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The black cat, no, it was Tom the pink cat, escaped from Vigilante A embarrassingly and returned to the hiding place of its subordinate.

A group of people looked at each other as this pink cat looked familiar, but its skin color was too strange so they dared not speak.

"What are you looking at, do you not know me anymore after I changed my armor?" Tom the pink cat stared at them.

This disguise took up a lot of effort, and it would need a period of time before it could revert back to how it used to be as the skill required a cooling period.

"Oh, hello boss." Once its subordinates heard the familiar reprimanding voice, they instantly felt relieved and greeted it while standing at attention.

It was then when Tom nodded satisfyingly and leapt onto the head of a subordinate and looked around it.

A greyish-white aura was seen spreading, followed by a chilly wind blowing past from time to time, urging wave after wave.

Most of the sunken areas on the ground had deposits of huge patches of Yin energy, which looked like lakes.

It thought to itself, 'I don't believe it, this land of Yin energy is as big as a small country. It even has a natural capacity for being a Holy Land of Undead, is it really going to fall into the hands of Vigilante A just like that?

'Now that he has casually monkeyed around with it, what's up with this inter-transfer of Yin and Yang energy and the nasty Yin energies?

'He's simply wasting natural resources recklessly, this is absolutely intolerable.'

Sir Tom would certainly not endure this.

Now, it was time to drag that fellow into the situation as a scapegoat.

After all the Death Energy that had been contributed by sir, it was time for it to exert some effort again.

Tom the black cat pondered and contemplated over and over again. A couple of hours later, it finally decided on a perfect plan.

'Haha, this will undeniably deceive that foolish Death.' it thought to itself.

On top of that, it could unreservedly oust the ungrateful Vigilante A out of this place.

After Tom came up with the plan, it led its subordinates to somewhere far away.

A long time into their journey, it finally decided on the necessary location for its plan.

This was high ground located at the northeast corner of the Undead Realm.

Should they walk further outwards, they would meet an area filled with mist, which they could not enter.

Tom checked out the location carefully before it nodded and ordered its subordinates to stand watch vigilantly.

All the men in suits immediately spread out around the perimeter, looking at their surroundings with eagle eyes.

Elsewhere, Tom took out the altar components from its Interspatial Equipment, then started to concentrate on building the altar.

It did it with a purpose a hundred times more serious than when it chased after that young female cat.

It took a whole half an hour before it finished building the altar this time, which was totally different from before when it completed it within minutes.

Evidently, Tom the black cat attached such great importance to this form of deceit… No, communication.

When Tom finished building it, it sighed. If Oldman Huang was still around, at least he could be of much help, but its current subordinates were not as capable.

As the pitch-black colored Death altar was set up, it crouched under the altar and prayed thrice with its legs arched. A ball of succinct puff in faint green color flew up to the wolf-man statue on the high platform.

"Yo foolish Tom, why are you summoning me instead of gathering Death Energy? Let me be clear, the percentage allotment won't change at all."

As soon as the wolf-man statue received the green puff, its body slowly lit up, and words were heard from the wolfman's head as if it became alive.

'Shove that yo back into your *ss!'

Tom cursed to himself, 'Every time I communicate with this fellow, I'll be disparaged for sure, one day I'll be on top of you.'

Hence, Tom tossed out the freshly-baked flatbread. It was delicious and had honey on it.

"Yo foolish Tom, this location is quite good indeed, it's perfect for being my Death Palace. You finally thought of a not-so-dumb plan.

"But after this plan succeeds, the percentage allotment will still be according to the prearranged rules, you'll still get one out of ten thousand."

After Tom heard that, it grit its teeth furiously.

Remember, at any point of time, contradiction in economic benefit was the most fundamental contradiction.

Most of the time, economic benefits that seemed to be inconspicuous were actually far more profound and much longer than many sworn vengeances, and was even more unbearable.

Human history had repeatedly proved this point.

Even after all the toilsome work and dead brain cells, Tom could only gain such a small portion of the share, could it tolerate this in a long run?

It was impossible, as this was a contradiction that was impossible to be mediated between both parties.

That being said, since it needed help, it could only grin and bear it.

On its cat face, there was a smile. "Lord Death, you're so generous, as you have always been, I'm extremely, extremely grateful for that…"

"Very well, I'll present you with a new mighty force so that you can accomplish your not-so-dumb plan, and conquer this land."

At this instant, Fang Ning was not at all aware that this cat was still holding on to its hope, it was still coveting the foundation of his future city.

Right now, he was fluttering back at forth in the sky up above, joyfully patrolling the area.

That was right, he had made Sir System go into cultivation, whereas he used his own body to have a tour of his future territory from the sky.

In any case, he was currently a Pond-level master, so it was a piece of cake for him to float and fly around in the sky.

He presently had two things to use against Sir System; the fact that it wanted to borrow experience points as well as money from money from him. It could not help but temporarily end the seizing period and return his body to him…

He looked down from the sky and had roughly looked at every area from east to west, from south to north.

Most of the areas in the northern region were highlands and hills, while the south was mostly filled with flatlands.

