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31 Everyone Gets Stunned

"Having a formidable master is really awesome."

Li Yunmu lamented in his heart, Ling Shuang has chosen the warrior class, which clearly showed that she had absolute confidence in herself and her backer, otherwise, who would want to play a joke with their cultivation. If her strength couldn’t keep up with her cultivation speed, then won’t that be abandoning cultivation.

After abandoning cultivation, she couldn’t just start over. A warrior who has abandoned her cultivation was even more miserable, even more crippled than the squad’s failed terminator in the battle, however, Li Yunmu wasn’t discouraged, even if he didn’t have anything else, he still had his hack machine, if heaven and earth were great, then the hack machine was the greatest.

Since he had the hack machine, there’s no need to be jealous of others. He calculated the time remaining for the upgrading of the hack machine in his mind, only some time left now. There were still a few hours for the upgrade to be finished, so what should he do for now? Simple, he should experience the strength of the monsters in this dimension first.

"Ok, I am prepared."

Li Yunmu put on his battle soldier equipment, took a deep breath and paused to feel strength surging out of his whole body. After a few breaths, the power in his entire body was amplified by five-time by the strength of the battle soldier equipment, displaying the maximum effects of this battle soldier equipment.


Li Yunmu removed his titanium alloyed war blade and faintly struck the ground.

After Li Yunmu had completely entered battle mode, his presence seemed to have transformed, faint killing intent was leaking out of his body which he had cultivated after killing countless monsters for several days previously.

"Yi, friend, you seem to have become more powerful, strange, looking at you, no one would think that you were weak."

Big Xiong’s complexion slightly changed as he said with a strange look in his eyes.

"You have cultivated some school’s blade technique."

Ling Shuang said after carefully observing him, from the instant Li Yunmu moved his blade, she was attentively watching him. If he really had been a good for nothing loser, then the way he held his blade and the way he moved it couldn’t be so swift and full of killing intent.

"My father was an outer ring soldier of the War God Temple and had learned this blade technique which he passed on to me."

Li Yunmu had already thought of a good excuse for this situation long ago, it was impossible for him to hide his strength and act as a loser.

"Haha, that’s f*cking awesome."

Everyone nodded, clearly accepting Li Yunmu’s explanation. The three idiots also didn’t consider the matter important, after all, learning a blade technique was nothing to create a fuss about. Since Li Yunmu possessed a set of battle soldier equipment, that should have explained everything.

All of them were excited, seemingly, the team member they had conned to join was not the weakling they had expected him to be.

"Let’s began killing."

Big Xiong excitedly yelled.

Next instant, crooked teeth Qiang turned into a gust of wind and a silver silhouette could be seen rapidly entering the forest under the hills, this forest was the only path to the entrance of the dwarf witch monsters’ territory.

Using the infrared life detection equipment of hunters, even with his eyes closed, crooked teeth Qiang would know that behind the tree, two dwarf witches were hidden. Clearly, these two were responsible for guarding the entrance path through the mountain valley.

Covered in the hunter role specific silver base equipment, at this moment, crooked teeth Qiang was moving very quickly. According to Li Yunmu’s observations, even if his battle soldier equipment amplified his speed five times, he could probably just barely catch up with crooked teeth Qiang’s current speed. Naturally, if he used the insect step to boost his strength for a short time, his speed would certainly become at least double compared to crooked teeth Qiang.

After a while, the four of them, covered by the hills, soon saw the two small monsters led by crooked teeth Qiang coming over.

"These are the dwarf witches?"

Sure enough, it looked exactly the same as described in the library books, two dwarf witches, height reaching 120 cm, black coloured skin from head to toe, naked upper body, wearing a skirt made of tree leaves in the lower portion of their body, tightly holding two short blades glittering like frost and snow in their hands.

Without any doubt, they look exactly the same as shown in the library books.

The dwarf witch tribe have three type of dwarf witches altogether. The first type was the dwarf blade witches holding sharp blades in their hands, the second type was the dwarf witches who used their black bamboos to make bamboo arrows, they were the most sinister kind of dwarf witches who would shoot mid-range poison-laced arrows, these two types were ordinary crystal grade monsters.

