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35 Opening The Celestial Poin

Among the thirteen active flux energy crystals, Li Yunmu’s share was five crystals. Undoubtly, it was an unfathomable reward.

It was general information that flux energy crystals were accepted as hard currency within the fluxer coalition. The flux energy crystals dug out from freshly killed monsters, as long as twelve hours haven’t passed, in other words, as long as half day hasn’t passed, were considered as active flux energy crystals. That was because during this time, the active flux energy accumulated within the crystal still haven’t started to settle and there was still time left before it turns into a stabilized inactive flux energy crystal.

Conversely, if the flux energy crystal passes the time limit of half a day, then it would be seen as an inactive flux energy crystal. The difference in value between the active flux energy crystal compared to the inactive flux energy crystal was almost five times.

The inactive flux energy crystal could be used to increase the success rate of awakening as well as used in all kinds of battle equipment, war chariots, flux crystal cannons, flux crystal weapons and other such things.... as an energy source for many things invented in the new age.

But active flux energy crystals were different, it had only one use, to be used for opening the flux points within the fluxer’s body under ordinary circumstances. Generally, all the flux crystals which hadn't passed the threshold of 12 hours after being excavated from the body of dimensional beast, were considered as active flux energy crystal.

The price of an ordinary grade flux energy crystal could reach up to 50,000 coins, then the five crystals obtained by Li Yunmu this time should have a price of 250,000. However, because of the limitation that it could only remain active for 12 hours, the active flux energy crystals were neither sold in the market nor could they be preserved for later use.

Therefore, after everyone had received their share of the flux energy crystals, without saying anything further, all of them entered the fortress one after another to formally begin their first-time cultivation of opening the flux points.

A first layer Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple should open twelve flux points in total; these twelve include flux points in the palms, arms, soles, lower legs, head, left chest, right chest and abdomen.

After Li Yunmu sat down on the carpet, he was confronted with the problem of which flux point he should open first and began to hesitate. If he wanted to continue down the path of being a frontline meat shield and wanted to raise his defensive power to the pinnacle, then his only choice would certainly be to open the three flux points in chest and abdomen first.

If he wants to increase his nimbleness and agility, then opening the four flux points in the soles and lower legs should take precedence. If he places more emphasis on his left leg, then he should choose the left leg first in contrast to the right one.

If he wants his attack to become more offensive, then he should open the four flux points in palms and arms.

And as for the only flux point in the head, if he chooses to he open it, then his five senses, quick thinking and reaction speed would all substantially elevate. In this case, his quick thinking, reaction, five senses, mental power and other such things would become even sharper, possessing the signs of going through a transformation.

The question he was confronted with today was which direction of cultivation should he choose first and to decide which flux point would be suitable for him to open first.

After thinking for a long time, Li Yunmu finally decided on opening the flux point located in the head first because his ideal class wasn’t armoured soldier as big Xiong and other believed, rather, it was the battle warrior class which Ling Shuang followed.

If he had the opportunity and right conditions, he wanted his final class to be the ultimate and most formidable class within the current Central Continent----- the War God.

What was a War God? Frankly speaking, it was a fighter which aims to strengthen his cultivation in every area without any weaknesses and flaws, a pinnacle class with overflowing battle strength.

In the new age of dimensional, from the dark ages to the present, within the entire human history, there were only three such fighters with overflowing battle strength that had appeared. However, every one of the three remained an unparalleled hegemon in their era. Just thinking about it was incomparably fascinating for him.

Li Yunmu certainly couldn’t give up on the chance to reach this ultimate goal. As for whether he ultimately obtains it or not, he could only desire that the hack system won’t let him down.

Naturally, the current Li Yunmu’s plan to cultivate the most formidable and troublesome class on the Central Continent was still a very long road. Furthermore, he still doesn’t possess any deep background or profound cultivation.

Thus, Li Yunmu decided to choose the path of the battle warrior first. As for his previously chosen class, the armoured soldier?

Quite embarrassingly, all that was just a temporary ruse to cover up the secret of the hack machine and nothing more.

