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318 An Octupus“ Ambition

"Comrade Xie Dong, deepening the relationship with the new sea clans and guiding them in the right direction is a glorious task that China has entrusted to you."

"With your special talents, your diligent character, and selfless nature… I believe you definitely will be able to overcome any difficulties and complete this task wholeheartedly, making an important contribution to the security of our great China."

Xie Dong gazed at the endless sea in front of him with a cool face. His head was still echoing with the words Oldman Ren instructed him with before he left.

'Hehe, they're all lies… They just aren't used to be getting off work punctually, but I'm a pathfinder.'

After staying up all night, he was airlifted to the sea by Xue Feng and abandoned after he was dropped...

However, thanks to his improvement, he was no longer a Cutlery-level. He had been promoted to Bucket-level, so he did not drown, and instead was able to stand on the water's surface.

He touched the ring on his left hand and felt his heart settle a little. In any case, at least the funds were adequate.

This ring was said to have been ordered from a mysterious online shop of the Venerable Dragon God's. It cost a huge amount of money and had a large capacity of 20m x 10m x 10m. It was second to no other ring in the Truth Department, and have never been used so extravagantly.

Needless to say, there was a large amount of food, water, and pills inside. There was even a ship artifact used to travel, and a cabin artifact to live in. The cabin was incredibly well sealed, and could even be arranged underwater. It had water-repellent formations which could draw oxygen from the surrounding seawater and use it to supply to the residents that are staying inside.

It could be said that the logistics support was also very on point. Xie Dong was very touched. As expected of Leader Huang, he was truly honest and kind. Xie Dong heard that his nephew Xiaoming had been practicing under Qiao Zishan for almost one year, and that he was making rapid progress. It was obvious that he would be an important and fresh flower for the Truth Department in the future. Xie Dong only hoped that he would not be taken as an exotic flower from certain people.

However, the higher the salary, the tougher the corresponding job. Xie Dong understood this very well. He did not have any relationships behind him, so this formula was still applicable to him.

At this time, while he was spacing out, the sea not far off fluctuated, and a large group of giant marine creatures suddenly rose to the surface of the water.

There were octopuses and dolphins, which was very normal, but… eh, why was there a cat as well?

'Somebody tell me, is a cat a marine creature?'

Xie Dong subconsciously raised his vigilance. He was in Public Relations, so he knew many powerful leading people.

When he looked closely, he suffered a shock. 'That cat, wasn't it the pet cat Tom, the President from that America Power Balance Association?'

According to the reports, it was the true leader of the Balance Association. It looks like there are others who also have their eyes set on the sea, and it seemed like it was a step ahead of them.

Before, it was a civilization of science and technology, but the sea was not suitable for the development of science and technology.

However, the future will be a civilization of Vitality. The sea might not be unsuitable for development. It might even have more advantages than land.

He remembered the large volume of training content that Ren Ruofeng forcefully drilled into him when he pulled all-nighters.

At this moment, a trail of 'ka ka' sounds resounded.

Xie Dong looked up and saw a Giant Octopus with twelve large limbs waving its tentacles and emitting a 'ka ka' sound among the giant marine creatures.

He could tell that it was using Morse Code to great him.

Unfortunately, even though it repeated itself thrice, he could only hear a few words. That was also one of the after-effects of him staying up all night.

It seemed to be something like 'hello'?

Language like this was currently popular among the octopuses.

To humans, perhaps only very few professionals would be able to understand it directly.

They had a common language, but they also had a noble language. Whoever did not learn it would be unable to be promoted to a higher position.

Oh no. When Xie Dong realized this truth, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. If he did not know what they were even saying, how would he be able to differentiate truth from false?

After a while, a familiar Chinese voice sounded.

"Sir from the Truth Department, this young octopus here is called Twelve Arms. It is saying hello to you. It is asking, are you Xie Dong from the Truth Department?"

Xie Dong was shocked and subconsciously looked down, only to find that those words came from the mouth of that black cat.

What it said was actually the truth. Did he really get so old already? Xie Dong subconsciously rubbed his hair. He used to work overtime in the past, but now the back of his head was all white.

No wonder his daughter-in-law had been so dissatisfied lately.

After coming back to his senses, Xie Dong secretly made up his mind.

For this time's outing, he cannot be so well behaved anymore. He had to make more money for himself.

The Venerable Dragon God's Face Rejuvenating Pill was very expensive, but the effect was well worth the price. Furthermore, it had many special effects, so the cost-effectiveness was very high.

Xie Dong nodded and answered, "I am."

He secretly thought, 'Looks like I'll have to brush up on this foreign language, otherwise, I won't be able to finish my task.'

At this moment, the one-eyed octopus looked at the two dolphins in front of him disdainfully and said, "Did you see that? The humans can't even learn a language which they invented, but we noble octopuses managed to learn it. What does that prove? It proves that it'll be our Octopus Empire that will rule over the Earth in the future."

Xie Dong understood what it was saying this time because it was using Spiritual Fluctuation.

Although it could bypass language barriers by directly express one's inner thoughts, it might not necessarily be true thoughts being expressed. After all, ideas can also be disguised.

