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521 Disaster of Romance

System Notification: [The System knocked down Liu Shaokun the bully, and his lapdogs Zhang San and Li Si.]

[The System gained several experience points.]

[The System gained considerable heroic fame.]

Fang Ning could not be bothered to ridicule it about this anymore because this was very procedural…

Afterward, Vigilante A took the three men into Draconic Arcane Realm.

Since the previous time when the "million-demon army" was placed in the arcane realm, sir developed a new position for these righteous figures… No, those were new functions.

"Achilles, move these three men to the arena on Level 2 to serve for three months. You'll have to educate them well so that they understand the true meaning of 'love and righteousness', if you can't, look for Anderson."

Sir's mysterious, imposing voice echoed in the arena which was located on Level 2 of the spacious arcane realm.

"Yes, your wish is my command, mighty being." Upon hearing that, Achilles who was the Space Spirit and the Greek man emerged in the arena to bring the three bullies away, into the arena gladiator room…

Fang Ning expressed admiration after witnessing that. "Sir, you're really good at making good use of waste objects."

"Well enough, I guess?" Sir replied proudly.

"Mmm, now that the lunarette crisis is slowly resolving itself, people from the upper realm are gradually descending, our arena can officially open its doors now. Earning money is secondary but just like you've said, the most important thing is to gather more battle intelligence data and to know ourselves as well as our enemies. This time, if your four dragons weren't transformed from your Dragonization Ability but from your true form instead, I suppose we'll suffer a huge setback." Fang Ning gave a suggestion for the better of the bigger picture.

"You're right, but I'm really puzzled, why didn't that old man hit your physical body?" Sir asked curiously.

"Oh, were you looking forward to him attacking my physical body?" Fang Ning rolled his eyes.

"Yes, I wanted to test the resistance of your physical body…" Sir replied confidently.

"Knock it off, I think you're off the top of your head. There are many similar death cases of BOSS's in novels. Why are you forcing the protagonist to exert all forces, why do you want to test the upper limit of your power? You'll be fooled in the end, do you want to follow in the footsteps of your predecessors?" Fang Ning rejoined earnestly.

Sir who had always pursued "safety first" immediately became attentive as soon as it heard him. "Mr. Rich Boss, you're right, it looks like I was being a little boastful. You've once said that humility pushes a system to improve whereas arrogance causes a system to decline, I'll certainly be prudent from now on to maintain my advancement."

"Not bad, as long as you keep holding on to this modest and prudent way, you'll accomplish great things." Fang Ning was extremely glad.

Vigilante A flew away in the sky high above, bringing all the trash away with him, leaving the place to be peaceful and orderly.

The three entrepreneurs seemed to have taken tranquilizers, their heads no longer ached, and instead they felt very motivated. At once, they took their phones out to log in to the technical training website of the local Special Affairs Department, looked up for related information, then searched for techniques to heal injured fruits.

Soon enough, the three of them became immersed in a discussion, which was in fact intermixed with some arguments. The only thing different was that their arguments were much more peaceful now that they had gone through thick and thin.

As long as China always had this backbone, life would be filled with hope forever!

In a grandiose bedroom of Pan Residence in the suburb located at Ji City in China.

An old master who was meditating with his eyes shut opened his eyes abruptly, and furrowed his brows.

"As expected, he's not an easy fellow. Looks like I'll have to summon more helpers from the upper realm to occupy this beautiful land, but before that, I'll have to first clean the path headed here." A chilly look was seen through the old master's eyes.

Not long after, he exhaled a cold breath, whereby white smoke ascended in the warm room.

Not long after, an old master who looked exactly like him appeared.

He nodded at him, then this newly appeared twin old master twitched his body and disappeared from his bedroom.

Later, the old master unfolded his right hand, revealing a purple-gold calabash. He removed the stopper cautiously, then poured a golden pill out.

"A Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pill? Hmph."

Right after he said that, he lifted his head to consume the pill. A warm feeling rose to his heart instantly. From that, the magic he consumed immediately replenished, he vaguely felt as if his soul had been washed.

"This, this actually carries such effects!" His face changed all of a sudden, he had never been so shocked before, not even from his continuous battles with Vigilante A in the past.

