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Ch82.1 - Fireworks

The ferris wheel came to a stop after completing one rotation, and the staff opened the door.

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Yu Hao, face awash with tears, was the first to leave the carriage. He practically bolted through the exit with Zhou Sheng chasing after him from behind. Yu Hao couldn’t stop his tears at all. Fu Liqun was waiting by the exit recording a video for the two of them with his phone and was instantly stunned when he saw Yu Hao. It was only when Zhou Sheng made an “ok” gesture that Fu Liqun uttered an exaggerated “Wow!”.

“Young Madam!” Fu Liqun shouted, “Interview time, how do you feel right now?”

Yu Hao shouted angrily, “Did you guys plan this all along?!”

Yu Hao only wanted to find a place to hide in for a while, but Zhou Sheng caught up to him and hugged him around the waist. The two of them stood together in front of the restaurant; Zhou Sheng lowered his head while he held Yu Hao, and without any hesitation, kissed Yu Hao on the lips.

A huge sensation immediately stirred in front of the restaurant! Cen Shan immediately covered her mouth, and before anyone around them could react, Zhou Sheng said to the manager outside the restaurant, “Told you so, that wasn’t my girlfriend just now.”

Manager, “……”

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Yu Hao pushed Zhou Sheng away and ran into the restaurant to hide. He leaned on the table next to the window. Everywhere was practically flooded with sunlight. Zhou Sheng took a tissue and handed it to him; Yu Hao used one hand to cover his eyes with the tissue and blocked Zhou Sheng with his other hand. His voice was trembling as he said, “Give me some time to calm down, this is all too sudden.”

Zhou Sheng blew his nose as he sat opposite Yu Hao. Yu Hao could only hear his laughter, and at this time, he really wanted to just let it all out and have a good cry.

“What’s wrong.” Zhou Sheng began asking to just get hit, “Did happiness come too suddenly? No more blind dates? Are you still gonna eat what I cook?”

Zhou Sheng was like a kid as he sprawled on the table and looked up at Yu Hao. Yu Hao gave him a hard kick under the table.

“Young Master!” Someone came in, “Treat us to drinks ah! Was your confession a success?”

“Didn’t I treat you guys long ago?” Zhou Sheng said, “It Takes Two to Love was bought by your Young Madam himself, what do you have in your hand?”

Yu Hao, “You……”

That person could only leave. Cen Shan and Fu Liqun were still taking pictures of Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng from outside the landing window. Zhou Sheng said, “Quick, wifey, smile? Gege and sis-in-law are taking photos of you.”

Yu Hao turned his head sideways and almost fell apart. He thought, so all of you knew long ago? Zhou Sheng reached out and placed his arm around Yu Hao’s shoulder, then made a “yeah” gesture at Cen Shan and Fu Liqun.

Yu Hao had just recovered from his cold, and his head began to hurt and buzz again. Zhou Sheng leaned on the table again and said, “I didn’t sleep at all last night, but you slept quite soundly huh.”

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng, “Your lips are so soft, I’ve always wanted to kiss them, but I always thought that idea seemed sinful, like I’m a pervert. Let me kiss you again?”

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Zhou Sheng hurriedly got up and bought a bottle of water for Yu Hao. He twisted it open, and Yu Hao downed half a bottle before he finally felt more comfortable. Zhou Sheng said, “I need to go to the washroom, don’t go anywhere, and just wait for me here……”

As he spoke, Zhou Sheng rushed to the toilet at top speed and rushed back. Yu Hao felt as if several planets had collided into each other, their collisions a chaotic disarray, exploding, and setting off fireworks. It felt like his body was being crushed, right down to his very bones.

“I thought you were already dating her.” Yu Hao thought about it over and over again and for some reason, this was what he said.

“Who?” Zhou Sheng was a little confused, then said, “Oh……no, I rejected her the first time we met. She said that ‘we can be friends first,’ but Bei Xiaozhou got me to……never mind, it’s hard for me to say. Her Dad asked my Dad for my address, so Bei Xiaozhou took her straight to our dormitory building. When I saw her off, I accidentally leaked out how we were coming to the amusement park today, so Bei Xiaozhou told me that I had to talk to her no matter what and clear the air, I thought……”

Yu Hao stared blankly at Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng tore off the band aid on his finger, revealing a wound that was slightly white and had already begun to heal. He was explaining earnestly to Yu Hao, but Yu Hao kept getting distracted — his brain server had crashed.

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“……that I might as well be upfront about everything today.” Zhou Sheng looked at Yu Hao and smiled, “Oh yeah, now I remember that I still need to give Bei Xiaozhou an answer.”

“I was quick to reject her the first time we met.” Zhou Sheng said as he texted, “But all I said was ‘I don’t want to date,’ which couldn’t be considered a reason. If I said that I have someone I like, I would have needed to explain who it was, and if I said that it was you, I was afraid that if her father knew, he would tell my Dad. I didn’t want you to get hurt……”

Zhou Sheng was rambling a little incoherently as he explained things. Yu Hao just kept nodding, and in the end, he said, “Actually, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Zhou Sheng finished texting, put away his phone, and just looked at Yu Hao.

Yu Hao laughed too. Zhou Sheng said, “In a good mood now?”

Yu Hao said softly, “I’ve always been in a good mood.”

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Zhou Sheng suddenly said, “Do you remember that high school kid?”

Yu Hao, “Ou Qihang?”

Zhou Sheng said, “Today, I finally remember where I met him. The last time we worked here, I was barbequing chicken wings behind the counter and you sat by the window after work to wait for me. He secretly took a photo of you on his phone. Lao Gao! Did someone come here to ask for Yu Hao’s number?”

