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Ch99.1 - Birthday Celebration

It was only now that Yu Hao began slowly recalling the entire process: he realized that out of everyone — Huang Ting included — the one with the strongest combat ability was surprisingly Zhou Sheng. The scene had truly been too chaotic, so much so that Yu Hao didn’t have the chance to see how Zhou Sheng fought. However, Zhou Sheng was merely an amateur boxer who could compete in city tournaments, while his opponent was a provincial-level Sanshou athlete, yet Zhou Sheng actually managed to unleash such overwhelming potential during their life and death crisis and was even more fearless when he went up against three of them alone. After which, he escaped with just a few scratches.

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What’s more, after the enemies split up and the rest were getting beaten up, Zhou Sheng had given out three orders: the first was to get them to withdraw after judging the strength of the other side; the second was to tell them to escape separately so that the kidnappers wouldn’t be able to tell who was who — within the rainstorm, coupled with the cover of night and having no dog, they would have a very slim chance of catching up to them; the third was when the enemies turned desperate and tried to snatch Huang Ting’s gun — Zhou Sheng immediately determined that the situation seemed off, so he went forward once again to resist their offence.

Yu Hao thought that if Zhou Sheng were to become a SWAT or a criminal detective, he would definitely be a force to be reckoned with. But if he had to be like Huang Ting and get so exhausted that he wouldn’t even have the time to sleep or suffer from irregular meal times, then never mind……Yu Hao would probably die from heartache first.

Yu Hao took a bath, then it was Fu Liqun’s turn. Zhou Sheng wore a T-shirt and had changed into a loose pair of shorts, revealing his beautiful V-line abs, plus he wasn’t even wearing underwear. Yu Hao felt like his whole body was about to fall apart as he lay on the bed.

“Are we still fighting monsters at night?” Yu Hao asked while Fu Liqun was taking a bath.

“We already fought in the day, and now you want to fight in dreams too? Aren’t you tired? Rest for a few days ba.”

Zhou Sheng climbed up the ladder and leaned over to kiss Yu Hao. Their lips and tongues entangled tenderly; they kissed for a long time and only bore to part when the sound of running water and Fu Liqun’s singing stopped.

“It’ll be your birthday soon?” Zhou Sheng looked into Yu Hao’s eyes.

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“Un……” Yu Hao reacted and immediately said, “Don’t buy something expensive!”

“Okay I got it.” Zhou Sheng smiled, then leaned in, and kissed Yu Hao again. “Good night.”

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The next day, Chen Yekai appeared very energetic when he came to class. As soon as he showed up in the multi-purpose classroom, the entire room exploded and erupted into a heated discussion. The front row began wondering whether Chen Yekai got beat up by gangsters because he was trying to hit on someone’s girlfriend. Yu Hao wanted to clarify things, yet it wasn’t of much use, so he could only give up on the idea.

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Yu Hao, “???”

The front row fell silent immediately. Yu Hao was slightly baffled, while Zhou Sheng said coldly, “Courting death.”

Yu Hao, “What do you mean?”

Zhou Sheng grimaced at him before handing him a hundred-yuan heart. Yu Hao clamped the heart within his textbook. After collecting a pile of hearts, he would put them in a large glass bottle that Fu Liqun had given him. Class began. Zhou Sheng took out a psychostatistics textbook and flipped to the middle, looking bored.

“Why are you interested in that?” Yu Hao asked.

“I’m not.” Zhou Sheng said.

Yu Hao, “Then why are you reading it?”

“If I don’t, how would I tutor you?” Zhou Sheng said, “Midterms are coming up soon, can you pass?”

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Yu Hao, “……”

There had been no news from Huang Ting so far and Zhou Sheng didn’t ask any questions. Yu Hao was worried about Ou Qihang’s dream world, but Zhou Sheng just said that it wasn’t time yet, and that when the time comes, he would naturally bring him in to take a look.

Before midterms, Yu Hao had a strong feeling that he wouldn’t have enough time. He hadn’t been studying most of his subjects seriously, and his best subject was the class Chen Yekai taught — Basic Theories of Personality Structure. Reading psychostatistics was like reading something as abstruse as a mystical book from heaven.

