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Ch101.1 - Newcomer

This kind of discussion method was really extreme; it seemed that Fu Liqun had never regarded himself as an outsider. Yu Hao was extremely moved.

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Fu Liqun said, “Don’t even think about leaving me behind unless we break off all ties.”

Zhou Sheng’s temper dissipated, and he could only say, “Okay okay, forget it, then we’ll get a room outside everyday — 200 per night, so it’ll just be a little expensive at 6,000 per month. And we won’t even need to wash the bedsheets or tidy up the house.”

Yu Hao just wanted to laugh, but Fu Liqun pulled a long face and leaned on the bed while Zhou Sheng was a little gloomy. The three of them didn’t say a word.

“Gege, don’t be angry.” Yu Hao said.

Fu Liqun thought about it for a bit and suddenly said, “Ai, Young Master.”

“What?” Zhou Sheng was in a very bad mood. His wonderful world of two with his wife had been ruined by Fu Liqun.

Fu Liqun, “Let’s all rent a place outside ba. Take me with you guys, okay?”

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Zhou Sheng, “……”

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng, “What if Xue Long checks the dorm?”

Fu Liqun said, “You’re too inhumane, you’re leaving me behind just to serve as a lookout?”

Zhou Sheng said, “That’s not what I meant! I already said! We wouldn’t stay out every night!”

Fu Liqun said, “I’ll go look for a place for everyone to live in, okay? We can split the rent equally, get a two-bedroom, 1 living room apartment, and I’ll live in the normal bedroom.”

Zhou Sheng was considering it, and Yu Hao said, “Yeah, if there’s a dorm inspection we can just get Xia Lei to give us a call.”

Fu Liqun said, “Actually I do want to rent a place outside. Every time your sis-in-law comes over, the room we get for 200 yuan is so damn dirty, but it’s too expensive to stay in a four-star hotel. We can’t tolerate spending five to six hundred yuan per night. Rent a place, renovate it to make it feel more comfortable……”

Zhou Sheng glanced at Fu Liqun, who said pitifully, “Okay? Take a lonely old man with you bei.”

Yu Hao laughed so hard he turned over again, and Zhou Sheng could only say, “Okay then.”

According to Zhou Sheng’s previous idea, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to rent a place with Fu Liqun, but it would be more convenient for him and Yu Hao if they were to get a one bedroom flat since they could then get intimate anytime, anywhere, and look at each other openly at home. They wouldn’t need to worry about disturbing others when they get intimate either, and it was better to have a space that belonged solely to them.

Still, if he had to settle for the next best thing, having their own room was pretty good too.

“Okay!” Fu Liqun said, “It’s settled then, we’ll split the expenditures in half.”

Yu Hao liked Fu Liqun as a roommate very much, and having them split the rent for a two bedroom apartment would be cheaper than renting a one bedroom apartment by themselves. Just as he was about to cheer, someone knocked on their dormitory door.

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“Who is it.” Zhou Sheng said, “It’s early in the morning, no one’s cooking!”

Zhou Sheng opened the door and someone came in, dragging a luggage case and holding up a bucket with a bunch of clothes hangers in it.

“Is this room 705?” The bespectacled guy was about Yu Hao’s height. He stretched his hand out to Zhou Sheng, and before Zhou Sheng could react, they shook hands.

“Hi everyone, please take care of me in the future.” That guy introduced himself, “My name is Li Yangming, the Yangming in ‘the flower belongs to the silence in your heart’, Psychology Class 2.”

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Yu Hao, Zhou Sheng, and Fu Liqun all wore baffled expressions on their faces. They watched as the guy entered their dormitory and looked around. He placed his bucket on the empty desk, climbed onto the upper bunk to take a look, and said, “Yo, it’s so clean. I thought there would be quite a bit of dust gathered on it.”

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Li Yangmin couldn’t be called handsome, yet he wasn’t ugly either. He was a very average student, like most of Yu Hao’s classmates in his psychology class, and his dressing was very normal as well.

He began making the bed. The three of them hadn’t recovered from their shock and just watched as he made his bed.

“You’re Zhou Sheng ba?” Li Yangming said to Zhou Sheng, “Xue Laoshi mentioned you before.”