Nonetheless, whether it was highland or flatland, they were all shrouded over by huge patches of greyish-white mist. Through all the layers, it was difficult to have a clear picture of the specific view underneath, but it was predictable that there were absolutely no signs of life.

"This area is full of highland and hills, I can turn this place into mines. Forget it, I'd better not deal with enterprises that revolve around pollution, in case the place becomes foul and terrible for living. I'd better deal in tourism.

"Mmm, this whole area is so flat, it can be made into grain producing areas in the future. With a self-sustaining life, no one will have to worry since there will be food…"

As Fang Ning looked at a flat area below, he pointed at the landscape and was full of vigor.

He noticed a large stream that connected east to west.

It was just that there was no water in the large river, only huge patches of greyish-white puffs, which looked more like the netherworld.

How could this be?

If it was so gloomy, how could the master of Fang Family play SimCity (TN: A City Building Game) without worry?

He must get rid of the Yin energy inside. He would turn it into a real river.

He already had ideas as to how to clear the Yin energy, but where would the water come from? Where would sunlight come from, too?

These were all the main issues of farming.

Regarding the sunlight in Draconic Arcane Realm, he knew that there was initially no sunlight at all, it was considered to be man-made as it relied on a formation that transformed vitality to light.

However, it was not possible here. The area down below was tens of thousands of square kilometers, how high would the consumption be it formation was used for the transformation?

Once Fang Ning thought about this, he wanted to seek help from an expert.

Since the Truth Department already had the Land of Heritage, and the industry was already formed, they probably had experience in it. Besides, both areas were enormous arcane realms, so it was probably similar.

Fang Ning immediately made Sir System activate the Golden Train for him to travel back to the real world.

Right after Ren Ruofeng listened to Vigilante A's request, he happily picked a group of experts as his companions to inspect the Undead Realm, so to investigate on a way to transform it into a living paradise.

Whilst the both of them conversed, they somehow had a mutual understanding and did not mention the origins of the arcane realm.

Needless to say, the gateway of this arcane realm was not in China, and it was not located in any country on earth.

Now, it all depended on the Spectral Train, the Golden Train of the Dragon God for back and forth travels.

Fang Ning led a group of middle-aged and young experts back to the Undead Realm hastily, no, the future Morality City.

After a field study, each of them frowned.

"Venerable One, this is very strange. Pardon me for saying something unpleasant, but this land is not a place for living creatures or even farming, it's too difficult. "

An elder pinched some black soil with his hand then showed it to Fang Ning.

"Look at the soil condition here, though it looks similar to the ones outside, in reality, it has been soaked with Yin energy for an unknown period of time. The smell of death dead smell fills it inside and out. I think that anything planted here will die. Even if sunlight and rainwater can be directed from the outside world, it won't be of any help to the situation."

Fang Ning nodded and said in a manner of someone he was in charge, "This is just temporary, when the Heavenly Axiom of new lives in this realm is corrected, it will naturally transform this dead land into one filled with vigor."

Upon hearing that, all the experts were in utter shock. They did not think that the Venerable Dragon God could actually correct the operation of the Heavenly Axiom?

What kind of spiritual ascension was this?

After all, after researching in the Land of Heritage for over ten years, they only found some flaws of it and could only help fix it slowly.

As for correcting the operation of Heavenly Axiom itself, it was basically impossible.

Seeing the faces of the people changed, Fang Ning was secretly happy, but he said with an unbothered face, "Actually, it's nothing amazing. This arcane realm is new so it doesn't know how to get into the righteous path, I passed on a supreme technique to it, and as if it obtained an ultimate treasure, it is absorbing the operating order in it."

Somebody asked impatiently, "If I may ask, Venerable One, what technique is that?"

"Yin and Yang reciprocates and inter-transfers, mutually reinforcing one another."

"Tss…" All the experts gasped.

As expected, he was the True Dragon of the Upper Realm. The profoundness of his foundation was difficult to be predicted, yet he could easily come up with a supreme skill as such!

Right then, an expert quickly said respectfully, "By the looks of it, this will be a paradise for living creatures to cultivate and multiply in the future. If I'm guessing it right, not only can it produce Yang energy, it can transform into Harmonic Yin Yang Energy. This will be extremely beneficial for cultivators, and it will take days to list it all."

Fang Ning thought to himself, 'Eh, I haven't thought about this, experts are really experts, they thought about it in advance.'

Fang Ning came to a sudden realization, 'Eh, this, this can be used entirely to earn me a huge sum of money.

'In this case, the funds for building the city will have another continuous source.'

Once Fang Ning thought about this, he quickly paused the idea of it and no longer thought about it.

All of a sudden, Sir System interrupted. "Eh, Mr. Rich Boss, what were you thinking? What is this continuous stream of income?"

Fang Ning said seriously, "Do you even leave some privacy for me? Don't sense the movement in my spiritual sense just like that, you'd better go into isolation and cultivate conscientiously."

Sir System said angrily, "I can't cultivate anymore, I've got no money with me and I'm feeling anxious."

Fang Ning could not be bothered by the complaints from the idiotic System, he went on full swing and started a discussion with the experts.