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504 Lunaette’s Appearance

Whether it was Brett the black dog or Nan Feng the ugly man, they had no idea that this maze was originally made up by this fellow in front of them.

Soon enough, a person and a dog went to explore a cave one after another.

Fang Ning was crystal clear about what lied ahead of them, hence he was not in the mood to watch.

The drawback of playing a construction simulation game was that when everything was constructed, it also meant the end of the game…

"Sigh, it's more fun to play role-playing games…" While Fang Ning muttered, he opened up another martial arts singleplayer game.

"Hmph, it's more fun to be seized, you don't even have to use your hands to eat." Sir mumbled, it was still quite aggrieved that it was unable to take in another follower.

"Look at you, I'm setting strategies too, it's just like playing simulation games, I had to rack my brains for it." Fang Ning defended himself.

"I don't see you putting your mind to anything at all, I only see you lazing around every day, your soul is almost turning into a bar…" Sir stated the fact mercilessly.

"What do you mean by a bar?" Fang Ning was startled, he then looked at his soul, which happened to be quite flat.

"Nonsense, this is clearly a dragon form. My Dragonization Ability is advancing so quickly, even the subconscious of my soul is dragonizing, not bad, not bad." Very soon, Fang Ning became relaxed.

"You're really good at comforting yourself, evidently, you're so lazy that your human form is deteriorating." Sir frightened him.

"Don't try to frighten me, I'm very timid." Fang Ning was somewhat afraid after being scared by Sir, but he quickly realized that something was off. "That's not right, previously, I trained continuously for two months… H`ow am I declining?"

"Isn't that my brother who's cultivating? When did it become you?" Sir questioned him as if it was clueless.

"Uh, stop pretending, I want to go play now, enough with the nagging." The instant Fang Ning turned on his game, his face froze and he appeared to be struck dumb.

"What's going on?" Sir immediately asked.

"Don't talk, Axiom daddy is talking to me." Fang Ning gestured it to shut up.

"Damn it, I should be given credit for this, how can this world be so terrible? Does justice exist? Without a system like me, the world would've been like the long nights in ancient times." Sir was full of grumbles.

"Alright, Axiom Daddy gave a clear notice, its experiment has been completed. From today onwards, the Moon will speed up towards Earth, it'll come as close as 40,000 kilometers above." Fang Ning mentioned with a solemn look.

"Oh, looks like Axiom Daddy knows that it's not reliable to notify that lazy bear, so it changed the candidate. It'll be great if it informed me from the beginning, I never forget things." Sir was still extremely dispirited.

"Don't complain so much, this is a huge trouble, I'll have to seek help from professionals." Fang Ning placed his game down as he understood the severity of this issue. The seriousness of this matter was like never before since olden times.

This could be regarded as the first time in human history where a drastic change in Heaven and Earth's environment was imminent, which was not inferior to when the vitality era started.

The moon was about to be 40,000 kilometers away from Earth, could any scientific knowledge or physical law be able to restrict it?

As for what form it would appear in, this was untold by the Heavenly Axiom.

Fang Ning did not tell Sir System that the Heavenly Axiom sounded like an indifferent robot when it communicated with him, it was less like a human than Sir System.

It simply notified him about this matter without telling him the cause or the future scene.

Based on this, it seemed to be much better than the original nature. After all, the original nature had no conscious to inform any being, it was up to one's ability to notice it and to adapt to new changes.

Therefore, living beings grew towards complexity and tried their best to become more complex, so to adapt to its endless changes.

Humans were the most complex species.

While Fang Ning pondered, he entered the Draconic Penitentiary.

There were many top students here who were pushed out, they knew everything about the Heaven above and the Earth underneath.

It was said that their diligence was not inferior to a year three univesrity student, and that they were even more intense than they. After all, they need not eat, drink or use the washroom. Though they occasionally did need some sleep, it was minimal.

Fang Ning looked for Anderson and asked them to deduce the possible changes on Earth if the Moon were to be 40,000 kilometers away.

"Rest assured, Sir Warden, I'll immediately arrange some men to come up with an algorithm, they'll employ it on a super calculator to deduce this." Anderson quickly replied.

"Mmm, I trust you in this, get it done as accurate as possible, and as soon as possible." Fang Ning requested.

"Don't worry, we'll come up with a result soon."

It was rare to see Fang Ning waiting there patiently instead of playing games.

Right after the instruction was given, the penitentiary started operating at high speed, whereby a group of the most elite souls started working…

The super calculator purchased from the outside world also began operating quickly in an independent building.

An hour had gone by…

Two hours…

Papers of drawings were laid out in front of Fang Ning.

He furrowed his brows as he looked at them as he could not comprehend them…

"Anderson, briefly explain this to me." Holding back the pain from his headache, Fang Ning uttered.

"Yes, Sir Warden."

"As stated by the deduction, if Heavenly Axiom doesn't make special adjustments, and the Moon descends to 40,000 kilometers away, according to a high-speed rail's average speed of 300 kilometers, it'll probably arrive in five and a half days' time. However, the drastic increase in Moon gravity will undoubtedly result in extensive ecological disasters.

"Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, and storms. Wave after wave, Earth itself will fall into an unstable condition for a long time.

"Other than that, Earth's rotation will slow down, the time of one day will prolong, and the Moon will appear to be bigger at night. These are some of the additional effects of it."

"What happens if Heavenly Axiom makes special adjustments?" Concerned, Fang Ning asked.

"Based on our understanding of the Earth's Heavenly Axiom, and in line with the latest evaluation standard of Dragon Clan's powers, the highest level of its transferrable power is probably Planet-Level. It could possibly rip the Moon apart, separating it into different fragments. If that's the case, perhaps it'll be able to lower the effects of Moon's gravity on Earth to a minimum, it can engulf a part of it, leaving another part of it in the air…" Anderson was half-sure as they deduced.

"I see, the dragon ancestor was right, it'll be torn into pieces." Fang Ning responded thoughtfully.

"Mmm, it's a Dragon God, it probably has more information on this. If that's what it said, then this is highly possible. Earth's Heavenly Axiom will likely try to engulf a part of the Moon, then pull the remaining parts closer together, which will enable the Moon's gravity to remain roughly the same from before. Of course, Earth's environment will still undergo a severe change but it's the same rule, whoever adapts the environment's extreme change better will be able to survive." Anderson said firmly.

"Your followers have worked hard for this, take some pills out from the budget to reward them, let them have two days off too." Naturally, Fang Ning had to present some rewards, this was to ensure that they would be more motivated next time.

This time, they had quite a good performance as they were able to have an independent decision support organization, hence they were unlikely restricted or fooled by others.

There were quite a number of think tank organizations that liked to fool others.

"Sir Warden, thank you for your generosity. I think they'll understand that only by learning well would they be able to advance." Anderson thanked him.

"Yes, I'm going to continue my learning too, you may attend to your matters." Fang Ning felt miserable as he said that, he then turned around and left.