Zhou Sheng didn’t have many subjects to review for his exams; most of his subjects were sports, so he and Fu Liqun could pass those easily. There were no midterms for English either, leaving Yu Hao to only worry about his statistics module. Fortunately, Zhou Sheng flipped through the book for three to four days and said, “Come, I’ll tutor you.”

Yu Hao, “……”

For a subject that Yu Hao spent half a semester to learn, Zhou Sheng only took about a week to finish reading through everything and suddenly tutored him for a week. He got him to do a few papers that he had asked Fu Liqun to obtain from his senior. Yu Hao scored approximately 70 marks for the papers, and Zhou Sheng said, “Okay, go take the exam ba.”

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It was now late autumn; the gingko trees were beginning to turn yellow, and the day after midterms was Yu Hao’s birthday. When taking his last paper, statistics, Yu Hao sat by the window of the classroom where gingko trees filled his view and he looked at the bright, golden leaves outside. Another year has passed.

Thinking about this same day last year……forget it don’t think about it, that was practically a dark stain in his history.

When Yu Hao recalled his past a year ago, he really wished he could dig a pit and bury himself.

The bell signalling the end of class rang, his exam was over! Yu Hao heard a whistle blow outside. Fu Liqun shouted, “Zhou Sheng!’

Yu Hao handed in his paper and looked out. Zhou Sheng was running towards their dormitory, and when he passed by the teaching building, he shouted to Yu Hao, “Wait for me downstairs!”

Yu Hao, “???”

Yu Hao stretched and laughed as he walked down. He saw Zhou Sheng carrying a sports bag that he had slung over his shoulders, wearing a pair of red shorts and the pair of AJs that Yu Hao had bought for him, and he was gasping a little from all the running he did. He stood under a gingko tree and looked at Yu Hao with a smile.

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“How was your exam?” Zhou Sheng said, “Can you pass?”

Yu Hao said, “I should be able to.”

“It’s time for a date, let’s go.” Zhou Sheng said.

Yu Hao, “Why do you stink of sweat!”

Zhou Sheng sniffed his shoulders and arms, “Just ended my long-distance running exam, didn’t have time to bathe. Let’s go.”

Yu Hao, “Go and take a bath first then, we have a lot of time.”

“You don’t like Laozi now?” Zhou Sheng looked at Yu Hao doubtfully.

Yu Hao didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “Then let’s go……where? Where’s Gege?”

It was Yu Hao’s birthday tomorrow, and he was thinking of treating Fu Liqun and Chen Yekai to a meal today. But Zhou Sheng just smiled, “Sis-in-law’s here, she’s right outside.” As he spoke, he draped an arm around Yu Hao’s shoulder and walked out from the college’s back gate, then whistled at Cen Shan.

“Sis-in-law——!” Yu Hao cried out with genuine affection. He hadn’t seen Cen Shan for a long time, so he really did miss her a lot.

Cen Shan whistled at Yu Hao too and shouted back with genuine affection, “Bro-in-law——!”

Zhou Sheng and Fu Liqun immediately bowled over from laughing too hard. Yu Hao’s face flushed red and he held his forehead with one hand. Zhou Sheng said, “Have fun guys!”

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Fu Liqun no longer saw anyone else in his eyes. He held Cen Shan’s hand and boarded the bus, throwing the other two a flying kiss. Under the path filled with gingko trees outside the school, there were couples everywhere who had come out to play after their exams. Zhou Sheng held Yu Hao’s hand and intertwined their fingers, then used his free hand to call for a cab on his phone.

“There are so many people.” Yu Hao didn’t really dare to hold hands with Zhou Sheng. Two guys draping their arms around each other’s shoulders was very normal, but they would stand out a lot if they held hands instead.

However, Zhou Sheng tightened his grip and didn’t let Yu Hao break free, “The hell you scared of?”

Yu Hao held Zhou Sheng’s hand, and the two of them stood below the gingko trees as they waited for the cab Zhou Sheng called. When he looked around them, there were couples everywhere, then he looked at Zhou Sheng again; he didn’t expect that he would be dating here so openly as well, and for their love to be as natural as everyone else’s in this world.