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449 The Ones Who Take the First Step

In the Truth Department Headquarters, the conference room and the council personnel were silent.

In the large room, there was only the wolf demon's howling voice.

Vigilante A was expressionless.

Ren Ruofeng was solemn.

Hong Yunjiao leisurely spun her pen.

Qiao Anping's forehead creased with wrinkles.

Elder Hai, leader of the War Group, who had been busy with the construction of the Land of Heritage, stared intently at the image, a look a soldier would possess flashing through his eyes.

The hallmaster of the Hall of Lores, the Truth Department's Ability Administrator, Elder Feng, stroked his long beard with an expression of 'I knew this would happen' showing on his face.

"Well, Administrative Secretary Liu, turn off the video feed first," An old man with a stubborn face, the secretive Director Hu, cleared his throat and said.

Standing to the side, Administrative Secretary Lim immediately pressed a button after hearing the orders, and the wolf demon's roar suddenly screeched to a halt.

The conference room instantly fell into silence.

"First of all, many thanks to the Venerable One for bringing such a valuable video material," Director Hu nodded lightly in thanks towards Vigilante A before continuing, "Now, I want to hear your opinions."

Saying that, he looked at the five people who were the current Truth Department's pillars. The Truth Department was only able to run smoothly thanks to the efforts of these five people. There was one more in the past, but unfortunately, that person had different aspirations and left early.

"I'll go first," Ren Ruofeng's gaze had been fixed on a single person. Hearing the words, he took the initiative to speak first.

"Go on," nodded Director Hu.

"That wolf demon spoke fervently. It preached about how humans were, as if we were the oppressors, and they were the victims, but it forgot something."

Ren Ruofeng lightly said, "Everything we have today wasn't something we obtained by being idle. Our ancestors gave up the fur that kept them warm as well as the ease and safety of living in trees and chose to walk upright on the ground. They chose to transform this world with both hands and endured great hardships to blaze a new trail. Under several crises that threatened extinction, even we don't know just how many tribes that dissipated under the threat of nature and wild beasts. We have today's glory precisely because we've overcome all that.

"We are humans, so of course we'll choose from the standpoint of humans. However, our purpose in protecting animals is indeed to protect ourselves. Anyone who forgets this is forgetting his origin, as well as the way his ancestors managed to propagate to this day."

"Perhaps our ancestors have made countless mistakes before, but at least we've realized those mistakes! If those demon clans are allowed to rule the Earth, we'll end up with a fate a hundred times worse than that of our ancestors. The ancestors who were devoured by snakes and tigers and lions and insects are still looking at us from underground.

He suddenly raised his voice, "If we make a weak concession today because of their declaration of independence as a demon race, they will not even hold a single shred of gratefulness when they keep us in captivity; they will only laugh mockingly and loudly. That is the fate of fools!"

"Although the Earth is big, it's only large enough for one overlord, and that's the humans!"

"Although there are many humans, there can only be one leader, and that's China!"

There were not that many people at the conference. It was far from being comparable to the scene at the Demon Alliance Conference.

After Ren Ruofeng finished speaking, the silence continued in the room. It was far from being comparable to the group's excitement in the video.

However, the importance of his words was no worse than that of the former.

That was because the Pharos of the East, the true smartest among the powerhouses in this world, was no longer lost.

Indeed, because if the demons became the masters and ruled over the world, the fate of the humans would be a hundred times worse than that of the animals now!

At the very least, humans had passed the stage of barbarism, while the demons had just emerged from barbarism. Just like ancient barbarians, even if they had self-awareness and willingly accept advanced culture, that did not change their bloodthirsty and brutal habits!

Humans beings had to remain the overlords of the Earth. They were this world's master, and a beacon of civilization.

Vigilante A remained expressionless after the speech.

Seeing this, Ren Ruofeng looked thoughtful.

After a while, the calm Elder Feng suddenly pointed a finger and tapped harshly at the table, "I've said this before. The races different from us have different hearts and thinking! Demons will always be demons. As long as they have the chance to rise, they will compete with us for the world. In the past, you always said that you wanted to live in peace, that as long as they abide by the law, we could develop together. Look now! They've finally begun to show their fangs after gaining a firm foothold! From now on, we should isolate the demon species from humans and put them all into cages!"

Ren Ruofeng chuckled and shook his head, "Elder Feng, there are two sides to every coin. We have to take the initiative into our own hands, but on that basis, we still have to insist that the demons who abide by the law are allowed to live in peace and develop together. China's culture is inclusive, a civilization that inherited the most assimilating capacity. As long as they learn our script, use our language, and accept our customs and morals, they should be able to enter China."