Zhou Sheng, “……”

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Everyone’s brains had crashed. Zhou Sheng said, “Yes, I’m that Zhou Sheng who makes Xue Laoshi very unhappy.”

“I heard that your dormitory, oh wait, our dormitory has a lot of silk banners.” Li Yangming said, “Always causing a sensation in the college.”

“My name is Yu Hao.” Yu Hao thought, what do we do now? Are we still renting a place? Zhou Sheng was clearly thinking about that problem as well. Why did they suddenly stuff a transfer student into their dormitory?

“Hello, Yu Hao.” Li Yangming said, “Could you fetch me a bucket of hot water from the corridor?”

Zhou Sheng looked at Li Yangming in shock, thinking it’s your first day here, and you’re already ordering Laozi’s wife about to work for you??

Fu Liqun was stunned as well. Yu Hao immediately signalled to them not to scare the newcomer and said, “Okay, you can make your bed first……”

“I’ll go.” Zhou Sheng wanted to go, but Yu Hao waved his hand and went to fetch a bucket of hot water for Li Yangming. Li Yangming took some cold water and began wiping the desk.

The three of them had the same thought right now — what do we do next?

Zhou Sheng lit up a cigarette and smoked two puffs.

“Zhou Sheng, could you not smoke in the dormitory?” Li Yangming said, “I don’t want to inhale second-hand smoke.”

Yu Hao thought that it was over now.

Yet Zhou Sheng said straight away, “Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll smoke on the balcony.”

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“The smoke will be carried inward by the wind from the balcony.” Li Yangming said, “It would be best if you smoked in the corridor.”

Yu Hao immediately messaged Zhou Sheng:【You definitely can’t hit him!】

Zhou Sheng smiled at Li Yangming, “Then I won’t smoke; Yu Hao has always been trying to get me to quit anyway. He’s been nagging me about it for a long time.”

Fu Liqun sent a message in their group:【What the hell is Xue Long trying to do this time?】

Zhou Sheng replied:【It’s not like I’m a rabid dog, I won’t hit people for no rhyme or reason. Don’t worry.】

“I’ll place this at your side first.” Li Yangming said to Yu Hao.

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Yu Hao thought, you’ve just made a trip back from the gates of hell……then took Li Yangming’s sundries. Li Yangming asked him where to collect books and so on, and Yu Hao answered all of his questions.

“Help me……”

“Give me……”

Yu Hao helped him with everything and patiently said “okay” to everything. He thought what other requests do you have? Feel free to make your demands.

Finally, Li Yangming took out some local specialties from his bag and said, “For you guys.”

“It’s almost lunchtime.” Zhou Sheng said, “You need to eat three meals on a regular basis and cut down on snacks so that you won’t get fat.”

Li Yangming laughed. Yu Hao accepted it and said, “Thank you.”

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“Where’s the canteen?” Li Yangming said, “Let’s have lunch together?”

Everyone ate their lunch in silence. Yu Hao thought that this atmosphere was rather dangerous. Fu Liqun suggested in their group chat to look for Xue Long and get this person to transfer dorms. But why change dorms for a transfer student for no reason? Meanwhile, Zhou Sheng said to just leave it as it is, and that it was okay. Wouldn’t it be better to leave another person to keep guard?

Yu Hao was afraid that if the three of them went out to rent a place, Li Yangming may complain to Xue Long about it, then they would get slammed with Notices of Criticism. There were quite a few students who rented a place outside the college and there would always be a few in each dormitory, but students were still forbidden to live outside on the surface. After all, someone would have to bear the responsibility if accidents were to occur outside, but most of the time Xue Long would just turn a blind eye to it so it would be fine as long as they didn’t get caught.

However, unlike with the other students, Xue Long would definitely think up of all sorts of ways to mess around with Zhou Sheng. Yu Hao lamented that not only did they lose their world of two, but their world of three was now done for as well.

“Who’s the dormitory leader amongst the three of you?” Li Yangming asked during lunch, “Fu Liqun, is it you?”

Fu Liqun very carefully said, “I’m their pet.”

Yu Hao, “……”

“It’s Zhou Sheng?” Li Yangming asked.

