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357 You Should Understand

In the southeast of China, outside the evergreen forest beneath innumerable towering mountains, a young man dressed in a long robe with wide sleeves appeared suddenly.

After he did, he subconsciously looked around him before his face looked slightly relaxed.

Afterwards, he looked up at the clouds habitually, then his face changed and he furrowed his brows tightly.

Amid the white clouds, images regarding the future were shown.

However, this time, there was no sign of the detestable swindler, everything was back to normal.

The images of the future showed scenes of Vigilante A returning home expressionlessly, feasting, and meditating for 24 hours.

A black dog was together with a flight of butterflies and a swarm of bees, it seemed to be instructing them to transport a hive where Ren Ruofeng watched beside.

It looked like Truth Department was up to something new. After all, one with a good support would benefit better, such that the upper limit of their transferable resources was relatively much higher than individual organizations.

A brief moment later, the images shown on the white cloud went through a sudden change, it became a playback where past scenes related to Vigilante A appeared.

"How could this be? How could it be him who defeated Demon Lord Zhi Nan?

"Well, grandmaster's precognition and Bodhisattva's insightful words both hinted at this, that it was all part of the Will of the Heavens. Based on Vigilante A's powers, it was still impossible for him to prevail over a demon lord figure, even if both parties had equal strength."

As Gu Buwei mumbled to himself and searched for the true reason that Vigilante A was able to "win the battle by just standing", he was still utterly shocked.

He did not use the wrong term, throughout the entire playback, Vigilante A was just standing still. By the time he transformed into a dragon to attack, the outcome had already been set.

Regardless, at last, Vigilante A triumphed over the demon lord!

That was a Great Demon Saint!

Nevermind what method he used!

The result was the most important!

Gu Buwei was not the kind of person who would claim that he could have done the same if he knew that he could do it that way…

He understood very well the degree of difficulty, as even strong figures like Bodhisattva and his grandmaster mentioned that the opponent could only be subdued through "the Will of the Heavens". Vigilante A could actuate the Will of the Heavens!

It was no wonder Qi Mei and Chen Tianxiao fell into his hands one after another, it was not an injustice at all!

Now that he thought about it, it was an honor instead, at least they did not die in the hands of nameless villagers like those defeated generals.

With all those thoughts, Gu Buwei sighed a long breath of relief, he shifted his body and was about to leave.

Right then, a middle-aged man in a black robe appeared before him expressionlessly.

"You, Zhi Nan, how dare you still show up?"

Faced with his opponent, Gu Buwei forced himself to suppress his shock, he maintained a composed look.

He was not surprised to see him alive, as it would be abnormal if he did not.

"Hmph, only one of my bodies were destroyed, what's there for me to fear?"

Zhi Nan no longer had the confident, indifferent bearing that he used to have, what replaced it was a chilly aura.

Gu Buwei calmed down then said faintly, "As expected, you're remarkable, Demon Lord, I wonder what's your purpose of finding me this time?"

"I'd like to make you the prime demon deity, are you willing to?"


"You're really stubborn… Since you can see images from the past, I'll just be frank. Previously, I was never ruthless towards the lot of you because I didn't want to trigger that hidden danger, I never thought that he would still be still there." While Zhi Nan sounded calm, there was a hint of resolution such that one was unable to refute.

Gu Buwei vaguely felt an immense danger enveloping his heart, thus he immediately wanted to perform his Diversion Skill to attempt escaping through his heart.

However, sure enough, the space around him suddenly turned into an impenetrable fortress, and he could not perform any magic at all.

"Hmph, do you think I'll let you escape? You can run away too, but only if you can summon Atmospheric Morality!"

When Zhi Nan stretched his long black robe, streams of black mist spread out instantly and enveloped their surrounding tightly.

Gu Buwei only felt a haze shrouding over his heart, was he really going to be forcefully turned into a demon today?

He was extremely clear of the danger of becoming a demon, it would completely turn him into another person without him knowing.

Never think that being a demon would be awesome and cool. While one could do as one pleased and behaved unethically, one would die very quickly too!

Those who became demons usually had strong obsessions, such that when faced with some junctures, they could not think rationally.

Taking War Demon Lei Tian as an example, he was actually extremely powerful and had many advantages, but because he was distracted by his obsession in war, he fell into traps and became a goldsmith captain in vain.

