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After suppressing the Greater Rat demon king, besides being gloomy that it did not get any experience, the System quickly went back to its heartless everyday life of farming monsters and practicing.

However, Fang Ning was different. After all, he was a human...

He had been in a dilemma about a certain matter and did not even have any mood to play games, much less sleep in.

In just two days, Sir System caught this and could not help but ask, "Rich-man Host, your mental state doesn't look very good. You get up early these few days but do nothing but stare blankly. It's really not like you. Did you get affected by one of that old demon's secret schemes? Seems like I'll have to inspect your mind again."

"What's not like me?" Fang Ning said distractedly.

"Playing the entire night or sleeping till 10 and then waking up to continue playing is more like you. Occasionally you cultivate hard for three days and then continue playing after you're satisfied, that's also like you. It's the first time I'm seeing you just lost in thought all day. You never waste time used to play games…"

"Ah, is that so? Thanks for your concern. I just have a dilemma," Fang Ning said, vexed, "I told you before that the Greater Rat demon king was Cang Gongzi's father. Of course, he committed tons of crimes and brought disaster to the Bai Clan. He's undeserving of sympathy and should have his comeuppance, but how're we supposed to tell Cang Gongzi about this?"

"Why do you have to tell it? It already knows. After I took control of the arcane realm and suppressed the old demon, the little hamster already sensed it. After all, since it's his biological son, its bloodline sense is quite strong. Even ordinary people have some mysterious sort of sense when it comes to their kin, much less these strong cultivators." The System said indifferently.

Fang Ning immediately followed up, "Then what reaction did Brother Xiao Cang make? What was his expression?"

"Strangely, after he sensed that the Greater Rat demon king had been suppressed, at first he was stunned, then astonished, then relieved as if released from a burden, then dull and insipid, and finally more grateful than words can tell. He said things like 'thank goodness for the Hero, otherwise…' and stuff that the System didn't understand." The System said nonchalantly, "Anyways, his work enthusiasm has increased instead, so you don't have to worry about that dilemma at all."

"Sir, your level of using idioms is really increasing every single day and improved for the better. You really make me amazed and proud." Fang Ning could not help but sigh.

"It's adequate. To be honest, I just picked them up from others." The System said proudly.

Fang Ning immediately understood, "Oh, so you just found them off the Net. Don't fool me if that's the case. Did Brother Xiao Cang really react like how you described?"

"Who do you think I am? Of course I'm right. Relax, I'm an honest System. I won't commit trickery." The System said firmly.

"The more you say it like that, the more uneasy I feel. Pass the body to me."

"What're you doing?"

"I'll go ask the Dragon Carp. It's the best at discerning what others are thinking from their body language, plus it's always with Cang Gongzi. It has the highest EQ among our little troupe. Oh, it might even be better than Butler Zheng. After all, it was the doorkeeper for the Dragon Clan in the Upper Realm, so it has seen a lot as well." Fang Ning said positively.


In the office of Morality City's Construction Department, a person entered from the window.

Lying on the ground was a golden Dragon Carp sleeping curled up in the fish tank rockery. It immediately grew gloomy after sensing movement.

If everyone entered from the window like this, then what was the point of asking it to collect entry fees?

However, when it saw who the person was, it instantly became overjoyed and jumped to the water surface with a flick of its tail.

"Master, you're here. Is there anything you'd like me to do?" The Dragon Carp eagerly greeted.

"Haha, I do have something to ask you. How's Cang Gongzi recently?"

The Dragon Carp's eyes turned and it immediately rejoiced covertly. As expected, this Dragon God regarded it, one who shared the same bloodline, as a trusted aide. Now was a good time for it to lodge a complaint...

That little hamster was ignorant of the ways of the world and strictly impartial, but when it came to giving presents, he would always tactfully but firmly decline. The Dragon Carp had to secretly rely on personal activities and hiding gold bars. He did not even have one treasure.

He hid quite a number, so much that even the rockery in the fish tank could not cover anymore. After all, the fish tank was only custom-made afterwards and was no less than three meters wide. The rockeries inside were not small either.

Perhaps it was time to make an interspatial equipment. Making it into the shape of a nose ring would be quite fashionable...

