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453 On What Authority?

"Little bucket, I dreamt that you still need to unlock an unknown achievement before you could update the System Map. Is that right?" Fang Ning knowingly asked.

"Damn it. I hate that friend of mine. I specifically asked him to stop calling me Brother Sys so that you won't find out about my nickname," Sir System felt depressed.

"Cut those crap. I can't help you with the unknown achievement. I only managed to trigger two after such a long time, specifically the Unparalleled Affection and A Drop of Water returned with a Burst of Spring," Fang Ning replied.

"True. So, can you try and trigger another one again?"

"I have no idea where to start so let's leave it to fate," Fang Ning's procrastinating habit acted again and tried to change the topic, "we should focus on what's in front of us now. I thought you had some trouble dealing with a bunch of monsters?"

"Yes. Those demons trespassed our ally's mine and started mining without permission. However, my friend said that the mine is part of nature, so it is opened for mining by anyone. That was the reason why the System Map failed to label these demons in red. My friend had no idea how to fix it and there's no way I would let this go easily. I need you to update my map."

Fang Ning was delighted, "Haha, now you know how useless you people are? Even if I can't update the map, it would be easy changing their labels to red!"

As he finished speaking, he looked at those demons through the System Map with a hint of evilness.

"That's enough, Richman Host. You are irreplaceable, even though you are lazy," Sir System replied in satisfaction.

A group of guys walked towards the mine that Vigilante A was observing at that moment.

"Chief Bai, you have finally arrived. Let me introduce the place to you. This place is the Cavern C inside the Tian Mine, mainly used to mine crystal limonite. These crystals are formed by the fusion of common limonite and vitality and are used as one of the basic materials in creating those treasures as it allows the flow of mythical energies."

The wolf demon supervisor stopped its work as the group got closer to the mine. It rushed forward and started its introduction.

Bai Shixin walked around and observed the mining site. As he saw those demons sweating while carrying bags of ores in the winter, he frowned and said, "Why are we still using such primitive methods of mining? Shouldn't we bring in some modern human technologies to help us in the mining work?"

"Ah?" The supervisor rubbed its head and replied helplessly, "We will not be able to acquire those techniques in such a short time…"

"If you can't get it done right now then you should hire human contractors first and learn as they do. Even if we are to pay 50% of our profit to them, we will still benefit as our efficiency will be thousand times better than now. Don't you understand the power of modern technology?" Bai Shixin replied.

"I understand, but Master Arctic Wolf mentioned previously," the wolf demon looked around and continued with a softer voice, "it asked us to try and prevent those weaker demons from interacting with humans. Their purity might be polluted by the humans."

"I see. It sounds reasonable. Go ahead with what you guys are doing then. My clan will soon choose a few intelligent ones to learn from the human in the future and then slowly replace everything here with something more advanced." Bai Shixin understood what the arctic wolf was worrying about.

The Arctic Wolf managed to unite every demon regardless of their background by manipulating their hatred against the human which had grown stronger as the years went by.

That was why the Demon Alliance had a strong yet fragile foundation.

Hatred itself was enough to shape a weakling into a warrior and bring out the best of even the lowest form of life.

However, it was not long-lived.

The biggest hate in the world would be washed away as time went by.

Every living thing with a clear mind would learn to let go of their hatred.

If they were to start to interact with humans at such a time, that hatred would be removed due to the advancement of human technology and the richness of their resources.

The demons would be jealous and learn to indulge in the human world.

Humans were the first ever living things with the power to think and were the best example.

Even the strongest hate in the world would be powerless when placed against the desire for beautiful items…

Demons were the same.

Bai Shixin started thinking and lost interest in learning about the mining site.

Even though the miners were working hard, the reward was not proportional to their efforts.

They would never match the efficiency of the humans if they continued to use such primitive mining techniques.

Regardless of how much effort they put in, the only outcome would be a disappointment when there was a large discrepancy in techniques and technologies.

He turned around and ready to leave to handle the task of bringing in human technologies.

Suddenly, a familiar voice appeared next to him. Bai Shixin was shocked and stunned.

