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349 The Way of the System

In the south, the Association of Spirit Kings.

Fang Ning successfully obtained 300 celadon jars from Guardian Zhu Hongying, without needing an introduction from her and by just looking at the System Map, he knew that the jars were filled with extremely evil ghosts.

All sorts of sins existed in this big world, looking at the collection of cases, there were countless crimes. Towards these people, the punishments in the human world would never be enough to punish these evildoers.

Fang Ning had no psychological burden at all if he were to concoct them.

A year had passed by, he was no longer the normal geek like he was.

After experiencing many bloody fights and kills, he was very clear that Sir System was strong enough, hence he could be safe, and in turn this world could enjoy a stable life too.

On this basis, as long as one did not violate the bottom line and basic virtues, one definitely could not be constrained by borders.

"300, if we turn all of them to Lake-level and you farm them after, how much experience points will this be, Sir?"

Sir System said impatiently, "For one Lake-level, the least will be two to three million, the most will be tens of millions. If all 300 are successfully transformed, that will be more than a hundred billion at the very least. The only thing is, how much lamp oil will I need to consume, how much money will be spent…"

Fang Ning comforted it, "That's right, regardless of how the world changes, the law of conservation of energy still needs to be obeyed on the whole. It's certainly impossible to create something out of nothing, there has to be a source for power."

The System said, "I don't understand. I only know that I'll suffer a deficit again…"

Fang Ning said patiently, "You'll understand after I tell you this formula - Evil ghosts + wishing lamp + lamp oil = Lake-level evil ghosts = experience points. This is the path that you'll be taking in the future. I've said this before, stop setting your eyes on money, that way you won't be able to gain experience.

"In the past, it was like a fishing and hunting era, there was no need for us to produce anything since we could harvest directly from nature. Now, it's the farming era, we need to produce and harvest by ourselves. Of course, there is a rapid increase in cost, but the efficiency increases and the income becomes stable, most importantly, there won't be too many constraints from the outside world."

The System replied, "Wouldn't it have been easier if you had put it in this way from the start? What's all this law of conservation of energy? I'm a martial arts system, I don't understand these scientific laws that you're talking about, you're best at fooling me with these complicated things."

'How is this complicated? This is probably taught in junior high-school, isn't it?' Fang Ning thought.

Fang Ning was helpless about this, alright, the Sir had always been a slacker, and it slacked more as it became older…

He could not be bothered to explain further, he had gradually understood the Sir's operating principles.

Its experience seemed to be created from nothing, but as a whole, it was just another method of power shifting.

After it killed the sinners, the Heavenly Axiom, no, a higher level being would recycle their power souls, then grant Sir with experience points through the System's parameters.

This was the reason why when Sir captured souls into the System Prison, it was unable to gain experience points.

Sir's advantage was that through a speedy harvest of large amounts of sinners, it could gain experience points to skip ahead with money and to elevate its strengths.

Back then, those looked like businesses without capitals, but in actual fact the costs were borne by the sinners themselves.

If others had the same amount of resources, they could elevate quickly as well.

It was just that they would suffer a certain loss from the absorption and transformation of resources, and also their cultivations were limited by the realm, ability, and time.

On this point, nobody could be on par with Sir System.

Currently, sinners with abundant experience were becoming less and less, and due to the obstruction from Zhi Nan, Fang Ning could not help but shift their stance to rely on themselves instead.

Other methods had low efficiency and were unstable; they could only be used as occasional surprises and were unable to be used as conventional methods.

Finally, Fang Ning designed an exclusive and unique cultivation path for Sir, he instantly felt pleased.

He said with complacency, "In this case, we can farm with peace in the future, develop freely on our own without being limited by others. This is our real beginning!"

The System said, "Mr. Rich Boss, you're right, but you'll have to pay for the starting fund, you know it, I'm short of money now…"

Fang Ning quickly evaded the subject and said, "Actually, though we need to abide to the law of conservation of energy to raise our power, we can still opt for a business without capital too…"

China's Truth Department Headquarters Base, the head advisor's office.

Ren Ruofeng welcomed Vigilante A. He rarely came by, so it must be a huge matter if he did.

Vigilante A took a file out and placed in on the office desk. He then sat down expressionlessly without saying anything.

Ren Ruofeng quickly opened it to take a look.

"Proposal to Collaborate and Exploit Part of Valuable Resources".

His eyes immediately glimmered. In actual fact, he had this idea since long ago. It was just that VIgilante A was too busy, so he did not want to bother him with something which would increase the hero's workload. Besides, it was not a good idea to be a suspect of coveting the Dragon Clan's secretly transmitted techniques.

Therefore, Ren Ruofeng could not wait to look at the proposal.