The black dolphin retorted, "So what? We know how to do that do."

The sounds the black dolphin made were like it was singing. It made a perfect rendering of the Morse Code, revealing elegant nobility.

The song was a thousand times more beautiful than the monotonous 'ka ka' sound of the octopuses.

The one-eyed octopus was stunned and suffered a critical hit.

"How's that? You have lots of arms, but can you sing? You're just a musical idiot. You're a bunch that doesn't even know about culture and art, so it's impossible for you to build a strong empire." The black and white dolphins exchanged looks and said triumphantly.

Twelve Arms waved its arms to stop its companions and kin from starting a new conflict.

It impatiently used Spiritual Fluctuation and said, "Hello, Sir Xie, I would like to ask you to help us decide… between the two of us, who is more suitable to be the new leader."

It was a good octopus. Although it wanted to greet Xie Dong using its native language, once it saw that he did not understand, it naturally switched to the general method of communication among cultivation practitioners, Spiritual dialog.

Ah. When the one-eyed octopus heard its words, it got a shock.

It immersed itself in the glory of the Octopus Empire earlier and forgot for a moment that the position of its new leader actually depended on the words of this stupid human being…

He was one of the two referees appointed by the Heavenly Book. This strong and well-behaved twelve-limbed octopus obeyed and carried out any and all of the Heavenly Book's orders.

The seven-limbed octopus danced around happily. It did not expect to be taken advantage of while he reacted slowly.

In other words, you didn't need to be too smart. As long as your opponent was stupid enough, you'll win all the same.

Xie Dong compared what he just heard with the information he had.

He did not beat around the bush and said directly, "That's easy. I'll just ask you a few questions."

Twelve Arms nodded. This humans was straightforward and did not talk about money. It instantly liked him.

In the minds of the dolphins and the other octopuses, all humans were greedy. When asked for help, the humans would either demand money or lives.

Looks like not every human is so.

Thus, Twelve Arms said to One-eyed and Seven Arms, "You two, you must be honest. Sir Xie here can tell the truth from falsehood. Whoever dares to lie will be disqualified as the leader of the new tribe."

'Hmph,' the Black Cat Tom felt secretly disdained, 'lying is also a skill of a leader, alright?'

For someone as smart as Sir Tom, who knew how many people he lied circles around and caused their lives to be lost...

The listened as Xie Dong started asking...

"First question. After you become the leader, can you work wholeheartedly, selflessly, and bear hardship without complaint… for the new tribe?"


The two octopuses spoke in unison and glared at each other, as if saying 'you copied my answer!'.

"Pfft," Standing by the side, the Black Cat Tom almost puked blood upon hearing their answers. These were the noble and clever octopuses? They were just two idiots.

Xie Dong fought back a smile and asked, "If you become the leader, where do you want to set up your new tribe?"

The two octopuses exchanged looks. The one-eyed octopus hesitated, so Seven Arms snatched the opportunity to answer.

It said triumphantly, "Of course, I'll dominate the sea and become the emperor. At that time, not only will I eat only the freshest fist, I'll also marry thirty-three thousand, three hundred and thirty-three beautiful and strong female octopuses and let them give birth to the best and brightest offspring for my Great Octopus Empire."

What a wild ambition...

Xie Dong continued holding back his laugh. His mind remembered a series of emperors who appeared after China's founding.

There were village emperors, town emperors, and even county emperors...

The first thing they did after becoming emperor was to seal the harem.

The rank of these emperors was determined on the basis of their extermination power.

Some were run by just the village chief and two people. Some were villages or town police stations, and the highest level were just county police officers.

The one-eyed octopus seemed to have been severely intimidated by the other's grand goal. It only reacted after a long time.

It said somewhat dejectedly, "I will lead the octopus tribe and create the world's strongest, toughest, and most beautiful jar, so that every octopus can live in it. Of course, the best must first belong to me."

When Xie Dong heard it, he no longer laughed. While it was true that their ideals were very childish, who said they could not be realized?

After all, humans had long given them the nickname of 'alien creature' because of their high IQ.

Although it was only hearsay, they had proven that they were different.

Xie Dong nodded and asked the third question, "What method will you use to achieve your goals?"

The Black Cat Tom nodded. Although the three questions seemed simple, it included everything from their attitude, goal, and method.

If there was someone who could do all three things well, then he would be qualified to be the leader, if only barely.

The one-eyed octopus already knew what it wanted to say, and answered immediately, "We can ask human professionals to help us design and teach. There are plenty of minerals and resources in the ocean that you humans cannot develop. We can develop them and make a trade with you."

Xie Dong nodded at its words, 'Look, this proves that octopuses really are smart. Simple as they are, they're not stupid.'

The idea of trade and exchange had emerged.

He then asked the other seven-armed octopus, "How do you plan to achieve your goal?"

"Mr. Tom is right. The major problems of the sea cannot be solved by speeches and majority rule at the moment… It has to be solved by iron and blood. I will unify the sea with iron and blood, and become the King of the sea."

The seven-armed octopus said decisively.

The Black Cat Tom nodded. 'Look, there are many with wild ambitions. Even newborn babies are the same."