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350 Magical Mountain Keeper

I am Lu Er.

Last year during the descent of the flame meteor, I was gifted with the ability of speed.

I was more unlucky last year. first I was chased by Vigilante A, then I entered the re-education programme of the Special Affairs Department, it was miserable.

This year, things have finally changed for the better, I've learned "Teleportation" from a secretly circulating Buddhist scripture.

This spiritual skill complements well my Speed Ability. After I cultivated it, I've experienced rapid progress.

Currently, I'm a low-profile Pond-level master, but everyone else thinks that I'm Bucket-level, only three of my sworn brothers and sister know about this…

I've changed my name to "Lu Da". Every day, Sanmei will look at me with adoring looks, and she'll look for me from time to time as she wants to learn my cultivation method.

Ma Da has changed his name to "Ma Er", whereas there's no need for Niu Si to change his. The two of them surround me every day. They compliment me, serve me, send me drinks, and rub my back for me during showers…

With my "Teleportation" skill, all ghostly creatures have nowhere to escape, bringing my ghost-catching achievements to greater heights.

Two days ago, the Bodhisattva met me personally and promoted me to be Elder Qi, to replace Elder Gui Qi who had passed away.

Sanmei was present too, the admiring look in her eyes almost made me melt.

Nonetheless, I did not feel embarrassed at all, because all of these is just my imagination…

If your imagination is better than mine, you can imagine better…

Oh, I can't think about this anymore, Ma Da that jerk is calling me to carry those jars of evil ghosts again.

Apart from them being heavy and hefty, they're very spine-chilling, I won't dare to close my eyes for two days after carrying them once.

Two days ago, the Venerable Dragon God gave the association a long-term purchase contract for us to supply evil ghosts regularly.

The pricing will be set according to the qualities of evil ghosts provided, the higher the quality the higher the price, this will make up the huge deficit in the association. Everyone knows that the Venerable One is not just powerful, he's wealthy too... and he's the supreme VIP in the association.

At the moment, this is the utmost priority in the association.

"Lu Er, Lu Er! Don't be distracted, these jars are filled with top grade evil ghosts, remember to handle them carefully later, we can't afford to damage them."

In Spirit King Cave located in Spirit Valley, a group of people were bustling as they filtered every celadon jar and separated them into different categories. They tagged them then transferred them to different caves.

Those tagged with "top grade" needed to be cultured in caves with the densest Yin energy, whereas medium grades and lowers grades were arranged accordingly. This ensured that they would not drop grades, and their qualities could be slightly elevated when paired with special techniques.

Among these people, a man in his thirties with a strong physique and quick vision was reminding a young man with ordinary looks, who was being absent minded and was lacking vigor.

They were Ma Da and Lu Er.

Ma Da knew that Lu Er had always been coveting his ass… His position under his ass.

He could never set his mind right, as he always imagined having another huge opportunity fall at his lap, so that he could advance instantly and become the boss.

It looked like the effect of the re-education programme last year had faded quite a lot in half a year, this little brother of his would need to consolidate himself again.

Just as Ma Da was deep in his thoughts, he suddenly heard Elder Gui Er shouting out loud. His voice echoed in the cave and he sounded extremely anxious.

The last time he was so panicked was when Qi Mei from Azure Mountain came.

He listened carefully.

"Quick, go look for the Venerable Dragon God… Yes, yes, and Lord Insect Prime who has a clinic in the city! Go get the both of them! Phone, Wechat, QQ, look for a few more with haste. Invite them personally, leave none of them behind!

"Lu Er runs very fast, yes, Guardian Zhu, ask him to invite the Venerable One over…

"Forget it, the Venerable One has agreed to come. Let Lu Er get Lord Insect Prime, she's probably eating right now so she's not picking up any calls or replying to any messages, I can't contact her. Sigh, the Venerable One is more reliable after all."

It was havoc in the cave.

Lu Er heard the shouting as well. He immediately placed a celadon jar down which was tagged "top grade, pending".

The jar fell and rolled to the rock wall, a few cracks were vaguely formed from the crash, causing Yin energy to flow out from it.

