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Ch128.1 - Accept or Rejec

It was the craziest sex Yu Hao ever had, and they had even forgot to close the door. Zhou Sheng hadn’t bathed in three days, yet a familiar odour wafted from his body that made Yu Hao want to cry. They were like two wild beasts in the wilderness that had finally found each other, and they were so rare that they were the only two left in the world. If they didn’t hurry and entangle themselves together now, then this world would be destroyed tomorrow, or their species would go completely extinct.

Yu Hao, “Ouch ouch ouch —— slow down!”

Zhou Sheng, “Fuck, you’ve even learnt how to bite people now?!”

Another prolonged silence and heavy breathing could be heard. Zhou Sheng was like a wolf that buried his head next to Yu Hao’s ears, “You’re so tight. Don’t you know how to find something else to replace me when you think of Hubby once in awhile?”

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Yu Hao said, “Too big, why is it so big……let me get used to it, slow down ahhhh —— wait……the door isn’t closed……” Yu Hao finally realised. Zhou Sheng casually grabbed a lamp and threw it out, which smashed into the door and closed it with a “bang”. Then he continued acting like a crazy beast as he pushed Yu Hao against the bed, locking his wrists and kissing him unbridledly.

Twenty minutes later, Yu Hao stared at Zhou Sheng in a daze. Zhou Sheng finally recovered from his Berserker mode and kissed Yu Hao.

“Go take a bath.” Zhou Sheng patted his face and pulled Yu Hao up, then carried him to the bathroom to help him take a bath. After they were done, he called someone to come to the house to take the dirty clothes away for cleaning; he packed all the clothes up, including his suit, and threw them all to the laundry boss.

“This room is like a dog’s kennel.” Zhou Sheng hugged Yu Hao, his naked body lying on a bed without sheets as they were covered in a blanket without a cover.

Yu Hao said, “I get as tired as a dog every day, it’s already pretty good for me to even have a kennel. I wanted to tidy up the place before you came……I’ll do that the next time you come ba, I’ll definitely try my best to live a little better.”

Zhou Sheng lowered his head and looked at Yu Hao, “Are you hungry?”

“Eating will waste too much time.” Yu Hao caressed Zhou Sheng’s face, “You’ll disappear again tomorrow morning. I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to cuddle with you.”

Zhou Sheng straddled and pressed down on Yu Hao, studying him seriously. He turned his head to the left and right to scrutinise him, with reluctance and indignation in his eyes. There were even bite marks on his shoulder left by Yu Hao, “Laozi worked so hard to raise you so well, yet you lost at least ten kilograms after one trip to Beijing. Fuck, my heart’s aching to death right now.”

As he spoke, he pushed Yu Hao down and began doing it again. This time, Yu Hao quickly got used to it. The two of them stuck close to each other like this; they had just taken a bath, but they soon broke out all over in sweat again.

It lasted for a whole hour, and the sun was about to set. Light from the setting sun streamed in through the gaps between the sundries piled up on the balcony and shone on Yu Hao’s cheek, like how the reflective glow of the stained glass in an old church shines on the sculpture of a pure white angel;

It shone on the muscular contours of Zhou Sheng’s shoulder and back, like the time after the Great Sage smashed the Heavenly Palace into pieces with one rod and the shattered pieces shimmered with a red glow, turning into a golden river that was falling throughout the sky.

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“My neighbour’s playing games. Oh my God, why is time passing by so fast?” Yu Hao said wearily, but he didn’t want to make love with Zhou Sheng anymore. He was afraid that Zhou Sheng would get too tired and go back in a bad state. If he had to work around the clock overtime for another week, his body wouldn’t be able to stand it, no matter how fit it was.

“Is he that noisy everyday?” Zhou Sheng asked.

“Yeah.” Yu Hao said, “He’ll be that noisy until 6.30 before jerking off. Do you want earplugs?”

Zhou Sheng sat up, groped around for the light switch before remembering that he had flung the lamp away, so he had to drag it back along with the wire. He plugged it in and turned on the light. Zhou Sheng put on his trousers before looking around. Yu Hao knew he wanted to look for a handy tool to beat people up with, “Forget it, forget it. It’s such a good day.”

“Okay, it’s a good day, so I won’t greet him with a weapon.”

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Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng opened the door and went out, knocked on the other door, “Ai, brother, could you keep your voice down? We’re sleeping.”