The former had quite a vicious temperament, if one met them face to face, then they would immediately throw themselves at the person using the blade to ruthlessly cut him. If they were many in number, then even a person with Luo Jin’s strength would be trapped by them, they would keep attacking him ruthlessly until he died. In short, they were extremely vicious creatures, thus, ordinary fluxers generally wouldn’t come to the dwarf witch tribe’s territory to look for trouble.

However, the dwarf witches who shot arrows were extremely sinister. They would nefariously hide and quietly shoot poison-laced arrows at your back, if 8-10 of them arrived together, then it would simply spell the complete annihilation of a fluxer battle squad.

As for the third type of dwarf witches, they were the dwarf wizards, when they were born, they had already reached the black crystal grade. But within the Great Lamu River Zone, these dwarf wizards were extremely few in numbers. Generally, one tribe covering a territory might not have a single one, but if they appear, then there is only one thing that this battle squad could do, immediately run for their lives.

If they couldn’t be killed in the first few moments by ambushing them from long range, then the results would be grave.

Presently, the ones ruthlessly chasing after crooked teeth Qiang and stabbing their blades at him were undoubtedly the blade dwarf witches. With the light defense of hunters, crooked teeth Qiang who usually had poor strength didn’t dare to stay in the same spot for too long.  

"Here they come."

The three idiots became nervous, after all this was their first time confronting a vicious monster, but that wasn’t the case for Li Yunmu.

Presently, Li Yunmu had a clear understanding of his own strength, so he didn’t put the two dwarf witches in his eyes. However, he also couldn’t display his complete strength and could only fight them with the strength expected of him, raising his blade to hit them.

As the armoured soldier, the front line meat shield, presently, what was required of him was to intercept the two dwarf blade witches and successfully attract their hatred.

Naturally, all this wasn’t child’s play, thus, if he wanted to attract their hatred towards him alone, then his strike must make them feel a certain amount of threat.

The first strike, cling sound echoed, Li Yunmu used all his strength in this strike, which was stopped by the short blade of the dwarf witch who moved swiftly, even the battle soldier equipment amplified strength was of no use.

After the first strike was blocked by the dwarf witch, he striked again, ‘ding’ sound echoed and it was once again stopped by the second dwarf witch. After that, he struck a third time, then fourth, then fifth…...madly stabbing at them. Li Yunmu entered a special state of mind, one strike followed by another, every strike more ferocious compared to the last, every strike grander than the last.

Although the speed of the strike wasn’t very fast, every strike was more stable than last and the successive flashes of swords were becoming more and more fierce.

Correct, this was the Violent Blade Offensive Skill, every strike was closely followed by the previous one. As long as the monster eats his first strike and couldn’t counterattack to break Li Yunmu’s Violent Blade rhythm, then he would continue to strike again and again, with each strike faster and fiercer than the last.

Currently, his Violent Blade Offensive Skill was only at the initial level, after starting his first strike, he could only continue for at most nine strikes, but that was sufficient. With each of his strike becoming more and more formidable, after he reached the fifth strike, the two dwarf witches were unable to resist anymore!

The blade edge flashed, this was the sixth strike. Then came the seventh strike and instantly, the two dwarf witches made some strange sounds and two small monster heads flew in the air.

The entire process and lasted for less than three seconds, after everything was dealt with smoothly, Li Yunmu paused slightly and put away his blade. Brother thin, who was holding his spinning beheader cross, was stunned, big Xiong, who was rushing to help, was also stunned.

Li Yunmu himself was also stunned, Ling Shuang was also stunned, even crooked teeth Qiang, who was being chased by the monster until now and had just stopped, was also stunned. Everybody was completely stunned!

"Everyone stay together."

This time, crooked teeth Qiang shouted subconsciously for everyone to stay together, but the corpses of the two monsters had already fallen down.

"Dang, friend, what kind of blade technique was that?"

The idiot trio remained in shock for a long time and asked in a daze.


Li Yunmu was also shocked, what happened here? Two extremely vicious dwarf witches, how could they die under his blade so easily?

Dogsh*t, their individual strength was even lower than the Level 10 monster, Mantis in the District Garden hack location, really too weak.