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471 A Script That Judges Good and Evil

Fang Ning could not retort the System's logic; it was right, he did not like people speaking about him behind his back, but would not calling him a slacker to his face hurt even more?

In order to prove the System's logic wrong, he decided to work extra hard to fix this Bug for the System.

Now that he thought about it, the System's main body has always been that of a kimchi idle martial arts online game, so it would make sense for there to be so many flaws. A problem in the upgrade process was normal; Fang Ning would have been more shocked if the System did not encounter any problems at all.

"You said that there was no way for you to differentiate the colors of the groups just now right, then do you know why my beloved book decided to beat them up?"

"Of course. It listens to you orders, so it beats up whoever you want it to," grumbled the System in jealousy, "It isn't restricted by a chivalrous virtue, so it's good as long as it doesn't do anything bad that will pull you down with it."

"You're wrong." Once Fang Ning noticed that the System was slandering his beloved book, he immediately retorted, "This piece of land might really have belonged to their ancestors, we have no way of confirming that so we can't intervene. However, forcibly occupying the houses that others have worked hard to construct and drinking their alcohol without permission are all acts of theft. They should've at least allowed those people to take their belongings before leaving. Doing that is the true case of acting in justice, but they acted in the name of justice while they committed acts of thievery."

"Is that so? That's so complicated. The Alignments of this group of people always shift, and that'll take up a lot of my processing memory. Why won't they just make it simpler; the bad guys are the bad guys and the good guys are the good guys," sneered the System.

"That only exists in Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf," said Fang Ning exasperatedly.

While Fang Ning and the System were busy talking, the Aboriginals in the bar were all scattered on the floor as they had all been knocked out by the game book.

A moment later, a head of blonde hair peeked out from behind the bar counter.

"You can come out, it's safe now." Fang Ning materialized into the bar, and said to the person.

A young Caucasian man with blonde hair immediately stood up before saying with a smile, "Sir, thank you for saving me."

"No problem. But I have a question for you."

"Go ahead."

"I'm curious. Why did you stay behind when everybody left?" asked Fang Ning calmly.

"I'm looking after my employer's property," said the blonde man in a dignified tone.

As soon as his words fell, he suffered a hit to the back of his head that was stronger than the rest.

He fell to the ground with difficulty, his gaze shining incredulously, a bottle of unopened dark red alcohol tight in his left hand,

"I think you're going to look after your employer's property in your own home, huh?" Fang Ning was speechless. What kind of person was this? Saying one thing but doing the other.

The key was that he even dared to lie in Vigilante A's face.

"How about now, is this guy red on the System Map…"

"Yes, but he's also light red so why did that ratty book of yours hit him harder than the rest? I'm so confused," muttered the System.

"That's because he dared to bluff me to me face. Let me see, this bottle of alcohol must be quite expensive." Fang Ning waved his hand, and the bottle of unopened alcohol came flying into his open palm.

"I thought you didn't drink? How would you be able to tell its worth, let me appraise it instead," said the System.

Before Fang Ning could take a good look at the alcohol, it disappeared from his grasp. He jeered, "You're an idiot. If it isn't some expensive alcohol, why would that dude hold onto it so tight despite being knocked out?"

"Oh, it really is some expensive alcohol, and it isn't something you can get easily either. This is a Vitality Liquor that the Australians recently came up with. Long-term consumption of it boosts magical energy and improves beauty. However, there's one major drawback," said the System.

"Haha, these foreigners haven't been sitting around either, since they're obviously working hard to catch up. However, what is that drawback you're talking about?" asked Fang Ning.

He did not care much that the System had kept the wine away since he would still be able to drink it secretly whenever he wanted to. It seemed to be wine, so a little bit would not hurt.

"There's too little, not enough for me to drink at all," grumbled the System.

"Haha, that's a pretty major drawback if I've ever heard of one," replied Fang Ning, "Don't spout nonsense now and let's get back to business. Just like what I said just now, this System Map of yours should be upgraded with a tendency judgment mechanism, it can't be so rigid anymore. I'll have you know that humans constantly fluctuate between good and evil."

"Oh, this tendency judgment thing is so troublesome though. I have an idea; let my brother handle this instead since he's your subconscious materialized, which means his standpoint and judgment should be the same as yours…"

"No!" exclaimed Fang Ning.

He would definitely reject this proposal fervently of course, otherwise, how would he be able to continue watching the System farm monsters from the sidelines?

"Why? It's not like I'm asking you to do anything. All I want you to do is to sleep while I farm monsters." The System was incredibly displeased as it said, "Having my brother work with him will definitely increase efficiency by a lot."

"This, how should I put it, you can't make it a habit to depend on other people all the time. You have to learn how to solve your own problems, otherwise, you might have to retreat all the time," said Fang Ning, hoping to inspire the System.

"No, no, this is called working together. It'll increase efficiency, and I can't keep handling everything by myself…" insisted the System.

'Fine, I knew that I would crush my toes after lifting up a rock this heavy someday…' thought Fang Ning.

Fang Ning pondered things for a bit before he spoke through gritted teeth, "You're so dumb, really. All you know is that doing this task like this will definitely increase efficiency, but what you don't know is that the efficiency of human labor could never compare to automated labor. I'll write a script that automatically judges between good and evil, all you have to do is install it yourself. Then, you won't need to judge anything anymore. However, you have to show me the interface for your programming…"

"Hiss…" The System exclaimed in shock, "Lazy Host, did the sun rise from the west today? You're actually picking up your old profession?"

"Stop talking nonsense. I used to be a hard worker, otherwise I would've been fired long ago," mumbled Fang Ning.

"That's good. I'll open up my programing interface for you. But before that, it's been a year since you last did anything with codes, are you sure you won't give me a new Bug instead? I'll have you know that that'll cost you your life…" threatened the System.

"Relax. I'll take utmost care and I'll make adequate preventive measures too." Fang Ning was not the least bit worried at all.

Soon, the System would find out why Fang Ning was not worried at all…

As soon as Fang Ning got the programming manual and all related documents from the System, he had pushed the responsibility onto Anderson immediately and had asked them to subcontract several of the "genius" computer programmers in the Draconic Penitentiary…

Besides, Anderson was also the lead scientist of the Global Power Balance Association… They were extremely well-versed in AI technology to boot, otherwise they would have never been able to tell the truth behind Vigilante A's inhuman battle prowess.

The System's main body had a kimchi online game core; if that was exposed, they would probably just view it as a bunch of garbage codes all packed together.

The System was incredibly distressed at this, and could not help scaring Fang Ning, "I'm so stupid, really. I knew you were a lazy bum, but I never knew you were this lazy. However, aren't you afraid they'll plant something in my programming that'll come back to bite you in the ass?"

"No," said Fang Ning confidently.


"It's simple. They have no idea what kind of existence you are. You aren't a computer program, but the condensation of Maxim itself. Any viruses planted into codes doesn't work on you." Fang Ning thought to himself, 'We've been spending time around each other for more than a year, why wouldn't I know?'

"Alright, then what are they going to base the judgements of good and evil upon?"

"A variety of conventions, the basic bottom lines of humanity, the views any normal person should have, of course. In short, it'll mostly be about having a wide range of tolerance, so you won't accidentally kill someone undeserving." Fang Ning then added, "Even if you do kill someone by accident, they'll just be resurrected. And if that doesn't work, there's still reincarnation…"

"Haha, as expected of you," the System could say nothing more.Kimchi online game is a term Chinese gamers use to refer to games that require players to repeatedly grind for equipment while levelling up without a true purpose. Most of these games are developed by South Korean companies, hence the term kimchi online games.Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is a Chinese cartoon.