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55 Buying A House

Next day, early in the morning, Li Yunmu woke up feeling extremely refreshed and entered its consciousness sea within the first few moments.

This time, the system ejected a series of notifications, which instantly gave a jolt to his mind. Surprisingly, the shadow hadn’t died during the hack and it had been having a go at the king's stronghold until now.

It could be seen running away from time to time and returning back after a while, slowly exterminating every being with vitality and life in the king's stronghold.

At this very instant, the untiring black silhouette’s continuous torment had been etched deeply into the memories of the entire king grade mountain stronghold. Correctly speaking, for two consecutive nights, they had been tortured several times by someone who wouldn’t die after being killed or get caught, who wouldn’t be terrified of such an enemy.

They weren’t afraid of a formidable enemy, rather, one who was so difficult to deal with as well as used such twisted strategies.

"System, make a list of the number of monsters Level Ten and above that was killed by the shadow yesterday."

Li Yunmu looked at it for a while, feeling fully satisfied, he immediately asked the system to compile the relevant data.

As for those lower than Level Ten? Those were all just weak trashes that haven’t condensed their flux crystal, he didn’t care about them.

It has to be said that after upgrading the intelligence of the system, it had now become much faster. After receiving Li Yunmu’s request, it immediately gathered the data of all the Grade Ten or higher leveled monsters killed by the shadow in the second half of the night.

Altogether, six green-eyed devil mastiffs, four first-layer dwarf magicians, three second-layer dwarf magicians and three blade dwarf witches among the elites and one poison arrow dwarf witch were killed.

He had obtained 14 ordinary flux crystals and 3 black crystals!

Although this harvest couldn’t be compared to the profits he had obtained while personally battling yesterday, after some serious investigation, Li Yunmu discovered that the actions of the present shadow during the hack were astonishing.

It had surprisingly killed six green-eyed blood mastiffs during the second half of the night? It was known that this king grade stronghold reared ten ferocious devil mastiffs which couldn’t be easily dealt with. But now, the shadow had already gotten rid of more than half of them!

Hearing this information, Li Yunmu’s confidence was greatly boosted. Apparently, the day when this king grade stronghold was going to be destroyed wasn’t too far, it would take at most another two or three nights. After the green-eyed devil mastiffs and dwarf wizards of this stronghold had been exterminated, only a large amount of weak dwarf witches would remain, which weren’t worth mentioning.

Thinking about this, Li Yunmu became excited, hoping to find some treasure there given that this king grade stronghold was the core of the entire dwarf witch race.

"Nicely done, terminate the hack!"

Li Yunmu commanded the system.

Presently, it was already dawn, if he didn’t regain the shadow back to his body, then it would be like his body didn’t have a reflection. So he could only command the shadow to use Escaping Danger Skill and flee from the battlefield smoothly.

[Ding, hack terminated.]

[Ding, after killing monsters yesterday, you have obtained a total of 2,360 experience and ability points.]

[Ding, during yesterday’s hack, you have obtained 14 ordinary flux energy crystals and 3 black crystals.]

[Ding, Leap Strike had attained the third layer ‘Experience Makes progress Easy’ state.]

[Ding, Charged Assault and Escaping Danger have both leveled up to reach the second layer ‘Small Success’ state.]

[Ding, you killed a second-layer great dwarf wizard chief and obtained the crown that fell from its head.]


A series of notifications about his gains were ejected from the system. Hearing them, Li Yunmu’s face instantly beamed with joy. After waking up from sleep, he had gotten 14 more ordinary flux energy crystals, the exact amount he needed to fully open two more flux points. This way, he would have quickly opened nine out of the twelve flux points required of an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple. Reaching the second layer Black Crystal Flux Disciple was just around the corner.

The matter which excited him the most was the upgrade of his Charged Assault and Escaping Danger skills to the second layer. In other words, the boost provided to his movement speed by these two foundation skills would increase by 10%, which would greatly increase the shadow’s survival and escaping ability.

After some time, Li Yunmu successfully recalled the shadow back. During this one night, the shadow had learned a lot from Li Yunmu’s battle tactics and was also many times more powerful compared to yesterday. Thus, last night, it had only died two times. This meant, it still had two more lives left.

"Oh right, that second layer great wizard’s crown, was it something that dropped because of the influence of the system’s rewarding method or is it a genuine object?"

Li Yunmu suddenly remembered and took out the simple and crude crown made of copper from his storage badge and observed it for a long while.

[This is a genuine object which had dropped, there is only one kind of reward which drops from the hack system, that is dimensional boxes. As for this crown which fell from the great wizard killed by the shadow, the system determined it to have some value, thus the shadow collected it.]

The system promptly replied.

"Have a certain value?"

Li Yunmu curiously sized up this copper crown. Apparently, this crown and the destruction rune leaf he had previously obtained were both objects possessed only by these dimensional monsters.

Right now, he could only abandon his investigation. Everything would have to wait until he could find someone who could appraise them.

He then looked at the time, there was still some more time left until the others woke up. Li Yunmu didn’t waste any time and immediately took out the 14 ordinary flux energy crystals and began to cultivate.

Because he had now already opened more than half of the flux points, his absorption speed of the flux crystals increased greatly. After one hour, when he opened his eyes again, only the flux point in the chest and the two in the abdomen were left unopened of the twelve flux points required of an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple.

He had used the 14 flux energy crystals to fully open the palm pond point and celestial spring point of his left hand. In other words, apart from the defense provided by organs like the chest and abdomen, Li Yunmu’s strength wasn’t much farther compared to genuine half-step Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciples, he was almost at the point of condensing his ordinary crystal armour.


Day four, the big bear battle squad still kept attacking the small-scale tribes of dwarf witches, however, some people who were waiting for the king's stronghold to send reinforcements were left disappointed.

How could they have known that after the commotion created by the shadow for two continuous nights, the number of dwarf witches present in the king grade stronghold had already fallen greatly, so how could they send troops to kill some small flies.

Thus, the achievements of the big bear battle squad on the fourth day was even higher. When joined together with the achievements of other battle squads of Lucky Wind City, they allowed the Lucky Wind City to rise four more places and reach 56th position.

Furthermore, after opening the flux points of both hands and legs, Li Yunmu’s battle prowess had become heaven-defying!

Even if he had suppressed his strength, using the stacked foundation skills, his efficiency was still scary. On that day, after stopping the hunt for monsters, Li Yunmu’s battle contribution had increased, attaining 44% of the total squad, reaching unprecedented heights.

All the representatives waiting in the Cloud Castle’s fluxer guild’s hall turned speechless. Presently, they had clearly realized that even if Li Yunmu’s cultivation talent wasn’t very high but his battle comprehension was too terrifying. Because of his performance and in addition to Ling Shuang, the whole big bear battle squad was progressing quickly.

Now, no one would dare to call them a low-level battle squad. Regardless of whatever previous state they were in, after seeing their formidable battle strength, there wasn’t anyone who wouldn’t recognize them in this era where strength was considered supreme.

In the evening, when another day had passed, after Li Yunmu had his evening meal with everyone else, he returned to his room and rested before entering the Virtual Dimension World.

He had entered this time with a specific goal in his mind, nothing much, only that he finally had sufficient money to buy a house within the Virtual Dimension World.

That’s right, he intended to buy a house within the Virtual Dimension World!