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553 Never Be Greedy for Material Enjoyments

Fang Ning picked up the oval brownish-black pill and hesitated for a second before asked again, "There wouldn't be any problems, right? You better not use me as a lab rat. Natural Rebirth Pill sounds so familiar, what does it do actually?"

"Just relax. I'm well-informed so I would never lie to you," said the System confidently. "The rebirth in the name of the pill basically means that it will clear your soul of all pollutants and cleanse your spiritual sense. Once you consume the pill, it'll be as if your soul has been nurtured once more as it will lose all baggage. That way, your cultivation progress will definitely improve significantly."

Fang Ning nodded his head at first, before he realized something which prompted him to ask, "Then by your understanding, what exactly are pollutants of the soul?"

"You have no idea and yet you claim to be smart? What I mean by pollutants of the soul are those evil thoughts and wicked temptations that appear from time to time. After your soul is nurtured once more, you'll be like a newborn with a pure heart. You'll only think about practicing cultivation, and you'll no longer be burdened by unnecessary worries…" said the System scornfully.

"Wow…" After hearing what the System said, Fang Ning felt like three crows had just flown over his head (TN: This is a common way to describe situations where the involved are at their wit's end.). This was practically going in the direction of "finishing him with the pill", and Fang Ning could only weakly say "You're despicable…" in response.

"Ugh, how could you accuse someone that is clearly innocent? I'm doing all this for you. An ancient scholar once said that the only way for one's cultivation to go smoothly and quickly is if one is rid of all evil desires. Since you want to increase your cultivation speed, you better eat this pill right away…" suggested the System.

"No, I won't. Go away," rejected Fang Ning firmly.

"So you think I won't do anything just because you won't eat it?" asked the System proudly before continuing, "I'll eat it myself then…"

"Wow, where else would someone find a more shameless System than you?!" exclaimed Fang Ning.

A System Notification appeared then. [The System has consumed the Natural Rebirth Pill. The Host is now entering "Saint" Mode for three months…]

"Ugh…" Before Fang Ning could speak, he felt a coolness rise from the bottom of his feet like a bubbling spring. The feeling passed through his limbs, across the Sea of Qi (TN: Sea of Qi is an acupuncture point located on the lower abdomen.), up the Shan Zhong (TN: Shan Zhong is an acupuncture point that is a crossing point for the Lungs, Pericardium and Heart channels.), before it finally dispersed through the Bai Hui (TN: Bai Hui is an acupuncture point located along the midline of the head in reference to the top of the ears.)

In an instant, he felt as if his entire being had sublimated…

If one were to say that the old him was merely him pretending to be Buddha, then he really was in the same state of mind as Buddha now.

"Be it the mortal world or the world of the dead, everything is nothing in the end; the world is impermanent, and there is evidence for that truth. I have realized everything now…" Fang Ning joined his palms together inwards and spoke solemnly.

"Hmm, Mr. Rich Boss, you've finally realized how well I treat you. I'm so happy…" said the System in a pleased tone.

"Yes, I've realized everything today. I'll consolidate my cultivation tomorrow…" continued Fang Ning solemnly.

"Ugh, but the sun only just set. Why drag things out until tomorrow?" asked the System.

Fang Ning asserted eloquently, "Don't you know anything about balancing work and play? If I cultivate excessively, I'll merely exhaust myself physically and mentally. As the saying goes, more haste, less speed."

A System Notification appeared then. [The Host's severe procrastination is acting up, effects of "Saint" Mode decreased by half.]

The System watched its host crawl back into the System Cyber Café to continue playing his games and reading his novels. At that moment, it could not help questioning its existence.

"D*mn it, was I conned by my suppliers? That's impossible, who would be able to deceive my Khorium ore eyes? Was the notification I received in the very beginning true? Is your procrastination really beyond saving?" grumbled the System to nobody in particular.

Fang Ning turned a deaf ear to the System's grumbles. Besides, so what if he had lost all his wicked thoughts? Children were the same, and yet they could still play to their hearts' content…

At the same time, the second palace mistress of Liu Yun Palace, Xing Xi, had removed her disguise. By doing so, her goddess-like air was even more overwhelming; not a single person could compare to her exquisiteness as it could not be found in the mortal realm and only existed in the heavens high above…

Even the pair of dogs stared agape in shock, which only further proved her beauty.

