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41 Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike

[Ding, you have beheaded the opponent and absorbed 98 space elements.]

Once he chopped Tang Ruochen into two, the system notification immediately echoed within Li Yunmu’s mind. Hearing this, he couldn’t help but reveal a trace of astonishment:

"So many? Even more compared to Chu Qingyu who possessed dark flux energy? System, you haven’t made a mistake in calculation, right?"

[The opponent killed by the host had profound flux energy. Although the quality of the flux energy couldn’t compare to dark flux energy, but the overall amount of opponent’s flux energy was enormous. Because of that, the host has altogether absorbed 98 space elements. System’s data is correct]

"So this was the case."

Li Yunmu revealed a smile while pondering over it. Apparently, by challenging opponents with high flux energy, the overall amount of flux energy could make up for the deficiency in quality.

This Tang Ruochen’s flux energy was quite profound, this point wasn’t wrong, the battle strength of his formidable arms was astonishing. He was the most powerful opponent Li Yunmu had encountered. Even though he had a terrifying defense, he still didn’t dare to take the attack of the opponent’s battle skill head on. From this, it could clearly be seen how formidable the opponent was.

After figuring out everything, Li Yunmu didn’t stay on the battlefield by himself any longer and instantly, his shadow disappeared. At this moment, the crowd of a thousand people, which had initially come to watch Tang Ruochen, exploded like a pot of boiling water.

Tang Ruochen, who was regarded as the most promising candidate for entering top ten most powerful in Heavenly Cloud City for this year, was surprisingly defeated by an unknown challenger? Moreover, the flux energy cultivation of this person was surprisingly only an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple?

This news spread like wildfire, sweeping everything in its way. Perhaps this battle of the newcomer considered to be most promising to enter top ten most powerful didn’t count as anything in the huge Central Continent, but when anyone from the Heavenly Cloud City heard this news, they were completely shocked.

Lucky Wind City, when has such a terrifying ‘newcomer’ appeared at that place?

Regarding this point, perhaps when the fluxer guild of Lucky Wind City hears this news, they would also be paralyzed on the spot.

Li Yunmu left the current battlefield after absorbing nearly a 100 space elements during the battle. Today, he had really tasted and loved the flavour of such shortcut to quickly obtain space elements.

Thereupon, this guy once again concentrated his gaze on that banner flickering with golden light, which contained the list of candidates hopeful of entering top ten most powerful. When he looked at this list which was so eye-catching that even if you don’t want to see but still have to look, a smile spread across his face.

He hadn’t expected that by the time the battle was over, two more people from the list of top ten most powerful would also come online.

"Ba Xiong? Cultivation of half-step into Silver Crystal Flux Disciple, armoured soldier class? Interesting, it will be you."

Next instant, Li Yunmu initiated a challenge against this Ba Xiong without any hesitation.

Perhaps because of the effect of defeating Tang Ruochen in the battle, this time, Li Yunmu didn’t have to wait for a long time. Soon, the opponent agreed to take his challenge. Because Li Yunmu had taken the initiative to challenge, thus, he also had the right to choose the battlefield.

Location, wrestling ring.

Equipment: Armoured soldier’s battle armour

Weapon: Titanium alloyed heavy war blade



Next instant, Li Yunmu was transported to the dimensional battlefield. This time, he had intentionally chosen this wrestling ring as the location for battle. The whole wrestling ring had a radius of 15 m, thus, as soon as these two were delivered here, they could clearly see and size up their opponent.

"Are you the one who defeated Tang Ruochen just now?"

The opponent had a robust and tall stature. After adorning the armoured soldier’s armour, his height crossed 2 m. He held a heavy sword in one hand and a heavy shield in the other.

This kind of equipment was precisely the one most suitable for armoured soldiers, Ba Xiong’s whole body gave a sensation of stableness like a mountain. On the contrary, although Li Yunmu had also chosen the armoured soldier’s battle armour and a thick blade was hanging at his back, what about the shield, you say?

Haha, that would be embarrassing to carry around. Since he had a triple-layered defense, it wasn’t necessary!

"Cut the crap, let’s fight."

