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458 A Salute of Justice

'Who can we choose to set an example of?

'This is a difficult question.

'It will determine who our friends and foes are.'

The demons frowned in their seats.

'If Vigilante A is not someone we can touch, who else can we choose?'

Some demons began filtering the list of options down.

'China? Russia? Europe? The USA? India?'

One, by one, human's major forces went through their minds.

"Vigilante A was born in China, if we can't use him as an example, we definitely can't use China as an example." Someone said.

Cang Lang nodded, but a quote appeared in its mind.

"If you said that a house was too dark and you wanted to drill a hole for the window, everyone would disapprove. However, if you suggested to blow the roof off, they will try and work out an agreement to drill open a window."

The humans of this realm were more advanced in that regard than the brutes from the Upper Realm.

That was not to say that Earthlings are smarter, but rather that they were proficient because of their lack of supernatural powers. In turn, they could spend more effort into researching different theories.

On the other hand, in the Upper Realm, no matter how smart one was, if a Star-level could eliminate an entire race with a wave of their hands, what use do they have for theories?

It was different down here. The better a theory, the easier it was to target the benefit of the mass, which in turn would collect a bigger subscriber base to bolster their powers.

Cang Lang seemed aggressive, but it was utilizing such a theory to force Elder Ancestor Bai and the others to choose a human force as their bullseye.

As the Demon Alliance's military affairs executive member, the best way for it to build prestige was to find a target then strike it down.

The wolves were not less cunning than rats, but they are more aggressive.

"Russia is close to China. If we choose to fight the humans there, China will definitely interrupt."

"Where else can we choose? India is the same situation as Russia, while Europe and the United States are both pretty strong. Our goons will gain no advantage against them."

Cang Lang smirked as it saw the discussion happening in the hall.

An indeterminate time later, as the discussion became more and more heated, it pointed at the chairman podium, where an image of a map appeared.

A huge island was surrounded by the blue sea. The areas near the beach were dots of green but the inland was arid and yellow.

"What is this place?"


"Hey, I know this place. That's where the Octopus Clan attacked, isn't it? Vigilante A forced them back."

"Him again? Is there no place where he wasn't affiliated?"

"Hm, aside from underwater where he never goes, is there any place on Earth that he doesn't go?"

"Here's not bad. It's far from China, we can spy on their many transportation paths from there. Most of the continent was desert areas, but now that vitality had begun to recover coupled with our many rainmaking techniques, we can easily revitalize the area."

"But it's already been occupied by a nation of white people. Their population is less than thirty million people, but it's still a human nation. Wouldn't Vigilante A interfere?" Someone else asked a question.

"We have to think of a surefire plan," Cang Lang added, interrupting the discussion as he cast his gaze at Elder Ancestor Bai. "Elder Ancestor, you have the most interaction with Vigilante A, you have a plan B, right?"

"Heh, I think the Greater Rat's wisest person, our Chief Logistics Officer Shixin has the most experience when it comes to understanding Vigilante A." Elder Ancestor Bai said lightly.

"So, Chief Bai, would you mind describing him to us?" Cang Lang leaned against his seat and requested.

Bai Shixin stood at the chairman podium and glanced at Cang Lang.

He saw through Cang Lang's tactics clearly.

It was a simple step back in order to advance, it's nothing impressive.

Its goal was reached at the end of the day, as it wanted to go to war with the humans to fight for a land for them to thrive.

At the moment, it only wanted to find an excuse that sounded just...

In the past, this was gratuitous. They only needed a simple reason to start a fight.

However, due to one person, all fights needed a casus belli, with justice as its core and ending with the victory of justice.

Unexpectedly, that person could upset the balance between the two superpowers with his own powers, forcing them to take into account his existence to solve any conflicts between them.

This was the notability of the new era. Individual powers would be amplified to their limits. It had normalized the situation in which one person's power and influence could affect the bigger picture.

When that time comes, who could control the bigger picture?

