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62 The Price For Trying To Kill Me

Only when he truly confronted the killing move of a half-step Golden Crystal Flux Disciple, did Li Yunmu fully realize this layer’s formidable strength. All along, he had heard of people saying that as a Flux Disciple’s cultivation rises to the next layer, the disparity between each layer increases.

Until now, he had defeated the current top ten most formidable people of Heavenly Cloud City but had never experienced this disparity. That was because the other party wasn’t allowed to use their congealed crystal armour, so they could only display half of their full strength.

Frankly speaking, regardless of whatever strange battlefield was chosen within the dimensional battlefield or matched with any kind of battle mode, it wasn’t a place where a fluxer could increase his cultivation. Rather, it allowed the fluxers to temper their battle skills and places utmost importance on their battle level.

Thus, even Li Yunmu, with his low cultivation, could display the strength of his stacked foundation skills to the pinnacle in the dimensional battlefield.

But what about in reality?

This was Li Yunmu’s first time facing an enemy with a higher cultivation. According to rumors, after reaching the third layer and becoming a Silver Flux Disciple, one’s strength would have undergone a qualitative change. Let alone mention the fact that today, he was facing a half-step Golden Crystal Flux Disciple, the terrifying and extremely powerful golden flux energy had suppressed everything.

Li Yunmu could only watch helplessly as the golden claw came towards him to catch him. He instantly felt as if the surrounding space had been sealed off by some formless pressure and he felt like an ant trapped within amber, making any kind of movement extremely strenuous.

It couldn’t be evaded...

The most annoying thing was that previously, he had been preparing to sleep, so he had already put his battle soldier equipment and war blade by the side of the bed. After losing the war blade and the defense of battle soldier equipment, he could not use the famous Violent Blade Skill or his triple layered defense combined into one, causing his strength to be greatly reduced.

"Too careless!’

Li Yunmu sensed that he was facing an unprecedented crisis, he didn’t know whether he could resist the thunderous attack in front him just by relying on Admiralty Cover and Copper Body. He didn’t have complete certainty…...for the first time, death was imminent for Li Yunmu.

"Catch this blade!"

At this time, he heard a voice as if heaven was calling for him from outside the door. Just as the voice echoed, a barely audible sound of something cutting through the wind reached his ears.

As it turned out....at some point in time, Ling Shuang had already appeared outside the door as she rushed and fiercely threw a war blade towards Li Yunmu before the enemy’s killing attack reached him.

Li Yunmu didn’t hesitate and subconsciously made a grab, easily catching the war blade. The instant he caught the war blade, his presence instantly transformed. As long as I have a blade in my hand, the world is mine!

Li Yunmu only sensed Ling Shuang throwing the war blade which fell into his hands, this war blade seemed to have intelligence. Surprisingly, it crazily swallowed the flux energy erupting from the four flux points on his hands.

Before, he had already been growing restless. Sensing that he was surrounded by perils, he immediately unleashed Danger Critical Strike, instantly, a smoothly flowing air erupted!

"Ahhh, die for me!"

Li Yunmu bellowed as cold killing intent shot through the roof.

"Danger Critical Strike….."

This was Li Yunmu’s desperate killing skill to break out from this dire life and death situation. It had been comprehended by the shadow two days ago and now, he himself had to fully unleash this skill for the first time.

Within a moment, he used the fifteen forms of third layer Violent Blade, fifteen continuous strikes. Facing death’s door, Li Yunmu instantly used the fifteen strikes, these fifteen strikes of Violent Blade seemed to break through the shackles of time, even surpassing the Extreme Limit Hundred Killing Strikes used by Feng Shiyang.

Within a second, being instantly struck by fifteen continuous strikes, the formless pressure sealing off the surrounding space was broken down and the shackles obstructing his movement disappeared completely.

"Critical Strike....cut for me ahhhh, if you don’t die, then I will die!"

The superimposition of the strength of fifteen strikes together condensed to form the final strike, the sixteenth strike!

Unexpectedly, at this time when he was being forced to choose between life and death, Li Yunmu exploded with his full strength. This was the final strike which would take down the enemy together with him. If the enemy didn’t die, then he would. This final strike had the sum of the strength of the first fifteen strikes of Violent Blade and this strike surpassed the standard strength at his cultivation layer.


