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358 A Little Flower La La La

"Gu Buwei is really wealthy, it'll be great if Zhi Nan stops him more than just twice…" Sir System could not help but sound hopeful and excited.

Fang Ning was extremely after hearing it, that unfortunate child was probably still very grateful towards Sir System…

"What's with the ragged artifacts, melt them all and recycle the materials. Antique calligraphy and paintings? What are all these, they sound very valuable…?"

Sir System asked Fang Ning.

"Substandard during troubled times but precious during prosperous times, they're depreciating quite a lot at the moment. These antique calligraphy and paintings will probably only be worth much in the future, keep them in the Preservation Area first."

Fang Ning was not fond of antiques, nor did he possess professional knowledge. He only knew that these things were expensive indeed, and they were costlier during flourishing times.

Currently, nothing should be done as people were anxious. It was a perfect time for some professionals to do value investing.

Therefore, Sir System stored the exquisite paintings and china into the System Preservation Area.

As of now, the place was almost turning into a general store. If it were not for Zheng Dao who helped with sales and transferred some useless items in time.

No matter how huge the space was, it could not withstand how Sir was filling it up 24 hours.

Fang Ning held it in for a while before he finally said, "Sir, you won't need my body to check on artifacts, grant me ten off days first…"

Sir System said convincingly, "Do whatever you like, from now onwards I won't bother you for ten days. If you're extremely bored, you can take a walk around Draconic Arcane Realm, it's safe there and the place is spacious. Besides, there's a number of acquaintances there."

Fang Ning was at a loss for words, he said madly, "You're just going to improvise like that? I shouldn't have told you Zhi Nan's background… Sir System, you've changed, you're no longer the honest system in the past."

While Sir System counted Gu Buwei's properties in his interspatial equipment, it said boldly, "One is influenced by the surrounding and environment, I've been influenced by you. Moreover, I didn't lie, I said to grant you ten days off, I didn't say that I'll end the seizing of your body…"

"Wow, you better wait and see," Fang Ning entered Draconic Arcane Realm furiously.

"I'll wait then, you have severe procrastination anyway, you'll forget about it the longer this is dragged on." Sir System said indifferently.

Right now, everyone outside was being anxious, the entertainment industry was depressing whereas games and novels became stagnant.

A few interesting online games that he enjoyed playing either became ghost zones or had dead servers. The only one that was rising during this downfall and was still quite popular was The Beasts' Battle for Daddy, which was also his base for farming gold, so he was naturally not that interested.

Thus, he was uninterested to go online but wanted to go outside and play instead.

Dragging along the shell of his soul that seemed to be the real thing, Fang Ning entered Draconic Arcane Realm looking downhearted.

Just as he entered, a sonorous yet peculiar singing was heard, which gave him an inexplicable familiarity. He immediately looked to the source of the sound.

The sound was coming from the herb garden.

Right then, some Whitestone people were hustling away as they arranged precious herbs seriously, and took great care of them.

Their work here seemed to be unremarkable, but it would be tremendously difficult to find anyone else on earth who was on par with them.

This was because many flowers and grasses were habitually tricky to handle, they even needed songs to grow well, which was unimaginable.

These herbs that were hundred and thousand times more precious were not resigned to lagging behind too, for example the wild ginseng that allowed quick gaining of sapience…

No, Fang Ning found the singing source very quickly.

It turned out to be a strong Whitestone person who was crouching on the ground, and was singing out loud to the wild ginseng which was comparably more luxuriant and stronger than the other ones.


The roughness and coarseness of the tone was unprecedented, it was enough to make one tear from watching or crumble from listening.

Beside this sturdy Whitestone person, there was another lady who was dressed in thick work clothes.

She had an ordinary look. At this moment, she was pressing her forehead with her right hand, with a painful look on her face.

Nevertheless, the wild ginseng seemed to be enjoying very much, it swayed its huge leaves from time to time as if it was responding to the rhythm.

Damn, this wild ginseng really turned into a sprite…

Fang Ning's temper became much better instantly. He did not interrupt the Whitestone person singing as well.

This was because that was actually insignificant…

He had heard even more terrible singing which was completely off tune. Luckily, this burly Whitestone person did not go off tune…

This gave him a unique familiarity, perhaps the two of them could even become intimate friends.

When Fang Ning lifted up his legs into the herb garden area, the evergreen leaves of all the herbs rose up at the same time, as if they were welcoming their real owner.

Fang Ning was instantly startled, he then looked around him looking utterly shocked. No wonder so many precious herbs wanted to become sprites?

He would earn a fortune…

Unfortunately, soon enough he heard some grievous news.

Upon seeing him, the ordinary-looking lady in work clothes quickly lowered her head to say to the wild ginseng, "Grandfather Shen, stop your spiritual ascension, don't scare the leader…"

Right then, Fang Ning saw clearly that as the wild ginseng swayed its leaves, all the plants in the herb garden instantly returned to their original state. Those that should drop their heads dropped their heads, while those that should rise up high rose up high…

As expected, it was the "king of all herbs", such that it could actually give orders to a group of herbs…

As for the strong Whitestone person, he did not stop singing and was continuously singing "a little flower la la la".

