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Ch96.2 - Paradise

Zhou Sheng pulled the paint gun’s safety latch; Yu Hao took two paint grenades used in the game while he followed behind Zhou Sheng, and they ran towards the exit of the amusement park. But the gunshot had alerted even more zombies, so the two of them had to run for their lives once again.

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They were already near the warehouse and control center at the back gate of the amusement park. An idea suddenly occurred to Yu Hao, “Head east!”

Zhou Sheng, “Why?!”

Yu Hao pulled Zhou Sheng and shot the zombie behind him. They climbed up to the roof along the windowsill. As they stood there, they finally managed to get a clear view of the swarm of zombies in the amusement park — the zombies were chasing them to the place where they were currently standing.

“There aren’t that many of them.” Yu Hao said.

Zhou Sheng, “Compared to《Resident Evil》, there really aren’t that many……”

Yu Hao motioned for Zhou Sheng to look at the warehouse in the distance and asked, “Can you hit that window?”

Zhou Sheng knelt down on one knee, lowered his head to look through his scope, narrowed his eyes, and said, “I’ll try. What’s inside?”

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Yu Hao raised his head and saw that the black dragon had flown over; it could take them away at any time now. But the zombies would surround them again once it landed.It was likely that the black dragon would be encumbered by them again.

“It’s the warehouse with fireworks.” Yu Hao answered.

“Cover your ears.” Zhou Sheng looked intently through the scope, “Shout when it’s time to shoot.”

Yu Hao watched nervously as the number of zombies increased; he observed them carefully until the zombies climbed onto the roof and lunged towards them one after another.


Zhou Sheng pulled the trigger; a bullet whirled towards the window. He turned around to pull Yu Hao, then they ran along the roof before jumping into the air.

The black dragon flew by and caught the two of them.

A huge explosion occurred at the back gate of the amusement park, and a mushroom cloud emerged. From within those flames, the black dragon beat its wings and soared into the sky!

Ou Qihang was standing at the edge of the teaching building as he looked down; he already had both legs on the cement railings.

Below the teaching building, there was a dense mass of corpses, students, teachers, and unimportant passers-by who were all looking up in succession.

“Looking forward to it?” Ou Qihang muttered, “Very soon, you’ll have something to eat.”

The earthquakes started again, but the tremors this time were on a much smaller scale. Ou Qihang lost his footing slightly on the cement railings. The zombies below were so excited that they crowded even more towards the front of the teaching building.

Ou Qihang raised his head and looked up at the pale sun in the sky, then closed his eyes.

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“Ou Qihang——!”

Yu Hao shouted angrily, and dragonfire erupted from a Western dragon as it swept straight along the periphery of the school! The dragon flames were boiling; the black dragon didn’t hold back, and all the scales on its body shone with a golden light as it breathed fire!

Ou Qihang suddenly opened his eyes. The earthquakes were becoming more and more frequent, almost causing him to fall from the railings. At the same time, the iron door on the rooftop was being slammed upon and finally collapsed as it was broken down– zombies lunged forward one after another!

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Ou Qihang fell onto the roof and was instantly stunned. Zhou Sheng pulled him up while Yu Hao shot in all directions as he stood protectively in front of Ou Qihang. He shouted, “Where do we go now?!”

Zhou Sheng said, “Go and find his safe haven!”

“Where is it?” Yu Hao threw out a grenade and blew up the entrance to the rooftop. Zhou Sheng said, “You’ll have to ask him that!”

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The earthquakes started up again; compared to the previous tremors that shook the earth, the dream world was now beginning to tremble even more frequently. Yu Hao said, “It’s shaking too much, I can’t aim!”

Zhou Sheng said, “Come and watch over him! Find a chance to get back onto the dragon!”

The black dragon hovered over the teaching building. The rooftop was already very fragile amidst the earthquakes; it shuddered and seemed like it could collapse at any time. Zhou Sheng didn’t dare to let it land on the rooftop for fear of crushing it. Ou Qihang stared at this scene of his dreamscape in a daze, momentarily suffering from an enormous shock.

