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554 All Were Busy

After the Hundred Fish Feast ended, Fang Ning was pleased to find out that many of his subordinates had not only further strengthened their efforts, they were also full of enthusiasm.

Although the banquet cost a lot, it carried significant importance.

Not only did the banquet removed some hidden potential dangers, it also helped an enemy switched onto their side. Furthermore, it even helped everyone clear the obstructions in their minds so that they would be able to maintain a vigorous and progressive style.

The next morning, Black Dog was up early for a morning exercise.

A body made completely out of steel and iron did push-ups under the shine of the setting sun, its metallic luster a daunting sight to all/

As for Yellow Dog a short distance away, it had a Taoist book in its hands for its early morning read. Its head swayed in self-contentment as its wife served it tea…

It was a sharp contrast to Black Dog's singular silhouette.

The little hamster squatted on a treetop, inhaling and exhaling a day's worth of Atmospheric Vitality. It seemed like it was planning on working with stamina and diligence, for it no longer acted idle like before.

The rest were also acting in a similar fashion too—rising early to busy themselves with their respective work. Even the gluttonous Chong Daqing was busy as well, since it started practicing on its songs from early in the morning, working uncharacteristically hard…

However, the direction of its effort seemed to be slightly off-course. Nobody spoke to it about it though, since nobody knew whether or not the insect would pave a new road. Besides, singers were also a powerful existence.

Only Dragon Carp slept soundly in its aquarium.

The other fishes slept in an honest fashion; however, not only did Dragon Carp snore, it also slept with its belly facing upwards. It looked no different from a salted fish…

Its behavior was beyond blame though; it only reached Lake-level cultivation despite the superior conditions of the Upper Realm, and after it descended, it delayed restoring its magical energy for a long time. Its laziness and uninhibition could rival Fang Ning.

After watching everyone briefly, Fang Ning realized that those that should be busy were already busy. Subconsciously ignoring the sleeping Dragon Carp, Fang Ning set his mind at rest and continued playing…

The System was immediately speechless, "Didn't you promise me yesterday that you would cultivate properly today, yet you're still playing?"

"Ugh, you have such a good memory," Fang Ning was unable to justify his actions as he remembered his promise. He could only act cool for three seconds before he immediately said, "I'll cultivate if that's what you want, don't bother me about it anymore."

"You're spouting nonsense. Only a whole night passed since your promise, so I would never forget it."

While Fang Ning strengthened the unity of his internal divisions through the Hundred Fish Feast, the other parties were not idle either.

At the Underground Greater Rat Kingdom.

On this day, the newly-appointed Rat King, Bai Shixin, was in his exclusive office feeling proud about himself. After 20 years, he finally made it.

As a military advisor, the most aggravating thing was being suspected by your own lord.

Ju Shou and Tian Feng from the Three Kingdoms Era (TN: Ju Shou and Tian Feng are both advisors that served the warlord Yuan Shao during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China) were loyal to a fault, and yet they were not trusted at all. Besides that, they were even repeatedly calculated against until they were murdered, which caused the death of Yuan Shao and his family that was well-deserved.

Now that it was his time to rule, he would be free of all handicaps as he realized his ambitions. Naturally, he was in a good mood because of this.

Of course, the professional requirements of being a military advisor and a lord were very different.

Bai Shixin understood this; it was best if the former was infallible, while the key to the latter's professional requirements did not lie in hitting their target with every shot, but rather in using the right person for the job. Otherwise, one would only be tiring oneself out…

The consequences of using the wrong person were already apparent enough in this current world, so there was no need to even talk about the far-off Upper Realm at all. History has always repeated itself, and one too many lords were defeated at the hands of people that were improperly utilized.

Of course, most of the times it was a general trend of events, which could not be avoided.

However, as long as one knew how to properly utilize their human resources, one could definitely postpone the general course of events a day or two, at least to the extent where one would not be defeated while one was on duty.

He sat in his office and thought to himself. Soon, a wave of Spiritual Fluctuation silently transmitted out from his room.

Before long, three Greater Rats wrapped from head to toe in black appeared in his office.

"Very good, the three of you really didn't betray me." Although Bai Shixin's face showed a hint of a smile, he still spoke emotionlessly.

"I was waiting for your personal enlightenment, since you are akin to my parents. Why would I ever betray you?" exclaimed the trio of Greater Rats fearfully in unison.

"Hmm, ever since you three were enlightened, you've followed me diligently. Some time ago, back when I was mixed up with bad people, the three of you never turned your backs on me too. I still remember that comradeship," continued Bai Shixin calmly.

