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500 Three Questions

"Eh, Xiao Cang is involved too? Sir, your instincts are still great indeed." Fang Ning secretly felt pleased when he looked at the old rat being pressured.

Nonetheless, since his loyal follower was dragged into the issue, he was annoyed. He was someone who cared about past feelings and valued relationships with his closed ones.

Especially these ones that were verified by Sir System, unlike those ungrateful humans…

"Yes, isn't this old rat the father of the white hamster? They're both rats, but why are they so different? One is so nice whereas the other is so evil!" Sir expressed in a low spirit.

"Hehe, the difference between humans is even greater." Fang Ning was not surprised at all as it was an extremely common thing among humans where fathers and sons walked different paths.

At this moment, Elder Ancestor Bai declared, "Cang Lang, you've repeatedly compelled me, what exactly it is that you want?"

"Hmph, very simple, leave Demon Alliance and quite the demon clan!" Cang Lang revealed its real intentions!

"Does it include stepping down from being the Greater Rat Clan's clan leader?" Elder Ancestor Bai's tone gradually became colder.

Each of the demons in the conference hall felt a chilly atmosphere fill the air, but their emotions had been masked by Cang Lang. Due to the failure of the million-demon army, the newly established Demon Alliance suffered great losses, and also experienced a huge embarrassment!

They needed to vent this grievance on someone.

This was the nature of living beings, whereby they wanted somebody to bear the responsibility for a mistake, and it would be best that this person was "somebody else".

Therefore, Elder Ancestor Bai, who had a complicated relationship with Vigilante A was the best scapegoat.

From the bottom of their hearts, they did not want to acknowledge the might of Vigilante A. Would that not be the same as damaging their morale?

By blaming the failure on "the enemy is not that strong, we have a traitor on our side", it became easier for everyone to accept the defeat.

"Yes, you should step down from your position as the Greater Rat Clan's clan leader! Many evil demons and spirits have been exterminated by Vigilante A, only you, the clan leader of Greater Rate Clan, remain safe and sound. You've committed quite a number of wicked acts as well, why did he let you go, clearly you're a spy! Your crimes were just disguises!" A demon that was arranged by Cang Lang announced righteously.

"That's right, this must be it!" The other demons were not fools anyway, after some thought, they felt that it was a reasonable explanation.

Devil Lord Zhi Nan fleed miserably after being defeated by Vigilante A, the Rakshasas became Vigilante A's delicious meal, evildoers among humans did not get past him as well.

How many sins had Elder Ancestor Bai committed?

He betrayed China, betrayed humans, established the Greater Rat Clans, stole human technologies, and conquered China's underground rock mass. If all the above activities were done by any other demon, that demon would have already died a hundred times.

What was so great about Elder Ancestor Bai?

Even Devil Lord Zhi Nan was unable to triumph over Vigilante A, how could he be an exception?

"Yes, this brother is right. This old rat is a spy for the humans. This is a desperate act from them!"

"Yes, yes, a desperate measure. Humans sacrificed an elite on purpose to infiltrate the demon clan, this is truly a terrifying scheme!" A conspiracy theory soon emerged.

Accompanied by the far-fetched interpretations, it was becoming more convincing.

Whether it was China's connivance of the rapid growth of the greater rats' development, both events sounded possible only if it was done by a spy!

Cang Lang was on cloud nine, it had predicted this situation. Earlier on, it sent its trusted subordinate to gather shreds of evidence so to expose him today, it finally succeeded in turning the situation around.

Elder Ancestor Bai's hard-earned reputation vanished into thin air just like that!

Elder Ancestor Bai looked like he had nothing left to justify himself, instead of defending himself, he remained silent with cold looks from his eyes.

Bai Shixin who was beside him put on a poker face, but he was feeling tremendously anxious.

He said to himself, 'The old man is about to go into a rage. Sure enough, he's still far from becoming God, he.

Elder Ancestor Bai paid no attention to those demons with boiling emotions, he turned to glance at the greater rat demons that were sitting upright and still below the platform.

"They're going to rise up against me, how about you?" He asked plainly.

"We're born as rats of the elder ancestor, we'll die to be the elder ancestor's spirits!" The greater rats replied in concert.

The boldness of their voices and their well-ordered tones immediately oppressed the clamoring conference hall!