"Claus, you've been singing for the whole morning, go get some rest, I'll continue from here." Zhao Xin said politely to the brawny Whitestone person.

Claus rubbed his head and said embarrassingly, "This wild ginseng only likes my singing, it'll be mad if someone else sings."

"Who said so, our warden is an expert in melody, I believe it'll like it very much too." Once Fang Ning heard that, he coughed a little then walked towards them.

He suddenly had a drive as "singing" was once his hobby. During primary school times, he had used countless small notebooks to copy pop song lyrics, it was a pity that he had never found an intimate friend in this case.

Previously at work, those bastards went singing in the KTV, but they stopped calling him to join after two times. They really did not know how to appreciate his beautiful singing.

Looking at this wild ginseng, it was probably an understanding friend, so he must not let this chance slip away.

Since Fang Ning could not find entertainment from the internet, he naturally wanted to pick up this hobby of his that he used to have.

Therefore, he walked towards the wild ginseng. When Claus noticed that, he immediately backed away to give him a perfect singing spot.

This time, nobody knew, and nobody would remember that he used to be a heliotrope with hands covered in blood.

Whatever "Zhi Nan" the demon saint could do, he could do too even as a little demon. This was what was attractive in the new era, everyone could be different.

The wild ginseng was dancing with excitement when it saw what was happening, its green leaves were swaying up and down uncontrollably, as if it was welcoming the leader to sing.

If it could speak, nobody would doubt that it had already gained full sapience, and was just a normal human.

Zhao Xin moved aside too and was ready to listen.

Towards this young warden that was not arrogant whatsoever, she had a rather favorable impression of him in terms of leader-member relation.

He was actually willing to sing for the wild ginseng, which was very friendly of him, unlike the manager of the magical arcane realm and the warden of Draconic Penitentiary.

Both of them were big figures, which could be known from just looking at the number of people they managed.

Zhao Xin was not a noob, as she came from Truth Department, she had knowledge in this.

Apart from the souls that came and gone, these Whitestone people had skills that were hundred times stronger than hers, such that work that seemed ordinary became extraordinary when they were the ones handling them.

From the way she looked at it, a powerful figure like Fang Ning would not have terrible singing. After all, he was an extraordinaire, so he had powerful control.

Once again, Fang Ning cleared his throat, he then took a deep breath and sang out loud.


Innumerable small circles immediately appeared on top of Zhao Xin's head and she almost collapsed to the ground. Fortunately, Claus held her up and showed her a deep smile.

"Thank you, the leader's voice is truly unique."

"Yes, it's really a sound from heaven," With admirable looks, Claus looked at Fang Ning who was carried away.

"Uh, you're an honest man, you're probably telling the truth. Could it be that my taste has gone wrong?" Zhao Xin listened carefully.

She realized that he did not sing as well as Claus, though his singing sounded rough, at least he was on tune.

As for Mister Warden, none of the notes were on tune…

When she thought about this, she immediately looked at the wild ginseng, afraid that it was destroyed by the demonic sound…

However, what made her shocked was the wild ginseng's lush leaves were swaying back and forth. It looked like it was dancing to the song, and it looked like it was deeply immersed in his singing.

Fang Ning felt comforted after seeing that, sure enough, it was an understanding friend…

Hence, he continued to sing another song that he had composed.


Zhao Xin only felt strengthless, she backed away slowly then took out earplugs to shut her ears.

She was afraid to be washed into one tune after listening to it for a long time.

Fang Ning was unstoppable, he sang for the whole afternoon. He was once a microphone hogger as well, it was just that nobody admired him.

For the whole afternoon, the working efficiency of the Whitestone people was greatly decreased, there were also quite a number of them who almost got into accidents.

Finally, Clan Leader Shi Gan could not take it anymore, he walked over and cut off Fang Ning who was enjoying.

"Venerable One, perhaps we're from different races, we have a larger difference in enjoying music. How about you come and sing for Brother Shen during night time when we're sleeping?"

"Uh," Fang Ning still knew his limitations, he stopped singing after hearing that.

He secretly made a decision to build a greenhouse especially for this wild ginseng, so he could sing inside.

Fang Ning left unhappily.

Not long after he left, the wild ginseng which was immersed in the song waved its leaves around crazily and looked dreary.

"Claus, quickly bring a bucket of clear water here."

"Alright, Miss Zhao, but, may I ask, what's the use of the clear water? A brother had just watered it."

"Clean its ears…"

"Uh, alright, alright, I'll go right now."

Upon hearing that, Claus was surprised, he then went to get water without turning back.

He thought to himself, 'Damn, I've just sealed its hearing, so it won't be tormented by the demonic sound.

'This warden is really secretive, this song is much more powerful than that erotic demonic sound…

'For all I know, he's actually probing me…'

It was nothing to do with his lie just now, but he had sealed its hearing using magic, which was unlike what an honest Whitestone person could do.

As for this wild ginseng, he felt like it was not like a ginseng sprite. In the future when it successfully transformed, it would probably be a suck-up...Ghost zones meant that online gamers have extremely low popularity that it affects their dealings in games