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539 Surgery For An An

The Fang Family Restaurant in Qi City.

In less than two years, Fang Ning's source of fortune had evolved from the originally ordinary street storefront into a shop that occupied a small area.

As dusk dawned, a luxurious car slowly approached from the intersection far away. As it got closer, it approached a towering building with roughly thirty over levels, and each level was brightly lit. Some of the floors were exceptionally quiet with only soft music playing, while some floors were very noisy with sounds of toasts being made.

When the luxurious car arrived at this building, a doorman quickly welcomed it, then directed it to an underground carpark.

'What a prosperous industry.' Bai Shifu thought as he got down from the car and looked around as he nodded. Subsequently, two bodyguards positioned themselves in front and behind of him.

He retrieved a photo and called for the doorman who was standing still beside. He then pointed at the photo and asked, "May I ask, have you seen this guest? Does it always come here?"

The doorman took a careful look then immediately nodded his head repeatedly. "I've seen it before but not all the time, only occasionally. It probably pays a visit once in every two or three weeks."

"Oh, that should be it. May I ask, how did it come here previously?" While Bai Shifu asked, he waved his hand.

The bodyguard behind him instantly took a stack of cash out and passed it to the doorman soundlessly.

That doorman quickly waved his hand to reject it. "I can't accept this. Sir, what is your relationship with it?"

Afterward, Bai Shifu raised his hand, notifying the bodyguard to keep the cash. He replied politely, "Oh, we mean well, we just want to meet it to treat it to a meal, for it to help us with something."

All at once, the doorman became alert. He thought to himself, 'Who doesn't know that Miss Daqing and the boss' relationship is unusual?

'Besides, this man dresses like a powerhouse, does he have other intentions?'

Right away, he felt awkward. "I'm sorry, I'm just a doorman, I can't help you with this. How about you just look for our manager?"

Bai Shifu nodded. "That sounds better too, please deliver the message."

This doorman felt as if he was pardoned, he swiftly retrieved his walkie-talkie, and reported to the upper management.

Bai Shifu returned to his car to wait.

The two bodyguards followed him back into the car too, but one of them could not hold it in, so he voiced out, "Boss, let us just assign our brothers to guard this place until that little insect shows up. When it does, we'll just look for an opportunity to meet it. Why do we need to go through the trouble?"

"Even Liu Bei made three humble visits to Zhuge Liang's thatched cottage to recruit him. If I don't wait here myself, how do I express the importance I place in this? The insect is a noble daughter of a renowned clan, it has a noble bloodline, we must not act loftily." Bai Shifu answered.

"Boss, you're very wise." The two bodyguards respected him.

"With a leader like you, I believe we'll be able to clear the dust and rule the kingdom in no time."

While they conversed, they suddenly brought it to a halt. It turned out that before they even knew about it, a great green insect was lying on the windscreen, and was checking them out.

Bai Shixin quickly responded, and promptly held his hands into a fist and asked, "May I ask, are you the noble daughter of Celestial Clan's clan leader, Miss Daqing?"

That great green insect swayed its head as if it did not hear him clearly. In a trice, it took a bite at the glass.

With that, a small hole could be clearly seen, the hardness of its teeth was truly…

"Can you repeat yourself? I heard that you wanted to treat me to a meal?" Chong Daqing tilted its head and asked.

"Oh, indeed. You're the daughter of Celestial Clan's clan leader, Miss Daqing, am I right?" Bai Shifu spoke politely, and was rather cautious too.

At the moment, he displayed no sense of his military regimentalisation, and was completely the same as the doorman beside who welcomed them.

"I'm Chong Daqing, Chong Daqing is me. I heard that you're going to treat me to a meal? " Once again, Chong Daqing emphasized.

"Yes, yes. It's just that I have a little favor to ask of you, and I hope that you'll be kind enough to help." When Bai Shifu heard that, it sounded like a simple task to him, thus he quickly expressed his purpose of visit.

"Oh, the Great Azure Dragon mentioned that I shouldn't receive meals from others for free. I should help you, but I'm a good child, I can't commit wrong deeds. How about you tell me first, what do you need help in?" Very quickly, the great green insect became interested.

Bai Shifu rejoined, "It's definitely not an evil deed. On a contrary, it's a good deed of saving common people, and maintaining peace."

"You tell me first, I'll have to ask Great Azure Dragon." While Daqing said that, it took a phone out from its anklet, then began typing on WeChat.

Bai Shifu did not hide from it. At once, he explained everything to it.

The great green insect nodded, and whilst it listened, it passed on the message through its phone. "... Mmm, Great Azure Dragon. This is what it is, thank you."

"Miss Daqing, did the Venerable Dragon God agree to it already?" Bai Shifu was elated after he heard that.

The great green insect put on an innocent face as it responded, "I only left a voicemail just now, I don't know when he'll be online, he seems to be online at late hours recently."

