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528 With One“s Own Power

Elder Ancestor Bai exited the shop and walked to the southern region of the city, stopping at an office building.

The sign on the square of the building said "Morality City Control Center".

Naturally, this was a body comparable to the city administration outside.

He nodded and entered the building following some other people.

He wanted to see how Vigilante A managed his city. Was it just like how his son described, everyone shares the city, and everyone owns the city together.

He would be able to ascertain if that was true as soon as he took a look at the control center.

The petite old man was following other people into the building when he was stopped at the entrance.

A staff member with green helmet said gently, "Excuse me, sir. You're not a citizen of the Morality City, are you?"

"No, I'm here to look for a job," said Elder Ancestor Bai lightly.

"Since you were able to arrive here through the golden train, someone must have given you a letter of recommendation. Can you show me that letter?" the staffer asked.

"Is it this one?" Elder Ancestor Bai procured a green envelope.

Since he was to check the place out formally, he had asked his subordinates to arrange for it.

He would not have done the same as Zhi Nan and ran onto the train with spells.

The recommendation letter was bought from an old skilled worker, as ordered by Bai Shixin.

He had been chosen by one of the units in Morality City due to his exceptional skills. With that letter, he could have gotten on the train without a ticket.

After the staffer saw the letter, he immediately said with respect, "Oh, Herbologist Liu with a specialty in floral cultivation. Please follow me, I'll take you to the registration counter before we'll send you to have a physical check-up..."

"Wait, I haven't said that I would work here. I just wanna look at your offices..." Elder Ancestor Bai interrupted him.

"Hm... Alright then. I'll show you around. Don't worry, we're absolutely fair around here. As you know, this place is under the perlustration of the true dragon, so even if there are people who would make mistakes, they would not be making them deliberately," said the staffer proudly.

"I only trust things that I see with my own eyes. Words that I hear are pretty, but I've heard too many that disappoint..." Elder Ancestor Bai lightly articulated.

"Oh, I apologize. Please, follow me. I'll introduce the general structure of this place," offered the staffer.

"Thanks for entertaining my request, kid." Elder Ancestor Bai nodded.

At this moment, the staffer walked in front of an elevator and pressed a button.

Elder Ancestor Bai entered the elevator before the staffer.

"Just call me Little Zhang. The second floor is General Affairs, anything to do with the citizens and identity registration were all handled there."

"Third floor is some important affairs, like expansion, public security, planning, governance, and others are handled in there..."

"How are the managers here chosen? Is it chosen by Vigi- I mean, the Venerable One?" Elder Ancestor Bai interrupted.

Staffer Zhang replied with dignity, "All the staff members here were trained rigorously and allowed to contend for the position. They were then judged at the end of the probation period to either move forward in rank or demoted. The entire process is transparent and fair. Under the supervision of the Dragon God, no one would dare to cheat or con."

"Oh, so in the end, it's still the powerful who set the rule?" Elder Ancestor Bai asked calmly.

"Hey, sir, this is not a nice thing to say. The Venerable Dragon God had never appointed anyone because he's strong. He would only eliminate criminals and left the management of the city to our own," explained the staffer.

"Is that so? That's uncommon, could it be that he's someone who's obsessed with cultivation?" Elder Ancestor Bai asked pointedly.

"I... don't think so? He has many things to take care of. With the kind of things he had to worry about, he probably didn't have a lot of time to cultivate." The staffer explained in confusion.

Elder Ancestor Bai nodded, saying, "Heh, that means he's not power hungry, that's a good thing."

Staffer Zhang was puzzled. The letter of recommendation said that the herbologist was someone who often loses himself in the world of botany and never cared about secular issues.

However, from the way he spoke, he looked like an upper-level manager of sorts.

He became slightly wary and thought, 'Is someone outside trying to infiltrate this paradise?

'I can't let it happen. Everything here was built brick by brick by moral people like me and the others. It's basically a perfect world.

'At the very least, there are no other places where everyone was kind and friendly to each other.'

He would not let anyone destroy this place.

Staffer Zhang immediately made a decision and said snakily, "He must not have time to care about these affairs, this is a good thing. After all, everyone has their own strengths. Only if everyone holds their own can we change the world for the better."

"Heh, maybe." Elder Ancestor Bai shook his head. He had his own precepts that were unyielding.

Staffer Zhang pressed a button hidden in his pocket and kept the conversation, "With your age-granted wisdom, you must have some opinions about how we run things. Perhaps you could give us some advice?"

"Sure, alright." Elder Ancestor Bai was in a good mood, so he immediately said, "You guys are pretty good at most of the things but one. Snakes cannot go without a head. Like all things in the world, you need a strong leader to make sure everything is in control. Only with every part of the organization together can you move together as one and destroy your enemies."

"That is a really good speech, sir. That's right, we are building this city under the leadership of the Venerable Dragon God." Staffer Zhang nodded in agreement.

"No, no, you've misunderstood me," Elder Ancestor Bai shook his head. "The Venerable Dragon God is like a protector. He did not behave as a leader. A leader in the Era of Vitality is different from the past ones. He should be able to satisfy a few conditions..."

"Please enlighten us." Staffer Zhang's interest was piqued. To him, Morality City's operation was already close to perfection.

Every intendant was doing their best for the city, would never steal from the city, operating within the law, and would never push away tasks they can handle.

Meanwhile, normal citizens treated each other with kindness, worked hard, and repaid each other fairly. That, to him, was already a really good mode of operation.

'There are better ways than this?'

He did not believe they needed any more strong leaders. Would it not be enough to have them rule themselves? There were no huge problems before this.

Elder Ancestor Bai stated while maintaining his poker face, "Firstly, the leader should have extremely remarkable power. The power I'm speaking of includes intelligence, strength, and will. With high intelligence, one can enrapture the hearts of thousands upon thousands of people, lead the fates of thousands upon thousands of lives, and point toward the futures of thousands upon thousands of souls. With a strong body, one can protect the peace among thousands upon thousands of citizens.

"One would also need a strong will and resolution to keep his head on the initial goal no matter what had happened and see things to the end. Only with that can he lead a race, a nation, and a realm to its highest achievement."

"Can such an individual exist in real life?" Staffer Zhang listened with a dropped jaw.

"Not currently, but he will appear soon enough."

"Who is he?"