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512 When Falsity Is Regarded as Truth, Truth Is Seen as Less Genuine Than Falsity

An underground laboratory somewhere in the base of the Truth Department's Headquarters.

A man around 30 years old was typing away rapidly on his computer's keyboard, rubbing at his sore eyes from time to time as he did so.

A burly man in a crisp suit stood behind him, watching him intently.

Shao Han continued typing away before he heaved an exasperated sigh.

He stopped in his actions and turned to look at the burly man that was guarding him before saying, "As per your requests, I've fabricated… no, restored the 'Ancient Vitality World', so allow me to return home please. Those two novels of mine haven't been updated in a year, and my readers are waiting for me…"

"Oh, we've submitted your request to the higher-ups once, but they didn't approve it. However, your novels are written quite well, though they are a bit scary, so continue writing them." The burly man in the crisp suit then patted Shao Han on the back in encouragement.

"Then when can I leave? Anyhow, I've made significant contributions but I'm locked away underground without being able to see the sun. Is this how you lot treat people that have provided great service?" pleaded Shao Han.

"It depends, if your restored recovery process of the Era of Vitality is able to receive the recognition of a large amount of people, then you'll have made another significant contribution once more. When that happens, we'll submit your request again and then you might have hope of returning home." The burly man in the crisp suit thought about it for a bit before he decided to bluff the other party.

The value of the other party had long been determined—he was an existence that had the ability to construct a horrible world in people's minds using words alone, and this horrible world drew on people's fears to exist.

After a year of research and targeted training, this person's ability had evolved. Now, as long as he was presented with the proper configurations, he would be able to theorize a world of terror with the help of the Power of Fear.

At least there was logical self-consistence and at least no ordinary person would be able to tell whether it was real or not.

This world also allowed people's spiritual senses to be immersed in it, thus allowing activity.

In other words, it was a virtual world that allowed real-life tests.

In a certain sense, a regular Superpowered Individual like him could actually do something that Devil Lord Zhi Nan could also do.

This "Ancient Vitality World" that he had helped Ren Ruofeng built was similar to the Devil Lord's Paradise Realm, except one was a world where horrors came to life while the other was a world of constant peace.

This was truly extraordinary.

How many Devil Lords were there exactly? The Truth Department was now depending on a fellow that was not even Bucket-level, yet this fellow was able to reach the standard set by Devil Lord Zhi Nan. It was obvious now that Ren Ruofeng had sharp intuition, since he hid this fellow away in the nick of time.

Finally, this fellow could play his major role.

"On the Emergence of the Era of Vitality" was written by a scout from the Truth Department after they entered this horrific "Ancient Vitality World" as a test.

This world was partly genuine and partly false; many base settings were real as they were based on the current Era of Vitality. Aspects like vitality concentration, ability configuration, and racial distribution were not decided at random.

However, there were of course slight adjustments made, and configurations from the Xia dynasty were added in as adjustments.

The article was released by Ren Ruofeng so that the public's attention would be pulled away and the direction of public opinion would be led off-track.

Ren Ruofeng was not someone that acted without thinking. He knew that there would be disbelief from the public after his planted relics were found, but he had already came up with a contingency plan, which was also his most powerful trick.

There would definitely be a damage to his reputation; after all, this would only rope in neutral parties, and not prejudiced ones.

However, as he had said, he would willingly bear the infamy in return for a future for his descendants.

"On the emergence of the Era of Vitality—After the three sovereigns and five emperors and before the Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties, there had been a short ancient Era of Vitality. At that time, there was an extraordinary phenomenon…

"A type of devil existed on the Moon, and during every full moon, these devils would sweep away humans as food. Fortunately, the ancient Era of Vitality ended in the blink of an eye, and these devils disappeared along with it… However, the people of the Xia dynasty suffered a terrible fate as they were all swept away onto the Moon as food.

"There are three pieces of evidence. The first one is the appearance of the Spiritual Lunar Devils, which are the ancient Lunar Devils reincarnated. The second is the beginning of the Era of Vitality, which did not happen without reason. During ancient times, there was a brief beginning and ending period, which happened during China's Xia dynasty. Every since then, various methods of cultivating immortality have been passed down. The third is the fact Earth's Heavenly Axiom did not rope in the other planets, but rather moved in on the Moon first; this is not only because of the Moon's close distance, but also because the Moon was involved in the previous Era of Vitality, which meant it had the same foundation."

The entire article did not mention the Moon's return, but instead continued to talk about the cause of the Era of Vitality. It explored the emergence of the Era of Vitality during ancient times and even pointed out that in that era, the people of the Xia dynasty were swept away onto the Moon and they paid a bitter price, which was why relics could be found there.

This argument was logical, as nobody believed that the people of the Xia dynasty had the ability to fly to the Moon by themselves.

If they did have that kind of potential, then they would have not perished completely so much so that they did not even leave behind any records of their existence. After all, it has already been proven through archaeological findings that relics from Xia dynasty are few and far in between.

However, the appearance of the Spiritual Lunar Devils proved that extraordinary beings existed on the Moon, which meat that their existence was also possible during ancient times.

As for the reason behind why Chinese people were snatched away as food, it could have been due to the fact that Chinese people were the most civilized, the most healthy, and the most in numbers during that time.

At the same time, a large number of the other tribes had not developed civilizations yet. Most were barbarians that were not that different from beasts. At most, they could only use simple tools, and they did not possess the concept of a calendar, words, or dynasties yet.

When these devils were looking for food, they would have definitely went for the obvious target—the people of the Xia dynasty that was superior in numbers…

When this article was first released, Ren Ruofeng almost took it seriously too. "When falsity is regarded as truth, truth is seen as less genuine than falsity," was said in reference to this article.

He could not help but feel relieved as he had controlled this descendant of the Hydra Devil in time, otherwise, he would not have been able to come up with a plausible reason.

Just as he expected, once this article was released, numerous neutral parties immediately decided to support this article's stance after skimming through it as there was not only enough evidence supported by logical reasoning, there was also the accurate description of the ancient Era of Vitality, which had no obvious loopholes at all.

With the foundation of public opinion laid by this article coupled with the large number of ancient relics being unearthed, the one-sided chastising slowly dissipated and the direction of public opinion gradually shifted.

"That's right. Since we were able to trigger a grand Era of Vitality during this time, it wouldn't make sense it if hadn't happened before thousands of years ago. If that's the case, the situation on the Moon during that time might not be the same as what scientists have inferred, so nobody can say there was never anyone up there." A few objective media parties as well as some individuals all made similar comments.

"Since so many Chinese people have stayed on the Moon before, then I think it would only be natural if we were able to claim the land up there. After all, so many of our people have been sacrificed, it would only make sense for us to be repaid."

"That's right. This article is really well written, it is as if the author experienced everything firsthand. I can't see any logical loopholes at all. I wonder if the author actually experienced that era and is some sort of old monster that had survived?"

"If that's what you're saying, I want to be an old monster like that too. Wouldn't it be an old monster that has lived for more than 3000 years?!"