"Hmph, Oldman Ren, I know your skill is nothing more than dividing and demoralizing them. Our strength will expand, and theirs will weaken, but…" Elder Feng shook his head and stopped speaking.

Hearing this, Ren Ruofeng only scoffed once, lazy to refute.

He fully understood what Elder Feng meant. In the process of common development, his own cultural knowledge and skills and techniques may be learned by the other party. It was a double-edged sword.

In history, there have been many examples of such exchanges leading to different races or nations reversing positions of power after achieving prosperity. However, as long as China was strong, they would never have to worry about foreign invasions.

"What about the others, what are your thoughts?" Director Hu did not comment and asked the remaining three.

"I have no opinion," In a rare occasion, Hong Yunjiao did not have anything to say.

Qiao Anping gave her a confused look and said, "I agree with Advisor Ren. We should take the initiative into our own hands and differentiate the ones that should be separated."

Elder Hai shook his head to express that he would remain silent. As someone with a military background, he was unused to speaking on strategic principles.

Director Hu nodded and said to Vigilante A, "Venerable One, you're experienced in cutting down demons and have illustrious achievements. What do you think of this Demon Alliance?"

Fang Ning's mind was now clear. The confusion he felt before was completely dispelled.

He asked for the body from Sir System and lightly said, "What demon race? In my eyes, there are only Hound clans, Rat clans, Cat clans, as well as evil Hound clans, evil Rat clans… and so one. Humans also evolved from animals. In the new era, animals who exhibit sapience are naturally equivalent to the humans who evolved from animals. It's only that those who've taken the first step like us should shoulder the task of educating the later generations."

"Hahaha, as expected of the Upper Realm True Dragon. You have a wide mindset that's comparable to the stars and the seas. That's right, I'm also of this opinion," Director Hu nodded firmly.

'I never thought that the old man with that stubborn temper would also have skill in flattering,' Ren Ruofeng's eyes were bright, as if he had just discovered the New World.

'It's no wonder this old man can become the Truth Department's Director. Not only is he strong, but he also adheres to principles and is able to get along well with the people above and coordinate effectively.'

"Little Ren, come up with a plan according to this to register the status of the demons staying in China and grant them different identities after identifying if they're good or evil. Of course, everyone staying there are all humans…"


The Greater Rat Underground Kingdom, in a conference room.

Elder Ancestor Bai, volcanic rat demon Lie Huo, wolf demon Cang Lang, Bai Shixin and other Greater Rat officials gathered together.

If the Bodhisattva Spirit King were here, he would be able to tell that all these demons had one thing in common: they were all descended ones from the Upper Realm...

"Brother Cang Lang really has a good mouth. With just a few words, you managed to gather the loose spirits of the local demons, while before, it was at the state of scattering to non-existence. As expected of an outstanding member of the large Upper Realm Celestial Wolf Clan that descended. You're amazing!" Elder Ancestor Bai heaped lavish praises.

It turns out that the impassioned wolf demon at the Demon Alliance Conference was not a local demon.

The extinction of Earth's animals and the wounds suffered from by the native demon ancestors had nothing to do with it, but it could perfectly substitute itself as if it was its own ancestors that were killed by humans!

"Hehe, they're all a bunch of new-born demons when their vigor is at their peak and they're the most energetic. Hatred is the easiest way to bring people together, I only slightly used a verbal technique. If it were Elder Ancestor, it would be even easier. My merits aren't worth mentioning," the wolf demon shook its head and laughed.

At this time, how would it still have the anger it presented at the conference?

It turned out that the demon crowd gathered at the conference was only there to act as an audience for its verbal technique.

"Brother Cang Lang is too modest. Now that the prototype of the local demon race has become a reality, and the target has also been set, it's a good time for us to progress with our ambitions. Brother Cang Lang shall serve as the military affairs executive member. We'll rely on you to lead the way in helping our demon race dominate the world in the future."

"Very well. Elder Ancestor is being too courteous. We only have a hope of defeating the humans if you supply us with sufficient logistics," Cang Lang said modestly.

"Alright, let's not waste any more time. We've introduced an information management system from the humans that have been running for several months. Its effectiveness is quite good. Let's discuss now how to register the demon race into this system and conduct a census of the demon population so that we have a clear idea on how to unify the management and coordinate resources. As mentioned in the Divine Gate conference earlier, we should select talents from there and focus on training them." Elder Ancestor Bai quickly steered the meeting into business.

Just like that, the fate of all of the local demons on earth began to be unceremoniously arranged by a group of Upper Realm demons.