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48 Escaping Calamity

Li Yunmu understood the situation properly, regardless of whether there were too many people with secondary flux energy or too few. As long as there were some, he would have an excuse which he could use later to allow the shadow to come out from the darkness into the light.

However, he wanted to stay away from attention as much as possible for the time being, so he didn’t immediately summon his shadow. There would be plenty of time for that later, so he didn’t want to be hasty.

The hack system was bound together with him now, so there was no need for him to be hasty and attract more attention of others who would pry on him.

From childhood, his father, Li Zhongmin, had taught him only one thing, a person must be good at enduring silently. In this world, the heavens were high and the earth was deep, one’s own strength was the greatest reliance. If his own strength wasn’t sufficiently strong enough to protect himself and everything by his side, then he must remain low key and steadily continue to work hard.

Although the thinking of old generation was usually conservative, this was also the path to follow in this world where the maxim of flux energy being paramount exists. Li Yunmu secretly decided that until he had sufficient strength to protect himself, he must absolutely not bring a calamity on himself because of one moment of anxiousness.

After thinking about these past few days, Li Yunmu also realized that for that he had indeed lacked consideration and was frivolous. But after Ling Shuang’s indifferent probe, he had been alerted.

Next, he bid his farewell to Ling Shuang and returned back to his room to continue today’s cultivation, making use of the time while the battle squad was resting.

Yesterday, he had obtained four more flux energy crystals after killing monsters using the shadow hack and had completely filled his celestial point. Because of the celestial point opening completely, his Arrow Evasion advance danger judgment skill was once again brought up by another level, attaining the fifth layer ‘Pure Hearthfire’ state.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Li Yunmu’s Arrow Evasion had already become greatly formidable and could sufficiently sense imminent dangers, turning into the most powerful life-saving skill in his present arsenal.

According to the detailed analysis of Arrow Evasion, if this skill attains the tenth layer ‘Attaining Pinnacle’ state, then the Arrow Evasion Skill would undergo a qualitative change, to the extent that Li Yumnu would even be able to predict terrible dangers to him in advance.

Only, as the level becomes higher, the proficiency points required to reach the next level also increases exponentially. Who knows when he would be able to practice it to the tenth layer.

Regarding this, Li Yunmu wasn’t anxious anymore after controlling his mental state.

Apart from this, for the leftover flux energy crystals, Li Yunmu gave priority to opening the leg sea point before the palm pond point.

The reason was simple, although his Violent Blade Skill would be promoted by another layer if he had chosen the palm pond point, by opening the leg sea point first, he could put the Insect Step and Arrow Evasion, these two footwork skills, to better use as he would become even agiler. Also, the Leap Strike and Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike would become more powerful with the increase in his jumping power.

So his choice was obvious, Violent Blade Skill’s formidable power was fully sufficient to counter enemies at his current level of cultivation. Compared to that, Li Yunmu placed more emphasis on protecting his life.

He gave priority to opening his right leg’s leg sea point. Originally, at noon, he had only used one flux energy crystal to fill it and today, he had obtained six flux energy crystals, enough to completely open the leg sea point of his right leg.

Without wasting any more time, Li Yunmu calmed down his heart and continued. This time, his efficiency in absorbing the flux energy crystals had increased compared to yesterday, one crystal, two, five, six…...within an hour, the whole process was complete.

All the flux crystals with active flux energy had been absorbed to open his right leg’s leg sea point. When Li Yunmu stopped his cultivation, flux energy had already begun to surge through the leg sea point of the right leg, immediately, the whole world seemed different to him.

Strictly speaking, this would be considered as the genuine first step on the path of flux cultivation. Although he had opened the celestial point yesterday, opening new horizons in the mental field, it hadn’t provided a great boost to his strength. But now, he possessed the strength of a first step fluxer.

The greatest difference between fluxer and ordinary people.

Li Yunmu heavily stamped his legs, the flux energy quickly surged through the celestial point, bang, as if his whole body has exploded, he instantly accelerated and fiercely rushed outside.

Bang, bang, bang, he kicked the ground three times, accelerating to an unimaginable speed, arriving in front of a thick dried up tree outside the fortress within a moment. The flux energy began to rotate ferociously in his body and a faint layer of flux energy could be seen wrapped around his right leg. He then heavily smashed his right leg on the dried tree.

Ka cha, rumble, a dull rumbling sound echoed and the whole bowl mouthed tree trunk was instantly easily shattered into pieces by his right leg.

"This is the power of a fluxer? Too formidable."

After completely opening the leg sea point, at this moment, Li Yunmu sensed an unprecedented strength in his leg. This could truly be classified as his own strength.

During this period, when Li Yunmu had obtained more flux energy crystals and fully filled only the leg sea point of his right leg, the boost in his strength had been so significant. Heavens only know what level of power his body would attain after he had fully opened the twelve flux points required of the Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple.

However, even though he was knowledgeable about the transformation in the power of fluxers at every layer, he was astonished by the system’s Admiralty Cover, Copper Body as well as other foundation skills like Violent Blade, Insect Step.

As these cultivation methods and foundation skills that he was able to defeat opponents who had three layers higher cultivation than him. As he became more and more experienced regarding the disparity between him and the others, Li Yunmu clearly felt that he must exercise more restraint in future.

It seems like he must adjourn the plan of summoning the shadow using secondary flux energy in front of others for the time being.Perhaps he might not be a fool, but he must not take the entire fluxer community to be stupid.

At this moment, Li Yunmu made a firm decision that he must continue to conceal himself, at least until he had obtained a certain amount of resources and backing, he must not reveal any more results of his achievements using the system.

It had to be said that Li Yunmu suddenly calming down at this crucial moment had indeed saved him from a catastrophe.

High in the sky at night, a dimensional space eye flying at a high altitude had been sneakily monitoring all his movements without his knowledge.

And the one who had ordered it was precisely the manager of Heavenly Cloud Steel Castle’s fluxer guild, not correct, it would be more proper to say that behind the manager was the legendary Lord Sage.

Earlier that day, the secretary of lord manager had guessed correctly, Lord Sage, who surpassed everyone in the Heavenly Cloud City, had indeed taken a fancy to Li Yunmu.

But actually, the so-called ‘consideration’ for Li Yunmu wasn’t as she had thought, that Lord Sage had decided to take Li Yunmu as disciple and cultivate him after seeing him entering the ‘Battle Sage Entrancement

State’. Rather, it was to discover all the secrets hidden on him.

A common youngster like him, who had a completely ordinary background that wouldn’t catch the eyes of any formidable fluxer, possessed a skill like Violent Blade, which seemed ordinary but had endless potential. Considering this fact, it could be said that Li Yunmu’s background might not be so simple, let alone mention the fact he had also entered the legendary ‘Battle Sage Entrancement Realm’.

All of these facts combined had attracted the attention of a great personality like Lord Sage. Whether this Lord Sage would succeed the battle sage’s position or not, the answer to this question might be found on this youngster in front of him.

Naturally, Li Yunmu didn’t know that Ling Shuang’s probing today had actually saved his life, alerting him suddenly after satisfying his ego for the past few days.

This also had something to with the Arrow Evasion, the skill which could sense danger in advance. It had recently reached the fifth layer and although he still hadn’t undergone the fundamental change of the tenth layer and couldn’t predict danger, a trace of instinctual restless in his heart had allowed him to barely dodge this calamity.