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486 Awe-Inspiring Righteousness

In a quiet meadow somewhere, a black cat appeared out of thin air.

Black Cat Tom instantly felt an immense relief; it was finally free.

It scanned its surroundings; Vigilante A was not by its side, nor was there any little grey ant on its head. It could finally breathe in the air of freedom…

No, the golden tiger saddle, or the golden cat saddle now, was still tied to its body…

'How disgusting; there's actually such cruel people that want to ride a cat?

'The Dragon God Hero? More like the Cat Abuser Hero.

'I admit that I'm not as good as bullying the weak or lying without blinking, but he actually dared to entrap me.'

Once Black Cat Tom thought of this, it resentfully started its return.

Suddenly, it felt an itch on one of its legs. It glanced down and saw the little grey ant climbing up one of its paws.

"Hiss… Wasn't I free of you?

"Are you really going to be just like this tiger saddle, pestering me to no end?!" exclaimed Tom in frustration.

It subconsciously raised its leg to flick the ant off its paw, but its eyes glimmered with something in explicable at the last second—it had remembered something. It then immediately carried the little grey ant carefully in its paws.

"Brother Ant, oh, Brother Ant, I'm so grateful to you for saving my life. I have something for you to eat…" Once its words fell, Black Cat Tom looked around quickly before it spat out a blue gaseous ball from its mouth.

Once the little ant saw the ball, it immediately started dancing around on the cat's paw before jumping onto it.

In an instant, the blue gaseous ball disappeared completely.

The little grey ant's body then turned slightly green.

"As expected of an ant with the potential to become a Death Army Ant. It's no wonder you were immune to Black Robe's Devilish Energy. You little brat, you might even have the terribly ability of being exempted from death!" shouted Tom in shock.

Once it realized this, it felt as if it had obtained an amazing piece of treasure and felt touched beyond belief.

The heavens really were fair; when they closed a door on a person, they would definitely dig a hole for that person in return.

However, whether or not the person is willing to crawl through the hole depends entirely on them…

Black Cat Tom did not really care whether it was given a hole or a door, since it needed to crawl through both…

Now that Black Cat Tom thoroughly recognized the little grey ant's value, it carefully placed the ant onto its head. It even deliberately ruffled its black fur into a comfortable little nest for the ant.

With the ant's nest situated on its head, nobody would be able to snatch it away from him!

The little grey ant seemed to be full, as it immediately crawled into the little nest to promptly fall asleep.

With this matter accomplished, Black Cat Tom felt immensely relieved.

It pondered something for a bit before its entire body twitched, replacing it with a black tiger once more.

This illusionary black tiger was originally conjured up by Zhi Nan; however, Black Cat Tom was a genius and had completely figured out the changes that needed to be made, which meant that it could also turn into a tiger at will but the effect left a bit more to be desired in comparison.

It might not be able to fool Vigilante A at all, but Zhi Nan did not do the same for it either. Otherwise, there was no way to explain why it kept playing into Vigilante A's hands no matter what.

It was definitely because Vigilante A had already discovered its true identity from the very beginning.

Fortunately, the cat never did something personally unless it had no other choice, which meant it had avoided being killed by Vigilante A.

Sure enough, it was important to stay true to personal principles; if it could avoid personally making a move, it would, otherwise there would be no leeway for it.

It even had a way to resurrect the dead now. Once the little ant has been nurtured completely, then it would be Master Tom's time to demonstrate its true power.

Every cloud truly had a silver lining.

At this moment, a handsome figure appeared suddenly before the black tiger.

Tom the tiger immediately started toss its head and tail as a charming smile graced its face, before it ran over to the person, tail wagging furiously.

"You're extraordinary and omnipotent, Master, you probably subdued that devil already huh!" said Tom in flattery.

"Yeah, I'm about done. I chased that devil out of Earth, and it's currently missing. I couldn't destroy it completely, which is unfortunate," sighed Vigilante a.