“I’m a pet too.” Zhou Sheng said sincerely, “Yu Hao’s the one in charge of walking us.”

Yu Hao held his forehead with one hand, but Li Yangming laughed. “You guys from the sports department can eat half a kilo in one meal and not get fat, that’s really amazing.”

Zhou Sheng laughed politely, “That’s because we exercise a lot.”

Li Yangming, “Teach me how to play basketball during our free time bei.”

Fu Liqun, “Okay no problem.”

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Yu Hao suddenly felt like life was a little hopeless.

During their afternoon class, Li Yangming sat next to Yu Hao and sandwiched him with Zhou Sheng on the other side.

“Aren’t you in the sports department? Why are you here to attend a psychology class?” Li Yangming scrutinised Zhou Sheng with a strange look.

Zhou Sheng folded his heart under the table while he said patiently, “To improve my comprehension through different means, I’m eager to learn.”

Yu Hao, “Read my book first ba.”

Li Yangming, “But you’re watching anime with earphones on, how do you listen in class?”

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Zhou Sheng pointed to the platform and said, “The teacher and I can utilise brain waves to communicate directly through our consciousness.”

Yu Hao couldn’t bear to listen any further. He nudged Zhou Sheng to get him to stop teasing the newcomer. Zhou Sheng handed the heart to him, and Yu Hao put it away. Li Yangming said, “Wah, you’re so skilful with your hands? Let me see?”

Zhou Sheng, “……”

Yu Hao pressed the heart down and said to Li Yangming, “Listen to the lecturer ba.”

“What do we do?” Yu Hao couldn’t help but say when they were practicing their three-man basketball in the afternoon, “Stop teasing him all the time, just give it to him straight if you have something to say.”

“How do I say it?” Zhou Sheng asked, baffled, “Don’t tell me you want me to threaten to hit him and teach him a lesson if he doesn’t allow me to smoke in the dorm?”

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Fu Liqun said, “Yeah, it’s not like anyone knows that the three of us are weirdos.”

Yu Hao thought that was true; Li Yangming was a very normal person. It was more accurate to say that the three of them were abnormal.

“Then are we still living outside?” Yu Hao asked.

“We are.” Zhou Sheng said, “Who cares about him.” As he spoke, he passed the ball to Yu Hao.

Yu Hao caught the ball and said, “If Xue Long finds out, he’ll tell your father, and your father will definitely come over to take a look. By then, if he sees that we’re living in a two bedroom flat, and that we’re sharing the same bed……”

Zhou Sheng, “I’ll come out of the closet then. I’ll need to prepare some Tian Wang Bao Xin Dan at home.”

Fu Liqun, “What about this, I can pretend to be a couple with Young Madam?”

Zhou Sheng roared angrily, “Don’t even think about it!!”

Yu Hao, “Why don’t we rent a three bedroom flat? In case your father comes, we can pretend to each have our own room?”

“Why spend that money?” Zhou Sheng asked, baffled, “I’d like to see what the old man can do.” As he spoke, he bounced the ball to Fu Liqun, then he and Yu Hao rapidly flew forward to intercept Fu Liqun who was preparing for a lay up shot.

However, that night, Li Yangming’s attitude subtly changed.

“Zhou Ge,” Li Yangming said with concern, “If you want to smoke, just do it in the dormitory ba, don’t go out. It’s cold outside.”

Zhou Sheng, “……”

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Yu Hao thought, did you finally catch wind of something? Zhou Sheng’s superman reputation was still quite resounding. Li Yangming got acquainted with some of his classmates in the afternoon, and when they talked about their dormitory, people in the psychology classes must have told him about Zhou Sheng’s brilliant military achievements, as well as his relationship with Yu Hao.

Zhou Sheng studied Li Yangming and said, “What happened to not submitting to force? You need to stick to your principles, don’t give in, got it? Be brave!”

Li Yangming laughed and said, “I didn’t know you were so good at fighting.”

Fu Liqun, “……”

“Yo!” Zhou Sheng cried in surprise, “If I’m good at fighting, does that mean I can smoke in the dorm? What kind of logic is that? This is a free and equal society ma.”

Yu Hao, “Zhou Sheng!”