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435 Heaven Loves to Dote on Dumb Children

Above the Pacific Ocean, Vigilante A swooped in and out, killing all sorts of monsters until they cried towards the heavens.

In the past, although Vigilante A's flying sword was fast, it still gave others reaction time. However, now that he learned the Space Diversion technique, he matched it with his own inhuman combat skills, making it impossible for others to defend against.

Over the whole ocean, countless monsters fled in all directions, lamenting and screaming.

"Damn you, Heaven, you tricked us!" Words like that came in an endless stream.

However, they had already forgotten that the Heavenly Axiom only informed them on when the Stairway opened. It never guaranteed that they would not die...

They also forgot that the greater the benefit, the higher the risk. There was no such thing as a place with great benefits but minimal risks unless your Daddy was in charge...

Vigilante A was as calm as a machine, appearing behind one monster in one moment and behind another in the next.

When he left, the target was already dead…

Before an hour, the names in Sir System's little notebooks decreased rapidly.

Those with special endowments were imprisoned in the Draconic Penitentiary, but most of them lost their souls and turned into experience points, feeding the System.

Fang Ning turned a deaf ear to this. He was already used to ignoring those pleas for mercy. Besides, he understood that there were no innocent creatures that fell from the System's hands.

After farming to an extent, a black fog drifted over the sky. They were all left behind by dead evildoers, like the mantle of Death.

Suddenly, Vigilante A stopped. Then, he continued to farm the evildoers.

System Notification:

[The System is evaluating…]

[The System is evaluating…]

[The System has decided to continue farming monsters…]

Fang Ning was surprised to see the system notification while watching the monster-killing live-broadcast. He felt slightly odd and hurriedly asked, "Sir, what are you evaluating?"

"I saw outsiders arriving at the place my beloved Earthly Monument is from the System Map, so I thought about it a little."

"What did you decide on?

"Aren't you watching me already? I'm getting rid of evil. As a Hero System, I can't abandon the public for private reasons," Sir System said righteously.

"Nope, you must have realized that there won't be any problems with the Earthly Monument treasure, so you decided not to rush over there and pick off these little profits first." Fang Ning hit the nail on the head.

System Notification: [The Host saw through the System's Verbal Technique, Intuition has increased.]

The System, "..."

Fang Ning, "..."

Fang Ning only spoke after a while, "This rule of yours always shows us the notification of 'Intuition has increased', but what exactly is Intuition?"

"How did that little ant bring us the treasure that time? It was because of my Intuition and Luck that brought it to my side. However, if I couldn't discern that it was a good thing, it would have been put to sleep by my vital energy defense." The System quickly changed the topic.

"I see, no wonder I can foresee some good and bad luck now. Can you quantify your intuition like the other attributes? Take for example your Luck. You have more than 50 points now. How much Intuition do you have now?"

"It can't be quantified. It's a mystery among mysteries, you can only use 'beginner, intermediate, advanced, and master' levels to mark it." Sir System explained.,

"Then tell me, what's my Intuition now?"

"Not even beginner-level…"

"That's impossible!" Fang Ning became flustered. "I often get sudden inspirations and predict good and bad fortune. How is it I don't even have beginner-level Intuition? What's your level?"

"Hehe, I won't say it for your sake." The System said gleefully.

"How much is it?" Fang Ning insisted.

"Master-level," replied the System.

"Impossible. You're just a dumb System with 0 EQ and IQ. How can you Intuition be that high?" Fang Ning expressed disbelief, "This isn't scientific at all."

"A certain wise man once said, 'Heaven loves to dote on dumb children'. That's why my Intuition is high," The System said proudly.

"Hehe, you finally admitted to being dumb," Fang Ning too the opportunity to jab.

The System, "..."

While the two conversed, Vigilante A never stopped moving. He swept the entire area above the ocean clean of monsters before finally leaving.

Vigilante A did not seem to care if the next season's Stairway to Heaven event would be as pomp and grand.

However, it was better if they did not come either. The resources could be distributed to better deserving people.

That was why Fang Ning never stopped the actions of Sir System.

Vigilante A flew back to his hometown in Qi City. Fang Ning had no doubts that the reason why he did not use Space Diversion was that the move cost a lot. This was the System's way of recuperating.

He returned to the farm villa in Qi City. It was still peaceful here, like an isolated paradise. This place had not been touched by the bustle of the outside world at all.

Fang Ning glanced around and saw fresh flowers everywhere around the villa. The vegetation was vibrant and lush, and the farmers worked diligently in serving the valuable flowers and trees.

Without powerful strength, how would it be possible to enjoy such peacefulness?

Thinking about this, Fang Ning started to ponder about what he should do. However, no matter how he thought, he could not come up with anything.

'It can't be helped. A lazy person… Does not have a vision in one's eyes.'

As Fang Ning was racking his brain, Gu Buwei sent a message over.

"The Master of the Earthly Monument has appeared and is assisting in its growth. It'll be the time for it to be born in around six months."

"Hiss…" Fang Ning was horrified. "Sir, your baby will be taken by another person in six months."

"What? It'll only be born after six months? That's still a long way. Thankfully I didn't go over earlier, otherwise countless little monsters would have escaped. As expected, my Master-level Intuition won't lie to me. My beloved Earthly Monument won't run away," Sir System said in satisfaction.

"You're missing the point. There's someone trying to take your treasure away. Aren't you concerned at all?" Fang Ning warned.

"Hmph, I've seen that person already. It's just a mere Pond-level little demon, how would it dare to touch my treasure? I'll let it incubate my baby for a while and pay him for his services when the time comes," the System said casually.

"No, I think we'd better go there. We can't be careless. You've seen how useful the Heavenly Monument was. If we weren't its Master, how would China gain so many benefits? The Truth Department also made things very convenient for us. We're only able to build the Morality City thanks to their help," said Fang Ning.

"Fine, let's go." The System was unable to dissuade Fang Ning. After all, Fang Ning understood the situation better.

After a while, Vigilante A arrived at the volcanic crater Gu Buwei was at.

Looking down, he saw that the magma pool was still covering the black lotus.

Under the black lotus, there was an extra piece of black carbon among the bright red magma.

That black carbon floated in the magma. It moved occasionally, drifting along.

Outside the magma pool, Gu Buwei stared straight at the black carbon.

Beside him, there was another unattractive and skinny man standing to the side, looking very respectful.

"Venerable One, you've arrived," Gu Buwei suddenly looked up and floated above the crater.

"Hm, is that fella down there the Master of the Earthly Monument?" Fang Ning pointed to the skinny man, thinking, 'This person really is unattractive. You really can't judge a book by its cover.'

After all, not every main character could be as handsome and awe-inspiring as Vigilante A.

"No, it's that lump of black carbon in the magma pool," Gu Buwei pointed to the magma and corrected.

"Hiss…" Fang Ning was secretly shocked but did not express any emotion on his face.

Compared to that unattractive and skinny guy, that lump of black carbon really did resemble a protagonist more.

It was no wonder he could become the Master of the Earthly Monument.

A protagonist was not afraid of being ugly. They were only afraid that they did not have any outstanding characteristics, which would make them forgettable to others.