Compared to opponent’s dignified tone, Li Yunmu didn’t think much about it. Furthermore, he also didn’t need to care about his image right now since he was presently using the assumed name of Li Yun with the shadow’s avatar. So even if the brain of this virtual dimension world detects some abnormality, it still wouldn’t be able to find his real identity.

Thus, Li Yunmu didn’t talk any nonsense and immediately pulled out his heavy war blade.

Threatening battle intent originated from the charge of the opponent.

The distance of several tens of meters was crossed in a blink!

Soon, both of them heavily clashed. Compared to Tang Ruochen, although this time’s opponent wasn’t any weaker, the core path of his class made sure that he wasn’t much of a threat to Li Yunmu.

Against the defenses of a front line meat shield, you could always count on the fact that regardless of how much damage he takes, it still wouldn’t be enough.

Thus, this battle which pitted armoured soldier against armoured soldier, was the most straightforward battle Li Yunmu had fought after a long time. None of them used any fancy tricks and just clashed, directly staking their body defenses.

In this aspect, Li Yunmu simply wasn’t concerned with the opponent’s attack having Admiralty Cover, armoured soldier’s battle armour and Copper Body Secrets.

With the three layers of defense acting as one and the significant improvement of two transformations in his defense, he didn’t block any of the attacks and without caring for anything else, directly used his Violent Blade towards the opponent.

First strike, second strike, seventh strike, twelfth strike….. Indeed, worthy of being an armoured soldier chosen to enter Heavenly Cloud City’s top ten most power, Ba Xiong was the first person who had completely resisted his Violent Blade’s twelve stacked chops. However, it wasn’t of any use, since if the first twelve stacked chops couldn’t break your tortoise shell, then what about the second time.

If the second time didn’t work, then came the third time!

Li Yunmu, who possessed excellent movements and didn’t lack nimbleness, unleashed Violent Blade again in the next instant.

Violent Blade...…..Violent Blade...…...Violent Blade.....again and again, the same cycle continued without end. Li Yunmu’s blade continued to flash around the whole time, suppressing the opponent by violently attacking like the howling winds and torrential storm. But when the battle had lasted for 3 min and 17 seconds, at that instant.


Following Li Yunmu’s heavy chop, Ba Xiong who had been bitterly resisting from the start, saw his shield being hacked to fragments by the twelve stacked chops of Li Yunmu’s Violent Blade.

The battle continued.

After losing the protection of his heavy shield, even if Ba Xiong had astonishing defense and armoured soldier’s battle armour, under Li Yunmu’s thunderous chops, he finally followed Tang Ruochen’s footsteps. Within a moment, Li Yunmu once again connected a heavy leap strike while executing the twelve stacked strikes of Violent Blade, ruthlessly cutting the opponent into two halves together with his armour.

At some point in time during the battle, several thousand people had already filled the surroundings of the battlefield. When all of them witnessed the most powerful armoured soldier Ba Xiong following after Tang Ruochen’s footsteps and being hacked into nothingness by Li Yunmu, they immediately raised a commotion and within a brief few minutes, another one of the current ten most powerful had been chopped down by this Li Yun!

Compared to the extremely intense and ruthless battle with Tang Ruochen, this battle was even more berserk. The entire time, Li Yunmu continued to strike again and again, suppressing Ba Xiong to the point where he didn’t have the slightest chance to retaliate. It was not that this opponent wasn’t formidable, rather, the opponent was a front line meat shield, so compared to Li Yunmu’s terrifying defense, Ba Xiong’s attacks were powerless!

Completely crushed! This battle had produced 92 space elements for Li Yunmu!

[Ding, you have defeated the opponent absorbing 92 space elements.]

[Ding, because of your repeated use of Violent Blade Skill, Violent Blade Skill’s proficiency has increased by 41 points. Your Violent Blade Skill had been promoted to third level. Your understanding regarding Violent Blade has already reached the realm of mastery.]

[Ding, during the battle, you have integrated Violent Blade and Leap Strike foundation skills together, obtaining initial understanding of the "Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike" battle skill. This battle skill should be classified as boosting and concluding skill, thus, it doesn’t require to be upgraded. Its strength will amplify with increase in host’s cultivation of flux energy as well as increase in comprehension of Violent Blade. Requesting host to continue with unrelenting effort.]