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405 A Cat’s Hard Life

Tom the black tiger; no, Tom the black cat; kneeled on the hill and looked as the Venerable White Dragon left. It felt relieved.

Somehow it felt that the guy knew everything about it when it was talking to him…

That feeling reappeared again…

'No way!' Tom was shocked and squeezed its tail.

It turned around and saw the horny-looking Shi Da was once again peeping at it in shadow.

"Brother Shi, what are you doing? Are you trying to count the ants?" It held back its thought of beating him and said with a smile.

"I want to know what's so different between you spiritual tigers and us the Whitestone. I had no idea that a spiritual creature like yourself have similar textures to us…" Shi Da said.

"Is that so? I am advising you to never do that again. You might put yourself in danger if you saw other tigers," Tom replied.

"Ah… I shall refrain myself in the future," Shi Da shook his head and replied cowardly.

"So long as you understand. I am going to rest soon. You can leave," the tiger walked into the small wooden cabin.

"Alright then," Shi Da was jealous. "Brother Tom must be from a rich family. The way he speaks is so different compared to us."

Tom ignored him and entered the cabin.

The house was not big, at around thirty plus square meters. It was even smaller than a toilet in its villa back in the states…

Back when it was just a cat, it never cared about the space. Now that it was a three to four-meter long tiger, the space was too small for it to even make a turn.

'Asshole, you take me as your master, yet this is how you treat me?'

Tom was furious before its face changed.

Lights started appearing from its body and covered the cabin.

"Haha, you are lucky, Tom. Vigilante A failed to see through your disguise. If not, you would've been locked up in the legendary Draconic Penitentiary."

A shadow appeared in the cabin as the sentence finished.

Tom could easily tell that the man was devil lord Zhi Nan just by the poised posture of the shadow.

He did leave a mark on its body. Luckily, it did not choose to run away in the first place.

It might become another pawn under his control if it did that…

Tom sighed before replying with a strong spirit, "I was shocked by your arrival. However, I am afraid that Vigilante A might sense your appearance here since this is his territory. Are you not afraid as well?"

"Haha, no I am not," Zhi Nan said with a smile, "You are the one who should be careful. I am just a projection right now…"

Tom cursed him deep inside.

It forced a smile and replied, "You are so funny. I believe that you already have a plan to remain unnoticed before you communicate with me with your projection?"

"Well, I don't have such a plan. This is a gamble," Zhi Nan said before he started observing the surrounding like he was trying to sense something.

Tom was even more hateful than before. It was not being taken care of as a pawn in his hand, just like how those that betrayed China were being treated…

However, it remained silent as it was afraid that an argument might attract Vigilante A's attention.

A moment later, Zhi Nan started commenting.

"Wow… Not bad. That is a piece of interspatial equipment. Fascinating. It would take me a lot of time and effort to make something similar."

Zhi Nan talked to himself and ignored the black cat.

"Vigilante A descended from the Upper Realm and started with nothing, yet in just a year's time he could create such equipment… He is far stronger than I imagined. This is right. That Long Wu was always over the top when he was talking about that person. That guy must be far better than every other divine being…"

'What? The hidden secret in this realm is the interspatial equipment that Vigilante A created?!

'And he made it in less than a year's time? Who is he actually?'

Tom the black cat was shocked. It finally understood the difference between itself and a true powerhouse!

Vigilante A had the power to disguise interspatial equipment into a paradise on earth.

The devil lord could see through the disguise easily.

It was feeling stupid since it had no idea what was happening all this while!

It had no idea it had willingly walked into a trap!

No wonder the Venerable White Dragon was so full of himself. He had nothing to worry about since the black cat was now in his pocket!

Tom thought about it for a moment and realized that there was only one thing it could do at that moment.

It immediately started licking the saint's boot. "You are really the most intelligent person in the world, devil lord. I have no idea what the secret here is, yet you can tell just by a single look. Vigilante A would never have imagined that you've figured out his secret."

"No, no," Zhi Nan shook his head. "I've still yet to uncover all his secrets. I only just found out his real identity and who his followers are. I still have no idea of his abilities, his power, his treasures…"

He looked at Tom at that instant.

Tom cursed once again deep in its mind. It knew that that would be part of its mission here…

It quickly said, "Don't worry, devil lord. I will get that information for you. I have gained his trust. I don't know why, but he has yet to learn the Space Diversion Technique even though he was already so powerful. I am using that as a lure."

"Haha, who would know the reason behind that? Maybe he lost half of his power when he descended and possessed a human body?" Zhi Nan guessed.

"Who is the human that he possessed? Can you answer that, devil lord?" Tom the black cat asked.

"You don't need to know that. All you need to remember is he is a kind person. He will reward you greatly so long as you work hard for him. The Divine Monument is not that important for him. However, you need to focus your effort on that frog and try to get close to it. I know you are very good at making friends, Tom," Zhi Nan replied with a smile.

"Understood," Tom nodded.

"Great. Be careful of yourself. Remember, keep your mission in mind and you will soon reach your goal."

Zhi Nan looked at Tom one last time before disappearing.

"Goodbye, devil lord," the tiger kowtowed.

Once the projection completely disappeared, Tom lifted its head and sighed.

"Damn it, my cat's life is getting harder… I need to deal with both Vigilante A and Zhi Nan, and a single misstep would end my life," it said to itself, "I am now in his pocket while Old Man Huang is trapped in the penitentiary. Should I have become a nice cat in the first place?"

'Oh well, we shall see as time goes by. I can cultivate for the time being since the vitality is quite concentrated here as well.

'Since I cannot cultivate the Path of Death here, I should just train some of my abilities…'

A moment later, white light appeared from the black tiger, and it looked focused…The tiger asked Shi Da to leave by asking him to 跪安, which is a term used in the palace back in the older times in China.