The manager answered with an “ai”, and said, “There was someone, he said he was his junior and wanted to consult him about the entrance exam for your school.”

Zhou Sheng, “Damn, I knew it was you! Lao Gao! How could you just give out someone’s number like that?”

The manager said, “He also worked here for several days and seemed like a simple high school kid. He noticed the registration form in the office, and your numbers were on it. I didn’t give it to him, he found it himself.”

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng smiled, “Pretty scheming ma. I’m guessing he’s not after you, but he probably wants to stir something up. If he dares find you again, just watch how I’ll deal with him.”

Yu Hao said, “I have no money, no abilities, and I’m dumb too, what could he gain by deceiving me?”

Zhou Sheng, “Forget it, I’ll protect you well.”

Yu Hao paid no attention to it at all, but as Zhou Sheng had said, it didn’t matter at all anymore.

Yu Hao was still a little overwhelmed. His hands kept fiddling with the music box Zhou Sheng gave him.

“I enrolled in a class and spent ages on it.” Zhou Sheng continued, “The clockwork mechanism kept going out of tune, but I didn’t let the teacher fix the sound for me.”

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Yu Hao laughed and wound up the music box.《My Little Happiness》played again. The two people seated at the corner of the restaurant were bathed in sunshine.

“When did you think of making this?” Yu Hao asked.

“When summer vacation just started.” Zhou Sheng answered, “But if it’s about liking you, then it should’ve been much earlier ba? I think the first time I heard you sing in college was when I started……kind of……liking you a little. I just thought that, if I did those things to you, it would be a little……a little perverted.”

“Actually you didn’t need to……I mean, you didn’t need to……prepare all this.” Yu Hao said, “Even if you had just casually mentioned it to me, I would still……still……”

Yu Hao had slowly regained his composure, yet Zhou Sheng said earnestly, “You think too much. If I had told you casually, you would have thought that I only agreed to this out of pity. But it’s not. I wanted you to know that I really like you. I love you, Yu Hao.”

“Stop talking.” Yu Hao said, “I’m going to cry again……”

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Zhou Sheng smiled and said, “If there really were no feelings, I would just refuse others straight out. It’s not like I’m a central air conditioner.”

Yu Hao tried his best to calm down. Zhou Sheng has always been this blunt and direct; he had just bluntly spoken the truth.

“Then what exactly were you so angry about the day before yesterday?” Yu Hao said, “I thought you were annoyed with me.”

Zhou Sheng, “I was annoyed at myself, ok? I was stuck ah, I couldn’t defeat Medusa, and you even saw me in that sort of state. I thought I could win.” As he spoke, he sighed, “I’m afraid that I’ll never be able to defeat myself in this lifetime ba.”

Yu Hao suddenly understood — Zhou Sheng has always been battling his inner demons. He wanted to overcome the childhood trauma left by his family and rid himself of all of his baggage before confessing to Yu Hao, then build a better future together with him.

“Did you think that we’d fight over this?” Yu Hao said, “We won’t, Zhou Sheng.”

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“Could you say ‘hubby’?” Zhou Sheng looked at him expectantly.

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng didn’t say anything. The corners of his lips were slightly upturned, and his gaze shifted to look outside the landing window.

“H……hubby.” Yu Hao said.

“Ai!” Zhou Sheng smiled, and his smile shone as brilliantly as the sun. Yu Hao thought, why are you so certain that you’ll be the hubby? Forget it, as long as they can be together, he was willing to do anything.

“I’m still angry about that Rubik’s cube.”

After a while, Zhou Sheng slowly said, “After you piece the six sides together, the patterns are serialized as I, L, O, V, E, U.”

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng said, “Now I have the right to eat vinegar ba? Then I’m gonna fucking start eating all the vinegar I want! From now on I’ll see who dares come and chat you up again!”

Yu Hao, “………………”

“Eat ba.” Yu Hao could only answer with this. He knew that Zhou Sheng was just joking, and indeed, Zhou Sheng laughed again and reached out to touch Yu Hao’s face, “I’m just teasing you. Since I get to be with you, I don’t need to eat any vinegar in the future.”

Ever since Yu Hao got off the ferris wheel, he had been constantly besieged by Zhou Sheng in rapid fire succession until he became a little delirious. Today was a day in his life when mountains shook and the earth’s crust was in upheaval. But it just felt like a dream to him, the person who was actually immersed in the situation.

Zhou Sheng said, “What are you thinking about, wifey?”

Yu Hao said, “Don’t say anything first, give me some time to calm down.”

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Yu Hao looked at Zhou Sheng and just thought that he was really too handsome. Zhou Sheng’s teasing smile slowly receded, and his expression became earnest as he looked directly at Yu Hao.

“You’re so good-looking.” Zhou Sheng said, “Sometimes I get hard just by looking at you.”

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng, “Okay, I’ll stop talking.”

The two of them then just stared at each other. At last, Zhou Sheng couldn’t stay still anymore and suddenly said, “Let’s compete to see who laughs first. The first one who can’t hold back their laughter loses.”

Yu Hao began laughing, and he laughed so hard he bowled over the table. He felt like a complete lunatic today.

“I cried too much today.” Yu Hao said, “Wailing and sobbing, it’s so embarrassing.”

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Zhou Sheng just smiled as he looked at him and continued to gaze at him for awhile like this. Yu Hao said, “I like you so much, Zhou Sheng.”

When Zhou Sheng heard this, his eyes turned slightly red, and he said, “Me too. I don’t know what happened to me. Did you come into my dream at some point and steal my heart away?”