The Violent Blade erupted with a blade energy condensed in the form of the tip of a spear and heavily struck on the golden claw pushing him down.

Even if it was the dazzling golden flux energy, at this instant, facing the critical strike filled with blade energy, it was completely shattered, leaving behind an unprotected large palm in the path of the fierce strike.

"Ahh, my hand..."

Underneath the golden light silver armour, the angry voice of the enemy echoed. The golden light had shattered, a half-step Golden Crystal Flux Disciple’s killing move had surprisingly been stopped.

The fierce blade energy didn’t stop after destroying the enemy’s golden flux energy, it continued to heavily strike the enemy’s silver armour. The silver crystal armour, which represented formidable defense, was broken down instantly when facing the strike of this fiercely cold blade energy and the remaining energy heavily knocked against the enemy’s body.

The walls of the fort type 3 had already been broken into countless pieces after being hit by the shockwaves from the killing moves of these two people striking at each other.

When the dust settled, traces of the half-step Golden Crystal Flux Disciple, who had invaded the room, couldn’t be found anywhere. Only a palm was lying on the ground, which had been cut off by the Danger Critical Strike.

At this moment, Li Yunmu had already lost all the strength in his body as he slowly fell down to the ground from the wall. Using this killing skill, Danger Critical Strike, was no joking matter.

Instantly unleashing the full Violent Blade Skill and the last strike with the strength equal to that of the sum of the continuous fifteen strikes had used up all his strength. After the final strike, not only did it make the opponent resist a terrifying strike, it had also used up the last bit of energy in Li Yunmu’s body. Now, he couldn’t even move regardless of how many times he tried.

With his fuzzy vision, he could only see a black shadow. As soon as the final strike collided, the black shadow did its utmost to rush over here. This black shadow wasn’t that of Ling Shuang, rather, it was his own shadow.

When Li Yunmu encountered the unprecedented danger, the shadow, which was just about to attack green-eyed devil mastiff, transformed into nothingness and returned back to Li Yunmu’s side.

However, the instant the final deadly strikes of both of them collided, it was just too quick, the result was instantly clear!

But the time shadow returned back to Li Yunmu, it arrived just in time to witness this act and at this instant, it was very clear that the shadow chased after the enemy and made him flee. It was a fact that the shadow’s existence wasn’t purely used as a hack to level up, rather, it could also kill people.

When the host’s life was in danger, the person attacking Li Yunmu would certainly suffer an extremely frantic counterattack from the shadow.

The shadow won’t die after being killed. Li Yunmu, who had lost all strength, couldn’t do anything right now except pant madly and ask Ling Shuang:

"Why did the enemy want to kill me?"

"Simple, the two of us are in the path of the others and are offending the interests of other people. The other party wouldn’t dare to attack me so they chose to deal with you."

At this moment, Ling Shuang had already recovered from the shock of Li Yunmu’s final critical strike which turned the tables and replied slowly.

With Ling Shuang’s explanation, Li Yunmu instantly realized that within the five days of training, because of his and Ling Shuang’s one close combat and one range attacker combination, Lucky Wind City’s ranking had already become infinitely close to entering the top 50.

At this time, some background power had decided to launch an attack to protect their interests. Since Ling Shuang was under the tutelage of a formidable person, the background power didn’t dare to provoke that person’s anger by laying hand on Ling Shaung, which left them with only one target…...Li Yunmu, who had a complete rookie with no background.

"So that was the case!"

"Ahh, so they had chosen the soft target?"

Li Yunmu finally understood everything, a trace of coldness passed through his face. He hadn’t expected that the training competition for first-time rookies would be concealing such darkness.

However, the enemy had sent the wrong person, he certainly wasn’t a soft target and after this calamity had passed, they won’t get another chance to make a move against him.

"System, by all possible means, I must search for the background power which tried to kill me, I must make these people realize that there is a price to be paid for trying to kill me, Li Yunmu!"

Li Yunmu had never been someone who would be easily bullied. When he was an ordinary person, he had been like this and this habit had intensified after he became a fluxer.

Since the other party wanted his life and he hadn’t died, then they must wait for endless retaliations from him.