For a moment, Xue Ba even considered whether or not it should cultivate a human form for itself.

Suddenly, it felt a sharp pain on one of its ears. As it turned out, its wife had bitten its ear, which clear its head immediately. It quickly worked on its "Atmospheric Morality Technique" and dispelled all wicked thoughts from its mind as it focused its gaze and sat rigidly.

Xing Xi bowed slightly at Vigilante A in greeting before saying, "Warm greetings, Venerable One. I have arrived on behalf on Ling Yunzi, who said that the Venerable One will suffer… a terrible disaster because of predestined fate. He asks that you be careful."

Everyone's faces flashed with different expressions; some immediately understood the situation while others remained in the dark.

Old Yellow (TN: Old Yellow refers to Xue Ba, the Yellow Dog.) was one of those that understood. It silently pondered and felt that this fairy was referring to a romantic disaster...

Although a romantic disaster may sound incredible, it was in fact quite a simple thing. Some Cultivators had suffered from such disasters and paid a dire price because they either went up against someone they were no match for all to catch a beauty's eye or they did something that was beyond their own limits.

However, would its master do something like that? It highly doubt so; the only reason why its master would poke his head into another person's business was if that person had committed something that was illegal.

While everyone's imaginations ran wild with countless possibilities, Vigilante A calmly said, "I've always walked down the path of righteousness, so I've never been one to fear about some predestined fate. If you're willing to believe in the cardinal principles of righteousness and you're willing to turn over a new leaf, then take a seat. Promise yourself that from now on you must be sincere and you must not make any mistakes."

"Thank you Venerable One, this humble servant will keep that in mind." Xing Xi immediately took a seat at one of the tables. Unfortunately, there was little to no food left…

Just as what she had said just now, she could merely drink soup.

Half an hour later.

"Hmm, it seems that everyone is almost done with their meal. No banquet doesn't end, so it's time for things to be wrapped up. As long as everyone continues working hard at cultivating and moving forward until positive results are achieved, our gathering days will be few and far in between. Remember to not be greedy about material enjoyment, unlike some short-sighted people, since it will all return to dust in the end." Vigilante A looked at the empty seats as he spoke, his words leaving an everlasting impression.

"Thank you for your guidance, Venerable One," said the various animals in determination as they stood.

With that, everyone returned to their homes and families.

A great number of them did not need to return at all however, since their homes were where they stood.

The only ones that left were Mr. and Mrs. Sky Eagle; the great green insect, on the other hand, refused to leave at all, obviously because it had not eaten enough…

Bai Ruocang did not leave either; instead, he turned back into a little hamster and stayed behind.

Besides, most of the matters regarding the urban construction were already entrusted to professionals, so all he had to do was to receive messages occasionally.

In fact, he actually wanted to clear his heart and mind. It seemed like his entire person was just drowning in hatred not too long ago. Although this may not be a problem, as hatred could make people stronger, but hatred clouded a person's ability to make clear and rational judgments.

It absentmindedly chewed on its chestnuts and silently pondered about its future.

Despite the fact that it also bared the hatred of the family, it was much more fortunate than Lin Pingzhi because it met a group of sincere seniors and friends who did not harbor evil intentions or ulterior motives for befriending it.

Dragon Carp felt the most dispirited. It had just managed to sit at a table, but it could only enjoy the fragrance of the dishes… since nobody bothered to get food for it.

It could only laze around in its aquarium until the fairy that had just sat down at the table gave it some dry food, which could barely fill its stomach.

It was a banquet where the host and his guests enjoyed themselves before everyone dispersed.

Everyone knew clearly in their hearts that Vigilante A was right—as long as they practiced cultivation until positive results were achieved, everyone would still be around for them. It would be just like the gods and deities up in the heavens, where their days of gathering are few and far in between.

They should never be greedy about material enjoyments, since it would all return to dust in the end. If they were greedy, they would just be wasting their meeting with the Venerable One.

After nearly two years together, they knew best about what they should do as they were the ones on the support side of things.

Not only did the Venerable Dragon God had an astounding reputation, he also had a strong foundation. He was powerful, diligent, intelligent, and he had the connections and a base as well. He was just like Genghis Khan, and he would be the next person to become Buddha, so as long as they could keep up, they did not need to worry about their future at all.