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455 Mythical Metal Dog

So long as he became a Lake-level dog, he would be able to find a wife.

Black dog Brett got excited as his master lighted the wishing lamp.

He started reminiscing about the first ever matchmaking event that Lady Daqing organized for him…

The beautiful female dog was complaining that he was too strong…

'Is it wrong to be strong?

'I need to be strong to survive and better serve my master…

'When I become a Lake-level dog, I can manipulate my strength whenever I want just like yellow dog. I can transform into Ultraman and back into a pet instantly.'

Green smoke appeared as his master lid the wishing lamp.

A voice appeared from the wishing lamp.

"Thank you, great mysterious existence. You have found the wishing lamp and given me another chance to live. I shall grant you your wish."

"Alright. You can help fulfill this black dog's request," Vigilante A replied.

"As you wish, great mysterious existence," The wick flickered al little and turned towards the black dog, "Ah, a familiar dog you are. You wished for something that I cannot grant, so please think carefully this time around."

Brett the black dog got nervous.

He turned towards his partner and said softly, "Boss, what did you wish for last time? Let me copy your wish."

"Hehe, you cannot do that," yellow dog replied, "My wish was "Dear wishing lamp, return me to my strongest form". My strongest form was Lake-level. You know that when the Upper Realm lost its vitality, many people had trouble trying to push through to another power level. Did you face similar problem back then?"

"Er, I did, but…" Black dog rubbed his head and tried to remember. He felt that something was off but ignored it.

He said, "Yes, I also face such troubles. I will wish for the same thing that you did."

"This is your choice. Don't say that it is my fault if something goes wrong," yellow dog felt that black dog was going to do something stupid again and deflected any responsibilities in front of their master.

"I won't. I will bear the consequences," black dog couldn't think of any wishes and agreed to reuse the yellow dog's.

Vigilante A remained silent and emotionless even though he saw everything.

Fang Ning started feeling soft-hearted deep down. As the bearer of Unparalleled Affection, he felt worried about the stupid dog. He felt that way also because he was having the same trouble as the black dog.

He said to Sir System, "I think something bad is going to happen to black dog, but I just can't explain it. Since your prediction skills are masterful, can you give me a hint of what's going to happen?"

"Hehe, you need not worry. My intuition tells me that the black dog is going to wish for something awesome…" Sir System was delighted.

"Si…" Fang Ning was surprised. He thought to himself, "If a boss thinks that what's going to happen to his worker is good for himself, then it might not be that great for the worker…"

Just as he was going to talk to the black dog, he already made his wish.

"Dear wishing lamp, please return me to my strongest form."

The wishing lamp started shaking and burning vigorously. The white liquid was being burnt off quickly…

"Wow! I hit the Jackpot!" Black dog got excited and jumped. As he started falling, he realized that he was overexcited and quickly used his power to fall slowly and bowed.

However, his excitement could not be contained inside him as he kept digging on the ground subconsciously.

A moment later, a thick yellow mist surrounded Brett the black dog.

His body started shaking and his fur began reflecting the sunlight like it was made of metal.

His limbs also started transforming into metal limbs.

The black dog was somehow facing a longer transformation compared to Xue Ba the yellow dog.

The yellow dog was jealous and murmured to himself, "Stupid dog. He is so lucky this time around. Is he going to transform into an Inland-sea level dog instead? Even though the Earthly Hound Clan was a large clan with many strong dogs, none of the Inland-sea level powerhouses were younger than 200 years old. Will this black dog become popular among the Spirit Fox Tribe from now on?"

A minute had passed, two minutes had passed…

The sun started setting.

Black dog was still surrounded by the yellow light and continuously shaking like he was receiving a lot of power.

Fang Ning kept looking at black dog. He knew that the wishing lamp managed to grant the black dog his wish, but he had no idea how strong he would become.

A moment later, a System Notification appeared. He was stunned while Sir System was absolutely delighted.

System Notification: [System Follower, Brett the black dog, has been granted his wish by the wishing lamp. Brett the black dog activated the special power of the Earthly Hound Clan and involved into a mythical metal dog.]

"Oh, so are there bronze dogs, platinum dogs, and challenger dogs as well?" Fang Ning was speechless.

"I don't think there's a challenger dog around, but we might get a platinum one. Haha, I am going to get a mine hunting dog from now on," Sir System replied with a happy tone.

"No wonder your intuition felt that way. It benefitted you and not him. A metal dog is never going to find a wife anymore," Fang Ning was feeling helpless.

The yellow mist started dissipating as Fang Ning finished talking.

The wishing lamp used up all the white liquid and the wick fell to the ground like it had used up all its energy.

Black dog was no longer happy and excited. Instead, he was stunned.

He had transformed into a black metal dog… that was shiny.

"What did I become? Is this my strongest form?" He said to himself in disbelief.

"Yes, respectable dog. This is your strongest form, mythical metal body. Your ancestor swallowed a piece of mythical metal when it was traveling underground, and the metal remained in its blood and passed down through generations. I used up all the oil I have and return you your ancestor's ability. You are now at the strongest point of your life. Undefeatable and unbreakable!"

The wick spoke with a delighted tone like it was asking to be praised.

It was showing off its skills…

"Are you here for power?"

"For girls."

"We are the same…"

Black the black dog looked at yellow dog and thought about their conversation when they first descended. He started sobbing.

He looked to the west and cried as the sun shone onto his body.

He was reminiscing about the past, like when he was picking up a white Labrador Retriever with yellow dog and got chased away…

'The time when I ran at sunsets are the past that I can no longer return to…'

Fang Ning looked at black dog with empathy but remained silent. A strong metal dog like him would never find a wife. Fang Ning hoped that metal demons were a real thing in the world…

Truth was, the more you wanted to do something, the harder the challenge.

Fang Ning walked towards black dog and gave him a few pats on his head.

It sounded like he was hitting metal…

"It's ok," Vigilante A said softly.

"Master…" Brett looked at him with a sad look and rubbed his head with his metal limb, "The wishing lamp bullshitted me again…"

"Eh, reputable dog, what are you saying? I used up all the oil that the great mythical existence filled up in me. I hide nothing from you," The wick replied with an innocent tone.

Yellow dog Xue Ba never said a word.

He understood that he should not anger black dog at that moment. He knew he would feel the pain even though he was Lake-level if black dog decided to bite him with his new metal teeth!bronze, platinum, and challenger are the ranks for the popular mobile game 王者荣耀 in China. The rankings are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and challenger.