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481 Strange Fuels

The black tiger faced its back towards Fang Ning and walked towards southeast along North America.

Fang Ning looked down to see that the flatlands were filled with farms which were occupied by cattle and sheep. On those lands, all sorts of machines were bustling and accomplishing different tasks.

These diverse people hustling on the lands were just like the little grey ant that clung tightly to the strand of tiger fur on Tom the black tiger. They were similarly clueless about their fates in the future, and could only go with the flow.

While they seemed free, in actual fact, their nets of fate had already been woven by the goddess of destiny long ago.

Thankfully, Master Fang had already acquired the ability to escape from his net of fate.

Fang Ning was quite pleased, he then looked at the ant and became concerned, so he wanted to take an interest in it.

After all, he owed it to the ant for being able to seize the Undead Realm and turn it into Morality City, which also allowed him to be like "a cunning rabbit with three burrows".

The System Space, Draconic Arcane Realm, and Morality City were the three "burrows" prepared by himself…

He mentioned at once, "Brother Tiger, this little ant was also brought back by me from Morality City, looking at how it's so close to you, I think it's because you're from the same hometown."

'This Vigilante A is clearly flaunting!

'What do you mean by Morality City, that's my Undead Realm.'

Tom the cat thought to itself furiously. While it was up against its enemy, it still wanted to compromise.

It held back its madness and showed a fawning face to reply, "Oh, it's probably because of my gentle character that sparked a sense of dependence in this little ant."

Right now, it had completely forgotten about when it wanted to press it down with its claws back then, it refrained itself from doing that in order to protect its identity.

As for the real reason behind this clingy ant, it had a vague guess. This ant probably possessed an extraordinary natural death trait, the upper realm had a kind of "Death Army Ant", which specially engulfed death aura.

Perhaps this despicable ant noticed Tom's background so it kept holding on to it and had wanted to steal its cultivated pristine death aura to advance itself.

How abominable!

However, this hateful ant had no clue that Tom had intentions to use it as well. It wondered, 'Hmph, since you took my orb away, you'll have to pay back with your flesh.'

Fang Ning chuckled to himself when he heard what it said. Tom the cat had a cold character, was indifferent towards death, and dared to boast shamelessly such that it was claiming credit for everything. It deserved its fate of becoming Sir System's mount.

At this moment, the little grey ant on the tiger head seemed to have noticed something. It extended its antennae and swung it in all directions as if it was saying something.

Fang Ning quickly asked sir, "What is this fellow trying to say, can you translate it?"

All right, ever since sir successfully translated the Octopus Clan's advance language once, Fang Ning treated sir like a translating machine.

"Oh, it's saying, there's something delicious down there…"

Fang Ning was dubious about its answer thus he questioned again, "Do you have any basis for saying that?"

"Yes, its actions now are the same as when Daqing wanted to steal my grown herbs in the herb garden." Sir uttered confidently.

"That's justifiable. After all, they're both insects, their body languages are quite similar." Fang Ning instantly became unconcerned, he then told Tom the tiger, "Brother Tiger, let us go down, the devil's lair should be down there."

When Tom looked down, it saw a hectic industrial area with crowds of people moving around, noises from machines could also be heard from time to time.

Occasionally, bizarre human figures wrapped in metal pieces were seen, they patrolled on the paths and stalled some people infrequently to interrogate them.

This scene looked just like a future sci-fi factory, which was a huge contrast to the impression of a devil's lair.

"Venerable One, the place is heavily guarded, are those mechs the 'Robocops' advertised by China and America on a large scale?" Tom was showing off the only piece of knowledge it had of the current affairs.

There was nothing it could do, it had turned into a car from the last century after being trapped in Draconic Arcane realm for a couple of months. If it wanted to know about this information, it could only do so through its hours of watching the television.

"That's right, those are the Robocops. They're a bunch of lofty fellows who cast human feelings aside, lost their grounds, only obey orders, and have no judgment towards right or wrong." Fang Ning gave rather low remarks.

Humans were humans because they had feelings, without those feelings, what meaning would it carry even if they were highly effective?

Upon hearing that, Tom's eyes sparkled. It reflected, 'These fellows have lost themselves and can only obey orders, aren't they the perfect executors?

'No wonder Zhi Nan assembled them. If the forming members of my Balance Association are like them, there wouldn't have been a traitor like Anderson.

'It must be Anderson who revealed my identity so I was exposed so quickly!'

That was right. Essentially, Tom was a smart cat. It had roughly noticed that Vigilante A was aware of its true form but perhaps he wanted to exploit it, thus he did not expose him and treated it as his mount.

Tom said to itself, 'Just wait, I've heard humans say'

'When there's a will, there's a way. By breaking cauldrons and sinking ships, the hundred and two Qin cities were finally overrun by Chu;

'A cat with firm resolve with never be forsaken, but it needs to endure great hardship. Just three thousand armored Yue armies will be able to claim victory over Wu.

'I must be patient, I must wait for the day when the clouds are lifted and the Sun is out, for when my perseverance yields success!'

Therefore, Tom the tiger sailed with the cloud and slowly landed at a faraway corner.

Fang Ning got off its back and immediately went back into the System Space, then passed his body back to sir.

Nonsense, since they had already arrived at the devil's lair, of course, he had to go on shore…

Vigilante A inspected his surroundings and saw impenetrable barriers around which divided this industrial area into different sections.

As for this section that they had just landed on, it appeared to be a section with piled fuel, whereby signs of "No Open Flames" were painted on every warehouse.

On each side of the warehouses, many mechs were on strict patrol.

They looked like they had spotted something, hence they walked towards a particular warehouse.

Throughout the process, those mechs were as though they were not paying attention to Vigilante A. They did not even set their eyes on him, and did not stop him at all.

Fang Ning hid in the System Space as he watched the big screen.

On the big screen, Vigilante A was seen leading the black tiger sneaking into a fuel warehouse.

The only thing was that the items stored in this fuel warehouse were rather odd.

They were neither gasoline nor alcohol and were not natural gases too.

In fact, those were arrays of liquid nitrogen freezers. Furthermore, through the glass doors, humans with distorted faces were seen frozen inside!

Every one of them was different, there were white people, black people, and also Asians. Regardless, all of them had a similarity; they were all youths in the most energetic phase of their lives.

"No wonder there's such a dense death aura around here, these humans just died not long ago!" Tom the tiger could not help but mumble after taking a glance around.

Since it had harvested a large amount of death before this, it could naturally tell by just looking. These people had merely died for not more than 24 hours and were just stored here.

"How hateful, under broad daylight, how dare they kill humans so brazenly and store them here, they simply have no regards for superiors!" Vigilante A commented.

"Yes, Venerable One, this is definitely done by Zhi Nan. He's indeed a demon lord from the upper realm, this is just a massive place, he has likely murdered several tens of thousands of people?" Tom took the opportunity to exaggerate the issue.

"Mmm, I'll have to reconfirm this."

Sir System did not possess magic that could tell the past, thus he could not jump into conclusions.

On the other hand, Tom the cat did not mind, it was certain that Zhi Nan was the one who was up to all of this!

There was no other reason, because currently on Earth, he was the one and only demon lord with the nerve to do so!

Tom wondered, 'That being said, what trick did he use to kill so many people unnoticed, such that Vigilante A was clueless and didn't manage to stop him?

'I'll need to learn this trick.'In this context, it means that Fang Ning was crafty and had three plans to fall back on.These two phrases came from an old poem written by a Chinese writer in the olden days, Pu Songling.