Maybe only said person could achieve that. Only he had the ability to look at the entire situation with calm eyes and not be affected by personal vendetta and affinity. He would not be so bored and fight against the Heavens.

Having experience living in the Upper Realm, he understood the terror of living in there. The wrath of a powerhouse might cause an entire nation to be vaporized.

If not for the Dragon Clan and some other celestial clans and divine beings, the Upper Realm had already been met with the vitality being exhausted much earlier...

All these were set in stone.

However, after the recovery of vitality, can this world escape the same fate?

He did not know, and he could not predict how it would go. Everything could only be played by ear. With his current position, he was not qualified to worry about the question.

When Cang Lang asked him to find a just reason to declare war on Australia, he thought, 'Is this hard?

'It's not hard at all.'

"Initially, Australia doesn't belong to the White Australians, but the local, indigenous people. Fortunately, those tribes still exist... Plenty of them too, in comparison. Of course, they were much more fortunate than their American counterparts, but they still lost a large amount of land, they've staged many protests..."

Bai Shixin explained calmly.

Having read enough books, his understanding of Earth's history exceeds any of the historians on Earth.

"This is an inner conflict between humans, how would we meddle in the business?" Cang Lang asked curiously. At this point, he no longer exudes the aggression and fury he had expressed earlier.

He really was a warlord. His emotions were all in service of a goal, not the other way around. If the emotions could not be controlled, it would be a failure.

"Heh, there was a saying in the Upper Realm. 'Anyone who can cultivate can become a demon.' However, I think we should set a scientific definition of what constitutes a demon. We can't be like in the Upper Realm where the gods brand you a demon or a Buddha at their whims..."

"That's right!" Cang Lang applauded as soon as he had heard it!

The other people shared glances, confused about his applause.

Elder Ancestor Bai commented smilingly, "He is my wisest strategist, after all. He'd struck at the heart of the problem. Since the Demon Alliance had been formed, the definition of humans and demons should be clarified. To simplify our cultivation, we use human appearance, but we're still demons. So what's the difference between humans and demons?"

"Elder Ancestor, you're right. We need to define the demons, and then we'll teach the Aboriginal people to cultivate into demons, pull them into the Demon Alliance, and retake the demon's lands! That makes perfect sense!" Cang Lang nodded heavily and added ruthlessly, "In that case, Vigilante A who preaches justice would have to go with it! If he wanted to keep that up, his cultivation path would deviate, and he would be defeated!"

The demons all became excited at the prospect. For a duration, the headquarters of the Demon Alliance was filled with joy and merriness.

It was as if they would be able to come out of the deep underground the next day and occupy a piece of land legally.

At this point, a male wearing black rushed into the hall and whispered into Elder Ancestor Bai's ear. From his getup, it was pretty obvious he was an intelligence agent of the Greater Rat Clan.

Elder Ancestor Bai looked conflicted after hearing the news.

"Elder Ancestor, what's going on?"

"Oh, a member of the Upper Realm's Earthly Hound Clan, Vigilante A's follower, Brett the black dog, had just broken through its bottleneck into a Lake-level. It seemed to have awakened an incredible talent. Its body enlarged to the size of a mountain, and if my information was right, it doesn't seem like anyone here would be able to take it on..."

"Dammit, that treacherous human lapdog! It is a demon, but it became a subordinate to a human and still called itself loyal. Someday, I'll throw all of them into the crock pot and eat them all up!" Cang Lang's face immediately changed as it roared fiercely.

Elder Ancestor Bai looked at it curiously, unsure if it was still pretending.

Bai Shixin was also puzzled. It looked like it was really triggered...

Cang Lang noticed their bewilderment and understood that he had lost his cool.

His outburst was definitely with a reason.

'I remember the day when I ran under the setting sun, that was my youth I had lost...'

Being chased by three Earthly Hounds was a memory he would never forget.Latin expression meaning 'an act or event that provokes or is used to justify war'