After deciding, Li Yunmu promptly picked up an active flux energy crystal. The method of circulating the energy published in the library books appeared in his mind. According to that method, he began to rotate the flux cloud in his dantian and began to slowly absorb the flux energy from the crystal in his hand.

As he practiced the circulation and absorption method, immediately, a majestic boundless energy began to bubble forth from the flux energy crystal in his hands and continuously entered the flux point in his head under the guidance of his consciousness.


As if Li Yunmu’s mind had turned a completely new page, it opened up with an explosion!

"Consciousness sea, this is the legendary consciousness sea."

At that instant, he finally opened the legendary celestial point, blasting open the sea of consciousness which only some fluxers were said to have.

However, this was only the first step, continuing on, Li Yunmu continued to absorb flux energy crystals throughout the night. First crystal, second, third, fourth, fifth…..only after consecutively absorbing all the crystals he had did he wake up from his state of cultivation.

After absorbing the energy from five flux energy crystals, the celestial point in his brain was finally 70% filled!

Seeing this result, Li Yunmu revealed bitter expression. Sure enough, his innate aptitude was indeed not very high. With his cultivation speed, he secretly calculated that he would require at least seven flux energy crystal in total to completely fill the celestial point. In other words, his innate talent was seven points.

"F*ck, innate talent of seven points, bottom middle grade innate talent..."

Li Yunmu exhaled impure air and almost began to curse.

According to the Alliance, innate talent was divided into the following grades:

Exceptional-grade innate talent, requires only one flux energy crystal to fully fill a flux point!

Pinnacle grade innate talent, requires two or three crystals.

High-grade innate talent, requires four to five crystals.

Middle-grade innate talent, require six to seven crystals.

Low-grade innate talent, requires eight to nine crystals.

And lastly, the lowest grade innate talent, requires ten flux energy crystals.

As for those who required more than ten crystals, their innate talent would be considered as garbage. They were considered as having no potential. Regardless of whatever means they used, they would still remain trash. If they could reach the fifth layer Rainbow Crystal Flux Disciple in their life, that would be great fortune.

Thus, the Alliance only divided innate talent into six grades, exceptional innate talent, pinnacle innate talent, high-grade innate talent, middle-grade innate talent, low-grade innate talent and lowest grade innate talent.

As for the worst grade which required more than ten flux energy crystals to fill just one flux point, they were simply ignored.

Since Li Yunmu required seven flux energy crystals to completely fill a flux point, then he would be classified as mid-grade innate talent, or more specifically, bottom of mid-grade innate talent.

No wonder he wanted to curse. People like Luo Jin and Liu Noujie, who have high-grade talent, only require four or five crystals to open their flux points. However, he himself required f*cking seven crystals, almost twice the amount of flux energy crystals they require, this was the difference between innate talent!

Furthermore, no need to speak about the existence of proud sons of heaven who have pinnacle innate talent, as for exceptional innate talent, nothing could be said because whether the exceptional innate talent exists or not, it hasn’t been confirmed and was just a legend.

It was great that he had the hack machine, otherwise, maybe he won’t have the chance to cultivate till Flux Sage or maybe even Flux Master in this lifetime.

"Alright, since I don’t have much innate talent, I need to use the hack sufficiently to compensate for it. I don’t believe that even with the hack machine, I won’t be able to surpass people like Luo Jin."

After he had calmed down, Li Yunmu didn’t mourn his lack of talent. He wasn’t a genuine naturally awakened fluxer, so he was completely satisfied with his middle-grade innate talent.

Suddenly, he saw the time and realized that it was already late at night. Without him realizing, six hours had already passed while he was cultivating. Taking advantage of the fact that big Xiong and others were still cultivating in their rooms, he immediately took out the main computer from his storage badge:

"F*ck this sh*t, if I don’t seize every moment to obtain a little more dimensional crystal, then with my lower mid-grade innate talent, how will I cultivate to War God class, I must ruthlessly use the hack, I must."

A month’s time to gain experience couldn’t be regarded as too long but neither could it be considered as too short. It was sufficient for him to use every possible means to increase his earning and obtain more experience points, ability points, contribution points and flux energy crystals...…...wait for me f*ckers, this bro will beat you all!