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508 We Shall Not Miss It This Time

A trail of silvery ribbon sailed through the sky as Fang Ning returned to his old home at Qi City.

Every time he turned around, he was amazed by the huge white bear that stood between the Heavens and Earth with its palms almost touching the bottom of the moon.

For a long time in the future, the giant bear would have become the most famous icon of the new phase of the Era of Vitality.

After returning home, Fang Ning could hear the helpers in the farm sighing.

"If I knew about this earlier, I should have speculated some properties."

"Isn't it? Some people said that landmass in space is the moon, but there were no major tidal movements or floods, the most we've seen is just some strong waves around the coastal cities."

"Yeah, only risk-takers are able to thrive in situations like this. I'll never be able to become a millionaire!" said someone regretfully.

"We should've known there wasn't any huge danger the moment we know our boss is not transferring any assets. But I just couldn't risk it."

"That's right. Our boss had been resting in the mansion every day. We should've known at least Qi City wouldn't be flooded. Why didn't I purchase two houses to store? Just two days ago, I could still buy an entire house with just my savings. Today, the website I went to had updated the price, and I could no longer afford even a bathroom..."

"Same here..."

The price of properties in Qi City had risen to 300,000RMB per square meter. As the lunar crisis approached, the prices kept dropping until they hit a low of 6,000-7,000RMB per square meter.

However, after yesterday, the price rebounded upward.

From the surface, with the system controlling the price, property price would not fluctuate too much, but no one else would sell their units for 6,000-7,000RMB per square meter anymore...

Fang Ning shook his head and sighed silently.

He was no longer at the same level as these workers.

At least, to him, money was no longer the most important thing in the world...

"If that's the case, give them all to me. Money is very important to me." The System captured this fleeting thought in Fang Ning's mind and commented.

"Can you do something productive for once? Stop stalking my thoughts." Fang Ning was speechless. He only fantasized for a little bit once in a while, but he would be interrupted by the System every single time.

'I can't even daydream? What is this logic? Is this even legal?'

"I'm doing proper business when I read your thoughts so you don't get possessed by devils. You would know this, some devils like to stealth into other people's mind and change their personality from inside. Of course, with your personality, there's probably not much that can be changed. You're lazier than a pig," chided the System.

"Pfft, whatever." Fang Ning replied, not having any comeback.

However, the epic sight of the giant bear did shock him into "Sage Mode" (TN: Previously also called "Kenja Time", referring to a moment of introspection and spaced-out-ness, usually post-coitus). He continued his cultivation in his dreams instead of choosing to play games online...

"Hm, looking at your posture, is my friend back?" The System asked persistently.

Fang Ning ignored it, he was lazy to pretend to be his alter anymore...

It was fun to play pretend in the beginning, but since it was already seen through by the System, he was lazy to keep up the act.

Fang Ning went back to his cultivation. Not getting any answer, the System continued his patrol to see if anyone would commit crimes.

The thing was, the more patrols the Eastern Pharos go on, the less likely criminals would submit to crimes; the fewer criminals were spotted, the more hardworking the System was. That vicious cycle was already noticeable early on.

Were it not the case, the System and Fang Ning would not have come up with the idea of cultivating evil spirits to farm experience points.

It was a peaceful day.


At least, it was for Fang Ning. After all, a lazy bum like him was different from other main characters who would ceaselessly look for excitement. The less thing there was for him to do, the better, as he could find his own entertainment.

Other people, however, were busy like bees.

In the adviser's office of the Truth Department.

A jade white piglet sculpture was glowing red as it fulfilled its role as a communicator.

"Target's strength exceeds imagination and is hard to kill. Plan might change." Darkling 1 was sending back messages.

"The lunar crisis had already cleared up and in foreseeable future, will not become a disaster. Pause the operation and wait for a good opportunity." Ren Ruofeng gave a new instruction.

"Understood." Darkling 1 replied.

Before the transmission was cut, a hesitation-loaded voice sounded up, "How... is my son?"

