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418 Like This, or Like This?

After successfully retrieving the Space Diversion Technique, Fang Ning was in good mood.

'From now on, we could bamf in and out to... scare people!'

In his joy, he bravely ruffled its hair. Tom immediately expressed its delight, its feline instinct kicking in...

"Here's a Honey-flavored Pill, why don't you take it for the trouble." Fang Ning retrieved a light-red pill and offered it to Tom.

Tom's eyes lit up as it licked it away with its red, spiky tongue.

"Thank you, Mr. Warden. Just tell me whatever you need me to procure. I'm still one of the more knowledgeable one in the Upper Realm." Tom thought, 'Exchanging an imperfect entry-level spatial technique for a rare medicinal pill like this, not bad...'

Tom had plenty of lame techniques like that—all left behind by the dead people.

Fang Ning chuckled and said a few more kind words before departing.

Seeing Fang Ning's departure, Tom was smiling in the beginning before eventually, its mouth drooped.

The excitement of being gifted with a pill had somehow disappeared.

It only felt a discomfort growing inside of it. The young warden, the Venerable White Dragon, was so easy to deceive.

It was just like it once upon a time...

At the time, it was also treating other cats with trust and generosity.

However, due to the diminishing vitality, it was betrayed by some two-faced cats and managed to escape to the Lower Realm with its dying breath and managed to restart from scratch.

It looked up at the green land with hardworking Whitestone people. One of them was even extra assiduous and never took breaks.

'If I were able to own this many friends and assets, I might not even step into this bloodied path of the Death...'

Tom had never killed or slaughtered the innocents. It had adhered to one principle that was to always be the bystander of any events.

That resulted in its survival in countless would-be fatal encounters, but also caused its will to not be sharpened.


Naturally, Fang Ning would not know the change in Tom's inner thoughts. All spies' psychology was complicated, so he would not worry about it.

He was, at the moment, setting up a plan for the System to launch an assault.

"If we've prepared our escape route, we can attack the main battlefield straight, destroy the traps, and take all the treasures away." Fang Ning said high-spiritedly.

"I agree with all that you've said in front, but will there really be treasures?" The System asked.

"If you're luring us, they would definitely have something decent. It's won't be as good as they had announced, but it wouldn't be that bad." Fang Ning said with confidence.

"That's fair. Let's go now, my precious can't wait for so long." As soon as the System completed its sentence, Vigilante A shifted and disappeared.

Fang Ning knew the System used the Space Diversion Technique, but he did not feel remotely dizzy or nauseated.

'Looks like as long as I stayed in the System Space, I would be immune to any magical effects too.'

'That's great. I was worried that I might get teleport-sickness, that wouldn't be nice.'

Shortly after, as Fang Ning looked out of the System View, he only saw some mysterious scenery.

In the distance was a blurry mountain range, and the area around him seemed to be a dried-up riverbank. Fang Ning knew there were no rivers on Mars, so it was probably a rocky ground after being weathered out.

Dark reddish rocks and coarse sands scattered all over, projecting a lifeless world.

Fang Ning thought of something and asked, "There's almost no oxygen on here, how do you even breathe?"

"I don't need to, all the vital energy I need, I got them through cycling my Internal Energy."

"I don't understand. I only knew that my body is already half a dragon and probably have no need for physical respiratory movements." Fang Ning stopped worrying about the environment.

"Where's the treasure?" Fang Ning continued to ask questions.

"I don't know either. I've already moved according to the map that they gave, where is the red light pillar? Where's the treasure? They're a bunch of scams who just wanted to lure me here." The System whined.

At this point, a voice rang out from the riverbed.

"Welcome to the Mars Cemetery, you filthy Earthling, lapdog of the Heavenly Axiom, stinky barbarian. We will hold your funeral here."

As the voice stopped, the dried riverbed changed.

Four Earthlings appeared on the riverbed.

The two men and two women looked really weird. It was like they had procedures done to have their faces look like silver platters. To be more specific, they looked like flat biscuits.

Not only were their faces round and big, they were also filled with holes and pits...

That was a weird sight. Contrary to everyone who tried to beautify their faces, they did plastic surgery to make themselves uglier.

The power of the mind was so powerful that it could even persuade people to ignore common sense.

"You are the Lunar Spirituals?" said Vigilante A lightly. "You all really looked like the moon."

"Stop your bullsh*tting, Vigilante A. You don't want to walk the path to heaven, but instead choose to jump into this doorless hell! Today next year will be your first death anniversary!" One of the men leaped out and screamed at Vigilante A.

"A bunch of mud chickens and clay dogs, scram!" Vigilante A roared, pushing sand and stones away.

On the riverbed, it was as if a force 10 storm was blowing as boulders and rocks moved, crushing toward the four Lunar Spirituals.

"Hmph, you plan to scare us away with trickery like this?"

The first man pointed his finger at the incoming storm, slowing the storm to a halt as all the sand, stones, and boulders stopped in mid-air. That alone showed his strength.

"All of them seemed to be Lake-levels. This is creepy. There are only so little Lake-levels among the humans, but why would these traitors, these Lunar People, were able to all attain Lake-level?" Fang Ning could not understand.

"What's so creepy about that? It's great! I thought I would waste a trip here, but now I realized, the treasure is them! Killing them would get me four billion experience points! I don't care how they become so strong so quickly." The System stressed.

"What do you know? You only know how to farm things." Fang Ning said speechlessly. "If we could understand how they advanced so quickly, we would be able to replicate that in the future for our own purposes."

"Oh, Mr. Big Spender, you're good. I know what to do... I'll kill three of them and spare one." The System answered.

"Smart." Fang Ning said contently.

Vigilante A stared at the four calmly without any expressions. He did not even show even a little murderous intent.

After the four taunted Vigilante A, they shared a look, turned and sprinted at four different directions. Some of them escaped through Burrowing, and the others escaped through Skyward Maneuvers. It seemed that they had done enough research to know Vigilante A's weakness.

He could only chase after one person at a time. So long as they have a few, the others could keep him occupied for a while.

After all, he did not have any clones.

As they were running away, they were laughing at Vigilante A. "Let's see how many people you can chase at once?"

"You mean, like this?" With a Space Diversion, Vigilante A appeared in front of one of them who tried escaping through the air and impaled him with his sword.

"Or is it like this?" Another Space Diversion later, he appeared underground in front of a Burrower who stared with intense fear.

"How would you know Space Diversion Technique? You shouldn't know this technique! In the intel we've received yesterday, it said you didn't know how to do that. Sir Pan is right, you can win against unwinnable enemies!"

"One day is enough for me to learn it. If you can't master it within a day, you're just an idiot," said Vigilante A lightly as he pierced his sword into the Burrower.

"They're Lake-levels, why are they so weak that they could die with that attack?" It was fun for Fang Ning to watch, but he was still in disbelief.

Even the Wicked Lunar Devil was much stronger than them...Meaning useless people who make the most noise