"Devils have always been sly, but I'm sure that this whole battle must have scared him out of his wits. I believe that from now onwards, Earth will be yours and yours alone, Master. Once you give a single command, everybody that answers to it will gather under a single sky," Tom continued flattering.

"I have no need for orders that everyone will answer too, I merely wish for world peace," said Vigilante A calmly.

"Master is a person that is truly upright, chivalrous, and possesses a strong sense of awe-inspiring righteousness. You're like an ancient saint that was resurrected, the bearer of destiny has truly descended." Tom's words of praise never repeated themselves even once.

After all, it has made its fair share of sacrifices to that picky Death, so flattering people was something it practically was a master for, no, was a mythical figure for.

"Very well, let's go back now."

"Yes, I invite Master to ascend onto my back." Tom gritted its teeth before lowering its body.

Vigilante A sat on the black tiger's back, his gaze sweeping across his surroundings in a contented fashion.

The System had relinquished control of the body back to Fang Ning and had went to practice cultivation by itself.

Fang Ning looked at his surroundings; if only he could ride this tiger with a beautiful woman while they treaded through clouds as they travelled to wherever they desired, his mood would be over the moon.

Unfortunately, a certain idiot would never allow such behavior.

A human and his tiger, together with the little ant atop the tiger's head, then flew towards China.

Just then, Fang Ning noticed something peculiar on the tiger's head and asked, "Brother Tiger, why is there a small knot on your head?"

"Oh, I saw that Brother Ant didn't have a place to stay, and since we're close, I made a little nest out of my fur with a bit of magic for it. From now on, it's an ant with a home, so it won't have to worry about getting a wife too," said Black Cat Tom with a giggle.

"Heh, that was really thoughtful of you, Brother Tiger." Fang Ning immediately took note of the fact that Tom the Cat was not to be underestimated.

The fact that it had not only taken a liking to this ant but had all those previous experiences with it proved that this ant was definitely more than meets the eye.

The fact that it was able to locate Tom the Cat's treasures deep below the ground was enough proof as it is.

Black Cat Tom was absolutely cunning and yet it had not killed this ant, which went to show that the ant's value was almost equal to an arcane realm!

This fact alone stumped Fang Ning enough; in Tom's eyes, this ant was not lesser than an arcane realm. Although an arcane realm was extremely valuable, but this ant harbored the same amount of potential.

"What was the situation when you fought with that devil like, Venerable One?" When Black Cat Tom heard Vigilante A's answer, it felt that Vigilante A seemed to take its choice to heart, which prompted it to immediately shift his attention to something else. It was not going to put its chance at liberating itself at risk…

"Oh, Zhi Nan looked like he had suffered a great loss of magical energy. He couldn't even last three rounds against me before he had to escape. I chased him into a corner eighteen times, yet he always managed to escape my grasp. When he was finally backed into a corner with no escape at all, he gave up his physical form and escaped into the atmosphere as a mass of black gas. I was worried that he was merely luring me away, so I stopped chasing him and came back to stand guard on Earth," said Fang Ning in awe-inspiring righteousness.

"Master is truly an unparalleled hero with nothing but justice in his heart. Who else in this world can compare with you?" This time, Black Cat Tom's words were not completely ingenuine.

At the end of the day, Vigilante A still needed to maintain peace. Otherwise, Earth would become a territory of the devils.

It had experienced a lot in the Upper Realm so it knew better than anyone just how scary that would be.

Over in the Upper Realm, life and death were impermanent and unpredictable; if one were not a powerhouse, one would only be able to survive there as either a madman or a pervert. There was no logic or order for normal people at all.

Fang Ning thought to himself, 'The System would never chase after him of course. That would delay efficiency by too much because who knows how long we would have to chase him for?

'The universe is so big, and yet we have to care so much about one person?

'Besides, the System isn't worried that Zhi Nan will become a great deal of trouble in the future. Nobody is able to beat him in development right now, so nobody will be able to defeat him and nobody ever will.'