The other side immediately said, “Ok, ok, ok! I’m sorry!”

Yu Hao heard the other side say through the wall, “Another idiot came.” Then Zhou Sheng went back. He sat on the edge of the bed patiently, loosened his fingers and cracked his neck to warm up a little. Three minutes later, the neighbour started yelling again. Zhou Sheng went to knock for the second time, “Brother, please keep your voice down!”

“Okay lei——!” The other side said in a lilting voice.

Zhou Sheng sat back on the bed and asked Yu Hao, “Are you hungry?”

Yu Hao was a little hungry, but he didn’t want to suffer on a winter night, “It’s almost dawn, I’ll eat when I send you off ba.”

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The neighbour started shouting again, then Zhou Sheng went over like a gust of wind and stood at his door. Yu Hao quickly took his camera, peeked out and started shooting photos in succession.

Zhou Sheng was barefoot as he jumped on the spot, spun in the air and kicked the neighbouring door with one foot. The entire door suddenly flew in with a loud bang, and the room fell deadly quiet. The otaku turned around, saw Zhou Sheng, and was dumbstruck for a moment.

Zhou Sheng entered the room calm and unruffled, grabbed the door and carried it back to the entrance, then hinged it back for him. “Keep it down a little, good night.”

Yu Hao, “……”

At 2am, the police came and recorded the testimonies of Yu Hao, Zhou Sheng, and the otaku.

Yu Hao took his recording pen out and said with a vexed expression, “Every night. I have recordings and videos too. See for yourselves ba.”

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“Lower your volume a bit.” The police have apparently seen many such cases, and said to Zhou Sheng, “Couldn’t you have talked it out with him properly? Alright, regarding the repairs for the door, you guys can negotiate it between yourselves.”

After the police left, Zhou Sheng said to the otaku, “Call your aunt over, I’ll talk to her about the door tomorrow. This isn’t over, don’t joke around.”

That otaku used a chair to block the door and shivered all over throughout the night. Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao lay side by side in bed, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

“What are you thinking?” Zhou Sheng asked.

Yu Hao was thinking that he didn’t want to be apart from Zhou Sheng anymore at this moment. This was the first time in his life for him to be this afraid of the sunrise.

I admit defeat, I’ll go back with you ba, I won’t torture myself anymore.

But in the darkness, what Yu Hao said was, “It’s time to start on my graduation thesis, they’ve informed me to start preparing for my opening report.”

“Un?” Zhou Sheng looked at Yu Hao patiently, “When will you go home to write your thesis? Will you still come back here to work?”

Yu Hao stared at Zhou Sheng blankly. He knew that Zhou Sheng wanted him to return too.

“Is it very tiring for you at work?” Yu Hao said.

“It’s not. See, I even have the time to exercise.” Zhou Sheng said, “Go and run sometimes to destress, then you’ll feel better.”

Yu Hao said, “You must be really tired, right? I know. If I were by your side, you would be a lot better, and many things wouldn’t be as important anymore. At the very least, there would be someone waiting for you at home.”

Zhou Sheng didn’t speak. He fiddled around in the dark with the Golden Crow Wheel, which he tossed about in between his slender fingers. It reflected a faint light that peeked out from somewhere, like a sun hidden in a thick mass of dark clouds.

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“I’ll persevere for a few more days ba.” Yu Hao said in the end, “When you’re not by my side, I can still force myself to barely hold on. But as soon as you come, all the strength was sapped from my body.”

Zhou Sheng mocked, “You probably fell apart from getting fucked ba.”

Yu Hao, “……”

Yu Hao reached out to pull his ear. Zhou Sheng pushed him down, prepared for another round. Yu Hao relaxed a little and was ready to welcome his last, turbulent storm, yet Zhou Sheng let go of him gently and kissed his lips.

“Sleep ba.” Zhou Sheng said, “You still have to go to work tomorrow.” As he spoke, he pressed a hand against Yu Hao’s forehead and whispered, “Good night.”

Yu Hao fell asleep again. He had been rather sleepy for the past few days, and his sleep was always intermittent. He didn’t dream, and when he woke up in the morning, there was no Zhou Sheng by his side either. Breakfast was left on the table, with a note below it: the clothes will be delivered the day after tomorrow. Go to work first ba, work hard.

Yu Hao hugged the blanket, Zhou Sheng’s warmth still lingered beside him.