Other demon species looked at each other as they were taken aback, they thought that they had intimidated him with their numbers by being outraged, who knew, they were the weaker side!

"Very well!" Elder Ancestor Bai took a deep breath and uttered coldly, "Looking at how things have progressed, I guess we can only solve this issue by employing the demon clan's tradition!"

Right after he finished, blood-red aura exploded from his body!

As soon as the blood-red aura emerged, it made its way to Cang Lang.

"This trick again?" Cang Lang who was on the opposite seemed to be prepared, it roared, causing a white wolf figure to expand behind it.

Escorted by the white wold was a frosty white aura, it instantly hindered the attack from the blood-red aura!

"Hmph, did you think that I was not prepared to defend against your desperate moves after revealing your true colors?!" Cang Lang was complacent. "This is a secret technique gifted to me by the Celestial Wolf Clan when I descended, it can bond with energy from the Upper Realm, and it is certainly not inferior to yours!"

"Is that so? You're gravely mistaken then!" Elder Ancestor Bai sneered, followed by that, a dazzling yellow color appeared from his body.

Once the dazzling yellow aura surfaced, the power of his blood-red aura soared ferociously and suppressed the white aura!

"Heavenly Merit?! Impossible, how can you possess Heavenly Merit from this realm?" All at once, Cang Lang became exceptionally appalled!

"Hmph, there's a lot more things that are unknown to you!" Elder Ancestor Bye continued, "After paying such a heavy price to descend to this realm, did you think that I've spent my days playing around, wasting my hours?"

"You, you!" Cang Lang backed off non-stop, its body was enveloped by the blood-red aura. It was to the extent that it became difficult for it to speak, and no longer well spoken as before!

This was the demons' Supreme Order - Law of the Jungle, no matter how much one trash-talked, it would be suppressed by the one with the ultimate power!

Fang Ning was already shaking to the core from just watching, in the short period of their confrontation just now, a lot of context was laid before him.

Cang Lang had a profound background just like the believers of the Indian Trinity, it was able to communicate with the mighty beings of the Upper Realm in order to gain divine power.

As for Elder Ancestor Bai, he had long made arrangements to obtain Heavenly Merit of this realm. By using it now, he could crush his opponent, similar to how sir was blessed by the Heavenly Axiom!

At this instant, the conference hall was dead silent. Nobody dared to regard Elder Ancestor Bai as merely someone desperate, or worse, a spy!

They agreed tacitly that even if he was really an spy, he was still worthy of leading Demon Alliance!

That was right, demons were very forthright, the one with the greatest power stood above all. Yielding to a powerhouse was not shameful at all, it was a matter of course, it was inevitable and right. They could not be bothered about any sense of propriety.

Likewise, this was the very reason why humans seemed ingenuine to them.

Evidently, they were all drifting along with powerhouses, thus they could just admit to it as nobody would laugh about it.

Even so, humans tend to come up with lots of high-sounding reasons to defend themselves in order to feel better about it. They were fake and hypocritical.

"Now, I hereby announce that demons and humans are one, the talent-seeking poster will continue, any objections?"

"I also hereby announce that demons are forbidden from invading human territories on land, any objections?"

"I will become the clan leader of all demon clans on Earth, any objections?"

Even as the demons were bombarded with three questions, they still lowered their heads.

Fang Ning remained silent as well.

Sir System was distressed. "Mr. Rich Boss, now is the time for you to put on an act, why aren't you moving?"

"Nonsense, this old rat may be very problematic, but its standpoint now is concordant with China's interests, I'm doing this for the bigger picture. Putting aside a person's attributes, one may be good but with a different standpoint, one might make ungodly choices; one may be bad but his standpoint might cause him to make virtuous decisions. You won't understand this."

"I don't understand, in any event, I'll capture all evildoers." Sir was disgruntled.

"Wait a minute, are you thinking of capturing Elder Ancestor Bai? You mustn't do that, if you capture it now, humans will be left in torment." Fang Ning quickly stopped it.

"Oh, I'll let it be for now. When it changes its standpoint, I'll take it away." Sir said intelligently.

"Not bad, now I even comprehend that 'everlasting friends don't exist, only eternal benefits'." Fang Ning was contented.