"Item 1: Raise sacred bees, harvest sacred beeswax, royal jelly and so on. Functions as below:

Item 2: Plant large areas of millenium sacred pine trees, extract millenium resin. Functions as below:

Collaboration suggestion: A provides the expertise, B provides funds and manpower, percentage allotment as below:


After Ren Ruofeng saw the terms, it was as if he had struck gold. This was a tremendously potent project.

Comparing artificial feeding crops, assembly line production of valuable products, and trying their luck through good fortune falling off cliffs in the wild, it was obvious which was more reliable.

It was rare that the Venerable One was willing to share these precious techniques. This was much stronger than those fellows who showed off after just obtaining several secret techniques, then pressuring the Truth Department to bow down.

Just like those fellows from Azure Mountain, they never transferred any complete techniques and only used price scissors to harvest.

However, he was a little confused afterwards. "You could have just had let Butler Zheng come over for this, why did you waste your time to come here yourself, Venerable One?"

Vigilante A replied, "Butler Zheng has gone to aid Cang Gongzi in building a city, so he can't free his time. I happen to be quite free, so I came here myself."

Fang Ning thought to himself, 'Of course I'm free, right?

'I'm stuck from serving justice by Zhi Nan the bald donkey, Sir doesn't need to state a time and location when it undergoes training as it is a multithreaded thing. It'll be good for you to value this if I come here personally too. It'll be better to implement this quickly, unlike the master of the Fang Family who likes to delay things.'

After Reng Ruofeng heard what he said, how could he have known that there would be unspoken words not in play?

He knew that this file held an important meaning to the Venerable Dragon God, thus he immediately passed the file to his secretary so to scan and send it to other related members.

"Please be assured, Venerable One, this is a win-win matter, we'll definitely acquire a precious plot of land in the Land of Heritage as soon as possible to nurture these valuable resources."

"This is great, if there's nothing else, I'll be leaving." Vigilante A stood up after he said that.

Ren Ruofeng hesitated for a while before he said, "There's another private matter that I'd like to cast your worry upon, hero, no, perhaps it'll be official business in the future…"

At once, he told him about bumping into the middle-aged man in a black robe at Tian Zhu's house.

Fang Ning was stunned, he thought, 'Damn, this bald donkey Zhi Nan, he's running everywhere from east to west, what is he trying to do exactly?'

From the way he saw it, his Paradise Realm was nothing but something to replace the purpose of hell. He wanted the souls of dead people to choose to settle down over there, which would increase his strength.

Nonetheless, now that he was roping in potential from everywhere, it seemed that his plot was not only that. He must be scheming something. If a devil was not plotting schemes, would he still be a devil?

Fang Ning quickly asked Sir System, "Do you have any idea?"

The System answered, "In the past I didn't, now if you'll help me upgrade True Bodhi Tactics to Mythical-level, I'll have ways to go against the Heavenly Demonic Energy that Zhi Nan speaks about, or at least repress it."

Fang Ning nodded, "Tell that to Ren Ruofeng then, don't let him be secretly anxious all the time, it'll affect his working efficiency and hold up our business."

Thus, Vigilante A said, "Those three true tactics can't be learned, the middle-aged man in the black robe is Zhi Nan, he's the demon lord who has descended from the upper realm. He has ulterior motives when he gave those scriptures. Wait for a while more, when I break through to Inland-Sea level, I'll personally seal the Heavenly Demonic Energy onto that baby."

Upon hearing that, Ren Ruofeng was shocked, then he expressed a thousand gratitudes as it was not a small favor.

With this, he could temporarily be more relaxed. Since the Venerable One was personally making a move to suppress him. When the baby grew up to learn a few morality techniques, it should be alright.

Later on, he was rather curious. "I wonder, Venerable One, what kind of powers does this Inland-Sea level powerhouse possess?"

Vigilante A replied, "That Russian Spirit Bear is currently Inland-Sea level, you probably know of its many parameters. Other than that, the Dragon God that I've summoned previously is a level higher than this."

Ren Ruofeng completely understood, of course, they had already done a comprehensive power record of these two mighty beings from the beginning.

Their strengths were no longer able to be covered by alphabet ratings in the past, crushing mountains by waving the hand or slashing rivers by lifting their legs were just ordinary feats.

Usually, equivalent nuclear weapons were unable to destroy a whole mountain, it was crystal clear that Inland-Sea powerhouses had started to surpass the destruction upper limit of human technology.

Once Ren Ruofeng sent Vigilante A away, he made a call. he was immensely comforted as he was able to find an appropriate solution to this matter that had been buried in his heart for a long time.

At this moment, Zhi Nan, who was being silently cursed by Fang Ning, appeared outside a blazing hot volcano.

He was standing face to face with Gu Buwei from Azure Mountain, who had been criticized by Ren Ruofeng before this.

