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511 On the Emergence of the Era of Vitality

In the eyes of the powerhouses, once Vigilante A arrived at the scene, his eyes glinted with uncertainty as he stared at the monument.

None of them dared to say anything, so they merely waited.

"From the way I see it, this monument is definitely fake!"

A moment later, Vigilante A confirmed resolutely.

"Just as I expected," agreed everyone else, "the Venerable One's eyes are one in a million as they allow him to foresee everything. This monument is definitely forged."

Although a lot of people had doubts as to why Vigilante A was so assured of his statement, none of them dared to question his words. Not one!

At the same time, in the System Space.

The System exasperatedly asked, "Who beat us to the draw? Even going as far as to planting a fake before we did?"

"Listen to yourself, do you take other people for idiots? If Ren Ruofeng could think of it, another person would have thought of it too. It would just be a case of whether or not it would be plausible. From the way I see it, the Americans are as good as you, since they were able to pass through the Heavenly Axiom's defense to arrange things here ahead of us. Who could this person be?" wondered Fang Ning aloud.

"I know of one person who could definitely pull this off," said the System in sudden affirmation.


"That baldy Zhi Nan."

"That's right, if you don't kill a snake, you'll be leaving possibilities for endless trouble," said Fang Ning as he nodded his head, "This is all definitely his doing. That dude only worries if there's peace. This is bad!"

"What's the matter?" asked the System.

"When we were burying those things, he must've discovered us!" Fang Ning scratched his ears and cheeks in embarrassment as he continued, "Sh*t. If he had recorded us and is planning on broadcasting the video, isn't our heroic reputation as good as dead?"

"How would he have recorded it? When I was burying those things, I was invisible the entire time. The most he would've seen were the holes that I dug up, but he wouldn't have seen me at all," assured the System confidently.

"You really are something…" said Fang Ning in awe, "you thought this over more than I did."

"It's nothing, besides, this is all due to your positive influence on me. I didn't forget you using all those Shadow IDs to hide yourself. I'm merely just following your footsteps," replied the System in exaggerated modesty.

"You really have been influenced because of close association. It would seem that you've inherited my excellent traditions." Fang Ning was moved beyond compare.

While the human and his System flattered each other, Fang Ning suddenly realized something and he immediately said, "We still don't know how many traps he has laid, though. But he's definitely doing this because he wants to create a rival for China by bringing America in. After all, he'll definitely be able to reap profits from doing so."

"Then what should we do?"

"We must smoke him out, then we take him out," declared Fang Ning in firm determination.

"No can do." However, the System immediately threw cold water on Fang Ning.

"Why?" asked Fang Ning in shock.

"He runs way too fast…" grumbled the System.

"Ugh, as expected of someone that's crazy intelligent. After all, he's called Zhi Nan and not Shou Nan." Fang Ning could not help the disappointment he felt, since the difficulty of guerrilla warfare was understood by everyone.

Besides, they were facing a master escapist, which made things even more difficult.

"D*mn, real life isn't like those novels I read at all. There's always those dog skin plasters that isn't easy to shake off," complained Fang Ning before his eyes glimmered as he continued, "Forget it. Tell Ren Ruofeng about this and let his people worry about this. We've already done what should be done. If they were able to come up with plans like this that take advantage of people's lack of intelligence, they should have had a back-up plan or maybe their plan carries ulterior motives."

Pretty soon, Ren Ruofeng sent a reply through China's Nets Above Snares Below.

They were in outer space, which meant there would be no Internet connection. However, China's Nets Above Snares Below possessed global coverage, which meant there would also be some radiation in space, thus allowing coverage to reach them.

"No worry, Venerable One, our plan is faultless and perfect, so it definitely won't be foiled by some rascal," placated Ren Ruofeng.

Oldman Ren's intelligence was trustworthy, since his intelligence was much higher than Fang Ning's.

Otherwise, his offspring with Tian Zhu would not have been eyed at by the people of Azure Mountain.

Now that he thought about it, the people of Azure Mountain have not appeared in a while. The appearance of the Lunaette was a peerless opportunity, yet they were going to sit around and let it fly them by?

After all, the spirits, demons, and devils that pursued Buddhism were all on the move because of this, but the demons and devils could not act in a flagrant way of course.

Once Fang Ning realized this, he could not help reminding the System, "These next few days, you should conduct a thorough inspection through the Lunaette and try your best in detecting all unstable factors."

"There's no need for your reminder, I've always been on top of my own things."

"That's good, I'm going to continue sleeping then… No, I meant cultivating. With you on the task, I'm relieved."

"Oh, you can go sleep. But when I call for you, you better wake up immediately." The System seemed to have given up on Fang Ning.

Fang Ning then went to bed with a peace of mind.

The days passed by one after another as more and more relics and monuments from Ancient China were found on the Moon. Naturally, this caused an uproar.

On the Internet, forums everywhere were abuzz with discussions.

Discussions of the Moon crisis subsided as everyone came to life once again.

The resilience of the modern economy was something that the people of ancient times could never begin to imagine.

Factories roared back to life, farms begin operating once more, supermarkets started restocking their shelves, and the value of money stabilized quickly under the endorsement of influential institutions.

In half a month, an originally desolate market was now bustling with noise and excitement.

Consumers resumed consumption, manufacturers resumed production, and the development of new materials continued; the prosperous atmosphere of rebuilding spread out rapidly.

With the haze about their hearts gone, the Internet recovered even faster.

"Xia dynasty? Isn't that the Chinese dynasty that doesn't have complete proof yet? Why would there be relics from it on the moon?"

"What a joke! These Chinese folks went as far as to plant fakes on the Moon, how shameless!" Some people revealed the truth immediately.

"Coming to a conclusion before seeing the real thing, isn't that too subjective?" Although many Chinese netizens argued spontaneously based on their views, their enthusiasm was not always enough.

After all, the entire matter went against scientific knowledge… After all, the fact that there was no traces of life on the moon had long been public knowledge.

If that were the case, why would ancient Chinese relics from thousands of years ago be found there?

There was only one logical answer—somebody had sent them up…

Who could that be?

A tall and mighty silhouette immediately flashed in everyone's minds…

However, nobody dared to say it out loud; they merely continued their discussions and voiced their disbelief towards this discovery.

Only an idiot would believe in it, so was everyone's intelligence being tested right now?

"From the way I see it, the Chinese have long planned on monopolizing the entire Moon. How arrogant!"

"There goes that double standard again. Didn't you Americans plant a monument there too? Even going as far as to using your technological advances to occupying the land in advance. As expected of the traditions of colonizers."

"That's right. Why can you lot do it but we can't?" More and more Chinese people gradually began giving up on seeking the truth and instead starting speaking for themselves.

It did not matter whether or not the relics on the Moon were real or fake, what was important now was that it would be useful to them if it was.

When it came to the interests of the country, the so-called truth did not matter.

At this moment, the release of an article led public opinion down an unusual path, and nobody knew how much of an influence it would bring.

However, the appearance of this article caused a fundamental change in everyone's subconscious thoughts.

The article's title was simple—"On the Emergence of the Era of Vitality".Zhi Nan is written as 智难, with 智 meaning intelligence. Shou Nan is written as 受难, which means being in distress.The Xia dynasty is the legendary, possibly mythical first dynasty in traditional Chinese history. Read more on it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xia_dynasty