The Dragon Carp let its imagination roam and thought of an idea, "Master, Cang Gongzi is very diligent in its work, but in its free time, it only sighs deeply and looks at the sky in self-pity. I feel that it'll be staying long-term. I don't know if it'll just abandon us and leave one day."

This report was very brilliant. It hinted that in this group, only it, the Dragon Carp, would be able to follow the Venerable Dragon God long-term.

It had obviously forgotten about its past of seeking refuge with another master. It had only taken a year or so for it to jump into Vigilante A's hands from the Dragon Clan Leader.

"Hm, then how has he been these two days?" Fang Ning naturally heard it. That was under his expectations.

Among the group, the little hamster looked like it had the least pressure. It always displayed an unassuming face while chewing on chestnuts during major events.

However, the truth was it had the most complicated background and had the most things to carry on its shoulders. Its life was the most tiring.

Even the black dog that tried its best but could not find a wife suffered less than it.

"Ah," The Dragon Carp startled and hesitated, but replied honestly, "These two days, the little hamster was inexplicable happy and never frowned again. However, it goes out once in a while and doesn't return for a couple hours at a time. Did it meet someone outside?"

"I see. Dragon Carp, you've seen a lot in the Upper Realm. You have to properly aid Xiao Cang and build this Morality City to perfection. When that time comes, your virtuous achievements will be awarded generously." Fang Ning drew some castles in the sky and brewed some chicken soup, acting more and more like a boss.

The Dragon Carp secretly curled its lip. 'What awards? I don't need those kinds of things. I just want to be a True Dragon…'

Of course, it showed a cheerful face and swung its tail in the air several times before excitedly saying, "Understood, Master. I'll try my best not to let the little hamster make any mistakes. I'll make this Morality City into the world's greatest and most beautiful city."

"Good. This bottle of pills is to strengthen your spirit and nourish your soul. Use it to cultivate faster. There'll be a lot of dangers in the future, so you'll need to be strong enough to protect yourself. To be absolutely sure, your soul must at least be strong enough." Fang Ning fished out a small jade bottle and handed it over while hinting with sincere and earnest words.

'That's more like it. That's the stuff.'

The Dragon Carp hurriedly reached out with its snout to hold the jade bottle. It nodded its head, showing an expression of immense gratitude.

Once Fang Ning got his accurate news, there was nothing left for him to do, so he left in relief.

With his temper, he did not really want to directly meet Cang Gongzi. He would at least delay it for a few weeks or maybe even a few months before talking about that matter.

At this time, the little hamster that was the center of discussion was currently squatting at a stone monument in a daze.

The monument was located at the southern part of Morality City and was at least ten meters tall, with two large golden words, 'Demon Suppression', inscribed on the top.

Currently, no one knew that in this snow white little hamster, a duel was taking place in its mind.

"I'm going to kill him!"

Bai Ruocang said viciously in its mind.

"I know, that's natural for you, but I still want to dispel this resentment…" Cang Gongzi's tone was very complicated, and said with difficulty, "Although I don't want to say this, he's already got his punishment."

"Punishment? He's just being suppressed for five hundred years. What's that much to you creatures with long lives? How can that make up for the lives of my family?!" Bai Ruocang said vehemently, no longer calm like before.

In the past, he did not have the ability nor the chance.

Just like a survivor of a family slaughtered by a vile person, because he was weak, he could only be forced to forgive that person. He had no way of taking revenge and had to choose to forget, to drift and live without purpose.

This kind of thing was not uncommon. There was nothing new under the sun. He thought that he would just be one of them.

He knew that although his cultivation aptitude was good, his disposition was so bad that he could not even compare to the peers in his family, let alone the ambitious and brilliant Greater Rat demon king!

In the past, he could only numb himself with all kinds of things while holding out hope in his heart. Maybe that vile person would be punished by heaven. At least, he believed the Hero he followed would not just sit back and watch as that old demon went about free and unpunished.

However, right now, the hope in his heart had been actualized. That Greater Rat demon had been suppressed by the Hero under this stone monument, never to leave for five hundred years.

In this situation, with his capabilities, he could kill the other party. All he had to do was seal Vitality from entering and exiting.

After all, that old demon no longer had any power to resist, just like Sun Wukong when it was suppressed. Even if it wanted to pluck a peach that was almost within its reach, it had to ask for help from a young child.

However, the person stopping him nevertheless appeared, and it was the person he was most familiar with too.