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393 Tools Are Not Allowed Inside

The Divine Gate remained open while Vigilante A continued to kill smaller creatures. The larger ones were all gathered by the gate itself…

Three days had passed since then, and Vigilante A was patrolling above a border town.

He just threw a drunkard, who was harassing a teenage girl, into a police car that was moving at a sharp angle before looking at the drunkard fly out of the car at even greater speed.

A silver-colored titanium hand appeared from the police car, and it was covered with alcohol.

Vigilante A stopped before he flew away.

A 2-meter tall man donning silver-colored armor walked out of the car.

He looked at the drunkard and scolded him with a fierce face before cuffing him up and pushing him back into the car.

He looked up at Vigilante A and gave a thumbs-up before turning it downwards.

"Is he trying to taunt us?" Sir System was confused.

"This metal guy is weird. Don't you feel that this man is filled with devilish energy with a grassy smell?" Fang Ning noticed something was wrong.

"Richman Host, you've improved. Yes, those are the two scents I caught."

"I think I know what's going on. This must be a new weapon that those Americans created. Seems like they're not happy with us intruding on their territory. They must be trying to take back the duty of cleaning the streets while telling us to stop being a busybody…" Fang Ning replied thoughtfully.

"What? Aren't they ingrateful? This place would have been in utter chaos if we hadn't shown up every day catching those criminals." Sir System was unhappy about it.

"Well, the thing is, they've got a point as well." Fang Ning was not satisfied either, but he chose to comfort him. "Let's forget about this. We're also in the midst of altering our sources of income. Just hold it for a few months. Everything will be easy once we can settle the sourcing of materials for the wishing lamp. By then, they'll start kneeling and begging for us."

Vigilante A remained unfazed. The Robocop started yelling at him instead of driving off.

A cold emotionless voice appeared.

"So, you're Vigilante A? I'm Robocop X001. From this day on, you will no longer be welcome here. This area will be restricted from your entry."

Vigilante A did not reply and stared at him blankly.

The Robocop felt satisfied and was ready to leave the area.

An emotionless voice suddenly appeared.

"Robocop X001? No. Your name is Wallace Cowood. Your mother is Regina Cowood. Your father is Ian Cowood. Your grandfather is Lorne Cowood. 7 months ago, I saved them when they were being robbed at gunpoint at the Everglades National Park in Chicago…"

The Robocop was stunned. His face turned red.

He held his head with his titanium hands and did not reply.

He knew that Vigilante A was not lying. His family described the story to him when he was training inside a secret base.

"Think properly before you try to be opinionated…" Vigilante A said before flying off.

Robocop X001 remained silent until a bolt of lightning traveled across his body.

He fainted right next to the police car.

A moment later, three men appeared next to him. They were Zhi Nan, Master Abraham, and Chief Hook.

Zhi Nan shook his head and said, "Looks like he still has a lot of human emotions left in him. There's no way he can even pass the first level of the Stairway to Heaven in his current state."

Chief Hook frowned and said, "We've already planted a microchip in his brain and most of his organs are replaced with machines. According to the latest research, the majority of human emotions start from organs near the chest. If that's the case, he shouldn't have this much left behind."

"You will need to ask Master Abraham." Zhi Nan replied while pointing towards the Druid Grand Wizard.

"Eh, what is going on, master?" Chief Hook felt suspicious.

"That is right. I am the one who kept those emotions intact. Humans are humans because we have the ability to feel and think. Can he be looked at as a human in the future if we are to strip those away from him?" Abraham argued.

"Hmph, what we need now is an efficient and emotionless machine, not a human. A machine does not need a stand. His stand belongs to who owns him." Chief Hook was furious.

Abraham remained silent.

"What now, Master Zhi Nan?" Chief Hook moved his expectations onto Zhi Nan.

He felt that the devil lord was easier to work with compared to the stubborn Master Abraham.

"Hehe, I have the Scripture of Great Wisdom. Once he learned this, he will surely remove his useless human emotions. Along with the technology of USA, he will be as strong as Vigilante A without the feelings and self-consciousness. He will not feel anything from then on."

"We will reward you greatly if you are willing to teach him that, master." Chief Hook was delighted.

'If we can start mass producing machines that are as powerful as Vigilante A, we will not need to wait any longer before the US can regain its title as the best of the world.

'We will rise once again!'

As Chief Hook was thinking, he saw Zhi Nan point towards the Robocop. Words flew out from his fingers and immediately rushed into the body of the fainted Robocop X001.

Moments later, the machine stood up once again.

His eyes were cold and no longer felt human.

If he was placed in the previous situation in his current state, he would no longer taunt Vigilante A, Instead, he would ignore him unless he was taunted in turn.

"Good. He can go to the Stairway to Heaven after a few more rounds of testing." Zhi Nan said in satisfaction.

"Thank you, master." Chief Hook felt thankful.

"You are welcome. We both have goals to achieve." Zhi Nan replied calmly.

'They are like two cunning foxes.

'Unfortunately, do you really think you would be more intelligent compared to an old fox that has lived for thousands of years, Chief Hook?

'Don't you know that your treasures might be another person's trash?'

'Maybe we'll be surprised by what the other part of the deal actually looks like in the future once it is revealed.'

Abraham thought to himself by the side.

Another three days went by. The representative from the USA was standing proudly right outside the Divine Gate.

Behind him stood the emotionless cyborg, and everyone was looking at them.

"Is this their secret weapon?"

"What is this? A cyborg, machine, Gundam, or Ultraman?"

The bystanders started murmuring among themselves while letting slip their age. (TN: Gundam and Ultraman are old cartoons that were popularized in the 90's and early 2000's)

"Looks like it's something abnormal!"

"That's right. After suffering for a year, they must be planning for a grand comeback!" some of them said.

Those that were invited to watch the competition outside the Divine Gates were either VIPs or leaders.

They all had hoped that someone might appear and ensure that China was not having all the fun themselves. They were always hoping to achieve a balance in the power scale.

"Hehe. Everyone, this is Robocop, the product of combining both our technology and the power from the Upper Realm!

"His presence will bring peace to the future and eliminate all evil in the world!"

"What?!" Demons and spirits from the other side of the Divine Gate turned and looked at him with fierce gazes.

The representative started sweating. He just realized that the place he was standing had the most devilish presence in the world at that moment.

He quickly changed the topic and said, "Now, we; the US; will send him as the representative for the human race and compete in the Stairway to Heaven!"

As he finished, everyone turned and looked towards them.

There were still many powerhouses in the area that acknowledged human technological advancements.

At least, there were no other living organisms on earth that could do what they had achieved. In a million years, they had managed to create intelligence and brought about multiple technological evolutions in the next thousands of years.

What would have been waiting at the finish line of the technological era would have been unimaginable if the vitality era had never arrived!

Maybe they would have migrated to other stars, or everything might disappear at the end. However, everyone knew that the potential of the technological era was not any worse than the current era.

They were all ready to see what the best product of technology could do.

The emotionless Robocop looked like he had received his order earlier. He arrived at the registration counter in China and gave his name.

"Name: Robocop X001. Race: Human."

After finishing his registration, he walked towards the Divine Gate without any emotions.

They knew that he was relatively strong just by looking at the steps he took. He was at least a Bucket-level powerhouse…

He walked towards the Divine Gate.

He took a step into the door.

Then he flew back out immediately…

Everyone was shocked and looked at each other as they were confused.

At that moment, a light shone onto the Divine Gate and a sentence appeared on the door frame.

"Tools are not to enter alone."