At this instant, nobody paid attention to this, everyone whispered to one another to find out what had actually happened.

Soon enough, someone called for Lu Er from a group of people who were carrying things around.

He stood with head up and chest out, showing a posture of "we're different", then hastened away from the group of workers.

Upon seeing that, Ma Da shook his head, he thought to himself, 'This idiot, doesn't he realize the danger he's in for being called to invite the Venerable One at a time like this?'

Right then, outside the Spirit King Cave, on the bluestone floor where they welcomed guests, Yin energy was slowly flowing downwards.

On the floor, stood the source of the chaos in the cave.

A young man in a long robe and wide sleeves stood there indifferently.

Though the cave was in a mess, Gu Buwei did not bring it to a halt, he only stood there quietly and waited.

He was looking up to the sky as he thought about his own matters.

At this instant, layers of white clouds sailed past the sky above.

The images of those transformed clouds were no longer related to his future, but were mostly Zhi Nan's figure instead.

This man had long hair all over his shoulders, which made him look extremely unruly; as his body was enveloped in a black robe, it made him look extraordinarily mysterious.

His ordinary face had a wondrous smile, and his pair of deep eyes were looking at him meaningfully.

As expected, when faced with figures like a great sage, his "Divining by the Clouds" was unable to work out future images related to the other part.

Perhaps his grandmaster would not be able to do it too.

The failure of Divining by the Clouds was all under his expectation. He could only breakthrough through wisdom.

Previously, Zhi Nan tossed a black lily to seal the entrance of the volcano. He did not cling onto him after that. It looked like he thought that he could not escape from his evil hands.

However, the way to break through was in the Association of Spirit Kings.

As he thought about it silently, he saw a ground of people coming out from the cave.

Elder Gui Da said with a forceful smile, "The brilliant Gu Buwei from Azure Mountain, what are you doing here, I wonder?"

Gu Buwei said plainly, "I'd like to talk to Bodhisattva, please ask him to meet me."

When Elder Gui Da heard him, he frowned, it was this again. The last time Qi Mei came, she used the same reason to make Bodhisattva revive her spirit beast as well. Bodhisattva was unable to spare time, yet she kept clinging onto him.

He said calmly, "Bodhisattva is busy with the transformation of the Demonic Realm, he really can't spare time now. If it's nothing important, I'll have to ask you to come again next time, Teacher Gu."

Gu Buwei smiled faintly. "If he knows that this has to do with the foundation of his position in this realm, I believe that he'll probably be able to free his time for this."

Elder Gui Da said dubiously, "May I pass on the message to him?"

Gu Buwei looked at this elder who was over seventy years old, he then shook his head and said, "You're not worthy to listen to this."

Hearing what he had to say, Elder Gui Da was both embarrassed and mad, but there was nothing he could do.

This time, a firm voice came from the sky above.

"Am I worthy enough then?"

Right after that, Vigilante A landed on the stone platform.

Elder Gui Da was elated, he did not think that the Venerable One was so warm-hearted indeed, he actually came faster than he did last time…

Fang Ning thought to himself, 'Of course, this has become Sir System's base for the wholesale of fine breeds, of course I'll have to keep a close watch on it…'

Gu Buwei turned to look at Vigilante A, he did not show any sign of nervousness, he only said, "Vigilante A, of course you are, if you'd like to pass on the message, of course you can."

When Vigilante A heard him, he said to the others expressionlessly, "All of you, you may return, I can handle this."

As if receiving amnesty, Elder Gui Da quickly called a group of people to return to the cave to work.

For all he knew, there might be a fight of the celestial beings. Gu Buwei had a cultivation base far better than Qi Mei. He was said to be a Lake-level powerhouse, so this time these people might not deserve to watch.

Fang Ning watched the group of people returning to the cave, he nodded to himself secretly.

'Yes, quickly return to work for Sir, don't waste any time, this is really not something for you to see.' he thought.

This time, Gu Buwei had already sent a telepathic message through his spiritual sense.