"Haha, Almsgiver Gu, why didn't you read these three scriptures of mine? Are they not as nice as the novel that you have?" Zhi Nan smiled.

Gu Buwei was burying his head as he read a novel of immortal heroes, beside him were three exceptional black scriptures.

Upon hearing him, he replied without even lifting his head up, "Demon Lord Zhi Nan, you seem to be very free now. I heard that you've set your eyes on Vigilante A recently, why do you still have the time to look for me?"

"Haha, Vigilante A is at his wit's ends, the Path of Heavenly Punishment is destined to be a dead end, he'll submit to me sooner or later. It's just that the Paradise Realm still lacks the support of nine demon generals. Almsgiver Gu, you're fated with Paradise Realm, I think it'll be best for you to have a look at these three scriptures." Zhi Nan spoke like he was prepared to deal with any eventualities.

"Demon Lord, what's the point of forcing? Others may not know of the background of this Paradise Realm, but I can roughly make a guess. It's just a place for those with weak will to entrust their souls in. It's truly a place of nothingness, how can it be mentioned in equal terms with the vast universe? I won't go." Gu Buwei refused bluntly, there was no point of return.

"Sigh, I thought that you were a wise man, Gu Buwei, I didn't think that you would be as dumb as Vigilante A. As expected, those with the Heavenly Demonic Energy are more fated with me, there's no need for me to waste my energy." Zhi Nan shook his head and said.

Afterwards, he looked at the entrance of the volcano where lava was sputtering on the inside, then he smiled all of a sudden.

"You're staying here to wait for the birth of the Earthly Monument, so to gain some Heavenly Merit, am I right? Haha, as long as you don't convert, I won't let it appear."

Right after Zhi Nan said that, he waved his black robe, causing numerous pitch black energy to gush towards the flaming volcano entrance.

"Stop!" Gu Buwei's face that had shown indifference all the while suddenly turned aghast. He stretched his long sleeves out, causing a green energy to shoot out, clashing with those black energy.

"Haha, your cultivation base is not bad at all. Vigilante A never dared to make a move on me, you're much more courageous than he is…"

As Zhi Nan looked at the green energy being crushed by those black energy. It vanished into thin air, and he only shook his head and laughed.

Instantly, Gu Buwei felt that his chest was hit by a huge rock, and only calmed down after he exerted some power to get rid of it. At once, his face looked intensely awful, and he was in complete shock.

Sure enough, he was the demon lord of the upper realm!

Though he had been suppressed by the Heavenly Axiom of this realm and their strengths were equal, his method was far from what Gu Buwei could compare with.

Even for his grandmaster, he could only have the upper hand if he was in the Azure Mountain Realm. In the outside world, his grandmaster would not even be a match for this demon lord.

It was no wonder that even for the powerful Vigilante A, he reckoned that he rarely served justice this week.

It seemed like it was just like what this demon lord had said, after being obstructed by this demon, his Path of Heavenly Punishment had come to an end.

That would truly be a pity then. With him around, at least the situation would not be as chaotic.

If the Divine Monument fell into the hands of Vigilante A, he would share the Divine Monument to the world due to his kindness towards the people, which would not hinder the next step of his plan.

non, the demon lord wanted to seal the Earthly Monument. should he succeed, Gu Buwei would lose half of the purpose he left the mountain for. How could he allow that?

Just as Gu Buwei was thinking quickly, the black energy had already circled outside the volcano and transformed into a black lily, sealing the lava pool tightly.

When Gu Buwei saw what had happened, his looked even more appalled.

Similar to the Divine Monument, the Earthly Monument would not emerge by itself. It was not until it met a fated person who would pass on its usage, that it would break through from the soil.

Previously, the Divine Monument was forcefully pulled out by Vigilante A as he saw through the mystery of it through Heaven's Eye, the result was no matter anyway.

Now, the Earthly Monument was being suppressed directly by the black lily, this was a formation set by the demon lord of the upper realm.

Regardless of any fated person, one would be disappointed as soon as they arrived here…

"How so, I heard that you have a saying here - serving the devil with your body - if you're willing to submit to me, I'll retrieve the black lily immediately." Zhi Nan continued to laugh as he said.

Gu Buwei had already calmed down by then, he said plainly, "Demon Lord, as the great sage of the upper realm, don't you think you're humiliating yourself by recruiting followers through such forceful methods?"

"I don't think so...it's the exact opposite, if I cared about my image and didn't recruit those that could, that will be very unwise of me."

Zhi Nan maintained a smile on his face, as if he was not swayed at all. It seemed like everything was under his control.

Gu Buwei paused for a while when he heard that, at this moment, he finally had the same feeling that Fang Ning felt.