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Ch48 - Diamond Ring

Chen Yekai and Zhou Sheng scaled the stone wall using the hanging vines, the sound of their ascent echoing through the entire pyramid. Chen Yekai looked up and glanced into the distance — there was a broken stone bridge. They had to climb up to higher ground, jump onto the stone bridge, then walk along the passage behind the stone bridge to enter the central area of Chichén Itzá before they could reach the well of reincarnation.

Zhou Sheng suddenly said, “Let’s talk about your grumpy little friend ba, we’ll need to deal with him head-on later.”

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Chen Yekai tugged on a vine. Zhou Sheng reached out from beside him and pulled his hand. With the extra momentum, Chen Yekai landed onto another protruding rock, then they continued to advance carefully.

“Takin has always been like that.” Chen Yekai spoke in an unhurried manner, “He rejects almost all of my friends — no matter if they’re a guy or a girl.”

“That proves that he wants to monopolise you.” Zhou Sheng said casually, then jumped onto a ridge in the brickwork. He thought for a moment before whistling.

“What are you doing?” Chen Yekai asked doubtfully.

“Nothing.” Zhou Sheng wanted to try and summon his jindouyun, but was unable to.

“Love can’t tolerate a third party.” Chen Yekai said, “But if it goes too far, you’ll suffer a lot. My social media, phone, email, and blog were thoroughly inspected, and every girl who had a secret crush on me had to endure his interrogation……”

“That is quite scary.”

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In the huge shrine that was nearly 20 metres above ground, Zhou Sheng and Chen Yekai edged slowly across with their backs stuck to the wall; they were approaching the vines suspended mid-air above the shrine.

“Do you feel guilty?” Zhou Sheng asked.

Chen Yekai replied with another question, “What do you think?”

Zhou Sheng felt helpless, “He’s too strong. You need to overcome the guilt in your heart. After all, the him in your dreams, is no longer the real him. You have to prevail over yourself.”

Chen Yekai reflected on this for a moment before saying, “Yeah, but I can’t help it. For many nights, I often dreamt of that inn, and also dreamt of Ryuusei, standing under the sun as he waited for me to return……”

“……if I had known just a little earlier……”

“I locked the door, but I always couldn’t help but go in to see him. Until I met Yu Hao……”

Zhou Sheng, “Is it because you didn’t visit the Ryuusei in your dreams, that he escaped and became even stronger?”

“Perhaps.” Chen Yekai answered, “You’re right. We need to save Yu Hao. If I don’t get over this, I won’t be able to defeat Ryuusei.”

Zhou Sheng thought about it for awhile, “I think you’ve already……it’s not your fault, Kaikai. Also, even if it was your fault, your confession should be for the pursuit of salvation, not to torture yourself.”

“Who should I confess to?” Chen Yekai asked, “He’s already dead; no one can forgive me anymore.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Think about it. What would he say if he were still alive? I’m saying, the real him……”

Chen Yekai didn’t respond. He stopped, and Zhou Sheng followed suit.

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“On the day Takin left me, he wrote a letter to me.” Chen Yekai said, “On his blog.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Oh? What did he say?”

Chen Yekai answered, “It’s protected with a password, and the password is my birthday. I’ve never opened it.”

Zhou Sheng remained silent. The two of them came to a standstill on a long brick platform that was barely 20 centimeters wide.

“I know he forgave me long ago. I’m just afraid that after I see that letter.” Chen Yekai said in a daze, “I’ll end up forgiving myself in the days to come.”

“Go take a look ba.” Zhou Sheng said, “It’s not a matter that only concerns you anymore.”

Chen Yekai said, “I think that I’m not worthy of redemption. But on the last day of my life, I will read that letter……”

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Zhou Sheng was silent for a moment before he answered, “Actually, the one who has been punishing you all this time was you yourself.”

Chen Yekai said, “Yes. I can only continue to live on in this world by doing that.”

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Zhou Sheng shot Chen Yekai an inexplicable glance, “Four years, is that still not enough?”

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“Yu Hao!” Zhou Sheng immediately flipped over and went to the other bed to find Yu Hao. He patted Yu Hao’s face; Yu Hao had also woken up.

“Thank God.” Zhou Sheng immediately embraced him and stroked his head as well.

Yu Hao said, “I’m okay……”

Yu Hao was embraced by Zhou Sheng the moment he woke up, so his heart immediately began to thump wildly. The two of them sat on the bed, Zhou Sheng looked at his watch —— 3am.

“He arrived at New York.” Zhou Sheng, “Slept for 10 hours too, that’s really long. How’s the situation on your side?”

