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Fang Ning knew what Tom the black cat was hiding in its pocket. He realized that it was hiding something away from him, most likely a booby trap or something of the sort.

Unfortunately, it had no idea that the lawless Sir System could master anything he learned just by spending his experience points….

Both the cat, no, the tiger and the human looked at each other with smiles like they were friends that had not met each other in a while...

"A bunch of actors… I feel pressured around you two," Sir System said.

"Hehe. Life is like a stage play, and we need to play along to survive," Fang Ning replied with confidence.

Fang Ning was excited as he managed to settle the tutorship issue.

"Brother tiger, you are my master now since you decided to teach us the Space Diversion Technique. Come, come, I shall arrange some nice accommodation for you. I should also get someone to handle your daily lives for you…" Fang Ning was being considerate.

"Let me do that, I can help take care of brother tiger," the fat Whitestone, Shi Da, immediately nominated himself for the job.

Tom the black cat looked at Shi Da furiously. If it was not for the honest Whitestone man, it would still be in disguise.

It was actually right. Both Fang Ning and Sir System would have never realized it if the Whitestone had not done what he did.

Claus was in a similar situation. Fang Ning accidentally realized his abnormality after months of work.

However, Tom could not express its anger. It held back the fire inside it and said with a smile, "Thank you in advance then…"

"You're welcome. Since you are fresh here, I shall take good care of you to continue the spirit of our master. Also, should I address you as brother Tom or sister Tom…" Shi Da asked reluctantly.

'Why did you peek at my privacy if you know anything about being shy?!'

The black cat was furious as it heard it.

"Si…" Fang Ning took a deep breath and looked at Shi Da.

'Is the honest guy started to fancy the tiger? It used to be just a sculpture?'

This would be something hard to conclude, as its race was one that came from the Upper Realm.

To it, It was nothing out of the ordinary for it to be this weird, since there was also a fair share of weirdos living among the humans.

Tom the black cat continued to suppress its anger and said, "What are you saying, brother Shi? My race is on the verge of extinction in the Upper Realm, and I am still trying to find a female partner to continue our species. Since brother Shi descended earlier than me, can you help me find out if there are any other descenders from the Spiritual Tiger Clan around?"

"Oh, I see," Shi Da looked disappointed.

Fang Ning was shocked by what he was looking and decided to keep a distance from him.

Tom the black cat felt sad and realized the difficulty of being undercover!

No wonder people always said that one would need to sacrifice everything to be undercover, because that was not a job for a normal human.

It could not imagine how much its predecessors gave up to be successful in such a career…

That was the first time it felt regretful for its decision to work alongside the devil lord. It should have moved immediately after the devil lord found its home.

It blamed itself for being greedy and trying to ride on his coattails. Unfortunately for it, the devil lord sent it into a difficult situation before it could make its fortune from him…

Suddenly it felt that all the Whitestone people were looking at it lustfully…

It realized its mistake for choosing a strong and powerful black tiger as its disguise!

Its disguise had diverged the Whitestone people's orientation!

Luckily, Fang Ning spoke up at the right time to break the awkwardness.

"Brother tiger, look. You can stay in the villa right there on the mountaintop. That place is so high above the ground and looks suitable for a spiritual tiger like yourself," Fang Ning pointed to the left and said.

A few hundred meters away, there was a small dirt hill standing at ten meters tall.

A wooden house was being built right on top of the hill.

The cabin was made using round wood. It was small and short, and its exterior looked aged.

That, according to Fang Ning, was the hilltop villa.

Tom the black cat saw the cabin and scolded in its heart.

'That's a hilltop villa? You must be looking down on my intelligence after my self-introduction just now!

'You really think I have no idea how a villa should look like?

'How wrong you are. I was living in a 20,000 square meter villa in the US, with three hundred plus maids looking after the place. I drove was Lincolns, Porsches, Bugatti Veyrons…

'Not only that, my fur was constantly trimmed by those beautiful ladies from the Global Power Balance Association…

'The treatment I am receiving here is unforgivable!'

Claus, who was working in the herb garden, put down the fertilizer on him and wiped away his sweat.

He was the only one not there to see the black tiger among the Whitestone people.

Even though he could not read its mind, his instinct told him that the black tiger who came out of nowhere might be doing the same thing as he was. He felt that the tiger might be a spy as well…

The best course of action when there were two spies in the same vicinity was to avoid meeting each other. The only outcome that would come of their meeting would be that both spies would try to expose each other, but in the end, they would both be exposed.