"How dare you, stealing the wealth of others in broad daylight!"

'Why is Vigilante A here?'

Bai Shixin tried to activate his Escape of a Thousand Miles before realizing that he lost all his abilities a year ago thanks to Vigilante A as well.

All he had left was his spiritual senses, but he knew that that would be powerless when used on Vigilante A.

'Am I going to meet my end here?'

He looked at Vigilante A. Vigilante A was still emotionless, but he was no longer filled with a killer instinct like previously.

'I am not.'

He felt relieved and looked up to the sky with a calm face without saying anything.

The wolf demon supervisor sensed that it might be time for it to shine and immediately scolded him, "So, you are Vigilante A? I heard that you are righteous and fair. How is this stealing when we were the one who explored the mine? We would not give in even if you are far stronger than us!"

Vigilante A looked at it and replied, "Everything in this world belongs to us humans. Did you ask for permission before working in this mine?"

"No, we did not, but why must we?! Why does it have to be the humans who own everything here!" the wolf demon was furious.

"Because we were here first," Vigilante A answered calmly.

"You…" the wolf demon was speechless.

At that moment, Bai Shixin started speaking, "Vigilante A, don't you think you sounded hypocritical?"

"What do you mean?" Vigilante A looked at him like he no longer remembered that Bai Shixin ambushed him last year.

"For example, the Red Indians first landed in North America, yet the Europeans took it from them until today. They are your ancestors, so why are they allowed to do that?"

"Shit, I think I am losing this argument," Sir System said, "Richman Host, I need your help now."

"Hehe, need me again? Stop defaming me behind my back then. I know what you did even in my dreams, including what you said in the System Space," Fang Ning took the chance and lectured Sir System.

"Ah, alright then, I will not call you a lazy bum behind your back from now on," Sir System chose to back down as it was in trouble.

Fang Ning took back his body but did not answer Bai Shixin's question. Instead, he calmly said, "Everything would be different if only I arrived earlier…"

"Si…" Bai Shixin heard him and stopped talking. A moment later, he turned and said to the demons, "Give this place back to him."

"What's wrong, chief? Why must we return this to him? We are going to lose everything we did for the past ten days!" The wolf demon was unhappy.

Their chief logistic officer was forced to give in by just a single sentence!

"Simple. He thinks that what the Europeans did was wrong, but the reason why history was the way it is now is that Vigilante A was yet to be born in that era," Bai Shixin shook his head.

"I see," the wolf demon was speechless.

If someone else was to say that, it would take the person as a joke.

Vigilante A was not that someone else. He never used his power to bully others or forcefully took away the wealth of others.

However, the green-skinned frog would disagree with the wolf demon if it knew what it was thinking.

Vigilante A would not take away other people's wealth, but he would snatch away any treasures that did not belong to anyone…

The demons were confused but no one had the courage to fight with Vigilante A.

"Move! Why are you all still standing around?" Bai Shixin shouted.

As he finished, all the demons threw away their tools and ran off to different directions.

White mist flew past them as they ran away.

"Damn you. I already agreed to give you back this place, why are you still beating us… You are being unreasonable!"

Bai Shixin managed to keep his consciousness after being attacked by the white mist, unlike other demons.

"I am just punishing you all for being wrong. However, since you guys have learned your lessons, I won't take you to the authorities."

Vigilante A waved his arms, and every ore that was scattered on the floor flew up and towards him…

"Don't you think you are acting like a bandit now?" Bai Shixin said.

"I'm just taking my pay. I would die of hunger if I never asked for anything while serving justice," Fang Ning replied.

"You…" Bai Shixin was speechless, "Vigilante A, you're a tough guy. Your tongue is as strong as your abilities."

"Thank you. I can see that you haven't done anything bad recently. I will let you go this time. Remember, don't get involved in bad things."

Vigilante A flew away after finishing his speech.

Bai Shixin stood up after that. He looked calmer than a moment ago.

"I think no one understands Vigilante A better than me now," he thought to himself before taking out his phone and making a phone call.The word "bucket" has the same pronunciation as the word "system" in Mandarin.