Suddenly, Yu Hao grabbed the collar of his shirt and pushed him against the cement railings. He said anxiously, “Qihang, listen to me.”

Ou Qihang’s brows furrowed as he gazed into Yu Hao’s eyes.

“If there’s a place in your heart that could be your safe haven, where would it be?” Yu Hao said, “Quick! Tell me!”

“I……I……” Ou Qihang gradually calmed down, “Let me think about it, the martial arts academy?”

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“There’s too many!” Zhou Sheng was making a clean sweep of shots with the submachine gun he wielded, “They can’t be killed anymore!”

“Let’s go!” Yu Hao shouted, “Qihang! Follow us!”

The three of them jumped off the teaching building and onto the black dragon’s back, then flew into the distance.

Ou Qihang led the way. The black dragon stopped in front of an alley. The city was infested with zombies, and the black dragon wasn’t able to get through at all. Zhou Sheng lightly patted the dragon’s head and it disintegrated into golden light particles before disappearing. Yu Hao took the lead and had already rushed through a door in the alley.

The stairs were extremely narrow. Zombies wearing Taekwondo attire rushed down and were shot in the head by Yu Hao. Ou Qihang shouted, startled, “Shixiong!”

“Are you sure it’s here?” Zhou Sheng was was bringing up the rear and fired continuously towards the bottom of the stairs.

“I think so!” Yu Hao could barely cope with how overwhelmed he was, just like how he had felt when Zhou Sheng played shooting games with him. There was a constant stream of zombies rushing out of the door on the second floor, so he had to be observant and alert at all times. In the end, zombies no longer had a body in Yu Hao’s eyes — only their moving heads remained, and his objective was to shoot them dead.

“Don’t take the elevator!” Zhou Sheng went onto the second floor and yanked Ou Qihang back.

Yu Hao said to Ou Qihang, “Where do you usually go to think about things! Take us there!”

“It’s……here!” Ou Qihang said, “Go to the end of the corridor!”

Yu Hao opened the door and pushed Ou Qihang in. Zhou Sheng slid in as Yu Hao threw out a grenade before closing the door. A loud blare rang out outside, the door was locked, and the entire world suddenly turned quiet.

The moment he closed the door, Yu Hao knew they had succeeded. This was indeed a safe haven.

Every time he arrived at the safe haven, he could clearly sense that the area was perfectly, completely independent from the dream world; it possessed a tremendous protective force.

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“Huu.” Zhou Sheng flung his gun away and sat down on a cushion, so exhausted he couldn’t stop gasping for breath.

Yu Hao looked around at their surroundings and saw that this was the equipment room of the Taekwondo Martial Hall, which was full of sundries. Sunlight streamed in through the windows, its rays wrapped in swirling dust.

Yu Hao threw Zhou Sheng an inquiring gaze. Zhou Sheng said, “So damn exhausted. Summoning the black dragon twice takes too much effort.”

Ou Qihang muttered, “Are you guys real? Not my dream’s……”

Zhou Sheng said, “Don’t ask anything, let Laozi rest for awhile.”

Zhou Sheng stretched his legs out and leaned against the wall, thoroughly spent. Yu Hao tried to exert his healing power, and a white light appeared in his hands.

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What does this mean? He had acquired a ‘healing’ ability in Ou Qihang’s dream, which also meant that in Ou Qihang’s impression of him, Yu Hao has the capability to ‘heal’. Yu Hao looked at Ou Qihang again.

Zhou Sheng pointed at the back of his neck to indicate ‘here’, so Yu Hao pressed his hand against Zhou Sheng’s nape. A moment later, Zhou Sheng felt a little better and said, “I can only summon it once more.”

“Almost there.” Yu Hao knew that once they found the master of the dreamscape, they had won half the battle.