'Seems like Vigilante A has control over some remarkable alchemy, fortunately, I didn't attack his physical body, I can't kill that fellow easily. If he's sensible, it's not impossible for me to make him the high elder of the alchemy lab; if he's insensible, I'll have to first coax him for these techniques…'

The old master pondered.

This was the exact way of thinking of a faction leader, a true cultivator - even if Vigilante A was an absolutely irreconcilable enemy of his, as long as he was of great value, he could let bygones be bygones.

On a contrary, if the individual was worthless, even if that were his biological parents, he would abandon them mercilessly for his cultivation path. Euphemistically, it was described as "cutting off destiny" but in actual fact, it was just an act to not waste his cultivation time…

When he thought about that, the old master stopped cultivating. He stood up.

He reached his hand out to flick the wall facing his bedroom, causing a red button to be instantly pressed.

The alarm rang.

Briefly after, Pan Liang the master of Pan Family hurried over, accompanied by an old butler in his sixties.

"Mmm, I think Vigilante A's alchemy is not bad indeed, you never thought about acquiring it?" He questioned.

"Immortal, of course we've thought about it. However, he naturally dislikes interacting with others, he has always been unsociable. He likes to hang out with a group of animals, and only one human butler serves him. We deduced that he probably took in a human butler so to interact with humans conveniently." Pan Liang responded respectfully, there was no sign of his vicious, domineering behavior from before.

Ling Yunzi nodded after hearing that. "This is really the case, didn't you think about sending a low-level demon to sneak into his radius?"

If undercover agents like Tom the cat and Claus, who were currently working for Vigilante A heard this old master's words, they must be between laughter and tears.

Pan Liang quickly answered, "Immortal, we naturally thought about this but our capabilities are insignificant, we haven't found any loyal demons that can accomplish this task."

"Mmm, it's indeed a difficult job to ask from new cultivators like you." Once again, Ling Yunzi nodded to express his understanding.

A year or more ago, these people were still common people who were clueless towards the cultivation path. They had shallow foundations, and probably had no skills to hide themselves from view, hence it was quite wise of them to not send any demon spies, lest they arouse any suspicions.

Nonetheless, they were quite shrewd. In terms of plotting schemes against others, they were better than those in the upper realm.

It was because of him who was the faction leader with a long life that allowed them to toughen up through experience, or else, any other powerhouse from the upper realm would have been tricked by them.

Just like Liu Shaokun, he dared not employ ruthless measures and left a way out for himself, but he let the old master take the lead, which was quite smart of him.

Pan Liang did not utter a single word, he stood still with his head lowered in a respectful way.

A short moment later, Ling Yunzi spoke again, "I have a few friends in the upper realm who might have some ideas. How about this, let me cultivate for two more days then I'll bring them down."

"Thank you for your help, elder immortal. If there's anything you require us to do, even though we have weak powers, we're still able to provide some help." Pan Liang immediately felt elated, he finally felt that he had relied on the right person.

Sure enough, Ling Yunzi was rather influential in the upper realm. He could sell China for a good price, and if he could do it for a lifelong period, he would make a huge profit.

As a comprador, once could never say that one had no successors, but at least one had no predecessors.

When Ling Yunzi heard that, he stroked his white beard then added satisfyingly, "Mmm, not bad. Continue gathering some Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pills for me, once I regain my magic, I'll summon some old friends here. It happens that the Heavenly Axiom here seems to be less strict, it'll probably be much easier for them to descend."

Once Pan Liang heard him, his face turned slightly bitter, but he quickly gritted his teeth and held back his emotions. "It's rare that we have something to do to pay our respects, we'll go purchase a new batch right away."

"Very well, you may leave." Contented, Ling Yunzi nodded.

As luck would have it, he came to a civilized place, where there were many people who were aware of current trends. Thus, he need not waste his time to perform spiritual ascension to threaten them, as he could make them work for him conscientiously by using small tricks.

Now, it was time for the seven fairies to make their moves.

Ling Yunzi wondered, 'Hmph, I've seen through you, Vigilante A. You're nothing but a hot-blooded youth, you're a little cynical and somewhat unconventional. In reality, you're soft and immature, I'll be able to bury you by digging a pit.

This pit, is a romance disaster.'