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444 The Birth of the Heart River

"There was never any great savior for us, nor do we have to keep relying on gods and emperors. We have to depend on ourselves to forge our own happiness!"

Fang Ning gave another inspirational speech, entirely out of the habit of delaying everything. However, he had never expected for one of the people watching the River God's livestream to say something like that.

"Haha, Rich-man Host, you really are something. You're getting better and better at pulling the wool over people's eyes," said the System in awe.

The River God was also stunned at the unexpected turn of events. His smile fell from his face and his once comical expression turned serious for the first time.

As the voices echoed one after another, rays of golden light appeared from the tablet. Soon, the rays gathered together into a single ray before it slowly extended upwards into the sky like a golden river…

"What a strong spiritual force. It actually condensed into a river?" The River God was slightly taken aback, and turned to look at Fang Ning.

Vigilante A merely calmly spoke, "The Truth Department has been promoting basic 'Cultivation of the Spirit' since last year. It's October now, which means it's harvesting season… Fall."

"I know which river I should choose now…" The River God's face glossed over with happiness as he sighed. Suddenly, he turned into tiny specks of silver light, which condensed into the golden river…

"Hiss…" The Sky Eagle that was previously carrying the River God on its back realized that the weight on its back had disappeared. It looked back only to realize the River God had disappeared, to which it exclaimed in shock, "Master, where have you gone?"

"Calm yourself, Sky Eagle, I have already found a river within this world that will never go dry—the Heart River…"

From within the gold and silver river, out came the River God's voice…

Vigilante A nodded his head and the Sky Eagle calmed itself, as it finally understanding things.

The gold and silver river, or the Heart River as the River God had said, continued to flow freely from the tablet as it extended upwards high into the air.

A heartbeat later, a grand river traversed across the sky.

Under the sunlight, the pair of colors gleamed brightly, giving the river a sacred glow.

The river extended across the sky, winding and twisting as it went. Wherever it extended to, the people on the ground below it would look up to witness its grandeur.

Not only did their eyes reflect the gold and silver gleams, it also reflected the gleam of hope.

"Where does the river flow?" questioned the people on the ground after noticing the gold and silver river.

"Rather than asking that, why don't we ask where it came from in the first place?" questioned some other people.

Vigilante A stood to the side and watched everything unfold; this river in the sky, this river of gold and silver, the Heart River, flowed a long distance before it slowly turned smaller. Soon, it disappeared entirely, like a river that had flowed into the endless sands of a desert…

"How far did the golden river go?" asked Fang Ning.

"It went on for 3000 li," answered the System seriously.

"What a large flow…" compliment Fang Ning.

At this moment, the River God's voice once again sounded from within this Heart River that had traversed the skies.

"I, the River God of Xuanyuan River in the Upper Realm, am now going to swear a Heavenly Oath. The Heart River formed because everyone united as one. As long as there are spiritual beings on this Earth that are able to worship the people of the Heart River with sincerity, I vow to justly, fairly, and selflessly provide them their returns with no falsehood. The heavens, the earth, and all people will bear witness to this!"

Once his words fell, silence fell all around!

A moment later, thunder roared and lightning flashed as dark clouds formed to cover the sun. In the sky, only a river of light could be seen, and its light washed over all that laid eyes on it.

"Is this a sign from the heavens?!"

Such a grand happening stirred not only ancient monsters, but also powerhouses living in seclusion. They appeared gradually, watching the Heart River come into being.

"Look at how grand this whole thing is. Brother Sky Eagle, look at this Master I found for you, he's not too bad right?" asked Fang Ning calmly.

"Thank you so much, Venerable One. My Master's mastery of Spiritual Ascension is extremely broad, so I'm afraid he's only showing a bit of what he truly knows. I wonder when I'll be able to possess such amazing Spiritual Ascension, to the point where I'll be able to protect all spiritual beings?" said the Sky Eagle, its eyes glossed over with yearning.

"Haha, you'll be able to do it as long as you work hard on cultivation. Within my Draconic Penitentiary, the number of powerful criminals will only increase, so you don't have to worry about a source for Divine Power," said Fang Ning calmingly.

"Yes, thank you for the support, Venerable One. I will work hard day and night to increase my potential." The Sky Eagle was overflowing with willpower, its eyes burning with an unending fire.

"Very well," said Fang Ning in satisfaction. He looked at the Heart River and suddenly, his heart wavered.

He then said to the Heart River, "Oh Heart River, I have a question, I wonder if you'll be able to answer it?"

"Handsome middle-aged man, tell me your question." Just as he expected, the River God's voice resounded from within the river.

'D*mn, I'm already a middle-aged man, but don't I still look like a young adult?'

Fang Ning was angry, but helpless. It was not like he could order the System to beat the River God to a pulp either.

He then asked, "I'm currently researching a book on the Dream-Cultivation Method. Do you have any advice for me?"