Ou Qihang said, “So my guess was right, you guys really are……”

“I’ll ask the questions, and you’ll do the answering.” Zhou Sheng said in a sour tone, “Cut the crap.”

Ou Qihang didn’t say anything else and just answered, “Ask then.”

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Yu Hao sat cross-legged beside Zhou Sheng across from Ou Qihang. At this moment, he seemed to understand his inner heart.

“What’s the most important thing to you in your life?” Zhou Sheng asked.

“I don’t know.” Ou Qihang answered quite straightforwardly.

Yu Hao said, “It’s not revenge?”

Ou Qihang said, “When you guys dragged me down from the rooftop that day, I suddenly felt confused. I was a little regretful. I……I don’t know if I can actually succeed. Zhou Sheng, in the interrogation room, what you said to me was a lie, right?”

“Yes.” Zhou Sheng said impatiently, “You were on such a high horse with that haughtiness of yours, I didn’t want to let you have it easy.”

Ou Qihang smiled, “I guessed as much. Has Xiao Yujun discovered what I left for her?”

“She found it.” Zhou Sheng scratched his head, “The password was deciphered too.”

“Let me join you guys.” Ou Qihang suddenly said.

“No way!” Zhou Sheng said.

Yu Hao, “???”

Yu Hao didn’t understand the astute exchange of Ou Qihang and Zhou Sheng, but Zhou Sheng threw Yu Hao a stern glance.

Ou Qihang said, “You guys are shuttling around dreams to save people, right?”

“No.” Zhou Sheng said, “Why are you so naggy? This has nothing to do with you. If you hadn’t dreamt of Yu Hao, we would never have come.”

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Only then did Yu Hao realise, and he looked at Zhou Sheng with trepidation to mean ‘you told him just like that?’

“It’s no use hiding it from him.” Zhou Sheng said, “He’s too smart; he would have guessed it sooner or later.”

Yu Hao thought that that was true. They had already been exposed by Chen Yekai once, so Ou Qihang would also be able to guess it. Sounding each other out now would just be a waste of time.

Ou Qihang clearly has a lot of questions he wanted to ask, but Zhou Sheng said, “If you ask anymore questions, we’ll leave.”

“Don’t!” Ou Qihang said, “I know that even if I talk about this, no one would believe me……and it’s even less likely that you guys will admit to it in reality, but don’t go! I won’t ask anymore questions.”

Zhou Sheng had blocked all of Ou Qihang’s curiosity with one sentence. Yu Hao realised that even in his dream, Ou Qihang had a very clear line of reasoning. If he had such a bizarre dream where he was being chased by zombies and got saved by himself and Zhou Sheng who he fled with into the equipment room of the martial academy to hide……he would just think that one dreams at night of what one thinks of in the day and wouldn’t question it much at all.

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“Where’s his totem?” Yu Hao said, “Who will the boss be?”

Zhou Sheng frowned and pondered for a moment, then answered Yu Hao, “Either his home or a place like the procuratorate?”

“What do you mean by that?” Ou Qihang said, “Sorry I’m asking again, I just……”

Zhou Sheng explained a bit to Ou Qihang, and Ou Qihang seemed to understand something. Yu Hao said, “Prevail over yourself, control your heart, and seize your totem back, then your inner world will return to normal.”

Ou Qihang laughed bitterly, “Unless someone upholds justice for me, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to change my impression of this city.”

“Yeah.” Zhou Sheng said, “Then I think that even we wouldn’t be able to defeat the boss in your heart.”

Tremors shook the entire world again, and strange sounds could be heard.

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“Please take your card.”

“We wish you a pleasant journey.”

That was the electronic voice of an expressway toll station.

Ou Qihang didn’t say anything else. Yu Hao frowned, “Where are you going? A long-distance journey? You can’t leave Ying City when you’re on bail pending trial.”

Ou Qihang said, “Are you asking about reality? I was kidnapped.”