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477 The Capital of Darkness

It had become apparent that Robert was desperate, as he pulled out his phone and called William over. He interrogated him about using priced herbs and potions on the chicks.

William noted his uncle's interrogation and a mysterious expression flashed across his face. He began to stall. "Hm, since I'm the so-called Son of Heaven, I guess I've spent a little, but..."

The other two's eyes began to glint hopefully, so he immediately changed subjects, "But the reason you can't initiate is not that, it's because your talent is not high enough to support you. You'll require some assistance, which I will provide. However, you've gotta relax and trust in me completely. We will be having a contact of utmost intimacy..."

Robert looked at his nephew's mysterious gaze and shuddered. He pushed Azhari forward. "Do it with the kid first. He's passionate and is the hope of the United States' future. I'll do it after he'd experienced it for himself and found a way to pipeline the cultivation method for everyone."

"Ok, ok. Azhari, follow me." William ignored his uncle's perverse thoughts, focusing instead on trying to spread the cultivation method.

In other people's eyes, this situation was unthinkable.

A precious cultivation technique like this should have been kept within one's own people, why would it be taught to strangers?

Three days later, after Azhari had learned the mystical Eastern cultivation technique, Robert finally accepted his nephew's offer and found out for himself what the ladies meant by "just like having a baby."

A Golden Seed was undulating in his body, synchronizing with his breaths and pulse. It was active and was respiring vitality on its own to transform his body. Moreover, it seemed to be conveying some kind of emotion.

'Hm? That's strange. There are plenty of Chinese novels that talked about this. Can men give birth?'

Carrying the strange thought, he smooched a sum of money off of his nephew and left to the States hurriedly on a commercial flight.


"What is this Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique? That's a conspiracy created by the Chinese themselves!" Chief Hook took the report, secretly submitted to him, into pieces.

"Hmph! Third-rate companies develop the products, second-rate companies provide service, while first-rate companies set the standard! They are copying the United States' glory from the technological era, they're deluding themselves if they think they can set the cultivation standard for the Era of Vitality! This is impossible!"

"Circulate a warning. Say that the cultivation technique was not evaluated with any scientific method and that unauthorized cultivation may cause discomfort and physical disorientation..."

He made calls after calls about this.

An African American man with an unremarkable appearance stood behind Chief Hook, staring at him with a puzzled look.

It was Black Guy Jim, the prophetic Superpowered Individual. He was once Robert's partner, someone for whom Robert would take a stab in his left rib.

Ever since Chief Hook had chosen to work with the mysterious Eastern person to work on the Robocop project together, his mood swings had worsened, day by day.

If it were not for the brilliant gleam in his eyes, Jim would have thought Chief had gone into deviatory psychosis.

"When you approach the abyss, the abyss will approach you."

Jim had read the report. He thought Chief Hook would be overjoyed seeing it and would immediately attempt to popularize the cultivation technique in the States.

However, it turned out to be the complete opposite.

He no longer tried to divine the future with his crystal ball. After Hook had begun talking to the East Asian man called Zhi Nan, he could no longer see Chief Hook's future.

The only thing he could see was the future of the nation, and it was not looking well.

He knew, regardless of the Chinese's intention, the technique itself was neutral, just like guns and cannons.

If he time-traveled back to the time the Europeans colonized Africa, he would still hate the colonizers, but he would not hate their weapons. On the contrary, he would learn to use and create their own guns and cannons.

He knew he was only an informant, not an adviser with the qualification to advise. So, he left.

After leaving the SBI building, Jim arrived at a modest bar in town.

He sat there and ordered a glass of whiskey, sipping at it until a familiar voice called out to him.

"Jim, how are you?"

"Finally," Jim did not lift his head. He did not sound a little bit surprised, expressing a little disappointment instead.

"Did you see this in your vision?" Similarly, Robert was not surprised. He told the bartender, "A glass of rum, please."

"The crystal told me that fate would guide the wheels of history to the right track. Looks like that day is upon us." Jim said lightly.

"Cut the crap, I need your help." Robert took a gulp of his liquor while rubbing absentmindedly at his left rib as though it was still in pain.

"You're here to talk about the Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique, isn't it?" Jim looked straight at him. "You haven't changed at all. I thought you would want to take revenge on me for that stab wound."

"Don't worry, I will. But before that, I have use of you," Robert peeked around and sneaked a black card to Jim. "Here's a hundred million dollars. Might not be a big sum now, but it's something."

"Okay, I know you want me to help you spread this thing," Jim took the card without hesitation, but said, "However, Hook had just banned the preaching of this technique, and he wants to defame it using every media."

"Why?" Robert was shocked. 'It was a good thing, why would a cunning person like Hook outlaw it?

'Did he finally turned into those laughable conservative officials of Manchurian China who think of miracles as satanic esoterica?

'How ironic. The West had always learned things from the East. Gunpowder, papermaking methods, and the woodblock printing technique were among the greatest.'

"He said he didn't want Easterners' cultivation method become the standard of the cultivation era, but I think that's just a flimsy excuse to hide his deeper goal. I've researched the technique, it has an extra effect after reaching a certain level which would increase human's resistance against the seduction of devilry. Do you think he wanted to turn the States into some kind of devilish realm and was worried that the technique might obstruct that?" Jim hinted.

"That bastard, I thought he was cunning and sly, but at least he was patriotic enough to order you to kill me, I get that. If my stupid nephew would relent in the face of my suicide, I would not have been able to appear in front of you. I can't believe he would betray this nation!" Robert cursed lividly.

He had put his disdain at their methods aside and contacted his enemies to fight for the rise of the United States of America, but this was what he had gotten.

The more he understood Hook's power, the more he hated him!

Time does not wait for anyone, that was not an empty threat!

This was not the imperialistic Manchurian Empire era where there was plenty of time to deal with traitors. The later it was dealt with, the more blood would spill in the States!

"Hey, you're getting really good with Mandarin, I think. What an idiom to quote." Jim did not seem too bothered by it, choosing to ask a seemingly-unrelated question instead.

"Oh, I can't help it. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. You know that, don't you?" Robert did not mind the teasing and turned the topic back on its rail. "Why did you think he would choose to commit treachery?"

"Should be related to an Eastern devil. They had been talking for a while. The development of Robocop void of humanity was a cover, I think the devil may have promised him something," Jim explained.

"Is that so? I heard the Venerable Dragon God had dealt with a mysterious devil wielding an incredible amount of power who was also a Devil Lord of the Upper Realm called Zhi Nan. Is it him?" Robert guessed.

"Should be. He avoided China and chose here. My crystal ball showed me a vision of rivers of blood. 'Here' will become the capital of darkness." Jim claimed lightly.