Seven Deadly Sins System
10 The Response
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Seven Deadly Sins System
Author :PrimalEvil
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10 The Response

"So that what he said to tell me?" In the throne room of the Tomb of Nazarick Ainz was sitting on his throne as the newly resurrected Shalltear was kneeling before him recounting her experience in the Capital and the words the man told her.

"Yes my lord."

"Interesting." Ainz murmured "Could he have been an old player?"

"I doubt it, while I don't know what item he used I am sure that his actual strength his not very high. Shalltear was certain that the man was not stronger than her and if they had a fair battle she would win.

"Foolish! An item is still a weapon, we should not underestimate him just because he used an item."

"Yes, you're right my lord."


"Yes!" She said bowing her head while remain kneeling.

"You will lead a team to go out and do recon on the enemy. Take Albedo and Cocytus and 4 of the battle maids. Don't engage unless necessary and make sure to keep me informed if he says anything else."

"Understood. We shall depart immediately."


Meanwhile in the Capital multiple of Eight Fingers hideouts were being attacked. Needless to say it was Solomon, he was short on funds and decided to root them out before before he decided to destroy the kingdom.

"Now that I think about it, it never said how to destroy the 3 kingdoms... If I go by the novel and create another kingdom and have all 3 of them integrated into my kingdom wouldn't that be considered destroying them?"

Something flickered in the corner of his eye. "Hmm, adventures? Interesting..." He decided to follow them, fortunately he had gotten better at using his stealth manual and now he did not have to worry about being discovered easily. As he was following them he was able to get a good look at them. They appeared to be twins. 'Oh, are these the famous Twin Silent Shadow Assassins of the Blue Roses? They shouldn't be here though, I thought they began their attack on Eight Fingers a while from now.'

Curious as to why they were here so early and what they were up to he kept following them. The Twins kept at their pace until they reached the headquarters of the small hideout, where they were greeted with dead bodies of all the personnel of the eight fingers hideout. Of course Solomon had already been there and killed them before taking all the valuables.

"It's as the report said, someone is attacking the Eight Fingers hideouts." One of the twins said

"Judging from the blood it seems like they were not killed long ago." Said the other twin.

"Should we warn the others?"

"They should be fine."

The more they talked the more information he got. Someone had reported that Eight Fingers hideouts had been attacked even though he had only began yesterday. These two also were not the only ones there. Most likely all of Blue Rose was there, which could be a pain if he had to fight with someone like evil eye.

'Well, I will just follow them and see where it takes me.'
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