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424 Too Smart For Your Own Good

Vigilante A followed the grey ant to a small cave. He thought for a moment and transformed into a mini dragon…

"Hehe, Sir, you are the best. You'd willingly become a mouse for a treasure…" Fang Ning looked at the mini dragon through the System View.

"I am not afraid since no one sees me. My dignity is still intact," Sir System argued.

"Right, that makes sense," Fang Ning ignored the System and followed the ant.

The cave was small and dark leading to an unknown depth underground. It was confusing as to how the ant managed to climb a thousand meters below

'Wait, this ant is not a normal ant…'

Fang Nin realized something before the ant climbed down through the cave. Its speed was not much different compared to a sprinting man…

It was scary to imagine it, especially with its size.

"Oh my, even an ant can become a demon? I should've taken back my precious and check on the ant's characteristics," Fang Ning was reminiscing on the days he still had his precious gamebook.

"I can do that for you as well," Sir System replied, "this an is the first ant that entered the Yin Energy Realm and experienced mutation."

System Notification: [The System gives the Host the information on a mutated ant.

[Mutated Ant, Name: N/A, Age: Three months, Sex: Male, Hobbies: Burrowing, storing food, finding treasures, Identity: Devil.]

[Alignment: Neutral.]

[Power Level: Mug-level Powerhouse with a special ability.]

"What's the point of having a special ability for a Mug-level?" Fang Ning felt relieved. An ant will always be just an ant, "What's there to be afraid of an ant?"

"You were once a Rice-level and was even worse than it is now," Sir System took a shot at Fang Ning's confidence.

The mini dragon continued to follow the little ant and after a moment, arrived at an underground palace.

It was not appropriate to call the place a palace. It was just a nest that was created underground with little to no decorations in it.

Fang Ning knew from the experience he had from his video game that that was just a home built by hard labor.

Vigilante A entered the main hall and returned into his human form.

He looked around before smelling something and going into thinking mode.

"Sir, are you familiar with the scent here?" Fang Ning asked.

"Tom the black cat stayed here for a long time…" Sir System answered certainly.

"Hehe, this is just what we need right now…" Fang Ning replied sarcastically.

"Heh, that's right," Sir System said and continued studying the next.

The people that excavated the nest still placed some care in their work. The main hall was clean and made of polished stone with four doors connected to different rooms.

Vigilante A was not interested in those rooms. He looked through the area with his spiritual sense and followed the ant.

The ant crawled towards a stone wall and disappeared after a moment.

Vigilante A walked towards it and walked past the wall.

The wall was just a disguise meant to cover a secret room behind it.

There was a stage in the secret room. Right on top of the stage was a pearl glowing in blue.

The ant started circling the pearl. However, whenever it tried to get near it, it would be deflected away by the blue light and fell to the ground on its back.

It saw Vigilante A enter the hall and quickly crawled over, holding onto the hair on his leg and starting to dance once again.

Fang Ning was surprised and asked, "Sir, what treasure is this?"

"Si…" Sir System was shocked, "Tom the black cat never gave up on its idea on our Yin Energy Realm. This pearl must be given to it by someone powerful as the pearl is full of the essence of death. Tom must be planning to get stronger by absorbing the Yin Energy and then forcefully take over the place before the Arcane Realm Axiom matures…"

"What? Tom is so wicked! Luckily, it still fell into its own trap at the end no matter how clever it was," Fang Ning replied, "God always has a plan."

Vigilante A lifted his hand and released some dragon energy towards the pearl.

The pearl tried to fight back with its blue light, but it was no match against a powerhouse like Vigilante A.

Even its owner, Tom the tiger, was having a rough time in the Draconic Arcane Realm.

A moment later, the pearl no longer released blue light and was completely devoured by the dragon energy and disappeared.

The ant was anxious as it saw the pearl disappear. It hung onto the strand hair and started swinging like it was complaining about the deal…

Vigilante A took out a Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pill.

"Brother ant, the pearl has no use for you. This pill, however, can help you grow faster. How about we exchange the pearl for this pill?"

The ant agreed to it once it sensed the sweetness flowing out of the pill like how the red Indians agreed to sell their land for a glass ball.

Vigilante A placed the pill down and left.

The little ant immediately held up the pill and chased after him.

"What's that ant doing?" Fang Ning was surprised.

"It wants to become our follower. Are you stupid?" Sir System replied.

"Wow, you're so experienced," Fang Ning said, "Oh well, we can let it stay in the Draconic Arcane Realm since the place still lacks some liveliness."

Inside the Draconic Arcane Realm, Tom the tiger was standing on the mountain feet and looking at the ant that was eating the pill while feeling curious.

"Eh, aren't you the ant that I killed with my Death's Eye?" Tom finally realized that it knew the ant…

The ant ignored it and continued eating its pill.

Tom activated its Death's Eye and stared at the ant.

The ant remained normal and continued what it was doing.

"You must be an actor. You are immune to the Death's Eye. How dare you fool me back then?!" Tom the tiger was furious and was ready to squash the ant to its demise.

The ant pointed to a direction without worries.

Tom the tiger looked up and saw Shi Da staring at it with a weird look.

It kept its claws back and its fierce look. Instead, it started softly patting the ant and said, "This ant looks like someone I knew back then."

"Oh, the Venerable One brought the ant back from the Morality City. It can be considered as your neighbor on earth, so it is not surprising for you to feel that it looks familiar. However, you should not harm it…" Shi Da replied.

Shi Da was a kind person. He always cared about the animals, so it was natural for him to protect the ant.

"Oh, I see, no wonder it looked familiar," Tom the tiger said and continued, "I am having a headache, so I am going back now. Help me take good care of this ant."

"Alright, brother tiger, you can go ahead. Come here, little ant. I shall make you a home in the herb garden. By the way, you shouldn't go around eating those herbs, but you can feast on the other bugs that eat those herbs," Shi Da said to the little ant.

The Whitestone people had their ways of eliminating pests, and one of them was to fight pests with stronger pests, just like how humans utilized birds in removing pests.

The little ant climbed onto Shi Da's arm and left.

Tom the tiger walked back to its hut and laid down before realizing something was wrong.

"Shit, my pearl!"

It realized that the ant might have done something horrible since it came from the Yin Energy Realm and Shi Da said that the Venerable One brought it back.

"Oh my, I am failing left and right. Zhi Nan, I need you to give me back my Death Pearl and my Yin Energy Realm!" Tom the tiger was angry.

Vigilante A held the pearl on his hand and stood next to a pond.

A month had passed, and the area was now filled with Yang Energy. The place looked peaceful, unlike previously, when it was deserted and creepy.

"Sir, what are you planning to do with this pearl?" Fang Ning asked.

"Previously, I had no idea how to combine the Axiom from the Yin Energy Realm with my power. However, I have a plan now…" Sir System answered.

"How are you going to do that?" Fang Ning continued asking.

"Hehe, I can't tell you now," Sir System remained secretive.

"I can guess without you telling me," Fang Ning replied, "You are going to bind this pearl to yourself first and let this pearl control the axiom in the Arcane Realm, while you control the pearl. Is that right?"

"Wow," Sir System was surprised, "Richman Host, how did you manage to guess that? I am planning to do that."

"I know what's on your mind," Fang Ning replied.

A moment later, System Notification started appearing.

[The System consumed ten million Experience Points and added the attribute "System Bind" to the Death Pearl.]

[The System converted the Yin property of the Death Pearl to Neutral.]

"Just like how I imagined," Fang Ning said.

A purplish green pearl appeared in the hand of Vigilante A, and he threw it into the pond.