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506 Heaven Is About To Confer A Great Office On A Bear

In the Arctic Circle, cold winds whistled, glaciers were seen everywhere. Amidst the gloomy polar night, a snowy white gigantic bear was seen stepping on ice water as it was "supporting Heaven and Earth".

Looking up at it, its height was unknown but it was almost parallel with the sky. No wonder its figure could be seen on the vast northern land of China.

It stood tall like a towering mast in the ocean, such that it overcame the obstacle of Earth's surface arc, allowing its body to be fully visible to the entire northern hemisphere.

By just imagining this scene, it was enough to leave one in awe.

In its presence, an enormous planet only seemed like a complemental contrast.

On the other hand, its existence was unquestionably more than that of a tiny ant.

The southern hemisphere could just remain out of the picture as it would be too much to ask if it were to be revered by the people there as well.

"This is truly terrifying, it can actually grow so tall. Surprisingly, this dumb bear has some tricks up its sleeve?!" Fang Ning was deeply skeptical as he watched.

Truthfully, it seemed improbable. How could the dumb bear that only had interest in sleeping be so powerful?

It used to be gigantic prior to this, as it was a thousand meters tall and was similar to a giant mountain, but compared to its body size now, that was nothing.

Formerly, it was only taller than the mountains but currently, it was on par with the sky.

Despite the fact that this fellow was Sir's defeated opponent, twice, looking at its imposing figure at the moment, his heart could not help but quivered a little.

If they were to fight with each other again, would Sir still be worthy of being its opponent?

"Why not? This fellow is huge but useless, look at its fats, its body is supported by external forces, how can it be compared to my transformation into the Dragon God?" Sir was discontented.

"I can set my mind at rest then." This was the first time Fang Ning did not question Sir for looking into his thoughts, on the contrary, he felt relieved.

"Just relax. Besides, I guess this dumb bear won't ever become our opponent anymore." Sir mentioned meaningfully.

"What do you mean?" Flustered, Fang Ning asked.

"You'll understand soon." At the end of the day, Sir's observation skills were much sharper.

When Fang Ning looked carefully, he noticed the mystery behind it.

It turned out that Misha the gigantic bear was surrounded by rays of dazzling yellow lights. For every turn, it grew bigger by a section, it appeared that it was blessed by the Heavenly Axiom.

"Oh, I get it, no wonder it could grow so big. It was Axiom Daddy that put the bear in the spot, it's not up to it now…" Instantly, Fang Ning came to a sudden realization.

"Yes, previously when we let it hold up the sky, it was because we noticed that it had a unique talent. I didn't think that the idiotic Heavenly Axiom actually took advantage of the situation to its own benefit, and plagiarized my idea. How abominable, it didn't even credit me for it, no wonder novels always have phrases like 'Heavenly Axiom is unfair', and 'I want to defy nature'." Sir was indignant.

"Softer, don't let Axiom Daddy hear what you're saying, it'll be troublesome if it deducts our Merit Points." Fang Ning was a person with meticulous plans. In other words, he was as stingy as Sir but this side of him was rarely expressed since he was being seized by it…

"Hmph, it'll be better if it hears what I say, I have to let it know that I'm not to be messed with. I never save people for free, not even Heaven itself!" Sir commented bitterly.

It seemed like Heavenly Axiom kept forgetting about its meritorious services, which made Sir extremely outraged, causing it to be filled with resentment.

"Tss… Stay low profile, stay low profile. Don't think that you're so awesome just because you're Inland-sea Level now, Anderson predicted that Axiom Daddy is at least a powerhouse of Planet-Level, you're two levels apart." Fang Ning comforted it.

"Oh, is that so, I neglected that for a moment." As soon as Sir heard that, it became resolute and no longer complained about it.

Right then, Misha the gigantic bear seemed to have noticed Vigilante A's appearance, thus it began roaring at him. In a trice, Heaven and Earth rumbled below and the thunders roared above, shaking all corners in the vast expanse.

"Brother Azure Dragon, can you think of a way to bring me down, I'm afraid of growing so tall…"

Upon hearing that, Fang Ning was speechless. He had heard of people who were afraid of heights but never one who was scared of growing too tall…

Nonetheless, it was very normal as the height of this bear had currently surpassed the height of any sky-high mountains since ancient times.

"I remember that Mount Everest is within 8848 meters, any higher than that, Earth's core won't be able to handle it, 10,000 meters is the rough limit. As for this bear now, its height can't even be measured in meters, it has to be in kilometers, it's hard to calculate its specific height." Fang Ning shook his heard as he remarked.

"37,500 kilometers, what do you mean by it's hard to calculate it?" Sir rejoined indifferently.

"You really do have a pair of sharp eyes, you can tell!" Fang Ning exclaimed.

"I don't, how can I understand the distance formula used by humans? This is a message delivered by Ren Ruofeng and the others." Sir replied confidently.

"I see, it's truly unbelievable that this fellow has grown so tall, I'm feeling dizzy from looking at it, I can't even see its head. It really soared into the sky, we should fly over there and take a look." Fang Ning instructed.

Vigilante A flew up into the sky swiftly, he took a straight path from the gigantic bear's ankle, passing through its waist and its chest, then landed on its nose in the end.

"Brother, you're finally here. Quick, help me with this, I don't dare to touch it." Misha the gigantic bear looked at the land above it anxiously, it exerted its utmost strength to control its growth in order to prolong the time for it to be in contact with the Moon's land in the air.

The layers of pits were all rock masses, while the spiky annulus mountain peaks were like sharp daggers.

Soil that was similar to the ones on Earth was nowhere to be found on the Moon, its surface was covered in rocks, and pointy regoliths.

Sand-like objects were found on the inside, due to the lack of weathering, each regolith was fragmented from rocks.

Needless to say, holding this up was no different from holding up a cutting board with a hand, no wonder Misha was being so reluctant…

When Fang Ning heard it, he wondered, 'This won't do, if you don't hold it up, are you saying that I should do it?'

Figures that could hold this thing up were hard to come by, in case Axiom Daddy changed its mind and turned the four dragons transformed by Sir into four dragon pillars…

Fang Ning quickly got rid of this delusion, as it would be anything but reassuring if Axiom Daddy had the ability to sense a human's thought.

Unlike the Holy Mother who sacrificed herself, the starting point of his actions was built on a foundation that he would not harm others. Other than that, he would not make extra sacrifices.

Before this, the Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique was considered to be a win-win situation, but at the very end, the biggest beneficiary was Sir System itself, or it would not have spread the supreme technique so easily.

The only thing was that nobody would be aware of this until everything was over.

He pondered then immediately brewed a bowl of fresh chicken soup for Misha.

"Misha, you must know that a wise man has once said that Heaven is about to confer a great office on a bear, it first exercises its mind with suffering, and its sinews and bones with toil. It exposes its body to hunger, and subjects it to extreme poverty. It confounds its undertakings. By all these methods it stimulates its mind, hardens its nature, and supplies its incompetencies. This is exactly the test given to you by Heavenly Axiom. If you're able to withstand this test, you'll come to fruition in the future, it'll be a cinch for you to ascend to godhood. On top of that, countless people will worship you, you'll no longer be the totem of a clan, but the totem of all living beings of Earth. When that happens, you can sleep as long as you wish, nobody will disturb you anymore."

"Oh, although I don't quite get it, you sound very reasonable. Alright, I have a thick skin and I'm full of flesh anyway, I don't think these stones can pierce through my body, I'll bear this!" Misha the gigantic bear grit its teeth and shut its eyes, it stopped struggling and let its body grow on its own.