“Don’t worry, I should be alright until the two of you arrive.” Yu Hao answered, then described the situation at the well of reincarnation, and about the Ryuusei he encountered.

“No totem?” Zhou Sheng frowned, “How’s that possible?”

Yu Hao really didn’t see a totem. In the end, he was trapped by the Feathered Serpent God, but he should be safe for the time being as long as he doesn’t mess around or provoke Nakagawa Ryuusei.

Zhou Sheng sat cross-legged at the foot of the bed with his arms crossed and thought about it for a moment, “There are two possibilities: one, the totem is in the well; two, the totem is Ryuusei.”

“You’re so smart!” If it was Yu Hao, he would have never thought that the totem could be Ryuusei.

Zhou Sheng felt both irritated and agitated as he said, “Kaikai’s dreamscape is way too damn difficult to get through.”

Yu Hao said, “Is it considered a very difficult one compared to the other dreams you’ve been to?”

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One could tell just by thinking about it that an ordinary person’s dreams wouldn’t have a place like Chichén Itzá that’s as far away as the distant horizon, neither would there be wild beasts like panthers, and they were even less likely to have guns. Chen Yekai had not only read thousands of books, but he had also travelled thousands of miles, so his dream would definitely be more expansive and on a larger scale compared to others.

“Actually, before I met you, I had never really busted through anyone’s dream and reached the totem.” Zhou Sheng eventually spoke after thinking for a long time, “Most of the time, I would just abandon it halfway.”

“How’s that possible?” Yu Hao said in surprise.

Yu Hao has always thought that Zhou Sheng must have entered a lot of people’s dreams — if not 1,000 of them, then at least 800, otherwise he wouldn’t know so much about the connections between dreams and reality. Yet Zhou Sheng explained, “I crossed into most dreams only out of curiosity, and there were many dreams where the darkness that wreaked havoc in them was too strong. I wanted to change them, but most of the time I would just give up halfway……”

“……usually, as long as the person in reality changes at least a little bit, I’d think that it would be enough.” Zhou Sheng stated, “Just like my deskmate in my first year of junior high. She loved scratching me and always bothered me for no reason. I’ve had to suffer through a lot of my Mum’s pinching and scratching, so I really couldn’t stand it, which is why I paid her dream a visit.”

In addition to his father’s dreamscape, in junior high, Zhou Sheng had entered his deskmate’s dream and realised that the girl often suffered from domestic violence at home. Her dreamscape was devastated by monsters that were a projection of the violence she suffered in reality. He helped that girl destroy a number of them, then when he thought that it was more or less sufficient, he no longer entered it. It was too mentally exhausting.

Then he entered the dream of his form teacher in junior high. His form teacher received unfair treatment and had been abandoned by his wife, so he blamed the heavens and the earth and often vented his frustrations on the students. Zhou Sheng also resolved a part of his problem and thought that it was more or less okay — but he was even more concerned that others would become aware of his ability — so he carefully retreated.

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There were many dreams where it wasn’t that he was unwilling to get through to the end, but that he lacked the strength to — until he met Yu Hao. Otherwise, perhaps in Shi Ni’s dream, he would only be able to last until after he defeated the monster, but he would not have been able to fight all the way until the end.

Yu Hao remembered now. When he was summoned into the dream by Zhou Sheng, it was at the most critical moment. If he hadn’t been there, Zhou Sheng might not have died, but with Shi Ni’s impression of Zhou Sheng, it would’ve been too difficult for him to break through that dark dream.

Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao looked at each other in silence. Yu Hao suggested, “Let’s analyze it like last time ba. Your guess was very accurate, the one in front of the totem was Ryuusei.”

Zhou Sheng, “Un. We don’t know who the gatekeeper will be, but it’s most likely Lin Xun.”

Yu Hao said, “We might be able to defeat the gatekeeper, but Ryuusei’s too difficult.”

Zhou Sheng, “Because Kaikai is unable to let go of him in his heart. Right now, both you and Ryuusei have halos.”

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Yu Hao thought, how the hell should we deal with this. Actually, both he and Zhou Sheng knew very clearly that the most effective way of defeating Ryuusei — and the simplest way — was for Yu Hao to date Chen Yekai and snatch away the love in the depths of his heart that belongs to Ryuusei. Once he did that, all of Ryuusei’s power would completely disappear, and he would lose to Yu Hao in the dreamscape.

But Yu Hao would not, and could not do that.

“Can you guide him out of his past?” Although Yu Hao said that, he was wholeheartedly certain that it would be very, very difficult. He had already exhausted so much effort to defeat Liu Peng Xuan, let alone Chen Yekai’s former lover who had passed away.