After Gu Bewei left the mountain, he naturally backtracked things that had happened in the past few months, then deduced this.

As compared to being collected and often looking up to the sky, he was currently looking unsmiling.

He finally realized the feelings of those ordinary people when they were in front of him…

They were very powerless, even though they knew that their future would be tragic, they had no other choices…

It was to the extent that it was impossible for them to die freely, and their fate might possibly be worse.

He smiled bitterly, perhaps he was really more powerful than ordinary people, since he still had the freedom to die…

Once he thought about that, he looked more concentrated.

Zhi Nan only looked at him coldly without saying a word, he seemed to be waiting for his final decision.

The only thing difficult was death…

All at once, Gu Buwei was replaying his decades of life in his mind.

When he was under forty, he had become a Lake-level master and learned Divining by the Clouds which was rare in the world. He had an extraordinary qualification, which was uncommon.

In Azure Mountain, the almighty yet mysterious hidden faction, he was Chief Disciple for three generations and gained the respect of the people.

Haha, what was all of that for?

When death came, everything would vanish. Perhaps he would reincarnate, but after his reincarnation, who would he become?

He shut his eyes. Magic flowed along the vital channels in his body, which were going towards his heart…

It was then when a sound of heaven was heard from afar.

"Eh, just as I expected, you still showed up…" It was a familiar voice, and there seemed to be a sense of excitement.

"Hmph, you really have Heaven's Eye," Zhi Nan looked up to the sky, where a light from a sword came down from the up above.

He flapped his black robe to collect all the black mist, then he disappeared instantly.

Gu Buwei was slightly startled, then had mixed feelings.

The sword light passed from sight, and a person flew down from the sky.

Vigilante A did not speak to Gu Buwei, he only stared at the spot where Zhi Nan disappeared, as if he wanted to pull him back from the void using his vision…

Clearly, Sir System had not cultivated such a profound gaze skill, whereas it might have been more hopeful if it was done by Brother Hai Cheng from Truth Department, who was known as the God of Sight.

Vigilante looked for a while and flew away immediately.

Gu Buwei bowed as he watched him leave.

He had known and deduced from the beginning that Vigilante A's existence was greatly advantageous for both himself and Azure Mountain, hence he never really had any conflicts with him.

Some people thought that doing as one pleased was good, that bullying another as one pleased was good, and beating up those who held on to righteousness was the best.

They had forgotten that if a much stronger person bullied them instead, nobody would stick out for them.

A place that could not protect beggars would be unable to protect the king, this theory had been repeated in history, but some people still pretended not to understand.

With the emerging new area, it gave these people a chance to become king. This made them discriminate those who maintained justice even more, such that they treated them as eyesores.

Nonetheless, they had forgotten that ups and downs were normal. Nothing was perfect, a country would flourish or crumble, humans would grow old and die.

While it felt great to push people around when one prospered, it would be even more terrible during one's downfall.

As Gu Buwei was deep in his overflowing thoughts, he moved and was going to disappear.

This time, there was no impenetrable obstruction blocking in front of him.


That familiar voice was heard once again, followed by Vigilante A appearing in front of him.

Gu Buwei stopped instantly, he said with a rather grateful tone, "Do you have any orders, Venerable One?"

Vigilante A looked at him expressionlessly then said, "You should understand."

"Yes, I should understand." Gu Buwei smiled bitterly then removed one ring and one bangle from his hand, he pushed them towards him then flew away.

"It's quite good to deal with smart people, at least I don't have to waste my time." Vigilante A waved his hand and the two accessories vanished. He then nodded with satisfaction.

"Oh right, I'll leave this WeChat number XXXXX to you, remember to call me if you bump into that fellow again." Vigilante A said this and really disappeared in the end.

Gu Buwei smiled plainly as he watched him go away, an inexplicable warmth flowed through his heart.

How long had it been since somebody made him feel so safe?

How many in this world could make him face his back towards them without worries?

Haha, it seemed like after he left his parents to cultivate on the mountains after his birth, he had never met anyone like that.

That being said, he seemed to have found a familiar feeling just now.

He took a deep breath and regained his composure, he recovered his undisturbed mental state, then went through space to where he was set to go.

Since Vigilante A was walking his own path, he needed to continue walking his own path too.