"Oh, he seems to be doing fine. He's staying in the Venerable One's City of Morality and were provided with safety, basic necessities, and amenities. He even befriended an Upper Realm's Dragon Carp, learned some secret techniques, and has some really impressive improvement. I believe he shouldn't need a few years before he could astral project." Ren Ruofeng said orderly.

From these words, it was evident the importance he had placed on Darkling One. The only other way of controlling this kite had been under his supervision the entire time.

"Thank you, senior. I will continue my espionage."

The red glow that the jade white piglet sculpture was emitting immediately dispersed as its twitched slightly as if it had just come alive.

"Oof, the plan failed. Does that mean that I can't reunite with my wide now?" The piglet asked in disappointment.

"Don't sweat about it. I'll invite Miss Daqing to the Land of Heritage to open up a new branch of her shop, you can take the chance to see your wife then. That's our key location, so there wouldn't be any chance of secret leakage." Ren Ruofeng gave it a thought and relented.

After all, the wondrous item was unlike his normal subordinates who he could limit with military law. The tool was not under the jurisdiction of law at all.

The relationship between the two was just an artifact and its host, not a tightly-knit one. The artifact could change a master on a whim.

Ren Ruofeng was very clear about the origins of the jade white piglet sculpture's. The Elder Ancestor of the Celestial Swine Clan did not want them to be eradicated, so he created the artifact. Naturally, he would want it not to be bound by a single being for all time.

Aside from his generosity to the jade white piglet sculpture, there was also another reason it was willing to follow him, and it involved the revival of its entire clan.

If it were not for that, it might not have been so obedient.

"That'll be great, Old Man Ren. Thank you. If there's anything that I can help in the future, just give me a holler," said the jade white piglet sculpture excitedly.

"That's great. Please have some rest," replied Ren Ruofeng, worried.

The artifact did not care about Ren Ruofeng's concerns, it disappeared into the void immediately.

"Goddammit, my perfect plan has failed? No, my plan was perfect, it's the executor who's not perfect. If the Venerable One had carried out the task, we would have attained victory already, and the vast underground world would have been China's territory."

"What a shame that the Venerable One is someone who walks the path of Heavenly Punishment and wouldn't be anyone else's sword." He shook his head to try and dismiss the fantasy.

At this moment, someone entered the room.

"You're toying with some under-the-table tactics again. It's best if you can think about how we can target the new moon-land that's just appeared," said a female voice.

"Hmph, what do you know? The Lunaette is good, but we don't even know if it's a viable option to develop. On the other hand, we have some ripe grapes that we can pluck just by adding a little strength," quipped Ren Ruofeng arrogantly.

"Hehe, I didn't see you plucking it, do you no longer even have that little bit of strength?" Hong Yunjiao mocked him.

"We shouldn't rush things, just like we should cram all the rice in our mouths at once," Ren Ruofeng defended himself and immediately switched topics. "About Lunaette, we should put it on the agenda soon. It's a new land given to us by the Heavenly Axiom. Because of our misjudgment the last time, we've lost a new land and precious time in our tactical development. Now, since we are already enlightened, we shouldn't make the same mistakes."

Hearing that, Hong Yunjiao immediately become serious. Ren Ruofeng and her were born at the cusp of the birth of the People's Republic of China and had lived through all kinds of international pressure, so they knew the importance of seizing the opportunity when it presents itself.

If they missed it, they would have to endure endless humiliation. Unless they were willing to be in servitude of the other nations, to be at their beck and call.

"We definitely can't miss it, no one would allow us to miss it. We have the strongest powers, the richest theoretical foundations, and the best luck, I can't imagine a reason for us to miss this opportunity," said Hong Yunjiao confidently.

"That's right, I feel the same. I can't imagine a scenario in which we missed it."

At the same time, over the pond.

Their counterpart, Chief Hook, was yelling at his subordinates, "We have Robocops and the most advanced spacefaring technologies. This time, we will beat the Chinese to the moon!"

His subordinates shared glances before someone tentatively applauded.

Soon, one applause begets another as it converged into a symphony of thunderous passion. It was as if they had begun to unite once again in the face of new opportunity.