"I'm sorry, you have not offered enough to me so I cannot answer this question." The River God really was unbiased, for he did not even bother to take care of Fang Ning's prestige.

"Haha, very well then." Fang Ning did not force things either. He was never a person that believed in gods and deities anyway…

"Big Billionaire Host, why can't you look for Daqing, why research things alone?"

"Uh," Fang Ning was at a loss for words. Could he reveal that he had actually procrastinated so much that it had completely slipped his mind before?

"Oh, so you had completely forgotten it because you procrastinated too much," exclaimed the System in realization, "It was no wonder the System principles diagnosed you with severe procrastination… It's been a whole year but you've never forgotten yourself, how amazing!"

"D*mn, I should have picked up an ability that would help me shield my thoughts," said Fang Ning through gritted teeth. If things continued this way, would he have any privacy left?

"Haha, there's no point for you to learn something like that. Unless the strength of your spiritual sense reaches one-tenth of mine, otherwise I'll be able to see whatever I want to…" hooted the System.

"You're getting more and more impudent!" fumed Fang Ning.

"Haha, if you don't like it, then go practice," prodded the System.

"I'll tolerate you…" said Fang Ning brazenly, "Tomorrow, I'll go ask the great green insect so that I can cultivate the complete ability."

"Why can't you go look for the insect today? It's slightly past ten in the morning, and you have a whole day ahead of you."

"I just want to leave it for tomorrow…"

The next day, Fang Ning woke up, his eyes still half closed.

He remember what he said the day before and, biting back a yawn, said to the System, "Could you help me locate the great green insect?"

"Right next to you…"

"Oh," answered Fang Ning without much thought, before he exclaimed, "The great green insect is in the Draconic Arcane Realm again? Did you send it there?"

"Yes. While you were sleeping, I went to look for it," hummed the System gleefully, "You see, I've saved you from so much trouble."

"Thank you, thank you…" said Fang Ning with sincere gratitude, "I'll go look for it now. By the way, give me about ten of those Empyrean Pills."

"Why do you need so many? I'll only give you three, so you better think about what you should ask like what are the most difficult parts of that Dream-Cultivation Method of yours," deadpanned the System.

"If three is what you're giving, then three it is." As Fang Ning spoke, he extended a hand into the System Preservation Area and skillfully received three Empyrean Pills together with about ten pills of Honey-flavored Pills.

"I saw that, so they're all going into your tab," reminded the System gleefully.

"How stingy. Why can't I take a few of your Honey-flavored Pills? Back in the days, I didn't even need to pay when I ate out in Qi City." After his words fell, Fang Ning swaggered into the Draconic Arcane Realm.

"Of course you didn't have to pay, you always ate at your restaurants…"

Fang Ning ignored the jab. Once he entered the Draconic Arcane Realm, the first thing he heard was Daqing's singing…

"Ginseng, oh, ginseng, grow up quick, grow up soon, then I'll have a taste of you…"

"Hiss," Fang Ning sucked in a deep breath, "Daqing, your singing is getting out of hand, or could it be that the old ginseng has been brainwashed by your singing?"

The ginseng's leaves were lush and green, its roots peeking out of the ground, and it shook vigorously to the great green insect's song. It seemed to be listening to the song quite intently; did it not understand the lyrics?

That's impossible; this fellow was a lickspittle, so why would it not understand?

At this moment, the great green insect was leaning against the roots of the old ginseng as it sang.

Hearing Fang Ning's words, it turned its head and sneered, "You little White Dragon, don't speak nonsense. I'm merely helping Younger Brother Ginseng grow fast, can't you tell?"

'Alright', Fang Ning rolled his eyes as he thought to himself, 'Daqing really is a Lake-level insect. I'm currently a soul in human form, yet it recognized I was the Venerable White Dragon.

'Besides, it hasn't seen me as the Venerable White Dragon a lot too.'

Fang Ning immediately expressed his admiration, "You have quite the eyesight, Lady Daqing, since you found out I was the Venerable White Dragon."

Since his true identity was already discovered by Zhi Nan, there was no need for him to hide behind it any longer. The System was right—if he was strong enough, he would not even need to hide behind it anymore.

It was just like the history of many powerful forces. In the beginning, many core characters hid behind countless shadow identities, but once they had to ascend the stage, the shadow identities were no longer needed.

"I didn't recognize you, Younger Brother Ginseng had told me. You've once announced yourself as the Venerable White Dragon before."

"Haha," laughed Fang Ning dryly upon hearing those words, before he ordered the Claus who was standing to the side, "Three days from now, remember to water this old ginseng a little less…"

"Yes, yes, as you say," answered Claus sincerely, not even bothering to question why.

"Why did you have that honest stone person water it less?" asked the great green insect in confusion.

"Haha, I think this old ginseng has too much water in its brain. If we continue watering it too much, I'm worried it'll drown to death…" said Fang Ning seriously.