"Oh, there's no hurry, there's no hurry. Oh right, let us go up for some food first. It's just getting along with a friend, not really a favor." Bai Shifu recalled this, then he got off his car and greeted it.

"Mmm, no rush, no rush. Let us go up there quickly, there won't be any seats left if we're late." The great green insect hurried.

"Yes, yes, we'll go right away." Bai Shifu naturally agreed.

Three men and an insect accompanied one another as they left the basement carpark.

As soon as they went outside, they felt a breeze of chilly wind. From the pitch-black night sky above, a gigantic object suddenly descended in front of them!

"What is this creature?!" Subconsciously, Bai Shifu assumed that it was Nie Yuan who sent a killer, hence he became alarmed.

"What are you talking about? I'm the Dragon God's official mount, how dare you say that I'm a creature, this is simply ridiculous!" That gigantic object revealed its true form under the street lights. It turned out that it was a black tiger. No wonder it did not appear to be clear to others with the night sky as the background, therefore it was mistaken as a beast.

Initially, Bai Shifu was dubious, but he quickly came to a sudden realization. Before he knew it, he was already apologizing, "Oh, it's Sir Thomson, the spiritual tiger from the upper realm, please forgive me for not recognizing you."

Upon hearing him, Tom the black cat turned to look at him.

"Oh, it's you, no wonder you know of my reputation." When Tom looked, it understood.

As a matter of course, Bai Shifu was listed in its intelligence list. The military officer of Greater Rat Clan who used to go undercover among humans for a long time, in order to search for human elites.

It was unsurprising for him to know about his existence.

"Sir Thomson, I wonder, why are you looking for me?"

"I'm not looking for you, I'm looking for Daqing." Tom the black cat answered arrogantly.

The great green insect who was watching aside became startled when it heard that. It reached its front limbs out, and asked in disbelief, "Why are you looking for me?"

Tom stuck its head out, revealing a little grey ant that was grasping on to its tiger fur, and was looking at the great green insect with teary eyes.

"This little ant looks familiar? Oh right, I've seen it at the old ginseng, it used to climb around the old ginseng, what an eyesore." The great green insect looked for some time before it finally recognized this familiar ant. After all, they were from the same species.

"Great, because it accidentally broke into someone's secret chamber…" When Tom the black cat mentioned this, its teeth were itching. This fellow had also broken into its secret chamber as well, or else, it would not have ended up this way now.

"All in all, it is severely injured, to the extent that it is suspected of not being able to have offspring, so I brought it here to look for you." Tom the black cat continued in a distressed manner.

Although it was happy to see that this finally had finally received its lesson, it was its key to counterattack, and would be useless if it lost its ability to reproduce. Now that it needed to look after its own enemy, the cat truly felt dismayed.

"Why did you look for me? Even though I'm a doctor, I don't manage external injuries…" Upon hearing that, the great green insect was dispirited, it shook its head and added, "I did open up a clinic, and it is quite famous, but it's not a vet clinic, it's purposed to covert a person's gender."

"Yes, this fellow is too severely injured, it can no longer be a male ant. That's why I brought it here for you to change it into a female ant…" Tom the black cat rejoined firmly.

"Tss…" Bai Shifu and the others looked at one another as they were appalled. "Is there such a thing?"

As for the little grey ant on Tom's head, it seemed to have understood him, so it moved its antenna around frantically as if trying to say, "I didn't mean this".

"Oh, in that case, I can still help, but my fee is expensive." The great green insect quickly nodded right after. Well, it could not refuse a business that showed up itself, and there was no remaining food supply in its house…

"It is just a little ant, its physique is so different from a human's, can you charge us less?" Tom the black cat was completely unbothered with the little grey ant's soundless objections, it was concentrated on bargaining.

"Oh, I'll have to evaluate before I set the price. After all, I'm used to doing surgeries for humans, it's the first time I'm doing it for an ant…" Daqing was still quite honest, it did not take advantage of the situation to demand for a sky-high price.

Right then, Bai Shifu had already regained his composure. He looked at the ant carefully then communicated with his bodyguards, and he instantly realized. 'Isn't this the grey any that eavesdropped my conversation with Bai Shixin the other day?'

Earlier on, the two of them took it as an ordinary ant, Bai Shixin even revealed his Spiritual Slash. To his surprise, it was actually a spiritual being?

Fortunately, they did not speak too much of confidential matters, and internal strife was a very common issue. If the Venerable One knew about it, he would not pay attention to it.

At this time, he did not have plans to exterminate it. It had been a long time since, if this ant were to leak any information, it would have done it long ago.

Besides, he could not do anything to it at the moment as it was the pet of this black tiger, and the black tiger was the mount of the vigilante. It was a complicated interconnected relationship.

Thankfully, it was wrong in the first place as it had broken into a confidential place, it could not blame anyone for being castrated.