"Zhi Nan wants to advertise the Paradise Realm in this realm, which can occupy a myriad of living creatures and dead souls. If that's the case, the Spiritual Insects Clan of Bodhisattva Spirit King will lose their foundation. Please pass it on to Bodhisattva and tell him that, if he'd still like to reach Enlightenment, he'll have to come discuss with me on how to exterminate the demon."

When Fang Ning heard that, he was stunned at once.

"You don't seem to be a warm-hearted person, what's your true purpose in exterminating the demon and guarding the path?" Vigilante A asked.

Gu Buwei did not say anything to justify himself.

He only pointed his finger, then a cloud "swooshed" down from the sky and landed in front of them.

Followed by that, images stated appearing through the transformation of the clouds above. They were all scenes from when Zhi Nan and Gu Buwei met.

Though he could not work out the future related to Zhi Nan, it was not difficult for him to show the past.

Regardless of how powerful Zhi Nan was, this was still under the control of the Heavenly Axiom on earth. Unless he had reached Enlightenment in this world, he would not be able to cover up the past.

After Vigilante A saw that, he nodded and said, "I see, he looked for you too. It looks like this demon lord is plotting for something huge. He talked about how 'the Paradise Realm still lacks support from nine demon generals', what does this actually mean?"

"I can't work out his true purpose, but according to a saying that I've seen before, he probably means that the 'Paradise Realm' lacks personnel maintenance. He's looking for nine demon generals to help maintain the operation for him, and to support it."

Gu Buwei said plainly.

Fang Ning understood at once, and the Sir understood too.

"Oh, as expected, it's just as what you've guessed before, Mr. Rich Boss. This demon lord is planning on a game duplicate, he wants to look for game masters. Since Gu Buwei has put it that way, it seems like he's right." Sir System said firmly.

Hence, Vigilante A said, "Since that's the case, I'll pass on the message."

After he said that, he dashed out to the sky towards the east.

Gu Buwei was not in a hurry, he only waited patiently.

"Which fellow dares to seek trouble in my canteen? You're a stranger, is it you?"

Not long after Vigilante A left, a crisp voice was heard from the bluestone floor.

When Gu Buwei looked up, he saw a great green insect the size of a palm descending from the sky, it was looking up at him angrily.

Soon after this green insect appeared, another young man with ordinary looks ran from beneath the mountain breathlessly.

Looking at the speed, he seemed to be not much slower than flying, he probably had some superpower.

Through his senses, this great green insect seemed to be a Lake-level powerhouse, and was very capable.

That being said, after he worked it out even more, he found it to be strong on the outside, but was very weak on the inside.

Therefore, Gu Buwei maintain his indifference. He did not reply at all; compared to his attitude towards Vigilante A from before, it was entirely different.

"Hey, did you hear? Our Lord Insect Prime is asking you a question."

Lu Er braved up and decided to take a risk.

As soon as he gained favor from Insect Prime, and his service for sending the message this time, he was probably not far from being an elder. Then, he could stop imagining.

Gu Buwei looked like he was elegant and up above them both.

After being questioned by the insect and the man, he still did not speak.

In order to avoid listening to the noise, he waved his sleeve, such that the cloud from before reappeared and replayed the scenes.

Once the great green insect was done watching, it said with uncertainty after it pondered, "It looks like you're not here for trouble? Why did Elder Gui Da call me home in a rush then? I finally managed to get repeat customers, I'll have to waste this chance again."

Lu Er quickly said, "Lord Insect Prime, you're the magical mountain keeper in our association, when a powerful fellow like him appears, we can only ask you back to keep watch in the mountain, so that young ones like us feel safe."

When Chong Daqing heard what he said, it swayed back and forth and laughed happily. "Mmm, Lu Er, you're right. Even the Great Azure Dragon often seeks help from me, let alone you people…"

"Eh, isn't he here? He's definitely here to look for me. Perfect, I'll have to make him treat me to meals that he still owes me. How many meals does he owe me still, I almost forgot."

All of a sudden, the great green insect sensed something, it then looked up to the sky and saw Vigilante A appeared from the east side of the sky as he maneuvered his flying sword.The eight stages of Buddha's life