"Uh…" the great green insect had no idea how to respond, so it quickly switched the topic, "White Dragon, why did you come looking for me?"

"Oh, recently I've been researching an ability, but I've stumbled upon some hurdles, so I'm here to ask Lady Daqing for your advice," declared Fang Ning solemnly.

Right after he spoke, he swung his hand outwards and a stack of printed papers appeared. This was the information he had printed when he was feeling slightly more diligent while he researched the Dream-Cultivation Method.

"I'm not going to look at those. Abilities are difficult things, so I'll definitely have indigestion if I swallow those," said the great green insect while it shook its head, "Then I'll have to eat those Empyrean Pills after that. Although they're tasty, my appetite always increases for a week after. Although that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I've spent all my money on food, and I even have unpaid food bills now too…"

"I apologize. I've never eaten the Empyrean Pills, so I had no idea they had such side effects…" mumbled Fang Ning in embarrassment.

He never expected for the cost to be so great. He had caused the innocent and pure great green insect to be riddled with debt, what a crime he had committed.

"I don't blame any of you, but any time you want to ask me questions from now onwards, pay for my meals for the entire week after too…" said the great green insect, its eyes rolling as it spoke.

Fang Ning was speechless, but he told the System, "I retract whatever I just thought. The great green insect is so sneaky now, I'm so upset…"

"Look at you. I've told you before, we take the color of our company. The world is changing as we know it, humans are changing, so insects have to change too," sniggered the System.

"Then you must be a terrible influence, even the once innocent and pure great green insect has become like this. Don't forget, the Great Azure Dragon interacted with the great green insect the most, so this is all your doing…" retorted Fang Ning.

"…" The System was immediately rendered speechless.

Fang Ning then continued through gritted teeth, "If a week's meals is what you want, then a week's meals is what you get. Come over here and eat this for me. Solve all the difficult problems in there and give me the complete one."

As he spoke, he passed the papers along with an Empyrean Pill.

"Very well, I'll definitely make you satisfied," lilted the great green insect. Without saying anything more, it swallowed everything in a single gulp.

"Haha, thank you, thank you." Fang Ning was quite stunned. When comparing being a glutton, nobody could hold a candle to the great green insect at all.

A moment later, a swirling galaxy once again appeared around the great green insect, and the universe appeared once more.

Claus, who was watching everything unfold by the side, jumped slightly at the sudden situation. His face went pale and he could only watch the swirling galaxy in stunned silence.

Nobody knew what he was thinking, but there was undoubtedly a shift in his expression.

As for the Tom the tiger, who was lying on a hill in the distance and unaware that it had become the mount of two unscrupulous fellows, was also watching the scene unfold in curiosity.

When the universe had appeared at the Divine Gate, it had caused an uproar and countless people were stunned.

However, the pair in the midst of the situation were busy with their own matters, which meant they did not go to the Divine Gate to witness the miraculous situation.

This was the first time they were witnessing this, so their surprise was to be expected.

Tom silently descended the hill in a bid to see things up close. It had a feeling that it would be able to discover more things if it went closer.

The great green insect had its eyes closed and its mouth shut, as if it were deep in thought.

An hour passed, and its eyes did not open.

Two hours passed, and its eyes still remained shut.

Three hours passed…

"Hahaha, Mr. Rich Boss, I think that ability of yours is riddled with problems. You're probably going to tire the great green insect out, and I doubt a week's worth of meals will be enough at this point. I want to get this straight, the money for the food is coming out of your savings, and it's not going to be any of my business," jibed the System as it rejoiced in Fang Ning's misfortune.

"So are you saying I can't afford to pay for a week's worth of food? Why do you still call me Mr. Rich Boss then? By the way, can't you complete abilities too? Why didn't you help me out in the first place?" grumbled Fang Ning.

"You haven't even picked up the rudiments of that sh*tty ability of yours yet, and yet you want me to theorize it? If I were so powerful, I would've given myself an extraordinary ability that no spirit nor devil will be able to circumvent long ago…" scoffed the System.

"Huh, with the great green insect, I might be able to come up with an extraordinary ability too…" Fang Ning seemed to have suddenly realized something amazing.

"Huh, that really seems to be so. How incredible, Mr. Rich Boss." It had been a while since the System had said those words of praise.

"Haha, once you heard about something that would also be beneficial to you, you immediately stooped to flattery. I've really got to hand it to you. Can't you be carry yourself a bit more like a hero?" Fang Ning was dumbstruck.

"I'm no hero, Vigilante A is, and you're Vigilante A, so being a hero has nothing to do with me," said the System shamelessly.

"Hmph, I don't want to waste my breath with you. I hope that the great green insect will power through since whether or not I'll become powerful depends on this Dream-Cultivation Method," wearied Fang Ning.Li is a Chinese unit of length measuring half a kilometer.