Zhou Sheng said dismissively, “I’m still trying to help him move on from the reality he’s trapped in through his dreamscape.”

Yu Hao fell silent. Zhou Sheng thought about it for awhile before he continued, “Moreover, we should be very careful when we’re communicating with Kaikai in reality. He’s not a little girl like Shi Ni, he’ll have his doubts soon enough.”

In fact, the reason why Zhou Sheng left halfway in most of the previous dreams he entered was that he was worried about disturbing the owner of the dreamscape too often and creating an irreversible influence on that person in reality.

Yu Hao said, “I’ll give him a call and talk to him about Ryuusei?”

Zhou Sheng suddenly remembered something, “Wait, do you know when his birthday is?”

Zhou Sheng told Yu Hao about the blog post written by Ryuusei. Yu Hao was slightly apprehensive, “Are you sure you want to see it?”

Zhou Sheng took his phone out, and after he considered it for a moment, he said, “Let’s hold off on deciding whether we’ll see it for now, but I want to see the blog that Ryuusei’s posted online. At least with that, we’ll be able to understand him a bit more. Kaikai slept on the plane for so long, so he probably won’t sleep again soon. Get up, I need some exercise, let’s go for a run ba.”

At 5am in the morning, at the break of dawn, Yu Hao took his phone out, and for ease of reference, changed it to the American time-zone. Right now, it was 7pm in New York. Zhou Sheng took Yu Hao to the field, and they began their run.

Fu Liqun, who was wearing sportswear with a hood over his head, watched the two with a bored expression on his face by the field.

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Fu Liqun, “It’s a Saturday, why the hell are you two running?”

Zhou Sheng waved to Fu Liqun, so Fu Liqun had to join them. Yu Hao knew that Zhou Sheng was thinking while he ran, so he didn’t bother him. It was a really strange habit of his. Yu Hao was about to stop breathing after running 10 laps, where would he still find the energy to think?

On this early weekend morning, the three of them ran laps around the field as if they were deranged. Yu Hao was the first to lose the battle; he couldn’t run anymore. Fu Liqun ran two extra laps before saying, “I’m not running anymore! You didn’t even come for our physical training yesterday, what’re you even running for now?”

Zhou Sheng was still running with earphones on. The two of them went over to one side. Yu Hao kept gasping for breath, and Fu Liqun handed him some water, “Where did you guys go again last night?”

Yu Hao, “We came back too late, so we got a room outside.” He felt a little guilty towards Fu Liqun. He hasn’t considered his feelings recently and he has gotten a room outside with Zhou Sheng two times in a row now.

Yet Fu Liqun said, unconcerned, “Call me next time too.”

“Call you for a 3P?” Zhou Sheng interjected as he ran past them.

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Fu Liqun burst into laughter instantly, and Yu Hao spat out a mouthful of water.

Zhou Sheng ran 24 laps. He took off his earphones and gasped for breath for awhile. The three of them returned to their dormitory and took turns bathing and changing clothes. Fu Liqun said, “Bros, accompany me to pick out a diamond ring bei.”

“We’ll go if you treat us to breakfast.” Zhou Sheng said.

Fu Liqun, “No problem!”

At 9:30am, after Fu Liqun treated Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng to breakfast, they entered a jewelry shop with an interior styled in teal.

The corners of Yu Hao’s mouth twitched, “So you’ve decided to look for sis-in-law?”

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Zhou Sheng had also guessed that Fu Liqun wanted to reconcile, “Don’t pick a diamond ring, choose a pair of ear studs ba.”

Fu Liqun said, “I’ll consider it after taking a look. Once we buy it, accompany Gege to go look for sis-in-law bei.”

Yu Hao was hesitating when Zhou Sheng immediately rejected the invitation, “No way. It just happens that we can enjoy a world for just the two of us, so why should we be your third wheel?”

Yu Hao, “……”

Fu Liqun laughed, “She won’t necessarily forgive me.”

Zhou Sheng, “Shan Jie wanted you to apologise to her long ago, the hell you afraid of?”

Fu Liqun, “Really?? What did she say? Show me?”

Zhou Sheng said, “There’s nothing! Just go ba! Cut the crap, I’m taking Yu Hao to the movies later.”

These three big men crowded the counter to look at rings. The lady at the counter laughed as she spread the velvet cloth into place and took out a diamond ring for Fu Liqun to consider. When Yu Hao saw it, he was both envious and amazed and didn’t dare touch it. Zhou Sheng picked one up to casually inspect it before asking the counter lady to bring them its certificate and introduction.