Ever since he lost his magical energy, he had severed all contact with these confidants as he was not only worried that he would no longer by able to stifle them, he was even more worried that they would be found out by Elder Ancestor Bai.

Fortunately, they passed their tests one after another, which meant that at least when he was at his lowest, they did not add oil to the fire by revealing his previous secrets.

Otherwise, he would have been in a much more dire situation that would have been even harder to live through.

Now that he had finally assumed his rightful position, he had immediately gathered them. After all, his current influential power and strength meant he no longer needed to worry about his confidants betraying him.

The faces of the three Greater Rats immediately lit up in happiness.

They always knew that their lord was powerful, which was why they did not betray for another lord him even when he was at his lowest before.

Besides, doing something like that carried a great risk. If they messed it up, not only would they not end up becoming rich and wealthy, they might even be branded as traitors of their master and be executed.

"Thank you for your worry, my lord. I wonder then, my lord, have you gathered us here because you have orders for us?" asked the leader of the three.

"Hmm, there is something," Bai Shixin calmly said, "I've just been newly-appointed to this position, so my foundation isn't stable yet. I want to establish a Sticky Rod Department (TN: Sticky Rod Department is literally translated from粘杆处, which is the unofficial name of 尚虞备用处, which literally translates to Shangyu Reserve Department, a department established during the early Qing dynasty that was responsible for miscellaneous affairs. The department's duties included accompanying the emperor on trips and helping the emperor with hunting and fishing, among other matters. It was rumored among common folk that this department was in fact actually an information-gathering system established for the Yongzheng Emperor.) which will help me monitor both internal and external affairs. Ah Da, Ah Er, Ah San (TN: Ah Da, Ah Er, and Ah San literally mean Biggest, Second, Third, respectively.), you three will be in-charge of that from now on. All required cultivation materials will be secretly allocated."

The trio of Greater Rats nodded their heads and said, "Thank you for your trust, my lord. This humble servant is willing to serve you faithfully at the expense of my own life."

"Hmm. Then the first thing that I need you three to do is to find these two for me." As Bai Shixin spoke, his finger weaved around in mid-air. A strand of condensed spiritual sense appeared from his fingertip to for two human figures.

"As you command, my lord." The trio did not question their lord at all and immediately agreed to the request.

Bai Shixin nodded his head before continuing, "When you're looking for them, do remember to treat them like distinguished guests and silently advocate for them as well. This pair has been working very hard to upgrade the computerized informatization administrative system that we Greater Rats use. One is called Operator Li, the other Operator Liu, both incredibly capable people.

"Although their technical skills aren't top-notch, their communication skills aren't sloppy. The former is quite money-minded while the latter is an honest one, however the latter only knows how to obey the former without forming their own opinion. When the informatization project was finished for the time being, there was the whole issue with the Moon, so they returned above ground because they were worried about their families. I'm sure you've heard of buying a carcass with a thousand pieces of gold, so using them as an example would be perfect. I'll give them high positions upon being hired, and that'll open the door for the introduction of other human talents."

The trio of Greater Rats listened intently to their lord's explanation, obviously viewing the matter as one of great importance.

Otherwise, even a single sentence would have been enough.

They immediately responded in unison, "Rest assured, my lord. We will definitely invite both of these talents politely, they will not suffer even a bit of inconvenience."

Bai Shixin smirked before saying, "Excellent. You three don't have to worry about being infiltrated by humans, and you don't have to worry about them wanting to assimilate you lot either. Humans have many weaknesses; they're greedy for enjoyment and they're weak-willed. But, they're also creative and blessed with varied talents, not to mention they're willing to endure hardship and capable of hard work. They're a race full of contradictions, so as long as they're utilized properly, our clan will definitely improve greatly."

"My lord is wise. If everything goes well, the human geniuses would definitely knock on our door," praised Ah Da.

"My lord's words is akin to seeing the sun after brushing the clouds aside. I've been enlightened, so I'll definitely welcome more human talents from now on so that they'll be of use to me," continued Ah Er immediately.

"Hmm, better not say anything like that from now, otherwise the unity between us and humans might be affected. Demons and humans are one now, and we're no longer living in the barbaric times of the past. It's all about being civilized and cooperating with each other now. From now on, any confidential matters that you're carrying out on the outside should be carried out according to these principles," reminded Bai Shixin.

The trio immediately understood that this lord of theirs had other strategies in place, so they immediately changed their stances and agreed.

Bai Shixin had them leave the room before he shook his head.

They were loyal before, however they would never resort to flattery and they only did as they were told.

Now that he was holding a higher position, they had changed so quickly. It was obvious now that change was the only truth.