmu only laughed and forgot. Regarding the darkness in the leadership, Li Yunmu was clearly aware. But his revenge would be obtained with his own hands!

The two shadows continued battling against the king's stronghold for five continuous days. The ground had turned red because of their killing. Li Yunmu estimated that this king's stronghold would be destroyed in another two days.

After all, the number of dwarf witches in the king's stronghold were simply too many. Even though he had not let the two shadows stop even once, he had far underestimated the importance of the dwarf witch race’s king's stronghold.

When young shadow and shadow two had been going on continuously for three days, a bugle horn was sounded from the king's stronghold.

As soon as the bugle horn was blown, all the dwarf witch tribes in the hills sent their elite troops over to help.

The several large-scale dwarf witch tribes, dozens of medium-scale as well as hundreds of small-scale dwarf witch tribes sent Grade Ten or higher level troops to help out the king grade stronghold.

But even then, even with the stronghold requesting help, using all means, and having endless deep reserves, it was still unable to stop the two dark figures, who seemed to have turned into death gods, from massacring all life forms in the king's stronghold.

This continued until the fifth day. Even with the help of other tribes, the king's stronghold had become completely unable to resist the attacks from the shadows.

During these past five days, the two shadows continued to hack without resting, killing more than 4,000 dwarf witches and earning a total 30,000 experience and ability points for Li Yunmu. The number of first layer elite dwarf witches and dwarf magicians killed totaled 167 and the number of second layer great dwarf wizards killed was 27.

By today, Li Yunmu had earned a total of 188 ordinary crystals and 32 black crystals.

Apart from this, by using the 30,000 ability points, Li Yunmu had upgraded his Admiralty Cover from the twelfth layer to the seventeenth layer. Now, the Admiralty Cover could block an astonishing 47% of the total incoming damage. Blocking almost half of the incoming damage was really extremely terrifying!

Furthermore, regarding the 100,000 experience points Li Yunmu required to congeal the third shadow, he presently had one third of the amount.

Not to mention that with the two shadows using the battle skills tirelessly for the past few days, it had also increased his proficiency points, raising his Charged Assault and Escaping Danger Skills to the third level.

The momentary boost to his movement speed provided by Charged Assault had increased to 50% and the damage of its main strike also increased to 50%. Escaping Danger’s movement boost increased to 80%, far higher than Charged Assault.

The upgrade of these two battle skills allowed the shadows to move with even more freedom among the pile of dwarf witches, taking their survivability to the next level.

Foundation skills like Violent Blade, Insect Step, Cricket Cut Kick and Leap Strike were also upgraded to the fourth layer ‘integrating and linking’ after the shadows accumulated proficiency points for the past five days. Li Yunmu’s strength rose to the next level and with his own strength rising, the shadows' strength also followed.

After battling continuously, on the dawn of the fifth day, the two shadows had finally brought the king's stronghold to the brink of complete extermination. At this moment, this stronghold, which had incredibly deep reserves and resources, was facing imminent destruction.

"So is it finally going to be destroyed?"

This night, Li Yunmu didn’t dare to sleep. He kept on observing the whole situation like a god, watching the most crucial part of this battle.

The Mountain Ridges of the Lamu River Zone. Ever since it was created, the king's stronghold had never been destroyed, occupying this place for a full 2,300 years!

But at this very instant, no one would have expected that this enormous base of human-like monsters would surprisingly be completely destroyed by a single person, without anyone else knowing. Even Li Yunmu himself still felt a hint of incredulity.

However, the reality was shocking. Within a span of ten days, a king's stronghold of dimensional monsters in the Fifth Dimension was about to disappear from the history.

However, the closer it got to this crucial point, the more clearly Li Yunmu felt a sensed danger from the Arrow Evasion Advance Judgement Skill, which had reached the fifth layer. A clear omen of an absolutely terrifying calamity descending.

How could the king's stronghold, which couldn’t be exterminated by all the fluxers of humanity, be so easily destroyed by him alone?

Finally, the answer to this puzzle was provided as the last of their reinforcements collapsed!

In the depths of the king's stronghold, there was an ancient altar. At this moment, an extremely old dwarf wizard was moving towards it unsteadily. After reaching it, he poured a drop of beast blood which he was carrying into the altar.

Next instant, the colour of the night sky suddenly changed. An enormous blood cloud gradually condensed over the whole Mountain Ridges.

The blood cloud seemed to have broken the rules of the night and reflected blood red colour over the entire king's stronghold. A heart palpating fearful sensation suddenly filled everyone’s heart.

"Come back, a terrifying calamity is about to descend!"

Even if Li Yunmu was just watching as a spectator, at this moment, he had also forgotten to breathe while staring fixedly at the blood cloud in the sky.

The two shadows also seemed to have sensed this sudden transformation as they subconsciously stopped killing the escaped fishes of the king grade stronghold and raised their heads silently to look at the anomaly in the sky.

At the same time, within the Heavenly Cloud Steel Castle which had stopped nearby, many veteran seniors had also sensed something. They raised their heads one by one to look at the sky with alarmed expressions.

"This omen of a terrifying calamity descending is exactly the same as the one I had sensed when I had gone with everyone to destroy the palace of the Basilisk. Could it be that the king's stronghold of the dwarf witch tribe.....?"

When Tang An raised his head to look at the distant blood cloud in the sky, he was suddenly extremely frightened after thinking of something.

"Heavens, who had destroyed the king's stronghold of the dwarf witch tribe?" "Who was it !?"

Within the Steel Castle, one by one, all the seniors crawled out of their bed with an alarmed expression.