He looked at the tiger in awe and felt jealous that the tiger had a villa all to itself…

He himself somehow had to mix with the other Whitestone people and slept in the small place while listening to them snoring.

The Whitestone people were used to living together ever since they were rejected in the Upper Realm.

They would feel unsafe if they stayed alone, and soon they would have insomnia if they could not hear each other's snores as they slept.

Tom the black cat did not realize the existence of Claus. At that moment, it was moving into the wooden villa while followed by Shi Da.

Sir System said immediately, "Alright, we have given all that we should. Push it now to teach me the Space Diversion Technique."

Fang Ning replied, "Calm down. This must be an advanced technique. You must learn to take things slower. This black cat will have leverage against us if it finds out our eagerness to learn the technique."

"Oh, I see," Sir System said, "Why didn't Gu Buwei or Bodhisattva Spirit King teach us the technique since they know it?"

"Didn't you hear what the black cat said just now? A true dragon will naturally learn the technique as it grows…" Fang Ning paused for a moment before continuing in realization, "Damn, this black cat is not a kind-hearted one."

"I don't understand. Can you get to the point?" Sir System was confused.

"This technique must have a high requirement before we can learn it since the two others chose not to mention this to us. They must be afraid that we might injure ourselves if we were to learn this technique before we reach the minimum requirement. This cat is trying to lure us to learn it by talking about it…" Fang Ning said after thoroughly analyzing the situation.

"I see. I would've requested the Bodhisattva to repay his debt… part of his debt, by teaching us this technique if I know he had such thought. I can learn any technique so long as I am ok with it, and would never injure myself doing it," Sir System said.

Fang Ning comforted Sir System before asking the black tiger to have a good rest. He also told the tiger to order Shi Da if it required anything.

He thought for a moment and gave the black tiger a honey-flavored pill.

"This is a honey-flavored pill from the Dragon Clan. It has incredible effects, and we usually don't give these out easily. Only those whom I ower a favor or close to me could get their hands on this. I shall now give you one to recover. You can teach me the technique in your free time since I have no use for it now."

Fang Ning acted like he didn't take the technique that seriously.

Fang Ning's action angered Claus, who was eavesdropping on their conversation from afar…

While he was working tirelessly, all he got were normal vitality pills, even though those pills were far better than what he received in the Upper Realm.

However, the honey-flavored pill had a sweet scent to it. Even his spirit could taste the sweetness coming out from the pill.

That pill really must have come from heaven because there was no way the human realm could have the recipe for such a thing.

A normal vitality pill could not be compared with it.

Tom the black cat accepted the pill and smelled it. It was shocked by the power of the pill.

The pill had incredible effects on the body. It was wondering how strong someone would become if they were to take such a pill for a long period of time.

No wonder the young man who called himself the Venerable White Dragon was stronger spiritually compared to monsters that were hundreds of years old, even though he only lived for around 30 years…

It finally understood that good and bad things always came in a package. When it was accepting the mission, it failed to detect any harm coming its way, and it was right.

Tom decided to slow down the pace as it saw the benefits of becoming undercover…

It said thankfully, "You are so kind, Venerable White Dragon. I have yet to do my job and you have already rewarded me with this. This is…"

'You can continue your act,' Fang Ning saw that there was no new notification.

Even though the cat was thanking him, it had no sign of becoming his ally. It was not being honest.

Fang Ning returned to the System Space after dealing with the black cat. He started daydreaming instead of going online or playing his video game.

Sir System asked, "What are you doing?"

"Ai, I feel that I have a lonely life. Seems like no one is strong enough to be my nemesis. So lonely," Fang Ning replied.

"Oh, you are acting again," Sir System said.

"What acting? I am in a different state of mind… You won't get it," Fang Ning refuted.

"Fine. If you have the time to daydream why don't you eat your pills and start training? Look at the black cat and Claus. A single honey-flavored pill can make them salivate so much, yet you only know to eat it like it's your snack. I am letting you know that I am keeping track of your debt."

"Look at you, doing what you do best again. You should stop being so particular about these things," Fang Ning changed the topic. "I am going to do some important work. I need to revisit the Dream-Cultivation method that we left behind for a while."

Fang Ning lied on the sofa and closed his eyes after finished talking. A moment later, he started snoring.

"Damn you. Are you sleeping or cultivating?" Sir System asked.

Fang Ning didn't reply, like he was really in the middle of cultivation.