“It’s too expensive.” Fu Liqun quickly said, “It’s over my budget.”

“I’ll lend you.” Zhou Sheng said, “How much do you have?” As he spoke, he flipped the tag over and blew up in an instant upon seeing it, “What the fuck one diamond ring here costs 60,000?! Why don’t you guys go rob a bank? Oh, Tiffany……forget I said anything.”

Fu Liqun waved his hand, “I have a bit, so I don’t need to borrow any for now. Her jewelry is all from Bulgari, it’s even more expensive than Tiffany.”

Yu Hao said, “This price is too horrifying ba. Would you consider giving her ear studs? This ear stud’s so shiny.”

Fu Liqun hesitated for a moment. Yu Hao tried to persuade him; he told him that diamond rings weren’t worth it, and how it was best if he prepared thoroughly before proposing. Proposing in passing while trying to reconcile was a bit hasty……After Zhou Sheng listened to him for awhile, he cast a glance filled with praise at Yu Hao.

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“Really?” Fu Liqun asked Yu Hao, “If it were you, would you accept it?”

Yu Hao, “Uh……” He thought, it’s not like I’m a girl, how am I supposed to answer that question? Why don’t you ask Zhou Sheng? Do you know that I’m gay too? But even if I’m gay, it doesn’t mean I’m a girl! How would I know how Shan Jie thinks?

“A woman’s heart, is like a needle at the bottom of the sea.” Zhou Sheng said, “Just properly go back and beg for reconciliation first ba, don’t try to overreach.”

Fu Liqun said in the end, “Ok then. Yu Hao, choose a pair, I trust your aesthetic sense.”

Zhou Sheng exploded, “And I don’t have aesthetic sense?!”

Yu Hao, “I really don’t have any aesthetic sense……”

Fu Liqun, “Just pick ba!”

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“This pair. I think she might……like it.” Yu Hao very apprehensively chose a pair of ear studs.

“You just want Yu Hao to choose the cheaper ones for you ba?!” Zhou Sheng exposed him.

Yu Hao, “……”

Fu Liqun said, “The ones Yu Hao choose would definitely have the highest price to quality ratio, wouldn’t you just choose the most expensive ones?”

Yu Hao picked out a pair of ear studs for Fu Liqun that cost more than 9,000, and his heart ached for Fu Liqun as he looked at them. Fu Liqun paid for them with his credit card and stuffed the small blue pouch into his bag. The two of them then sent him to the train station.

“Bye bye.” Fu Liqun bought a standing ticket and said, “For the next three months, I’ll have to survive on instant noodles. Do give me some material assistance next time please, my brothers.”

Yu Hao knew that Fu Liqun rarely spent money on impulse, and he would always compare prices when shopping. Yet he bought this gift for his girlfriend without even the slightest frown, and Yu Hao was extremely moved by him, “You’ll definitely succeed, Gege.”

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Zhou Sheng, “Okay, you’ll get a bite of whatever I eat. Go ba, don’t come back if you don’t succeed.”

Fu Liqun entered the station. Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng watched him for awhile, then Zhou Sheng said with a slightly rueful tone, “Let’s go watch a movie ba.”

Yu Hao recalled Fu Liqun’s phrase ‘of course I would wish you both well’, and couldn’t help but feel deeply moved. Fu Liqun and Cen Shan have known each other since their first year of high school, and it was their fourth year dating now. If something like that hadn’t happened to Chen Yekai, then right now he should be with Ryuusei in a certain corner of the world living a blissful life together ba?

“What do you think Chen Laoshi’s totem will be?” An idea suddenly struck Yu Hao, so he asked Zhou Sheng.

Zhou Sheng said, “We’ll have to ask him to find out, how could I guess that? Do you want to say that it’ll be a diamond ring?”

Yu Hao’s thoughts were practically aligned with Zhou Sheng’s now, “You can even read my mind?”

“What’s so difficult to guess about that?” Zhou Sheng sunk into the sofa chair in the cinema and said absentmindedly, “He said so before, after his graduation thesis defence was over, he would take Ryuusei to walk through Chichén Itzá again and propose to him, right? Diamond ring ma, he would have probably prepared one.”

Yu Hao had thought of that too. Zhou Sheng said, “Imagine this, do you think he’ll throw the diamond ring into the well?”

Yu Hao said, “Zhou Sheng, you’re really amazing.”

Zhou Sheng, “Of course.”

Yu Hao, “I’m talking about the time when you kicked the ball below Chichén Itzá.”

Zhou Sheng, “Un I also noticed your worshipping little eyes then. Let’s watch the movie ba.”